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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 7


Book 7: Chapter 7 - Requiring External Assistance

The three Xue Ying figures suddenly each had a total of six arms and three silver spears each.

Although the hundreds of refiner organisms' eyes momentarily flashed red, their incoming attacks remained unchanged, seemingly showing that they did not care how many arms or spears Xue Ying had. All they thought of was to surround Xue Ying together and suppress him! Hundreds of weapons came pressing over Xue Ying, making him feel defenseless,- like how the saying goes: two arms are hard-pressed against four arms.

Peng peng!

Two of Xue Ying's phantoms were immediately destroyed.

Facing this kind of joint attack, Xue Ying immediately swept across with his spear!

Bang bang bang! The spear swept across horizontally and remorselessly, clashing against the many weapons of the refiner organisms and causing eight Transcendent refiner organisms to retreat.

Yet there were still 18 refiner organisms attacking him on his left, right, and above.

The spear in Xue Ying's hands lashed out.

Forcefully sweeping!



In that instant, some Transcendent refiner organisms were swept away, whipped across, and smashed. However, there were a hundred Transcendent refiner organisms in total. If one was smacked away, another one would immediately fill in the empty spot. Furthermore, there was practically no damage inflicted onto their physical bodies, allowing them to rise up once again to joint attack Xue Ying after being swept away.

Truly frightening.

The dense numbers of Transcendent refiner organisms were frantically joint attacking from all sides. Even though Xue Ying smacked away groups and groups of them, more would come filling in those empty spots.

Xue Ying was being entirely surrounded at the center of the swarm! Right now, forming more illusionary images would be futile, since these Transcendent refiner organisms would just attack his original body.

No wonder wanting to triumph over this Hundred-Battles Chamber is so tough, Xue Ying finally understood this point. Even though I've comprehended some parts of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, it's useless in this kind of situation when I'm being surrounded.

The Extreme Piercing was something that required penetration! Piercing through! However, it did not imply that one had to stab in order to achieve it. When one smashed the entire spear, the entire spear would just be like a point of Extremity that allowed Xue Ying to utilise the Embryonic Form of his True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, killing his opponent!


Extreme Piercing was not appropriate for him to perform right now.

Because currently, he was being jointly attacked from all directions. What Xue Ying needed now was to have a comprehension towards making his piercing attacks flow like water. For him to defend against 18 Transcendent refiner organisms, his horizontal sweeps, smashes, and other techniques were more focused towards the idea of 'endless'.

And the Extremity Piercing is a single-target technique.

One move to break it all!

And the desired move was something similar to flowing water. Instead of piercing, it was something akin to smashing with just a single move. This move should be powerful enough to allow him to break through the surface defences of a single Transcendent refiner organism, and it might even be able to push back three to five Transcendents. Nevertheless, even if he could smash the refiner organisms like he desired, there would always be other Transcendent organisms filling in the gap to attack Xue Ying.

True Meaning of Extreme Piercing was more suitable for one-on-one encounters.

This technique was a type of single-target piercing attack.

As Xue Ying pondered the problem within his heart, his hands busied themselves with defending.

Large groups of Transcendent refiner organisms were continuously smacked back! The spear techniques smoothly flowed from one to the next, just like a hurricane and tsunami that swept the world, majestic and mighty. Xue Ying stood at the nucleus of this planetary system. He dared not fly as being above his assailants would increase the area of possible attacks from the Transcendent refiner organisms, which would greatly increase the number of incoming threats.

Walking on the chamber's surface...

Regardless of where he trod, the Transcendent refiner organisms completely surrounded Xue Ying within a three mile radius, relentlessly attacking him.


As Xue Ying fought, he was deep in thought.

My spear's defensive techniques is clearly weaker by a whole level. Even though the Embryonic Form of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing is formidable, it isn't appropriate for defence, and neither can it allow my attacks to flow endlessly, Xue Ying pondered how he could improve his spear techniques. A good spear technique would allow his moves to flow like water - smoothly, move by move - and allow his attacks to build in order and create a greater pressure on his enemy during battle.

If he solely depended on Extreme Piercing, the moment it lacked a connection between one move and the next, the technique of Extreme Piercing would fail! He would have no more techniques to use.

Extreme Piercing is just a simple attacking move.

What I require is a complete spear technique.

One that has perfect defence and endless attacks. Perfection in both defence and offense!

During this past year, I've thought about this topic for a very long time. I realised that in the area of defence, the Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire and Wind are not suitable. Also, even though this combination has great offensive ability through the power of Extreme Piercing, this fusion does not allow the attack to flow endlessly! And if I focus on using the Profound Mysteries of Wind and Water to allow my attacks to flow endlessly, I will not be able to perform the Extreme Piercing!

Regardless of how I ponder, with just water, fire and wind, I can't satisfy myself in forming the spear technique I want!

Since that's the case, I'll require some external assistance! It's time for me to fuse in other Profound Mysteries in order to let my spear technique reach perfection.

Water, fire and wind allowed him to comprehend the Embryonic Form of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing and the Embryonic Form of True Meaning of Illusions. This made Xue Ying prudent as he did not dare to casually fuse other Profound Mysteries into his current water, fire and wind.

That's because he was afraid of one thing - destroying what he had already painstakingly created. With water, fire and wind... these three Profound Mysteries perfectly formed the Embryonic Form of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. If he added another Profound Mystery that shattered this balance, he might really just eradicate the Embryonic Form of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing which he comprehended!

And that was the reason why he had been prudent with his decision.

He had some self-awareness.

Wanting to comprehend the top grade True Meaning that surpasses all other True Meanings amongst the countless worlds and even the Deity World - the grade one True Meaning - was really something extremely difficult. This was especially so when he himself had experienced the feeling of Extremity once before. Xue Ying clearly understood that comprehending Extreme Piercing himself was something really fortunate. Wanting to comprehend a True Meaning with a stage equivalent to that of the True Meaning of Extremity? The difficulty would be ten times or even a hundred times harder!

But during this past year, after seeing his spear technique stagnate, it was clear how short his technique was from perfection. The feeling was hard to endure.

Ever since childhood, he had always chased after the perfection of his spear technique!

Currently, during the battle against the hundred Transcendent refiner organisms, he finally decided to comprehend another Profound Mystery and fuse it into his technique, allowing the technique to become more perfect!

Let's just take the risk.

Furthermore, the point of extremity is fundamentally the beginning of everything, and the end of all. A frightening glint appeared within Xue Ying's eyes, All Profound Mysteries of Myriad Existences originate from a single point, and that's the point of extremity.

Fusing Water, Fire, and Wind allow one to form Extreme Piercing.

Since all Profound Mysteries originate from the point of extremity, adding in another Profound Mystery will allow me to reach an even more perfect state. This addition should not lead to the destruction of my True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.’’ Xue Ying thought,However, which Profound Mystery should I add? That's something that I must carefully decide.

There were innumerable Profound Mysteries in the world.

He must seek for the most appropriate one out of them all!

Actually, the greater one's comprehension of the Realm was, the harder it would be to fuse in a new Profound Mystery. When one did not have a deep comprehension it would be easier, like how Xue Ying could comprehend the Profound Mystery of Water easily after finding out that his spear technique was too fierce and hard, and lacking in softness within. This True Meaning of Water and Fire is a grade four True Meaning! Knowing that his spear technique lacked the flexibility and adaptability... he naturally found the Profound Mystery of Wind, allowing him to reach a grade two True Meaning - True Meaning of Extreme Piercing! Right now, which Profound Mystery should he fuse?

The closer he was to the peak, the harder it would get for him to take another step.

This critically important decision could not be rushed.

Only after pondering deeply on his spear technique or during a battle would he have the opportunity to find the right answer!


Hong hong hong! The hundred Transcendent refiner organisms remorselessly attacked. They could afford to make mistakes due to their superior numbers. Xue Ying, however, could not afford to make even a single mistake, since that would involve their weapons striking his body which could very well lead to heavy injuries and defeat!

Xue Ying utilised this intense conflict as an opportunity to refine his spear technique.

This battle lasted for close to half an hour.

And such a long skirmish eventually meant that Xue Ying would make a mistake.


Within the surrounding onrush of many weapons, a staff eventually smashed into Xue Ying's chest. A powerful and forceful wave penetrated through his shirt, however, the intensity reduced after passing through his protective inner vest, before entering his body. Even though his body was able to withstand the attack, he could not stop himself from flying backward.

I still made a mistake in the end. Wanting to defend against attacks by a group of Transcendents is still too tough. Let's end this! Xue Ying fell backward...


He disappeared from midair.

And twenty meters away, another black-robed Xue Ying appeared in the sky once again.

’’Mn?’’ All the Transcendent refiner organisms were startled as they tried finding Xue Ying in the surroundings. Eventually, they saw him twenty meters away.

They could not help but be shocked with disbelief.

’’How could he evade our attacks?

’’Teleporting during battle?’’

This group of Transcendent refiner organisms did not dare to believe it. During the fierce battle, Xue Ying's spear itself would produce ripples in space. Under the pressure of unstable ripples, wanting to teleport was an arduous task.

Xue Ying did not answer their questions. This was not teleportation;instead, his body was displaying the Embryonic Form of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, which allowed him to pierce through all substances, including space itself!

After all, Extreme Piercing was not merely limited to just spear technique usage.

He could use it with his fingers, his fists, or his body and could similarly display the Profound Mystery of Extreme Piercing with all things.

Even though Extreme Piercing might allow him to pierce through space during battle, there was a weakness inherent within its usage, which was distance! After all, he was not teleporting. He was just piercing through space! At least for now, Xue Ying could only penetrate through approximately a hundred meters.


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