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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 8 - Chapter 13


Book 8: Chapter 13 - The Treasures That Dropped a Million Years Ago

Opening the sack, Xue Ying peered into it.

There were only two articles within it: a dark-gold wristband and a crystal ball. The dark-gold wristband was still faintly glowing, showing its extraordinariness. On the other hand, that crystal ball looked quite ordinary.

’’No more?’’ After placing the two articles onto the ground, he looked within the sack carefully. It was empty.

’’Weng!’’ Suddenly, on the ground, a glow appeared on the crystal ball.

That made Xue Ying turned his head towards it in shock.

There were two figures on top of the glowing crystal ball one was an old man with long, black hair and a tyrannical coldness in his eyes.

’’I am Black Wind,’’ the old man with long, black hair coldly said.

Ancestor Black Wind? Xue Ying mentally twitched. He knew that this was a projection left behind on the crystal ball. Ancestor Black Wind had died long ago. Seeing his projection, this Ancestor Black Wind should be a truly overbearing and tyrannical person. Who would have thought that the strongest Demigod in the recent one million years would have such a demeanor.

Ancestor Black Wind had no opponents at that time! For the sake of becoming a Deity, he had even done something extremely crazy, causing his combat power to rise even more!

Thus, this Ancestor Black Wind's combat power reached a truly terrifying stage.

In addition to being a person who surpassed the Demigods in his era, he also was known as the strongest Demigod in the past million years!

’’For you to receive this message left behind by me, I guess your combat power should be quite close to mine.’’ The old man with long, black hair said, ’’You should be the strongest one in this current era of Xia Clan.’’

Xue Ying muttered to himself.

Quite close?

He was still far away! If he went head-on with the Deity warriors, he could not defeat either the Five Shadows or the black rat, nor could he destroy the frightening arrays behind them. He succeeded solely by 'walking in the Mirage.'

’’Being the strongest Demigod of this era, you should have strength to take up the responsibility for the Xia Clan!’’ Ancestor Black Wind coldly said, ’’I don't require you to go there now, however, so you can wait until the end of your lifespan before taking up the responsibility!’’

’’Responsibility?’’ Xue Ying was puzzled.

’’You might be really confused now and not understand what I am saying.’’ Ancestor Black Wind continued, ’’And possibly...the Infernal Palace Palace Head of this era might have already told you this secret. Nevertheless, I'll explain.’’

Xue Ying listened carefully.

Ancestor Black Wind was involved in very many secrets, which Palace Head Chen was not willing to speak of.

’’The world exists whilst brimming with many unknowns.’’ Ancestor Black Wind's eyes acquired a strange tint, seemingly mentioning something irrelevant. ’’Once the world comes into being, life begins to increase gradually in number. This is a very ordinary scenario. According to ordinary laws, after endless years, the world will gradually deteriorate with age before completely crumbling, bringing about The Great Annihilation! Our Xia Clan, the native Transcendents, and the Beast Clans will all perish from this! After The Great Annihilation, the Xia Clan's world will once again produce a new mortal wWorld, and life will start multiplying again... Maybe they will have a human race. They might not even be part of our Xia Clan anymore!’’

’’However, a world deteriorating with age and crumbling would mean the end of a cycle.’’ Ancestor Black Wind said, ’’Sometimes, a world might even crumble and break apart prematurely due to other reasons.’’

Xue Ying nodded.

That was right.

It was just like those minor and major Transcendent Worlds. Their origin stemmed from Origin Stones. Thus, if too many stones were dug out, the Transcendent World would crumble prematurely.

With the same logic

The more stable and perfect a mortal world was, the more likely it would crumble apart prematurely. If a Mortal World was highly stable, however, its desire to prematurely crumble and perish would also be highly difficult.

’’The mortal world is really stable. Under normal circumstances, it will be able to recover from injuries.’’ Ancestor Black Wind frowned. ’’During the East Hou Calendar, Year 56005, something that could possibly cause The Great Annihilation of our Xia Clan World happened!’’

East Hou Calendar Year 56006?

Xue Ying's heart immediately made the deduction this should be something that happened over 1.1 million years ago during the era of Great Emperor East Hou, one of the ancestors of Xia Clan who had become a Deity.

Something that could cause the mortal world to be destroyed? What exactly happened 1.1 million years ago?

’’That happened during the daytime, at about noon. It was a seemingly ordinary day!’’

’’Suddenly, a fiery-red glow fell from the sky!’’

’’This fiery-red glow penetrated through the entire barrier of the material world, penetrating through all membranes blocking its path before entering our Xia Clan's World.’’ Ancestor Black Wind said, ’’Its fall resulted in the surrounding 5,000 kilometers to turn into ruins. All lives were exterminated, such that even two Transcendents from our Xia Clan died. One of them was a Demigod!’’

Xue Ying's heart trembled as he heard this.

The power of its mere fall had created a shockwave encompassing 5,000 kilometers? If a Demigod intentionally replicated this, his attack might only cover 500 kilometers. During normal battle, however, they would try to concentrate their power and not let it spread completely! Thus, the shockwaves of their battles would not be too big. Usually, with a move by a Xia Clan Demigod, the shockwave reaching five kilometers away was something ordinary.

The further the transmittance of the power, the harder it would get.

Just a simple fall had created a shockwave that affected an area of 5,000 kilometers? That was even more terrifying than Deities!

’’This isn't that big of a concern.’’ Ancestor Black Wind added, ’’After it fell, a group of outsiders came into the world! And there were many teams of Temporal Temple's Reincarnators following that. According to what I know...these outsiders and the Reincarnators of the Temporal Temple were genuinely the elite of peak Demigods. The vast majority had combat power similar to mine, with some even more powerful than me!’’

Xue Ying's expression changed.

Stronger than even Ancestor Black Wind?

And these 'outsiders' should know that the mortal world was really stable, and no living beings from the outside world could enter easily. Like how the Dark Abyss might form passageways occasionally for demons to come, they were formed without rules.

For outsiders to enter, most of them would usually use this method inviting the Temporal Temple and sending them directly into a mortal world! Sending treasures and sending people in were two different things. Their price greatly differ!

That fiery-red glow's fall...could lead to so many experts chasing for it?

’’You should guess it by now. That's right;it's that fiery-red glow.’’ Ancestor Black Wind said, ’’The Deity World and the Dark Abyss have all sent some Demigod underlings over. Even Reincarnators from the Temporal Temple came! All of them came for the sake of that fiery-red light. They came batch by batch, causing a lot to die from the battle. Those who survived were very few, with not even one in ten surviving!’’

’’My Xia Clan has watched this by the side with fear. Only two Demigods went to investigate, yet they never returned. During that period, my Xia Clan has become the fishpond where disasters came, suffering greatly!’’

’’But we had no choice!’’

’’Those Demigods were sent by the superpowers from the Deity World and Dark Abyss and were the strongest amongst the peak Demigods!’’

’’Because too many of them have died with the price of sending them into this world becoming too great, fewer decided to come as time went by.’’ Ancestor Black Wind said, ’’But every tens of thousands of years, there will still be batches of outsiders entering. Firstly, those who survived will be able to bring some treasures back. Secondly, the superpowers of the Deity World and Dark Abyss held great desire in obtaining that fallen treasure.’’

’’This fallen treasure is the peak of a mountain!’’ Ancestor Black Wind said, ’’According to the interaction we had with these outsiders and those Reincarnators of Temporal Temples, this mountain peak was named 'Crimson Rock Mountain!' This is also what might spark The Great Annihilation of our mortal world!’’


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