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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 6


Book 7: Chapter 7 - Hundred-Battles Chamber Combat

As time passed by, the end of the three month period approached. The atmosphere in Xia Capital gradually changed. While Transcendents were required to perform ten mandatory life-death missions, they would usually wait at least three, five, or even ten years before taking on additional missions. The primary reason they would take additional missions was to stimulate a cultivation breakthrough when they faced a bottleneck.

Because of the relatively slow pace between life-death missions, a Transcendent's ordinary everyday life was usually very carefree and leisurely. After all, in peaceful times, life for a Transcendent was very relaxed.

With the advent of the demon attack, a Transcendent's life would no longer be the same! After the Transcendents arrive at their hometowns, according to the Infernal Palace's plan, Transcendents would then have to search for demons. Although they could slack off if they wanted to avoid danger, they would still be required to look around periodically to save some face. Even if they couldn't find any demons, the demons were still a danger to them as they could attack at any time. While only a handful of Demigod demons existed, the weaker demons abounded in overwhelming numbers.


Although the human Transcendents were bursting with a thirst for battle and desire to kill these demons, they still feared for their lives.

They also had to consider the fact that especially selfish Transcendents had already joined the Demonic Faction, colluding with the demons, and even helping them!



Nightlife in the Xia Clan capital was especially lively.

Transcendents and Legend rankers gathered together. After all, it would be rare to meet like this again after they left Xia Clan capital.

Currently, a young man and woman walked side by side. Based on their appearances, they appeared to be in their twenties.

’’Brother Xue Ying,’’ said Yu Jing Qiu. ’’Do you plan on taking the Hundred-Battles Chamber test tomorrow?’’

’’Yes, I have to do it once before leaving. If I succeed, I can earn more resources. If I pass, I can exchange my points for Transcendent weapons, powerful arrays, and other things. These items will help me add more security to Snowrock Castle,’’ said Xue Ying. Since he was able to complete the Mountain Road mission, he had high expectations of being able to pass the Hundred-Battle Chamber test.

’’Disciple Brother Xue Ying, you haven't even cultivated for 60 years yet. If you succeed, the number of contribution points awarded will be amazing,’’ Yu Jing Qiu looked forward to watching him take the test. ’’I believe your Snowrock Castle is the first, or second safest place in the whole Tranquil Sun Province. I don't know whether you, Disciple Brother Xue Ying, would allow me to stay there.’’

’’Ha ha, of course I would let you stay. If someone were to search far and wide, they would not be able to find a Transcendent Mage as powerful as Jing Qiu! With you there, we can easily set up powerful magical defensive arrays,’’ said Xue Ying.

’’So it's a deal then!’’ laughed Yu Jing Qiu.

’’It's a deal,’’ Xue Ying felt his heart grow warmer.

The coming war with demons may last for a long time, but at least he could still be together with Jing Qiu, for which Xue Ying felt satisfied.

’’Disciple brother Xue Ying, your comprehension of the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire is already at the third level in Realms of Myriad Existences. Have you already completely assimilated your Transcendent Qi?’’ asked Yu Jing Qiu.

’’Yes, I've completely assimilated my Transcendent Qi. I can breakthrough to Saint realm anytime,’’ replied Xue Ying.

Just saying those words was enough to make many Sky realm Transcendents feel envious.

For those jealous Sky realm Transcendents, there was nothing they could do.

Before sixty years of age, Xue Ying had been able to comprehend the third level of the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire. After years of assimilating his Transcendent Qi, he was finally able to comprehend the third level of the fusion between all three elements of Water, Fire and Wind into the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Illusions This third level fusion greatly increased his efficiency in assimilating his Transcendent Qi! Following this assimilation, he later comprehended the grade two True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, which would steeply increase his ability to further assimilate Transcendent Qi. As of six months ago, he was ready to breakthrough to Saint realm anytime he wished.

Because the Hundred-Battles Chamber test loomed in his near future, Xue Ying didn't dare to make an early breakthrough. After all, if he wanted to get those hundred thousand contribution points, he must be a Sky realm Transcendent younger than 60 years old!

’’Waiting until you finish the Hundred-Battles Chamber test to breakthrough sounds like the right idea. Disciple Brother Xue Ying, when do you plan to breakthrough?’’ asked Yu Jing Qiu happily.

’’After I take the Hundred-Battles Chamber test,’’ replied Xue Ying. ’’I have to improve my strength for the war against demons. My hope is that tomorrow I will successfully complete the Hundred-Battles Chamber test. Those contribution points will help me greatly.’’

Having twenty thousand contribution points would enable him to spend them in various ways without restraint.

’’You will definitely succeed!’’ Yu Jing Qiu said with full confidence.


Dawn of the second day.

Xue Ying went to Infernal Palace alone. He walked along the winding corridor until he arrived at Hundred-Battles Chamber. Once he touched the chamber's exterior, his body passed through the door into the Hundred-Battles Chamber's interior.


The scenery in front of him changed.

This was a huge and spacious chamber. Xue Ying saw human-shaped statues in the distance. Each of those human-shaped statues were two meters tall, and each wielded a weapon like a spear, an axe, chains, a long spear, a sword, a heavy hammer, a shield and other various weapons.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, please choose your weapon from the rack beside you. You are prohibited from using Transcendent items other than storage treasure inside the Hundred-Battles Chamber. Using other items will immediately disqualify you,’’ echoed a voice inside the chamber.

Xue Ying knew that this voice belonged to the Infernal Palace spirit.


As Xue Ying walked towards the weapon rack, his boots vanished. Walking barefoot made him feel the really cold floor. As for his clothes, Xue Ying already prepared what he would wear.

After arriving in front of the weapon rack, with a wave of his hand, all the weapons were taken into his storage ring. Doing this provided Xue Ying with a way to freely use any weapon he need when fighting.

’’I will use this one.’’ Suddenly a silver spear appeared in Xue Ying's hand. With a little vibration, he felt the strength transmission was quite perfect.

Du! Du! Du! Du! Du! Du!

With a slightly muffled sound, suddenly those human-shaped statues in the distance came alive. Every statue's eyes lit up and while their body glowed with a dark red light. A hundred Transcendent human-shaped refiner organisms stared at Xue Ying. Some gazed at him with mocking smiles, some humphed coldly, some laughed, and some appeared indifferent.

Each Transcendent refiner organism had their own mind.

’’Someone has come.’’

’’Another opponent has entered the chamber.’’

’’Brothers, attack!’’

’’Everyone, let's slowly play with our new victim. Don't end the fun too fast. Last time, that Transcendent lost after only fighting one of us.’’ The Transcendent organisms were named by their numerical designations. ’’Old Eighteen, your move was too powerful, and you almost made that Transcendent mince meat. Fortunately for him, you still left him with half his body which enabled him to keep his life.’’

The hundred refiner organisms excitedly at Xue Ying.

Instantly, Xue Ying's body blurred and separated into three figures.

Three black clothed Xue Ying figures looked at the group of Transcendent refiner organisms.

As 100,000 contribution points rode on the outcome of this battle, Xue Ying naturally didn't dare to be careless! Although he had already completed the Mountain Road mission successfully, his success only meant that he now had a high probability of winning this Hundred-Battles Chamber test. The Hundred-Battles Chamber and the Mountain Road mission were very different. The Mountain Road mission was exclusive to Substitute Elders and had a high requirement towards the mission taker's True Meaning Embryonic Form.

The Hundred-Battles Chamber test was available to all Transcendents. It did not matter if they had already completely comprehended a grade seven, six, or other grade True Meaning, nor did it matter if the Hundred-Battles Chamber challenger was a Substitute Elder that was barely able to comprehend a True Meaning Embryonic Form, all Transcendents had different fighting styles.

A high grade True Meaning Embryonic Form was more profound!

Although low grade True Meanings seem mediocre, it was still a complete True Meaning, and its battle capability was more comprehensive.I hope I don't fail here! Thought Xue Ying, with a fighting spirit kindled in his eyes.

’’He's really interesting. He is able to divide himself into three images from one being.’’

’’This is exciting!’’

’’No matter if it's three or ten, everyone, besiege him!’’

Suddenly, a golden pattern appeared on all of the refiner organism's body. Shortly after the pattern appeared, the pattern lit up and connected each organism with a beam of light. As a result, a powerful array was activated inside the chamber. All the refiner organisms then seemed to become more powerful.

’’Attack!’’ The hundred human-shaped refiner organisms scattered around the chamber and became shadows as they attacked from all sides. They completely surrounded Xue Ying.

Each statue moved at high speeds. In a short moment, the refiner organisms attacked with their various weapons, spears whistling at him with terrible might;swords slashing at him with strange moves;shields ramming at him in forceful thrusts. Xue Ying, in short was engulfed by attacks from all kinds of weapons which were aimed at all three Xue Ying figures.


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