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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 5


Kill without mercy!

Prior to the recent demonic invasion,, even though the majority of Xia Clan Transcendents did not have a positive opinion of the extremely selfish Transcendents belonging to Demonic Faction, they would turn a blind eye towards the matter of a human worshipping a demon. For the most part, the fervent Transcendent believers from the Temple of the Earth God were the most active in chasing and killing those from the Demonic Faction. Rumors also suggested that there might have been some demons hiding within the Demonic Faction. Though these demons appeared to be on their last legs, and so they would not be able to cause any huge waves within the human world.

However, the current situation was absolutely different! Huge armies of demons had invaded the human Transcendent homeland. If the invasion force alliances with the Demonic Faction members, there would be a new power structure and organisation that would certainly increase the threat brought by the demons!

As a result, the Xia Clan's Infernal Palace would certainly put in their utmost effort in chasing and killing those from the Demonic Faction!

’’As you all know, demons vary in strength and power,’’ Palace Head Chen continued elaborating. ’’Whilst you are searching for the demons, you must take into account how your combat power compares to theirs before taking action. We've obtained and compiled the best possible intelligence from various sources regarding these demons! One of the surprising pieces of information we discovered was the sheer number of demons. We discovered that there is approximately 6000 demons. Even with this discovery, we believe that number represents only a portion of their great army. There are still many demons we've yet to collect any intelligence on. As a result of our lack of intelligence on all of those additional demons, you all will probably end up encountering them and have to make judgements based on the circumstances you find yourselves in.’’

All the Transcendents listening, including Xue Ying, felt tremors going through their hearts.

They had already collected intelligence on more than six thousand demons? That was an enormous number!

One must know that Demigods had extremely formidable investigation skills, including the ability to scrutinize a demon's soul and mind. Despite this, they were only able to uncover a small part of the great demonic army.


Copies of extremely detailed intelligence reports were sent to all Xia Clan Transcendents.

Xue Ying immediately read through the entire report.

Abyss Demons.

The Xia Clan categorises the demons according to combat power.

The strongest demons are Demigod;These demons have the capability of matching up with the top 10 Demigods in the Demigod rankings compiled by the Xia Clan! The moment any Transcendents not of the Demigod realm are to see a Demigod demon, they are to flee on sight! One should know that the majority of those top 10 Demigod rankers, excluding those amongst the Transcendent natives, are human or Beast Clan Demigods who own a Deity Weapon! That fact implies that those living Demigod demons, who have been discovered and chased after by human Demigods with a Deity Weapon, are extremely terrifying.

The following demon ranks are listed from fifth to first, with fifth rank being the most powerful and first being the least powerful. Fifth rank demons: Combat power equivalent to those Transcendents in the top 10 of the Saint rankings and are, therefore, extremely powerful. The most powerful of these demons are even stronger than the current number one ranker in the Saint rankings. These demons have the power to match a human Demigod! Though they are few in numbers, killing these demons are a priority as they were most likely to become Demigods should they be allowed to continue consuming human souls.

Fourth rank demons: Combat power equivalent to the top 30 within the Saint rankings and are therefore relatively strong. They are also fewer in numbers. Likewise, a similar priority is placed on these killing demons from since they might become Demigod demons in the future.

Third rank demons: Combat power equivalent to peak stage Saint realm Transcendents. This group of demons are commonly seen.

Second rank demons: Combat power equivalent to early to middle stage Saint realm Transcendents. These are considered as young demons.

First rank demons: Combat power equivalent to middle to peak stage Sky realm Transcendents. These are the weakest of all demons and by far the most numerous. Most Sky realm peak stage Transcendents should be able to kill them. Even though they are the weakest and youngest demons, these demons will grow with time! Therefore, they are to t be killed as early as possible, thwarting their potential!

Let me remind all of you again-

Demons are Transcendents originating from the Dark Abyss. Their innate talent is much stronger than the Primordial Beings spoken about in our Xia Clan's legends! They have gained their combat experiences through an extremely brutal environment in the Dark Abyss. Some of their fighting styles are known while some are quite strange and mysterious. If one is careless, even with a combat power equivalent to the demon, one still might die from the clash against the demon!

Below is a detailed list of demons and their combat abilities.


The list was densely written, with more than 6000 demons being introduced in a detailed manner.

Xue Ying felt his heart become heavy as he read through this immense list. This information, which included each demon's power and status, was merely a part of the knowledge the Demigods had gathered regarding the great demon army that had invaded their Xia Clan's world! As time passes, these demons would have a qualitative change after swallowing human souls in the mortal world, meaning the humans could no longer wait. They had to exterminate every single demon as quickly as possible.

Even the strongest Demigod demons, standing at the peak of existence, must be killed as soon as possible. Should these Demigod demons breakthrough and become a Demonic Deity, then the entire Xia Clan's world would be massacred.

Fortunately, these demons were just like human Transcendents, it was extremely tough for any Demigod to become a Deity. For demons to breakthrough... the difficulty might even be greater than humans.

’’In the following three months, all of you must memorise every single piece of intelligence on these demons!’’ After transmitting the intelligence in the time taken to brew a cup of tea, Palace Head Chen added, ’’Concerning the rewards for discovering any demons, or killing these demons, or killing any Transcendents belonging to the Demonic Faction... my Infernal Palace is currently still drafting up the plan! After it is finalised, we will inform all Transcendents!’’

Other than motivating the Transcendents through the threat of the entire clan's extinction, there were also rewards being given for those who had put in effort - the more effort one put into the mission, the greater the rewards.

As for those who were too lazy and decided to evade danger, naturally they would not receive anything!


The crux of this Transcendent discussion was for the Infernal Palace Head Chen to pass down his commands.

Hong long long~ The hall door started opening slowly.

All the Transcendents flew out the door in an orderly manner and scattered in different directions.

Three months. Xue Ying gazed down at the buzzling Xia Capital. Three months from now, the Xia Capital will not be as crowded.

When that time arrives, all Transcendents lower than the realm of Demigod, inclusive of the Legend rankers, would be required to leave the Xia Capital and head towards the mortal world in order to search for traces of l demons hiding within it.


Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

After the Transcendent discussion ended, Master Gong Yu gathered all the Substitute Elders in Scarlet Cloud Mountain.

’’All Demigods are extremely busy. During the past year, I've stayed within this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World and merely sent my Qi avatar to participate in the battles,’’ Master Gong Yu spoke to the young Transcendents in front of him. ’’According to the command set by Infernal Palace, three months from now, all of you will have to leave Xia Capital and travel back to your hometowns. As for the resources that you have been enjoying so far...’’

’’My Infernal Palace will give them to you year by year! Every time we give them to you, the amount will be equivalent to a whole year!’’

’’Of course, the moment you become a Saint realm Transcendent, we will stop giving you all these resources,’’ Master Gong Yu said. ’’Whether it is time for you to become one or not, I will let all of you make that decision on your own.’’

Saying that...


Xue Ying, Chen Qing, Jing Qiu, and Wen Yong An were all startled as they looked towards the source of the sound.

Situ Hong's facial colour was vibrant. The aura emitted from his body was currently undergoing change as an even stronger aura leaked.

’’Saint realm?’’

All those who were present wore a shocked expression.

He broke through to the Saint realm?

The Qi of a Saint Transcendent and a Sky Transcendent had obvious differences. After undergoing a Qi rebirth, this Transcendent Qi would allow one's body and soul to be nourished. There was a marked increase in their lifespan as after this transformation, Saint realm Transcendents could live for 1500 years.

’’I've long reached the limit in transforming my Qi. Since the demons are here, I'll definitely not retreat from them. At this moment, only when our combat power is stronger can we kill demons who are more powerful!’’ Saying that, Situ Hong laughed as he behaved like the hero of humanity.

He was relatively proud of himself.

Look at me, I can breakthrough to the Saint realm as easy as drinking water!

As for why he decided to bask himself in spotlight this last moment, it was because of Xue Ying's position, which was rank one, and that Xue Ying had completed the Mountain Road life-death mission. Recently, these facts had made Situ Hong feel really suffocated and extremely unhappy! Thus, he clearly wanted to bask in the spotlight this last moment. Thinking that because Xue Ying was so young, he certainly would not have reached Grand Completion in transforming his Qi.

How childish, Xue Ying thought to himself while shaking his head.

Must one be so rushed when breaking through?

One must know that after a breakthrough in Transcendent Qi, one would still need to nourish the body and soul, and usually, they would do both at once while they were in closed-door cultivation. Right now, Situ Hong first broke through his Qi in front of everyone, before continuing to nourishing his body and soul after everyone dispersed, showing how deliberate and lacking he was in patience!

This Situ Hong, amongst all the Substitute Elders within Scarlet Cloud Mountain, was the one with the worst character. Right now, it seemed that even his mental and spiritual fortitude was the weakest of them all! With such a spirit state, his spirit would certainly be suppressed heavily during the second section of the Mountain Road mission... and that it would be really difficult for him to get through that section!

’’Very good.’’

Master Gong Yu nodded and smiled, ’’That should be the way. All Transcendents must put in their utmost effort in killing all the demons! However, you shouldn't be so rushed, because we will be issuing the year's quota of resources today, and you could have broken through tomorrow! Since you've already broken through... you are a Saint realm Transcendent now, and thus, you will no longer have the qualifications to enjoy anymore resources.’’

Situ Hong's expression froze!

They would be issuing this year's resources today?

He thought that only after they left the Xia Capital would the resources for the year be distributed. It was merely a day and he would not be able to enjoy the year's resources anymore.

The Transcendents present, including Xue Ying, all laughed in their hearts. Show off some more. I bet you must be full of regrets now.


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