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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 8 - Chapter 10


Book 8: Chapter 10 - Investigating the Major Transcendent World


In this major Transcendent World was a world similar to the Mirage. Within, the red-robed Xue Ying was flying at high speeds along the surface of a wasteland. Hu hu hu. The wasteland's weeds seemed to brush his body as he traveled. Just when it seemed like he would crash into the undulating hills, he passed through them as if they were mere illusions.

The Mirage was a reflection of the reality. With Xue Ying's current combat power, he could control the Mirage within a radius of 500 kilometers!

Above and below;in all directions around him.

Anything located inside a spherical area of 500 kilometers in radius was within his full range of observation.

There are quite a lot of Transcendent materials. Naturally, he had discovered a large amount of Transcendent materials as he observed his surroundings within his sphere of influence. These would never appear within a stable world like the mortal world.

He continued to fly. Occasionally, he would discover some Transcendent materials with greater value. Only then would Xue Ying extend his hand into reality and grab them.


The Transcendent materials he had collected while flying and observing had already reached a value of over 30,000 kilograms of Origin Stones! Indeed, a major Transcendent world that had yet to be explored was akin to a big treasure trove. However, there weren't many major Transcendent worlds around, and the native Demigods were truly not one to be angered on a whim. That was why many treasures had been left untouched. After all, these Demigods had a terrifying talent for combat, akin to that of primordial beings.

’’Mn?’’ Xue Ying's expression changed as he flew near the surface.

Hong ka!

In the distance, thunder struck down like a serpent, immediately followed by a resounding boom. This electric serpent swam around, causing the surrounding 500 kilometers in radius to become a pool of thunder.

A towering giant, tens of meters in height, currently laid within this pool of thunder, sound asleep. Thunder poured out of his mouth and nose.

How formidable. Xue Ying felt like he was being suppressed by a threat from the apex. Even after moving a distance away from it, he could still feel that the towering giant's combat power surpassed his completely. The gap was very clear as well. Its combat power should be among the top 10 in the Demigod rankings.

Human Transcendents were powerful in terms of their True Meanings and Deity weapons. Thus, on the surface, one would not really feel an exaggerated, threatening power coming from them.

But native Transcendents were different!

Other than their ability to grasp True Meanings and being able to use Deity weapons, the most important difference of native Transcendents was their tremendous innate talent! For example, the first ancestors of the Xia Clan were primordial beings of the primordial era. Back then, neither Qi nor magic spells existed. These beings depended entirely on their physical strength and their bloodlines! And, of course, on the Profound Mysteries of True Meanings as well.

Even so, primordial beings were all extremely strong, with the ones at the very peak reaching the level of Deities!

The reason why transcendents like the Demon Generals could match the might of Xia Clan Demigods wielding Deity weapons was partly due to their tyrannical physiques and bloodlines!

According to Ancestor Black Wind's map annotation, this part of the major Transcendent World is isolated from the other worlds. Because of that, the natives here have yet to cultivate Qi and magical techniques. Xue Ying looked at the horrifying native Transcendent snoring inside the large pool of lightning. He is clearly sleeping and not using any True Meaning. Is this his innate talent? He can actually attract thunder just by sleeping?

The aura emitted by his physique is truly vigorous and matchless. I think his physique must have reached the peak of the Demigod Realm.

With such great thunder talent, his speed must certainly be fast. This also means that his offensive strength would be fierce as well.

Very quickly, Xue Ying made an analysis.

One should know that demons were split into lower, middle, and upper ranks according to the differences in their innate talents.

Similarly, native Transcendents were ranked by their innate talents! Those in the upper ranks... were not any worse than the peak primordial beings.

Although his innate talent was infinitesimally close to the upper rank, it is still middle rank, guessed Xue Ying. His combat power is certainly ranked among the top 10 Demigod rankings. I'm unsure as to whether he has refined this part of the major Transcendent world or not.

Within their own major Transcendent world, native Transcendents could operate and control a greater portion of the world's might, causing their combat power to sharply increase.

In addition, they could even condense a World Heart if their comprehension of the realms were high enough. This would give them complete control over the entire major Transcendent World. At that point, they were able call forth the boundless might of the world... making them truly frightening.

That was the case with the second ranked Demigod, the Infernal Emperor. He had condensed a Deity Heart, and he had even refined and taken control over a major Transcendent world's World Heart. With that, he no longer had any enemies while inside that world!

Apart from the Infernal Emperor, I estimate that this Thunder Demigod should not be so heaven-shaking,contemplated Xue Ying.


Xue Ying continued to fly within the Mirage, shortening the distance between him and the Thunder Demigod.

He's still sleeping. It seems that he hasn't discovered me yet. Xue Ying let out a breath in relief.

The Deity World had long since sent down news of the nine different grades of True Meanings, and indeed, the descriptions written within were not fake!

Walking in the Mirage, he could observe the external world.

Because the True Meaning of Mirage's Reflection was a natural law, Xue Ying could discover some truly powerful existences inside the real world without them realizing it! Even Deities could have the Mirage 'reflected' upon them without truly being able to sense it.


Although the reflection of the Mirage might not be discovered, a living being flying across the Mirage could still be sensed easily by others!

In the same way, Transcendents borrowed World Energy to investigate their surroundings without being discovered, but the very moment another Transcendent flew past them, they would be revealed.

By the same logic.

Xue Ying had merely flown by within the Mirage!

The Mirage and the real world were like the two sides of a coin.

If an expert in the real world had great attainment in his comprehension of the realms, he could sense a 'shadow' flying past him. One should know that when they reached that level... their perception of the Laws of the World would have truly become sensitive. At the moment, Xue Ying could observe a mere 500 kilometers around him.

500 kilometers? For those Demigods at the apex, that was their Absolute Perception Zone.

Similarly, with Xue Ying's True Meaning of Star at the first stage, the area in a radius of 50 kilometers around him was his Absolute Perception Zone.

I am 150 kilometers away from him and he has yet to sense me. Xue Ying continued to move closer. 100 kilometers, 50 kilometers, 25 kilometers...

He's still asleep. Xue Ying mentally shook his head. This Thunder Demigod should be quite weak in terms of comprehension of the Laws of Profound Mysteries.


Xue Ying continued his investigations in other areas.

It was good news that the Thunder Demigod could not discover him. Clearly, the required understanding of the realms to be able to perceive someone flying within the Mirage was extremely high! This Thunder Demigod was, after all, living inside this major Transcendent World that was isolated from the external world. Without any enemies, he lived without a care, causing his comprehension of the realms to be lacking. His strong points included his physique and bloodline talents.

At least this shows that weaker Demigods will not be able to discover me within the Mirage, Xue Ying thought.

Previously, organisms such as the gold man or the Black Rat from within the Black Wind Deity Palace could not discover him. However, Deity warriors had always lacked in terms of their understanding of the realms. This Thunder Demigod was, after all, a true life form so he would have a deeper understanding of the realms compared to Deity warriors. Yet even so, he had not discovered Xue Ying.

Let's hope that the Demon Generals can't discover me either. Xue Ying was looking forward to it.

As long as they could not discover him, he would be able to wipe them out.

Without the five Demon Generals, those weaker demons left behind wouldn't pose any threat. Whenever these Demon Generals moved, calamity would follow. More than a billion people dying being was considered a normal occurrence.


As he continued flying...

Xue Ying was startled to find another native Demigod. He was six meters tall and had long, dark blue hair and skin. However, from his aura, Xue Ying could determine that he was far weaker than the Thunder Demigod. He should merely be at the initial stage of the Demigod Realm.. With his three different grade two True Meanings, Xue Ying might be able to defeat him.

This time around, Xue Ying was 10 meters away from the Demigod being without it being aware of him at all.


Since Xue Ying was trying to test out whether anyone could discover him walking within the Mirage, the location of the Treasure Trove was his final destination.

When he had flown half his journey, Xue Ying finally revealed an expression of excitement.

Woah! An Origin Stone mine!

Xue Ying was incredibly excited.

At a depth of over 150 kilometers underground, there was a thin, long vein. Within it were abundant amounts of Origin Stones covered in junk. As long as one mined apart the rocks and junk, they could uncover these Origin Stones. Fundamentally, Origin Stones were dull gray in color, and quite inconspicuous. It had a similar appearance to normal pebbles with a smooth and round exterior.

These stones contained primitive World Energy within, and were the origin of this major Transcendent World.

That's right. Mining these origins stones was the same as mining the origins of this major Transcendent World. If one mined too much of them, the world would start crumbling apart... before getting destroyed. After its destruction, however, the major Transcendent World would grow again, absorbing the external energy to recover itself before finally catalysing the appearance of a new major Transcendent World.


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