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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 11


Book 9: Chapter 11 - Movement Within the Demonic Faction Headquarters

’’Xue Ying would definitely know the importance of the Demonic Faction Headquarters once he finds it! It's very likely that he is already watching over the Demonic Faction Headquarters!’’ stated the large illusional skull. ’’Although these are guesses, we can only prepare for the worst. My child, you need to act now.’’

’’Great Demon God, please give your orders!’’ the mysterious person in crimson armor said with a tone of respect.

’’Immediately head to the headquarters! You must remain calm and not make any suspicious movements. Once inside the Headquarters, go straight to the underground secret room and leave immediately with the bronze coffin. Flee as fast as you can. As long as you can safely bring out the bronze coffin, you will have accomplished a great achievement,’’ said the skull silhouette.

’’Bronze coffin?’’ The mysterious person wearing crimson armor asked suspiciously, ’’Is it important? What about the deity weapons, your Demonic Well, and the other treasures inside the headquarters?’’

’’When you arrive at the headquarters, secretly transmit a message to the High Priest! Ask him to take out the Demonic Well and other treasures from the headquarters after you leave!’’ said the gigantic skull. ’’Perhaps that Dong Bo Xue Ying is not that formidable, or the discovery of the five demon generals truly was a coincidence;however, even if this is all for nothing, you have to secure the bronze coffin for me.’’

’’Yes!’’ replied the mysterious crimson-armored person.

He had never been aware of the bronze coffin's existence. This was the first time he had heard about it.

’’This is the location of the secret room.’’ The huge shadowy head opened its mouth. Energy exuded from its mouth and condensed into a three dimensional model of the subterranean fort. A sign marked the deepest place where huge secret room located. ’’There's a living being inside the bronze coffin, so the coffin cannot be put inside a storage treasure.’’

’’Understood,’’ replied the mysterious person in crimson armor.

’’Remember, you must not reveal any flaws. Do not wander around;escape as soon as you take the bronze coffin! Do not engage in pointless fights,’’ warned the illusionary skull.

Inside it was his vessel, the corporal body his soul would descend into.

Its existence was too important.

One had to know that a long time ago in the long past era, he had descended once to fight for this world's faith. At that time, the Temple of the Earth God sent down its third strongest Deity. Although he fought like a madman, he still lost in the end. A deity avatar was worth much more than any ordinary deity weapon.

It could be said that even the compounded value of all the treasures in the Demonic Faction still couldn't match the worth of that fleshy body! This was why he couldn't help but send his most powerful underling on Xia Clan World, the Third Priest, to ensure the safe evacuation of the bronze coffin.


The mysterious person wearing crimson armor stepped forward, opening a crack in space. He stepped through the gap and rushed towards the headquarters.


Demonic Faction Headquarters, the subterranean fort from before.

Inside the mirage.

Xue Ying watched over the headquarters alone. He'd been watching for nearly six years without relaxing for a single moment. It was through his vigilance that he discovered the nine traitors that belong to Demonic Faction! Too bad he had only discovered one demigod, the demigod Xi Yun.

He had patience in spades.

He spent long hours frantically practicing his spear since childhood;this had trained and molded his patience to be akin to that of a wolf silently stalking its prey. Although his combat power was still weak and hadn't reached the top ten on Demigods list, it was undeniable that he was an expert at covert observation.

Being able to move freely through the mirage meant that Xue Ying could travel to many places undetected. It had helped him discover the five demon generals, and even the mysterious 'Demonic Faction Headquarters'!

Puyang. Xue Ying looked at one of the secret rooms within the subterranean fort. The corner of his eyes twitched at the scene before him, and his heart throbbed with guilt. The Puyang Bo in front of him looked so skinny that there was only skin and bones left. His skin was etched with a curse pattern all over, tormenting him incessantly.

Puyang could only endure every torture he received. Xue Ying shuddered at the view. He didn't dare to affirm that he could have kept strong if he had been faced with the same situation, but Puyang still stayed strong and hadn't yielded to joining the Demonic Faction. Xue Ying felt both guilt and admiration towards Puyang. Xue Ying wanted to urge Palace Head Chen to make a move soon, but he knew that the longer he kept watch, the more secrets he could discover. Every traitor he discovered meant that his Xia Clan could uncover and exterminate another hidden thorn. He also had not been able to unearth what the Sorcerer God and Demonic God's plan was.

So he could only let Puyang suffer!

Puyang, wait for me. I definitely will save you, thought Xue Ying. Right now, I can only apologise to you.

Mn? Xue Ying suddenly turned and looked up. His eyes were like lightning as he stared at that movement.

Inside the subterranean fort was a space array that formed a space gate, usually used by their Transcendents to enter the headquarters. Thanks to this gate, those traitors also didn't know the exact location of the headquarters.

At that instant, the gate rippled.

A person walked out from the gate. He was the mysterious crimson-armored person. A large sword was sheathed on his back, and he still wore a mask. Horrifying pressure exuded from him.

It's him?! Xue Ying's eyes brightened. It's the one who saved Ralph before. He is the Demonic Faction's most powerful demigod! Perhaps this time I can discover his identity.

Who is this mysterious person in crimson armor? What is his identity?

It was a mystery that the Xia Clan was still investigating. Xue Ying immediately focused his attention on him in the hopes of finding more secrets.


The mysterious person wearing crimson armor walked down a cold corridor after arriving at the Demonic Faction's Headquarters. All the servants inside the headquarter were very respectful. For them, it was imperative that they were respectful to those Transcendents.

’’Third Priest.’’ A black foggy silhouette also appeared within this corridor. His voice tinged with mockery, he remarked, ’’What a rare occasion for Third Priest to come to the headquarters. What brings you here?’’

’’Of course I have some business here,’’ the mysterious person with crimson armor replied coldly. At the same time, he used his communication wristband to transmit, High Priest, I bring orders from the Great God. You need to maintain your composure and not reveal any anomalies. I will tell you an important matter. After I tell you, do not be alarmed! Remember to maintain your expression! The important matter is...there's a possibility that a Xia Clan's Transcendent has been secretly monitoring this place. You need to feign ignorance!

The black foggy silhouette was inwardly surprised, but thankfully he had been warned;otherwise, he would have been unable to conceal his great shock.

The Great Demonic God commanded me to take the bronze coffin and for you to take the Demonic Well and other important items within Demonic Faction Headquarters, conveyed the mysterious person with crimson armor.

Bronze coffin? Did you say that it was the Great God's order? The black fog immediately questioned. You didn't falsify the order, right?’’

The bronze coffin was an important object. The task of nurturing the Great Demonic God's avatar was entrusted to him, and he alone as the High Priest. No other Demonic Faction's Transcendent knew about it.

Great Demonic God told me to pass six numbers to you 1, 1, 5, 9, 21, 35. He said you will believe me after you hear these numbers. Most likely there's someone spying, so to maintain secrecy, he didn't give the orders to you directly.

The black fog silhouette no longer felt suspicious.

This series of six numbers was the date they had previous changed the medicinal bath. Other than him and another deity warrior, only the Great Demonic God knew it.

There's a Xia Clan Transcendent spying on us? But this is our Demonic Faction Headquarters. How is that possible? The black fog silhouette couldn't believe it.

Do you not know that the five Demon Generals had been discovered? Most likely, our headquarters have also been discovered, informed the mysterious person with crimson armor.

But, but... The black fog silhouette was speechless. For generations throughout the Xia Clan's long history, no one had discovered the Demonic Faction Headquarters.

Stop talking and get ready to move, ordered the mysterious person with crimson armor.

Okay, said the black fog silhouette. Take the bronze coffin with you. Just tell me the moment you want me to make my move.

Mn. The mysterious person with crimson armor nodded. Since he had already made arrangements with the High Priest, he walked directly to the most important place of this subterranean fort, the closed secret room. The most important thing now was to take the bronze coffin away safely.


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