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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 10


Book 9: Chapter 10 - Huge Trouble

The 'Oceanic Forest World', one of the major Transcendent Worlds that adhered next to the Xia Clan, was currently occupied by the Beast Clan.


Ao wu~ In the vast Oceanic Forest World, many different kinds of roars and neighs rang out.

On a gigantic treetop was a wooden house.

In the wooden house, a white-haired old man was currently flipping through the book. He was none other than the highest ranking leader of the entire Beast Clan Great Elder Ao Lan.

A blurred figure hovered in the distant sky before it flashed and appeared in front of this wooden house. Cat ears topping her head, a thin yet delicately pretty woman appeared, fur on her face. Clearly, she was a beast that transformed into the shape of a human.’’Great Elder,’’ The cat-woman greeted respectfully.

’’Mn?’’ Great Elder Ao Lan glanced up at her.

’’We have went through every single method, yet we just can't find Dong Bo Xue Ying.’’ The cat-woman said in grief and indignation, ’’We've tried our best already!’’

’’Fine, child, you all may continue on with your investigation. One must be patient.’’ The Great Elder Ao Lan laughed, ’’Our Beast Clan Transcendent spies, who have hidden among the Xia Clan, have tried communicating with Dong Bo Xue Ying, yet they were faced with immediate rejections. Moreover, it had taken him quite the time to respond, saying that he was planning to enter closed door cultivation. Maybe he is really entering long-term closed door cultivation.’’

’’Mn.’’ The cat-woman nodded.

’’One must be patient and wait slowly. Dong Bo Xue Ying is still young, so he shouldn't enter closed-door cultivation for such a long period of time. Eventually, he'll certainly come out of it.’’ Great Elder Ao Lan said, ’’The moment we discover him, our opportunity will arrive. Alright, you may leave.’’

’’Yes.’’ The cat-woman's figure flashed before disappearing.

Great Elder Ao Lan closed the book before walking out of the wooden house on top of the treetop. This treetop was extremely large spanning many kilometers as if it was an expanse of green ocean.

Standing on top of the treetop, Great Elder Ao Lan looked towards this piece of the vast world. His eyes that were filled with wisdom had a slight hurt within.

’’Why! The ancestors of the Xia Clan sends down treasure after treasure, yet most of the ancestors of our Beast Clan are still so selfish and foolish? The Xia Clan relied on their space Deity weapon in suppressing the Infernal World and completely took it over, but our Beast Clan...has to fight against the counterattacks of the native Transcendents time after time again, paying a huge price in lives.’’

In this major Transcendent World, after the older native Transcendents died, the Transcendent World would then require more than a thousand years of time in order for a new generation of native Transcendents to be born.

Thus, after they died, another batch would be born.

For them to occupy this major Transcendent World for a long period of time was an arduous task! The Xia Clan had conquered the Infernal World by depending on a space Deity treasure, whereas the Beast Clan had to do so by fighting in life and death battles.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, he has made me feel peril. That foolish High Priest...I had asked him to lend us some strength, but he rejected us! Their Demonic Faction has infiltrated even deeper in the Xia Clan. For them to find Dong Bo Xue Ying, it'll be much easier for them than for me to do so.’’ The Great Elder Ao Lan was quite indignant, yet he was quite powerless as he did not control the Demonic Faction.

’’Mn?’’ Great Elder Ao Lan received a message. ’’This Demonic Faction's 3rd Priest is trying to contact me?’’

The 3rd Priest was one of the most mysterious Demigods of Demonic Faction.

It was rumored that he had been pampered by the Great Demonic God and was quite formidable in terms of combat power. He rarely moved, however, and even when he communicated with Great Elder Ao Lan, he would usually communicate with him through the communication wristband! There was never the case where he communicated with him through the crystal ball, as if he was afraid to even reveal the simplest of his appearances.

’’3rd Priest, what's the matter?’’ Great Elder Ao Lan asked.

’’Great Elder Ao Lan, I'd like to ask, weren't you trying to kill Dong Bo Xue Yin previously?’’ The 3rd Priest said.

’’That's right, but your Demonic Faction is still not willing to work with us!’’ Great Elder Ao Lan replied.

’’Have you found him?’’ the 3rd Priest directly asked.

’’No, we could not find him. It seems as if Dong Bo Xue Ying is forever under long term closed-door cultivation!’’ Great Elder Ao Lan answered.

’’Alright, thanks.’’ The 3rd Priest directly cut off the connection.

Great Elder Ao Lan's mind was filled with confusion. Why did he ask a few questions before directly cutting off the connection?


In a gloomy valley...

A mysterious, crimson-horned person with a cow-horned helmet was standing next to the frost demon Ralph. At the same time, a sinister skull appeared in mid-air ahead of them! The face of this skull was slim with scales decorating its surface and a pair of blood-colored eyes... The enormous skull was illusory, though its sinister aura made the mysterious person and frost demon nervous.

’’Respectable Great Demonic God!’’ Ralph greeted respectfully, ’’Ralph*Saka is grateful for the Great Demonic God for saving this one's life!’’

’’Oh, you are a member of the Saka Clan?’’ The enormous Demonic God's skull loomed overhead. ’’The previous time I've met with Ma Duo Ke was about 3000 years ago. At that time, Ma Duo Ke and I had just become Great Demonic Gods and were still truly green. We had been fighting alongside each other for a thousand years.’’

’’Primogenitor Ma Duo Ke is our Saka Clan's primogenitor. I am merely an unremarkable small demon who is part of the branch family,’’ Ralph replied respectfully.

’’Don't look down upon yourself. If you succeed in becoming a Demonic God, then with the Saka Clan's innate talent, you would have the chance of becoming a peak Demonic God.’’ The enormous skull illusion said, ’’I have saved you for a simple reason. You have to do something for me. I and the Beast Clan's sorcerer Deity have devised a plan, and the moment it is accomplished, I'll definitely reward you greatly! You can signal for me to come over, and I'll grant you land for you to become a Demon Lord.’’

’’This one is willing to serve the Great Demonic God!’’ Ralph immediately knelt as he acknowledged allegiance.

What a joke.

He was very clear of the origin behind this Great Demonic God an existence who was on the same level as his clan's primogenitor. One had to know that even his brother, a Demonic God, was just the patriarch of his branch family! To this Great Demonic God in front of him, his brother was merely a small bug. If it was in the Dark Abyss, then he, a Demigod realm demon, would not possibly be looked upon by such an existence!

’’Mn.’’ The gigantic skull illusion nodded.

’’Great Demonic God, when we were being ambushed this time round, all of us were attacked at the same time.’’ Ralph continued, ’’How exactly did the Xia Clan discover us? We were all hiding in our battleships, and it shouldn't be that easy for us to be discovered. Furthermore, we didn't feel even the slightest bit of warning!’’

’’I understand that the five of you were being ambushed. I'm also contemplating this matter.’’ The gigantic skull looked upon the mysterious, crimson-armored man, ’’Child, have you asked the Great Elder from Sorcerer's Palace?’’

’’Reporting to the Great Demonic God, I've asked before and the Great Elder said...they have continually been searching for Dong Bo Xue Ying, but since six years ago, they could not find him at all;Dong Bo Xue Ying has always been in closed-door cultivation!’’ The mysterious crimson-armored person said.

’’I’’ve been suspecting previously...’’

The voice of that skull illusion rumbled, ’’Ever since the long history of Xia Clan, whenever they met upon the invasion of demons, there has never been such a case where all the locations of the demon generals had been discovered so easily! The fall of the Crimson Rock Mountain had happened a million years ago. If the Xia Clan obtained a treasure from the Crimson Rock Mountain, then they should have used it during these past million years.’’

’’When the Demon Army had arrived, the Xia Clan really handled the problem rather quickly!’’

’’Thereafter, it had been because of Dong Bo Xue Ying who resolved the threat;he has even exterminated a group of Temporal Temple Reincarnators. Just six years later, the location of you five demon generals have been discovered.’’

’’Coincidentally...these six years, he has actually entered a long-term, closed-door cultivation.’’

’’I cannot help but suspect that you five demon generals had been discovered by him,’’ The gigantic skull illusion stated.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying discovered us?’’ Ralph was startled.

The gigantic skull illusion's blood-colored eyes held a baleful feeling, ’’Discovering you all is a small matter. I'm more worried about... Since you are all scattered around the mortal world, for him to discover you five, he must have searched every single corner. When he was searching, he shouldn't have discovered this most important Demonic Faction headquarters in the mortal world, right?’’

The frost demon Ralph and mysterious crimson-armored man were stunned.

’’If he has discovered, then a huge problem has arisen!’’ The gigantic skull illusion said.


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