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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 8


Book 7: Chapter 8 - Becoming a Saint!

With another movement, Xue Ying unexpectedly disappeared from mid-air before appearing behind a Transcendent refiner organisms at the edge of the group.

The silver spear immediately stabbed through its body! The refiner organism's body clearly could not withstand this attack.


After pulling back his spear, Xue Ying once again disappeared and appeared at the side of another Transcendent refiner organism, stabbing them with his spear.

One on one.

Even though it was tough using the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing against a group attack, Xue Ying used Extreme Piercing on his own body, allowing him to have one-on-one battles. Naturally, he was now able to defeat these refiner organisms with one move each. After being stabbed through, the crimson-red eyes of these refiner organisms would darken and turn back into statues. This behavior was a rule set by the Xia Clan's Elders.

The moment a refiner organism's surface layer was penetrated, they were defeated and thus must stop battling.


In order to achieve victory in this Hundred-Battles Chamber, one had to survive an encirclement attack and penetrate through the body surface layer of each Transcendent refiner organism! Clearly, this was a huge test on different areas of battling.

Usually, ordinary peak stage Sky realm Transcendents would require the comprehension of a completed grade six True Meaning before they could break through the surface defense of a single refiner organism! Hence the difficulty of this test was huge.

Break, break, break...

Xue Ying's figure appeared in mid-air time after time, preventing the refiner organisms from surrounding him. One by one, they reverted back into statues.


’’Seems like we're going to be defeated.’’

’’This human Transcendent is too formidable. His attacking power is too great, and he can even teleport during battle.’’ The Transcendent refiner organisms lost their will to fight. Finally, all of them became statues.

The Hundred-Battles Chamber!


Xue Ying revealed a wide grin. Actually, he understood after a single exchange of moves that in order for him to win this, he would have to counter the encirclement! If his own body could display the Extreme Piercing ability... then he would easily triumph over it. As a result, he was not in a rush to do it and instead, spent most of his time attempting to refine his spear techniques and perfect them in this battle.

Fortunately, I spent another year in comprehending. Xue Ying celebrated in his heart.

Initially, when he had just completed the Mountain Road mission and grasped hold of the Embryonic Form of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, he could only use it with his spear thrusts or finger stabs. These actions were all of the move type of 'stab' which was how Extreme Piercing was manifested at that time.

Moves like smashing, hacking or sweeping could not yet express the ability of Extreme Piercing. Likewise, he could not utilise the True Meaning in any other way, much less with his own body.

If he were to enter the Hundred-Battles Chamber then, he would have definitely faced defeat!

This past year gave him the chance to comprehend his techniques more deeply and perfect his own control. Everything could become a point of extremity, piercing through all things. Weapons could be a point of extremity, and his own body could as well. Likewise, even the rustling leaves could be turned into a point of extremity!

A grade two True Meaning was extremely terrifying even in its Embryonic Form.

’’Haha, good, good, very beautiful’’ laughter suddenly resounded within the Hundred-Battles Chamber.

Xue Ying turned towards the source, only to see a black-haired old man standing and chuckling.

’’Greetings, Palace Head,’’ Xue Ying immediately greeted Palace Head Chen, who was in front of him. Actually, the moment Xue Ying entered the chamber, the Infernal Palace treasure spirit had informed its master. Thus, Palace Head Chen had viewed the entire battle! After watching the combat scenes, he had become extremely excited.

’’This grade two True Meaning is certainly formidable, with its Embryonic Form being so powerful. You can even easily penetrate through space during a fight’’ The black-haired old man praised. ’’In the future, when you fully grasp the True Meaning, you will reach a stage which even I cannot fully comprehend! Back when Eternal Wind first grasped hold of the grade three True Meaning of Void Cleavage, he was able to match the might of Demigods, and even defeated the Demigod Feng Dong. I believe that your combat power will be even more formidable than his after you've fully grasped hold of your True Meaning. Spend your time cultivating and comprehending the complete True Meaning as soon as possible. At that time, even if your abilities become known to the public, no one will be able to threaten you! For now though, you still need to stay low-key. Since you have successfully defeated the Hundred-Battles Chamber, 100,000 contribution points will be given to you, though this victory will temporarily be kept a secret.’’

’’I understand,’’ Xue Ying replied.

Even though he was quite powerful right now...

In front of those Demigods with their devastating power, he was still much weaker and had to depend on the two protective treasures given by the Xia Clan to survive.

During the period of time before he grasped hold of the complete True Meaning, he would be relatively weak. As such, he had to be more prudent in his actions.

’’Finding and killing the hidden demons can be considered a form of training for you,’’ Palace Head Chen laughed. ’’Alright, go out and fight. Only during battle will your improvements be at their fastest! Quickly, completely comprehend the grade two True Meaning. I am extremely anxious to see that day arrive.’’


After returning home from the Hundred-Battles Chamber, everything remained as it was, with no news or information being released regarding Xue Ying's success. He reached his mansion just in time to have a breakfast with his family.

Being together with his family members, Xue Ying's current mood was really good. One hundred thousand contribution points would certainly greatly increase his own physical power as well as Snowrock Castle's power greatly.

’’Master, Mage Yu Jing Qiu has arrived,’’ a maidservant announced.

Mo Yang Yu immediately said, ’’Let Mage Yu Jing Qiu come in and have breakfast with us.’’

’’Eating together?’’ Xue Ying was stunned. As Transcendents, they did not have to consume meals. He himself only ate meals with his family because he wanted to enjoy spending time with them.

’’She's not an outsider after all,’’ Mo Yang Yu smiled sweetly.

’’Right, not an outsider,’’ Dong Bo Lie laughed too. After staying here in the Xia Capital for the a whole year, everyone saw Xue Ying and Jing Qiu frequently going out together. They could sense how close these two people were. Mo Yang Yu and her husband had even started to faintly treat Jing Qiu as their daughter-in-law. Even though Jing Qiu was older than Xue Ying by three years, everyone was still quite pleased with this relationship.

The lifespan of Transcendents were extremely long. Finding someone with just a three year age gap was something worth celebrating. Furthermore, they were even from the same county and had fallen in love with one another.

Soon, Jing Qiu arrived.

’’Mage Jing Qiu, please have a seat,’’ Mo Yang Yu said politely. Even though she faintly considered Jing Qiu as her daughter-in-law, Jing Qiu was, after all, still a Transcendent mage.

’’Greetings Marquis, Marchioness’’ Jing Qiu politely replied before sitting next to Xue Ying. Giving him a look, she transmitted, ’’How was it? Did you succeed?’’

’’Mn, I've succeeded,’’ Xue Ying replied. ’’But this news has to be kept secret. You are the only one I've told.’’

’’Triumphing over the Hundred-Battles Chamber as a Sky realm Transcendent younger than sixty years of age is such a big matter, yet it must be kept a secret. After your battle, you even came home to accompany your family members to have breakfast peacefully,’’ Jing Qiu transmitted back. There was an expression of delight on her face. Clearly, Xue Ying had only told her, and nobody else, making her feel special.

Xue Ying suddenly exclaimed, ’’Tonight, I'll be entering closed-door cultivation for up to two days.’’

’’Closed-door cultivation?’’ Everyone looked at him inquisitively.

’’Mn. A month from now, we'll have to leave Xia Capital and travel back to our homeland. While we are there, we will be facing against the threats of demons, so I need to use this opportunity now to breakthrough to Saint realm,’’ Xue Ying explained. The moment he broke through to the Saint realm, he would not be able to keep that breakthrough a secret. The aura he emitted from his body would certainly be completely different. Xue Ying did not think of hiding this fact from his loved ones.

’’Saint realm Transcendent?’’ His own brother Qing Shi exclaimed, ’’Wa, big brother, you've cultivated only for how long and yet, you're already becoming a Saint realm Transcendent. So formidable.’’

’’Disciple brother Xue Ying should be the youngest Saint Transcendent in the past 1000 years,’’ Jing Qiu added.

At this table, other than Xue Ying and Jing Qiu, there were his parents, Uncle Tong and his family, Zong Tu, his brother and his brother's girlfriend, and the two other lovers.

His little brother's girlfriend was called Dai Ya, and she was someone famous in the External Wind Academy. She and her sister, Dai Lu, were relatively beautiful. Both sisters were of Meteor rank. As it was relatively rare for twin sisters to also be Meteor mages, they were celebrities at the Eternal Wind Academy.

The other pair of lovers were Dai Lu and her boyfriend, Kong Yuan Feng.

Qing Shi had a Transcendent brother, and he himself was a Silver Moon mage. As for Kong Yuan Feng, who had successfully chased after the older sister Dai Lu, he was someone with ability. As a student under the Transcendent mage Zi Che Gu Feng, he was also, a Silver Moon mage. His most outstanding accomplishment was in the area of flesh and soul, where he had demonstrated a high understanding. Another well-known person who was similarly investigating in this area, the Si Clan old ancestor Si Liang Hong, had released a public announcement that stated Kong Yuan Feng had long surpassed her in the study of the flesh and soul!

’’Too formidable,’’ The sisters, Dai Lu and Dai Ya, along with Kong Yuan Feng were all startled.

They were geniuses in the Eternal Wind Academy. However, reaching this Xia Capital, there were large numbers of Legend Knights and mages.

As for the mansion they lived in, there was Xue Ying, Jing Qiu and the little disciple brother Yuan Qing. All of these were people worthy of looking up to.

Yuan Qing was even younger than they were, and he had already become a Transcendent!

Xue Ying was an even more frightening character! Previously, he was proclaimed as the number one Sky realm Transcendent in the entire Xia Capital, and he had the power to match up against Saint Transcendents. Now, he was becoming a Saint Transcendent at such a young age. Most likely, in the future, he would become a Demigod!

Adoration! Admiration!

Those were currently the feelings of little brother Qing Shi, the sisters, Dai Lu and Dai Ya, and Kong Yuan Feng


That night.

Xue Ying entered a quiet room, closing the door shut. The fire crystal lamps were brightly lit. In the spacious and quiet room, there was just Xue Ying seated cross-legged in silence.

He held onto an Origin Stone weighing over half a kilogram. At the same time, his mind was immersed in his own Dantian Qi sea. With a thought, the Transcendent Qi which had long been transformed to its peak but was forcibly prevented from reaching the next stage, started its rebirth... allowing Xue Ying to enter the next realm...


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