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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 4


LXY Book 7: Chapter 4


Book 7: Chapter 4 - Discussions amongst Transcendents

Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, Soaring Cloud Peak.

The top of Soaring Cloud Peak was extremely quiet. Xue Ying's heart was exceptionally calm whilst looking out at the vast mountain range. Even though many Transcendents frequently visited the restaurants and taverns in order to gather information and discuss the various battles between human Demigods and demons, Xue Ying was too lazy to care about these things. After all, would discussions help the battles? Absolutely not!

Thus, he would temporarily push everything to the back of his mind and focus on cultivating his spear techniques with a single heart.

The spear flew around, displaying powerful might.

Xue Ying's training of the spear was slow. One would only see the spear's rotation akin to that of a huge wave maelstrom that wanted to swallow and absorb all the incoming attacks against it.

True Meaning of Extreme Piercing is a purely offensive True Meaning, and not appropriate for defense! The fusion of Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind to defend... is ultimately lacking. Xue Ying pondered over the issue of defense.

Water, Fire, and Wind, the perfect fusion of these three Profound Mysteries would give rise to a second grade True Meaning, the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.

The fusion would be much weaker when used in areas other than offense.

For instance, in the area of illusions, it was merely the embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning, the True Meaning of Illusions.

In the area of defense, the embryonic form of True Meaning had not yet been formed. Clearly, the three Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind... were more appropriate for attacking and were quite lacking in the area of defense.

Attacking and defending are the most fundamental, Xue Ying frowned. If it is merely just Extreme Piercing, then the weakness of my spear technique would be too obvious.


Xue Ying stopped his spear practice. He had received a message through his communication wristband.

The Infernal Palace was convening all Transcendents for a discussion.

And they wanted everyone to head towards the main hall of the Infernal Palace as soon as possible.

’’Transcendent discussion? Brother Xue Ying, for the Infernal Palace to suddenly convene all Transcendents to hold a discussion, in your opinion, what do you think is happening?’’ Yu Jing Qiu, who had been beside Xue Ying all along, had received a similar message. Xue Ying was training his spear techniques whereas she was investigating various spells.

Xue Ying laughed, ’’What could it be other than something related to the demons! If I'm not wrong, the Infernal Palace might be giving us some missions. Our peaceful days will be coming to an end.’’

’’Us?’’ Jing Qiu was startled. ’’We are going to participate in the battles too?’’

’’All of us Transcendents,’’ Xue Ying said. ’’And this is just my guess. Let's go. We'll know about it soon.’’

’’Mn.’’ Jing Qiu nodded thoughtfully.

The two of them turned into streams, flying side by side towards the exit of Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.


Infernal Palace main hall North Summer Palace.

Sou sou sou.

Many figures flew in from all over towards the North Summer Palace before entering it.

Although the great hall was quite majestic, it was still quaint within, following the Xia Clan's most ancient traditions.

On top of the great hall.

There were currently eight figures sitting cross-legged on the top. In the middle, there was a black-haired old man who was none other than the head of Infernal Palace, Palace Head Chen.

The eight of them were facing the huge crowd of Transcendents coming into the great hall.

’’Hurry, let's take a seat.’’

Xue Ying and Jing Qiu casually chose a location and each sat cross-legged on top of a futon.

’’Brother Xue Ying, the two of you have arrived.’’

’’Big brother Peng Shan, Jing Qiu and I just arrived,’’ Xue Ying looked at Peng Shan, Chen Ling Shu and Zong Tu, who were seated beside them.

The entire great hall was filled with Transcendents coming in one by one, choosing a futon and then seating themselves in a cross-legged manner.

They transmitted messages around and discussed what they thought was going on.

Approximately the time taken to brew a cup of tea after Xue Ying and the rest came in...

Hong long long~ The huge door started closing shut. All the Transcendents looked respectfully towards the eight Demigods seated in front of them.

’’Fellow Transcendents, you have all arrived,’’ The black-haired old man Palace Head Chen started, ’’I believe that all of you should have guessed the reason why we decided to convene here! Indeed, it's related to the Abyss Demons.’’

’’Ever since winter of the previous year and a space crack appeared, leading to Abyss Demons entering our Xia Clan's world, our Xia Clan's peaceful days ended. A large horde of demons invaded our homeland, and they wantonly slaughtered our people!’’ Palace Head Chen said, ’’What would be best is if they continued this wanton destruction. If they did, our Xia Clan's Demigods could easily find and exterminate them all immediately! However, the demons are, by nature, cruel and cunning. In the beginning, due to their greed for human souls, they behaved extremely willfully. But gradually, they have learned their lessons, becoming more and more restrained and hid deeper and deeper.’’

’’Initially when we first began our counter attack, many demons were killed. There were times where we could just slaughter a huge group of them in a battle. However, as time passed, the number of demons we killed became fewer and fewer.’’

’’Until today!’’

’’It is almost impossible for us to find a single demon.’’

’’They have all hidden themselves!’’ Palace Head Chen's facial expression revealed his killing intent, as his eyes glinted, ’’According to the records of our battle, there are three Demigod demons who've exchanged moves with us that are still alive. Furthermore, from my suspicions... there should still be several Demigod demons hiding who have yet to fight with us! We've found clues leading to the conclusion that these demons who have yet to fight with us are extremely cunning and prudent.’’

’’Other than the Demigod demons, there are still many other demons hiding who are even more cunning.’’

’’To these demons, our human souls are a top-grade nourishing meal for them! Consuming human souls would greatly benefit a demon and improve their individual combat power. If they were given the chance to casually roam around different places, eating human souls in the dark... then this nourishment might produce another Demigod demon amongst them!’’

’’We absolutely must not allow them to casually eat these human souls, which would allow them to become even more powerful!’’

’’However right now, there is only a small number of Demigods, and it is really difficult for us to find these hidden demons,’’ Palace Head Chen said. ’’Thus, we've decided that it is time for all our Transcendents to do their part in sacrificing themselves!’’

All Transcendents of Xia Clan seated cross-legged below became alert after hearing that.


’’All of you are Transcendents who have comprehended the World and have extremely keen senses towards the Myriad Existences,’’ Palace Head Chen said. ’’I require you to return to your hometowns and explore various places in the mortal world! As you explore, I want you to utilise your keen senses to find any traces of these demons! The moment you discover one, immediately report to your superiors and there will be Demigods arriving shortly thereafter.’’

’’And it's not just all of you. The Legend ranking knights and mages who have attained One with the World will also be assisting in finding these traces of demons as well.’’

’’However, their comprehension of the World is too low, and can not be compared with you guys! As Transcendents, your comprehension is much higher than them, and your soul is much stronger! Thus, your senses towards the Realms of Myriad Existences will exceed that of these Legend rankers. It would be easier for you to discover traces of demons as your senses are powerful by more than a thousand, or even ten thousand times a Legend ranker.’’

’’Depart to the various locations and look for the demons. You may be on this task for a long time.’’

’’These demons will either continue hiding or going out to eat some human souls. By eating human souls, they will expose themselves, and you will have a chance to discover them.’’

’’If you discover one, then kill one!’’

’’Maybe during the process of searching, you might be killed in retaliation by others the demons.’’

’’Or maybe, these demons might have allies, and they might ask for help, resulting in a Demigod demon appearing.’’

’’But regardless of the situation, we must exterminate all these demons, the earlier the better!’’

’’The total number of demons invading this time is huge. After analysing their numbers, I'm afraid that the battle with them will last more than 1000 years,’’ Palace Head Chen looked towards all the Xia Clan's Transcendents. ’’As the Transcendents of this current era, we are destined to make sacrifices. Some of you might die from the retaliation or revenge of these demons.’’

’’However ’’

’’As Transcendents, if we are afraid and dare not go up against the demons, then who will? The mortals?’’

’’Thus, we must be the ones to step out and continue this battle with them. In the end, the one who will end up victorious will be our Xia Clan,’’ Palace Head Chen said in a high-pitched voice. ’’All Transcendents, with the lowest tier being the pseudo-Transcendents and the highest tier being the Demigods, none of us can cower from our mission! All Transcendents must participate. Three months from now, all of you will be leaving the Infernal Palace back to your own hometown. The Infernal Palace will also be sending out many missions and rewards. The resources accumulated by our Xia Clan over the eras will be taken out in large amounts, with all of them having just one purpose to fully exterminate all demons!’’

All the Transcendents felt their spirits and killing intent rise.


This conflict was a battle between humans and demons. Since the demons wanted to consume human souls as food, then humankind would retaliate and exterminate all of them! Even though there could possibly be many deaths amongst the Transcendents who fall in battle, those who were alive would continue on with their fight against these demons! After all, they were the Transcendents of humankind!

’’Other than the demons, you must also be aware of the Demonic Faction!’’ Palace Head Chen coldly said, ’’The Demonic Faction's adherents have always believed in the great Demonic God from the Dark Abyss. According to history, there were many cases of these human mortals and Transcendent believers colluding with the demons. In the past, such occurrences would not have mattered much. Now though,the moment you discover anyone belonging to the Demonic Faction, you must kill them without mercy!’’


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