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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 8 - Chapter 11


Book 8: Chapter 11 - Eradicate!

’’Senior warrior, I'll have to trouble you to help me dig out these Origin Stones,’’ Xue Ying transmitted this message into the green-gray wristband via spirit energy. ’’I have already checked the area;there are a total of 1.45 million kilograms of Origin Stones within this mine. Digging out 0.9 million kilograms and leaving behind the remaining 0.55 million kilogram should be fine! Remember not to dig out too much or this major Transcendent World might crumble apart. It would take 30,000 years for another one to form in its place, during which my Xia clan would not be able to dig out any more stones!’’

’’Rest assured, I understand.’’ the green-gray wristband transmitted back this through a wave.

’’I'm leaving it to you.’’

With a wave of his hand, the green-gray wristband on Xue Ying's arm was thrown out of the Mirage and into reality.

At the same time, the green-gray wristband turned into a huge stream of green-gray particles. Hu, hu, hu~The particles permeated into the Origin Stone mine, easily destroying the junk and extracting the Origin Stones within.

’’I'll have to be careful when extracting the Origin Stones. I need approximately half an hour.’’ The green-gray streamer emitted a deep voice. ’’Oh, right. Xue Ying, do you plan on telling the Xia Clan about this major Transcendent World?’’

’’I'll let Palace Head Chen know in the near future,’’ replied Xue Ying. ’’By the time I have a method to find those Demon Generals, I'll certainly inform him! After all, I will be needing his assistance in order to kill the generals.’’

He would first find the Demon Generals, then surround and kill them!

Before surrounding them, however, he would have to inform Palace Head Chen so he could assign a group of Demigods.


Palace Head Chen was the most important person in this matter. Xue Ying did not feel that there was a need to hide anything from him. As for this major Transcendent World? Although, it might be considered a great treasure trove by the average Sky Realm Transcendents or Saints, but to Xue Ying, well... it might have been a treasure trove as well, but after digging out the Origin Stones, it had lost its value.

One had to leave behind more than 500,000 kilograms of Origin Stones as that was the source to the major Transcendent World.

If one dug them out to the point where there were less than 500,000 kilograms of Origin Stones, the major Transcendent World would lose its stability, crumble apart, and explode! A new major Transcendent World would only grow and emerge... 30,000 years later. The Xia Clan would not be able to dig out any stones within this period of time.

On the other hand, if 500,000 kilograms of Origin Stones were left behind, the major Transcendent World would only need 3000 years to recover!

As such

One always had to leave behind a small part of the stones instead of digging them all out. Then, the next generation of Demigods could come and dig more out! Of course, to do that, they first had to pass through the obstacles of the world, in the form of the native Demigods.

Back then, Elder Lei Zhen had most likely wanted to come and dig out the stones after becoming a Demigod.Xue Ying shook his head inwardly. Ancestor Black Wind hadn't really careed about this matter, but he had hidden his treasures inside this major Transcendent World and hadn't wanted them to be found, so he had kept this world to him.

In a while, he would be taking the treasures left behind by Ancestor Black Wind.

Then it did not matter much if this major Transcendent World was revealed!

A single major Transcendent World has about 1.5 million kilograms of Origin Stones! Adding on the large amount of minor Transcendent Worlds... I estimate that there should not be more than 25 million kilograms of Origin Stones in total! Even reaching an amount of 20 million kilograms would be a fortunate matter!

That's the total amount.

Several of the major Transcendent worlds such as the Infernal Emperor's Demonic Fire World and the Beast Clan's Oceanic Forest World could not be occupied by the Xia Clan. Other worlds have native Demigods defending them, and the Beast Clan is also trying to snatch them!

Xue Ying shook his head.

In 3000 years, the Xia clan could dig out 10 million kilograms of Origin Stones at the very most. Even that amount would warrant thanking the heavens.

Sky Realm Transcendents, Saints, and Demigods all wished for those stones to be theirs! For example, for Mountain Lord He and Si Kong Yang who had both condensed Deity Hearts, the amount of Origin Stones they needed to become Demigods would be even greater! Thus, in the entire Xia Clan... the matter of Origin Stones was truly problematic! Previously, Palace Head Chen had been very afraid that Xue Ying might want to exchange for one million kilograms of Origin Stones in one go. One had to know that currently, the Xia Clan had a grand total of just 1.5 million kilograms of Origin Stones at their disposal. It truly was a limited resource!

How the heart of Palace Head Chen had ached over this matter!

Even so, due to his great efforts and potential, Palace Head Chen had still been willing to let Xue Ying exchange for them.

Xue Ying understood that being the Palace Head was not an easy job and thus did not request it. Instead, he came to dig them out himself!


While Xue Ying was digging out Origin Stones inside the major Transcendent World

In a lonely, secluded castle by the sea...

Inside a quiet hall within the castle, two enormous black-colored oil lamps lit up the place in a gentle, flickering green light. A strange smell pervaded the entire hall.

A lone figure sat within the black fog.

Before this figure floated a crystal ball. The image of a black-robed old man with white hair, holding a bone scepter could be seen.

’’High Priest!’’ The black-robed old man smiled.

’’Elder Ao Lan, for what reason are you finding me this time?’’ said the figure within the black fog.

This white-haired old man dressed in black robes... was the highest existence amongst the beasts the Great Elder of the Sorcerer Palace! He was ranked third on the Demigod ranking list. In fact, whether it was the Xia Clan or the Beast Clan, neither would truly trust in these Demigod rankings. This list had been determined by the Xia Clan upon gathering intelligence from various sources, but those old fogeys who hadn't battled in several hundred years might have improved their combat power, so who could really tell their current powers?

These Demigod rankings could only be referenced as they could not absolutely ascertain one's power.

For one to be on this list meant that their combat power had been recognized.

’’It's a very important matter.’’ The black-robed white-haired man smiled. ’’As you know, there is a genius among the humans called Dong Bo Xue Ying! This person had resolved the threat of your demon bases, destroying three of them by himself. In the last world, he had also killed Ji Er Luo, as well as a group of Reincarnators stronger than himself.’’

’’What exactly are you trying to say? These things were from the reports that I told you!’’ replied the figure within the black fog.

’’What I want to say is that this Dong Bo Xue Ying has grasped hold of a legendary grade two True Meaning! If given the chance to grow, he might end up suppressing all other demigods of this era,’’ said the black-robed old man. ’’This is a huge threat to the Sorcerer Palace and the Demonic Faction's grand plans. I feel that the sooner we eradicate him, the better!’’

’’Eradicate?’’ The figure inside the black fog continued, ’’If your Sorcerer Palace wishes to eradicate him, then it should just do so. What's the point of coming here to find me?’’

’’My Sorcerer Palace will have a greater chance of success if we team up with your Demonic Faction!’’ said the black-robed old man. ’’The collaboration plan between Sorcerer Palace and the Demonic Faction won't be destroyed so easily, but we must eradicate this threat!’’

’’Hmph!’’ The black-fogged figure snorted. ’’Ao Lan, do not treat me as a fool, alright? We would do whatever is necessary to set up the plan between our Demonic Faction and your Sorcerer Palace and not miss out on a single task! But don't think we would risk our lives based on a few of your words on things we aren't required to do. This Dong Bo Xue Ying already has such high combat power. With how shrewd the Infernal Palace is, they must have already arranged for a Deity warrior to protect him! You want to kill him? That'd be too difficult! It's not worth the price our Demonic Faction would have to pay!’’

’’High Priest, are you truly that short-sighted?’’ The black-robed old man was quite angry.

’’Hmph, we dare not go against orders given by the Demonic God. But without any orders from him, you, the Great Elder of the Sorcerer Palace, is not qualified to direct my Demonic Faction to do things,’’ The figure within the black fog sneered. ’’As for the threat that Dong Bo Xue Ying poses, hmph. I've long since reported it to the Demonic God. They can make their own decisions regarding this problem! If you're that anxious, I can let you discuss it with our Demonic God if you want.’’

The black-robed old man was so furious that his face turned green.

Actually, he had long reported this matter to his superiors.

However, the Sorcerer Deity had just told him to think of a solution by himself. After all, it would have to be a very complex matter for the Sorcerer Deity and the Demonic God to take over it themselves. The Sorcerer Deity wasn't willing to negotiate with the Demonic God just because of a mere Dong Bo Xue Ying.

’’Alright, you truly are obedient. Then you just sit there and do what you have to do.’’ The Sorcerer Palace Great Elder felt furious. Hua. His image disappeared.


The black-fogged figure snorted. ’’Old fogey, although we get our orders from the Demonic God, our Demonic Faction is still made up of human Transcendents. Who cares about you beasts!’’


In the major Transcendent world.

Xue Ying gathered 0.9 million kilograms of Origin Stones before rushing to the location that Ancestor Black Wind had placed the treasure. Within a moment, Xue Yin reached a lake. He immediately dived in, tunneling under the bottom of the lake for about 150 kilometers before finally reaching the location of the treasure as displayed on the map!


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