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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 8 - Chapter 9


Book 8: Chapter 9 - A Way to Get Rid of Demons

’’Master was the strongest Demigod mage in the past million years,’’ the black rat said. ’’As he was reaching the end of his lifespan, he did not wish to die just like that. He therefore decided to conduct several experiments in that major Transcendent World since the Black Wind Deity Palace is ultimately too small. A major Transcendent World is big enough for many types of experiments to be conducted inside. Finally, a terrifying existence appeared inside this world! This existence fought master in a huge battle that destroyed the heavens and sundered the earth. In the end, master couldn't match it and had to retreat into the Black Wind Palace.’’

Xue Ying was inwardly startled.

An existence able to suppress an era met someone whom he could not defeat and had to escape back into the Black Wind Deity Palace? What sort of terrifying plaything did Ancestor Black Wind create in his last experiment?

’’This terrifying existence possessed a truly tyrannical combat power. The arrays placed on the World Door by master could not obstruct it, so it continued barging into the Black Wind Deity Palace and had a life and death the Underground Great Hall underneath the palace!

’’Master did not dare let it free, as the moment it entered the mortal world, it would bring calamity to the Xia Clan. On top of that, this Black Wind Deity Palace is the place where he set up a large number of arrays, as well as the place where he could display is strongest combat power. If he left this location, he would never be able to suppress that terrifying existence. For the sake of the Xia Clan, he had to resolve this issue he had created no matter the cost.

’’Finally, he disposed of that terrifying existence.

’’Master was already nearing the end of his lifespan, and soon after the big battle, he died,’’ said the black rat.

Xue Ying lightly nodded.

He was gasping in admiration inwardly.

For the apex Transcendent mage who could suppress an era and wished to become a Deity to create such a terrifying life form, he had to solve this calamity which he caused all by himself! Thereafter, his life was ended as well.

Is it truly that hard to become a Deity? Xue Ying shook his head mentally.

Every single generation of the Xia Clan would see the emergence of a group of Demigods.

As for Deities, how many could there be?

’’Is there anything else you need to tell me?’’ Xue Ying smiled. ’’If there's not, I'll take my leave first.’’

’’You don't have to be so anxious to collect the treasures.’’ The black rat dropped his two claws in front of his chest. ’’It's a major Transcendent World we're talking about after all. Even if you want us to wait a thousand years for you, we'd still be willing.’’

’’Rest assured. I have my own plans. I'll take my leave first. You don't have to send me off.’’

Xue Ying immediately turned around and disappeared from that place.


In the valley of Black Wind Abyss.

Opening the cavern palace's main entrance, a black-robed teenager came walking out.

’’Formidable.’’ The white fog condensed into an ape which looked at Xue Ying in excitement and admiration.

’’You, you succeeded?’’ The Black Dragon lying outside the palace extended its humongous head towards Xue Ying. The pair of big golden eyes was full of excitement and joy. ’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, you have actually succeeded as a Saint. This, this, this is truly amazing. I, I, this old dragon truly, truly admires you. Quickly tell me, how did you defeat the Five Shadows? Especially the Shadow Big Brother!’’

The head of the Five Shadows in other words, the gold man.

He had the strongest combat ability in the entire cavern palace! The Black Dragon would be trampled upon entirely if he were to fight the gold man.

’’That's a secret.’’ Xue Ying grinned.

’’Still want to keep it a secret?’’ The Black Dragon opened its eyes wide.

’’Remember, don't leak out the matter regarding my success,’’ Xue Ying said. ’’After all, strictly speaking, I've only partially succeeded. At the moment, I don't have your talismans, so I can't take you guys away.’’

’’Rest assured.’’ The Black Dragon immediately started nodding its head continuously. ’’We'll certainly keep it a secret.’’

These refiners organisms, as well as the Deity warriors of the Black Wind Deity Palace, were now on Xue Ying's side. The moment Xue Ying obtained their warrior talismans, he would become their owner. How long had they desired to see that day come... After all, staying in the same place for such a long time was too boring.


With a flash, Xue Ying's figure appeared at a distance. His current speed was extremely fast.

Jin Qiu was currently by herself on the Black Wind Cliff, waiting anxiously. However, she could feel that the safety of her Disciple Brother Xue Ying should be guaranteed. After all, he had a Deity warrior specialized in defense following him, and the Black Wind Deity Palace Head would not be murderous towards Xia Clan Transcendents.


Xue Ying rushed out of the enormous Black Wind maelstrom as a streamer before reaching the space in mid-air in front of Jing Qiu.

One person standing on the cliff and another in mid-air were facing each other.

’’You returned? How was it? Was it fine?’’ Jing Qiu revealed a cheerful expression. ’’Have you experienced how formidable the Black Wind Deity Palace is? Quickly tell me about its strength. Having flipped through the books, I saw that no Transcendent has ever succeeded in breaking through the palace.’’

’’It is indeed quite formidable.’’ Xue Ying held onto Jing Qiu's hands. ’’However, from today onwards, your disciple brother I will be the first one to have succeeded..’’

Jing Qiu was startled;her face had a stupefied expression.

’’You are not joking with me?’’ Jing Qiu asked back. She dared not believe.

’’I've really succeeded.’’ Xue Ying laughed when he saw Jing Qiu's expression of disbelief. ’’Senior warrior, I did not lie, right?’’

’’He has indeed succeeded.’’ The green-gray wristband formed a streamer before condensing into a green-armored protector.

’’Senior warrior, you must keep this a secret,’’ Xue Ying said. ’’As well as anything related to my combat power.’’

’’I understand.’’ The green-armored protector nodded. ’’The fewer people who know about your combat power, the better. Yu Jing Qiu, you should keep this a secret for Dong Bo Xue Ying too. Soon, he will become the strongest Demigod of my Xia Clan.’’

Jing Qiu immediately nodded.

If one was to say that Palace Head Chen was absolutely loyal, then the loyalty of Deity warriors would certainly be unquestionable! When these warriors had been sent down, their Deity talismans were left behind in the Deity World. That was to say, there was no way for one to find any of these the Xia Clan World. No matter the person, there was no way for them to refine and control them.

These Deity warriors would forever follow the orders of their masters the ancestors of the Xia Clan in the Deity World.

Forever protect the Xia Clan!

The green-armored protector determined that Xue Ying's current value to the entire Xia Clan was raising tremendously! Of course it would use the entirety of its strength to help him.

Thereafter, it once again turned into a green-grayed wristband located on Xue Ying's arm.

’’Let's return.’’ Xue Ying held onto Jing Qiu's hand as the two became streamers, flying towards the location of Snowrock Castle.


Just a day later.


A red-robed Xue Ying was standing in a secret underground room underneath Snowrock Castle, his skin surrounded by a vague fiery-red streamer. This was precisely his Qi Avatar. Every second it was in existence meant Qi being consumed, even if it was not in battle. Usually, Qi Avatars could maintain their existence for close to a year's time. Once that period ended, it would have to return to its true body;otherwise, the strand of soul inside the Qi Avatar would be lost, and the owner would have their fundamental soul strength damaged.

The red-robed Xue Ying similarly had a green-gray wristband on him. ’’I'll have to trouble you this time, senior.’’

’’Xue Ying, your True Meaning is mysterious enough. Those Demigods in the major Transcendent World will never be able to hurt you. But of course, I'll do my best in protecting you.’’ The green-gray wristband emitted an undulation.

’’Let's go.’’

The red-robed Xue Ying's figure distorted before disappearing.

Inside another world the Mirage...

The red-robed Xue Ying appeared there, flying at top speed towards the Black Wind Abyss. Whether it was the walls of the room, the mountains, or the river, none of them could block his way.

Considering the small distance and his truly fast speed, he was able to reach the Underground Great Hall in just one or two seconds even when flying without particulating his body.


Underground Great Hall.

The great hall was over 300 meters tall and close to one kilometer in length. It remained shocking to Xue Ying even when he saw it today. To Ancestor Black Wind, however, it was too small. He had spent the final stretch of his life experimenting in the major Transcendent World. That big of a world had become his experiment ground.

’’The great hall remains damaged.’’ Xue Ying revealed a grin. Pillars upon pillars of this great hall were broken down. Some had fallen, with most broken into pieces. The distant wall of the hall had a savage crack on it.

The materials used to build this great hall were unique and had been specially refined too.

Even with all of Xue Ying's current strength, he could not damage the wall at all. Back then, Ancestor Black Wind's big battle had turned this entire place into a mess. He had even borrowed the strength of his numerous arrays inside his own palace and risked his life before successfully eradicating that terrifying existence.

The damage remains as it was when I lived here for six years. It's just that the ape and bird aren't here any longer. Xue Ying was truly familiar with this place. The ape and the bird had also become two of Xue Ying's hidden cards for eliminating his enemies.

’’World Door.’’

Xue Ying nostalgically walked towards one of the walls. This hall wall was sparkling and translucent-looking.

With a smack, a strand of Transcendent Qi entered this sparkling translucent wall of the great hall, causing it to immediately transmogrify into a hundred meters high door. This door transmitted a wave into Xue Ying's mind, ’’I am Black Wind! On the other side of this door is a part of a major Transcendent World. One must not enter before attaining a combat power of a Saint.’’

That undulation had even transmitted a map and details of the place.

A Demigod? Xue Ying grinned. On this journey into the major Transcendent World, the greatest danger would be a native Demigod. But who could truly know whether there was a Demigod in that world? Or, perhaps a terrifying Demigod would emerge from within? Everything was unknown!

Within the major Transcendent World, I'll travel inside the Mirage while investigating various places and see if the Demigods can find me, thought Xue Ying. If they can't discover me, then the Demon Generals won't be able to discover me either.

Travelling inside the mirage while investigating...

The Demon Generals had hidden in various places within the mortal world, hiding inside their battleships. These battleships might be able to prevent World Energy from sensing them, but when using the Mirage to investigate...even Deities would find it hard to obstruct it.

Xue Ying was worried that the Demon Generals might be able to discover him when he investigated them within the Mirage.

If they can't discover me, I'll immediately find the locations they are hiding in and then wipe them out!thought Xue Ying. I'll have to experiment with it first. The native Demigods should have lower levels of comprehension of the Realms when compared to the Demon Generals. If even they discover me, I'm afraid my True Meaning of Mirage will have to reach a deeper level before preventing them from sensing me.


With a step, Xue Ying flew past the more than a hundred meters high World Door placed on the hall wall and entered the major Transcendent World.


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