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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 8 - Chapter 14


Book 8: Chapter 14 - Corpses of Biological Creatures

’’The location of Crimson Rock Mountain is about 5,000 kilometers underneath our Xia Clan World!’’

’’It's very unique.’’

Ancestor Black Wind frowned as signs of recollection were reflected in his eyes. ’’When faced with it, every single Law of the World will lose effectiveness even the the laws of time and space! It is very small, a single point smaller than even grit. Yet the closer you walk to it...the bigger it gets, appearing vast and boundless. You could not use space to measure its size as you normally would.

’’When it comes to time, it is even more mysterious and unpredictable. Only by entering the object can one truly know how frightening it is! But there is one thing we know the moment any change occurs to it, is the moment the Xia Clan World might be easily annihilated!’’

The more he heard about it, the more Xue Ying felt bewildered and unconvinced.

Transcending space and time?

It could not be accurately determined how large it was? What exactly was this thing?

’’That foolish Palace Head of the Infernal Palace! He truly couldn't comprehend the threat my Xia Clan faced. I requested a Deity weapon so I could enter the Crimson Rock Mountain again, yet he rejected me,’’ Ancestor Black Wind angrily said. ’’A Deity weapon would trigger a tremendous rise in my combat power, which would in turn allow me to obtain even more treasures from within the Crimson Rock Mountain! I might have even become a Deity, ultimately leaving those treasures behind to the Xia Clan, is that not right?

’’I had even put up my subordinates, the Five Shadows, to trade for a Deity weapon, yet he still disagreed! The Five Shadows constitute of five different Deity warriors, the strongest two even being as strong as the Deity warriors left behind by the ancestors of the Xia Clan.



’’Short-sighted!’’ Ancestor Black Wind was full of frustration and anger. ’’After that, I obtained certain materials from the corpse of an unknown biological creature and eventually succeeded in engineering a special life-form. This life-form would become exponentially stronger as it grew! I truly wasn't willing to killing, yet I had to do so. But who would've thought that it was hiding its true combat power and that by the time I started acting, it could actually suppress me? I escaped to the Black Wind Deity Palace where it followed me. There, I was finally able to kill it, assisted by the power of the palace! I had long since reached the end of my lifespan, so after this huge battle, my days were numbered.

’’This proved a single thing, however. The life-form I engineered from the corpse of the unknown biological creature was this terrifying! It could bring calamity to my Xia Clan, so the threat of the Crimson Rock Mountain will be extremely huge!

’’The Infernal Palace dared to be so short-sighted, so I was unwilling to leave even a single treasure for them.

’’For you to have passed by test, your combat power must be about the same as mine. With the added help of the seven Deity should have a greater chance of success in the Crimson Rock Mountain!’’ Ancestor Black Wind coldly said. ’’Although I have no hope left for myself, I still wish that the future generations of the Xia Clan will take the risk and adventure in the Crimson Rock Mountain. In the end, I cannot simply wish that no big trouble will arise because of this Crimson Rock Mountain. We must take initiative, so that we can earn more!

’’Such a pity...

’’Such a pity that I cannot broaden my Deity Sea to become a Deity.’’ Ancestor Black Wind had a tinge of unwillingness in his eyes. ’’I leave my treasures behind to you. Remember to handle the corpses of the biological creatures with extra care, lest another crisis occur.’’


With those words, the image of Ancestor Black Wind disappeared.

The glow of that crystal ball completely vanished.

Having listened to the story, Xue Ying understood what had happened...

Ancestor Black Wind and the Palace Head of that era had become estranged because of such a thing for a Deity weapon?

In all honesty, Xue Ying was actually standing more towards the side of the Palace Head of the Infernal Palace.

His reasoning was that the number of Deity weapons was too small. Every single one of them was left behind painstakingly by the ancestor of the Xia Clan. On the other hand, the Crimson Rock Mountain was much too dangerous. Had they not seen how the superpowers of the Deity world and the Dark Abyss sent their strongest Demigods, yet even they had died in groups, with one out of ten coming out alive at the most? It must be known that most of them were as strong as Ancestor Black Wind, with some even stronger!

Clearly, the Crimson Rock Mountain was too dangerous!

If one brought a Deity weapon inside and then died, that weapon would be lost there.

Actually, Ancestor Black Wind's explanation regarding how it'll bring The Great Annihilation upon the Xia Clan is merely alarmist talk, pondered Xue Ying. After all, the Deity World and the Dark Abyss have sent so many powerful Demigods, yet none of them could overcome the Crimson Rock Mountain. How easy would it be to resolve this calamity? Everything he did was merely for the sake of being able to bring in a Deity weapon so he could find some opportunity to become a Deity.

The Infernal Palace would always make a decision from the perspective of the Xia Clan.

Losing a Deity weapon now, and then another later, and so on...the Xia Clan would gradually become weaker as time passed by.


Xue Ying put the crystal ball away before taking up the other article within the sack the dark-gold wristband. The moment he held it, he was easily able to refine it.

My, what a large space. Xue Ying's eyes brightened. This is the biggest storage treasure I have ever gotten.

The storage space within the dark-gold wristband was shocking. It was a full 500 meters long, wide, and high.

Inside was a pile of dull, gray stones. Naturally, these were Origin Stones.

0.8 million kilograms of Origin Stones? Xue Ying confirmed the number with a single glance, and was pleasantly surprised. It appears that Ancestor Black Wind had raked in the Origin Stones within the major Transcendent World as well. Furthermore, Ancestor Black wind should have cultivated to the peak, making it pointless for him to use Origin Stones, thus deciding to leave them behind for me. Adding up the previously obtained 0.9 million kilograms of Origin Stones, my total is now 1.7 million kilograms.


That was a truly frightening number. Even if a Demigod of the Xia Clan had more contribution points, the current Infernal Palace could not exchange them for more than 500,000 kilograms of Origin Stones! They would not be willing to offer any more. If one wanted even more, they would have to exchange for them with other Demigods or go dig them out in major Transcendent Worlds.

He had over 1.5 million kilograms of Origin Stones in hand... Who knew how many the Xia Clan had dug out and how many they had given away to other Transcendents? Thus, Xue Ying suspected that he might very well have been the Transcendent holding the most Origin Stones!

Ancestor Black Wind's treasures are indeed extraordinary. Xue Ying looked at another pile of miscellaneous treasures that did not hold too much value.


There was also a stack of talismans, with the talisman controlling the seven Deity warriors being the brightest of them its quality really was different. The others were just refiner organism talismans. After all, there were still plenty of other refiner organisms situated within the Black Wind Deity Palace. Xue Ying could now guess that the large amounts of Transcendent materials that the refiner organisms such as the Black Dragon were made of were mostly likely obtained inside the Crimson Rock Mountain.

’’Are those three the corpses of the biological beings?’’ Xue Ying was startled at their image;he felt his heart tighten.

Three unique corpses floated within the storage treasure. The largest one was a four-legged beast, its body about 100 meters long. Its entire body was covered in silk-like hair, preventing one for seeing its head. The smallest was a humanoid creature about three meters tall. Its figure naturally was covered in scales, and on its head it still had hair, along with a total of 12 horns towards the top. The final corpse was of a creature about six meters tall, its body similar with a human's with two legs jointly connected to the body and six horns on its head.

Their auras were terrifying!

Even though he was sensing them through the storage space, Xue Ying's heart started trembling from the feeling, causing his legs to weaken! One must know that his current combat power was quite high;not even facing a Deity would result in such a feeling.

Unless... were these creatures even stronger than Deities when they were still alive? Xue Ying thought back to how Ancestor Black Wind said he had done some experiments on engineering a life from from some biological materials taken from a corpse before bringing about a calamity. Until I don't have absolute strength;until I have certainty of myself, these three corpses must be kept secret. I will temporarily keep them with me and prevent any Transcendent mage from experimenting on them!

Transcendent mages loved doing experiments regarding the bloodlines and the soul. If they got their hand on these terrifying corpses, how many of them could hold themselves back?


After checking through the remaining treasures, Xue Ying immediately started refining the talismans. As for this supposed 'Crimson Rock Mountain?'

He did not show any interest in it!

Most of those with a combat power similar to Ancestor Black Wind's, and even those stronger than him, had died within that place, with barely one out of ten making it out alive. Did he think that his life was too long, so he wanted to seek death by going to the Crimson Rock Mountain? Maybe when he neared the end of his lifespan, he could possibly go try his luck. But before than, Xue Ying had no plans to visit the place. The reason for Ancestor Black Wind being so crazy was that he reached the end of his lifespan, was it not? If he could live for another two or three hundred years, he most likely wouldn't have gone for an adventure either.

Hong long long~ The originally sealed cultivation room started opening once again.

Xiu xiu xiu xiu xiu...

Figure after figure showed up in quick succession.

They were the black rat who was half as tall as a human, the mighty gold man, the calm and cold child, the beautiful, attractive woman, the red-haired handsome teenager, the gray-robed boy, and the White Ape condensed from white fog.

The seven Deity warriors were extremely respectful and excited. ’’Greetings, master!’’


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