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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 13


Book 9: Chapter 13 - Battleship D9

A group of Demigods were currently gathering in the underground space beneath the Infernal Palace.

’’My Xia Clan has discovered the location of the Demonic Faction headquarters. These are the spatial coordinates for its location.’’

’’Demigods of the Xia Clan, use your fastest speed to get to that location! Attack and exterminate all enemies!’’ As soon as he received the previous transmission from Xue Ying, Palace Head Chen had already distributed this order to every Demigod in the Xia Clan.

’’Don't hesitate! Get moving!’’ Palace Head Chen barked.


’’Quick quick quick.’’

In that moment, only some of the Demigods instantly teleported away. The others were not in such a rush as they had come over to celebrate, and the majority of them had sent over Qi Avatars. Meanwhile, as soon as they received this order, their true bodies seated in various territories all over the Xia Clan World directly tore through space to move to the intended location.

There was only one Demigod who had not received this order from Palace Head Chen.

’’What's wrong with you all?’’ Xi Yun became suspicious as he saw the expressions of the majority of the other Demigods changing. Some of them had even left in a hurry. In turn, this also made all of the Demigods of the Xia Clan send some looks of suspicion towards him. Did Xi Yun not know?

’’Hmph!’’ Palace Head Chen coldly looked at him.


A frightening invisible force immediately descended. The expression on the face of Xi Yun's Qi Avatar changed as this unseen spatial energy suppressed him from all directions without giving him a chance to resist! Pa ji, his Qi Avatar was suppressed to the point that it completely shattered.

While inside the Infernal World, Palace Head Chen was unparalleled!

The Space Deity weapon had long since refined this part of the major Transcendent World, taking complete control over it. Therefore, the power of the entire Infernal World was under Palace Head Chen's control. Not only could he manipulate the power of a major Transcendent World, he could even control the power of the Space Deity weapon two different powers adding up inside a single body. As an example, during the strongest demon invasion in the history of the Xia Clan, more than 300 Demigod demons had attacked! The mortal world had been lost almost instantly, leaving the Xia Clan only able to hide inside the Infernal World.

Of these 300 plus Demigod demons, the strongest were so much more powerful than even the frost demon, Ralph. Yet despite this, they still had not been able to break through the Xia Capital during that era!

’’Palace Head.’’ Some of the Demigods who were not too anxious to leave this place were startled beyond words.

’’Xi Yun is the current High Priest of the Demonic Faction!’’ Palace Head Chen coldly said. ’’You will understand as soon as you begin the attack on their headquarters!’’

’’He is the High Priest?’’

’’Xi Yun?’’

Soon, they accepted this as a fact. After all, he had merely killed a Qi Avatar. Even if turned out to be a mistake, the consequences would not be too big! To them, the previous message had been more the more astonishing piece of news the location of the Demonic Faction headquarters.

Ever since the emergence of the Xia Clan, with generations upon generations of Transcendents, the Demonic Faction headquarters had never been discovered!

It always remained a mystery...until today?


In the Demonic Faction headquarters.

Please do not fumble this. On the other hand, Xue Ying was very anxious and unsteady. Even if Palace Head Chen dispatched the Xia Clan Demigods over, most of them would usually require a breath of time to arrive! A whole breath of time?! By then, the mysterious crimson-armored man would have escaped!

As for Xue Ying delaying him by himself? He wasn't sure that he could manage it at all! After all, the combat power of this mysterious person could be considered the number one under the heavens!

Xiu! The mysterious man almost instantly charged out of the underground castle with the bronze coffin in one hand and the the other wielding the enormous saber.

The moment he was outside the underground castle, the space on the outside would no longer be sealed shua! he would then immediately teleport away!

Even with the green-armored protector binding him and the gold man pursuing him, it was quite clear that the mysterious expert was quite good at teleportation, as he could even teleport with ease under this violent pursuit.

You want to escape? Xue Ying followed him outside the Demonic Faction headquarters. His eyes were full of killing intent as he wielded the Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear. The Deity Avatar of the Great Demonic God had to be destroyed!


Xue Ying's figure immediately disappeared. He followed the space undulations left behind by the mysterious man by using his Extreme Piercing.

’’Mn?’’ As he arrived at his intended destination in the blink of an eye, the mysterious crimson-armored man's expression shifted upon turning behind. So fast. This Dong Bo Xue Ying can move even faster than teleportation!

While sensing the surrounding Myriad Existences, he could clearly feel an expert rushing over through the void.


The crimson-armored man took a step back, taking him away to a distance of tens of meters. At that moment, Xue Ying reappeared only to discover that the distance between him and the other party was a mere few tens of meters and that the mysterious crimson-armored man had already sent over a slash of his enormous blood-colored saber, causing a trembling aura to be emitted outwards.

As if a weak breeze was passing by, the saber came slashing over without making a sound. The surrounding space started to be destroyed, and even the mighty river surging underneath was being annihilated.

’’Expert!’’ Xue Ying immediately used another Extreme Piercing, causing his figure to disappear, evading the attack.

This was the first time he had been at a disadvantage when using his Extreme Piercing!

Even when he had faced Saints, like those rank five demons, he had been able to pierce through them with one move! Those rank five demons could not even react in the slightest.

Although, he did not know much about how well he'd do when facing those beyond rank five. Furthermore, now that he was facing against the mysterious man whose combat power was currently number one under the heavens, his Extreme Piercing was no longer a mystery. His opponent could clearly sense his actions, adapt, and compete against his speed!

’’You still need to cultivate further!’’ The mysterious man snorted as he prepared to leave this place, when unseen power enveloped every single meter of space in the surrounding area.

Even the surging rivers beneath and the two mountain valleys at its sides were thrust into silence. All Myriad Existences became part of the silence;the river had even frozen along the way.

’’Mn? This is...’’ Xue Ying's expression changed.

The surrounding World Energy had completely solidified, making him unable to use Extreme Piercing, much less teleport.


Xue Ying and the crimson-armored man were standing above the river when they turned to look up towards the high skies.

A huge object was descending slowly from amidst the clouds. This object was a ship spanning a full 1000 meters in length and 200 meters in width. As it left the layers of clouds, it also revealed its pitch-black color. The space in an area of 5,000 kilometers surrounding the battleship was completely sealed. Naturally, this area included the entirety of the Demonic Faction headquarters underneath the ground. Two unique seals were inscribed on the body of this otherwise pitch-black battleship which, when translated into the language of the Xia Clan, read 'D9'.

’’Battleship D9!’’ The crimson-armored man's expression greatly changed.

’’Battleship D9!’’ Meanwhile, Xue Ying revealed an expression of joy.

There were few Deity weapons at the apex among the clan protection treasures of the Xia Clan.

The Infernal Palace was a Space Deity weapon which controlled the entirety of the Infernal World!

Ancestor Snow was the Deity weapon with the greatest offensive might!

As for Battleship was actually a true moving castle used to attack various locations. In terms of worth, this battleship was actually much more precious than the usual Deity weapons. According to the records of the Xia was the strongest standardized national battleship in the Deity World, while 'D9' represented its grade.

This battleship might be considered mediocre in the Deity world...but inside the mortal world, it was good enough to suppress anything!

One of the Xia Clan Ancestors, Emperor Yun Hai had actually spent an enormous price to send this battleship into the mortal world.

The moment it went out, the battleship would immediately seal shut the entire surrounding area in a range of 5000 kilometers! Not even Extreme Piercing could be used. This was even more tyrannical than the Black Wind Deity Palace!

’’Haha, Xue Ying, leave everything to me!’’ Palace Head Chen directly transmitted over.

’’Hu, haha, Palace Head, you've even taken out Battleship D9. Very beautifully executed.’’ Xue Ying could finally relax.

’’When we were killing the five demon generals, I was worried that it might just inadvertently alert the enemies and cause the Demonic Faction to make a move! That is why I sent Battleship D9 over first. For the sake of keeping everything under wraps, I'm the only one who knew about the battleship, and it was my Qi Avatar who drove it and stationed it here by himself. Once I detected any sort of movement, I would immediately suppress the surrounding area of 5000 kilometers. The space arrays were the only things I was afraid of...’’

’’And that's why you've always told me that if an accident were to occur, the first thing I had to do was to destroy the space arrays.’’ Xue Ying had a flash of revelation.

’’Haha, I'm afraid that if you were even one step slower, you might not have been able to destroy the space array,’’ replied Palace Head Chen. ’’But I trust you, and that was something I could gamble on! After all, had we decided to instead attack the Demonic Faction first, I'm afraid that the five Demon Generals would have also come and further increased the difficulty of this attack. In that case, why not take the gamble? You've destroyed the space array, and now, with this Battleship D9, the surrounding territory of 5,000 kilometers are under my control. I'm guessing that this mysterious man should be turning crazy soon!’’


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