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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 33


Book 7: Chapter 33 - Cheng Ling Shu

The Laws of the World in any Transcendent world were very simple and crude, giving birth to Transcendent natives who were weaker than Primordial Beings by a large extent. When compared with demons from the Dark Abyss, they were even weaker!


A green-skinned Transcendent native was currently running with large strides. With a single step, he would cover a distance of 1.5 to 2 kilometers, which was faster than his flying speed.

Right now, he was in a panic.

What is happening? Why are there so many demons? I thought they were still having an ongoing battle with the Xia Clan! Why are they here now in our Transcendent World? It's such a shock that sister Yue Ya died so suddenly. Damn, damn them! The green-skinned Transcendent native had tears in his eyes. He and Yue Ya had been companions for so many years on this Transcendent World, and they had shared an extremely close relationship.


A figure suddenly appeared beside that Transcendent native and, with a single step, stomped on him. His leg was covered in scales with extremely sharp claws at the end, giving it an abhorrent appearance. Fierce Demonic Energy was transmitted through the leg and twisted around the Transcendent native.

’’You are quite talented in escaping, eh? Shrinking the distance you travel with an ability?’’ This demon dressed in black grinned. ’’You can count yourself lucky I'm prepared to let you live.’’


At that moment, another group of demons appeared beside them.

’’Wu Lang, I want this Transcendent native. He can actually reduce distance when he is running, so I believe he might be of help in the evolution of my True Meaning,’’ the black-shirt demon said.

’’Alright,’’ the crimson-horned demon coldly replied. ’’As long as keeping him in captivity doesn't bring me any trouble.’’

’’Rest assured,’’ the black-shirt demon replied.

’’How many years have you been trying to improve your True Meaning of Wave? For a while now, there has been no improvements at all.’’ The crimson-horned demon snorted. ’’I suggest you just give up. You have no chance of triumphing over me at all.’’

The black-shirt demon sneered but did not reply.

While they were both rank five demons, the crimson-horned demon's combat power was greater than the other demon's because he had grasped hold of a grade three True Meaning. As for the black-shirt demon, he had merely grasped hold of a grade four True Meaning the True Meaning of Wave Domain. During his time in the Dark Abyss, he had always been on the search for an answer to comprehend other Profound Mysteries. He had even gone so far as to study other True Meanings to improve his current True Meaning of Wave Domain into the grade three True Meaning of Wave.

Actually, it was common to see the evolution of a True Meaning in the Dark Abyss, with many demons pursuing the advancement of their own True Meanings.

After all, their lifespans were extremely long.

For the sake of survival, most would initially grasp hold of a True Meaning as soon as possible, before thinking of a method to evolve it into a higher grade.

But they would still be extremely prudent during this sort of evolution! For instance, there had been the case of Emperor Yun Hai giving his good friend advice, causing his friend to run amok. In the end, his Deity Heart collapsed, resulting in death!


Within an hour, this Transcendent World had been completely cleared of Transcendent natives. Other than three natives who were captured alive, the rest were slaughtered.

After clearing the Transcendent World, the Demons began to build their own palace for their future residence.

Within two hours, an extravagant palace spanning across 50 kilometers had been completed, with different areas of the palace assigned to each demon based on their statuses.

’’Contact the General.’’

In the main hall of the palace, a group of demons had gathered according to the orders of the crimson-horned demon.

’’Yes,’’ one of the smaller and weaker demon hurriedly replied in a respectful manner. The Demonic Energy emerged from within his body, forming a portrait of General Yan Ze.

’’Wu Lang,’’ the purple-horned and thin demon General Yan Ze said.

’’General, we have finished our preparations. We are currently waiting for your next order,’’ the crimson-horned demon said deferentially. The other demons were also showing their utmost respect to him.

Separated by a layer between different worlds, their communication wristbands would not work.

Due to the frequent wars within the Dark Abyss, however, the demons had long developed a method to counteract the lack of communication. The Demonic Gods were able to use a cruel method of linking some among the weaker demons to their heart! That way, even if they were separated by a membrane of space between different worlds, they could still sense each other via their souls. The only exception was when the distance between them was extremely large, with too many layers of space separating them. Besides that, in the Dark Abyss, there were too many weak and small demons. Thus, to these Demonic Gods, the cruelty of this method was not a consideration.

Every Demon General would usually train up a few of these 'Heart-Linking demons'.


Year 9666, June.

’’A Transcendent of the Xia Clan appeared!’’ The weaker demons reported to their superiors.

’’Finally, a Transcendent of Xia Clan appeared. Let me confront him.’’

’’Let me.’’

All of the demons were extremely excited and expectant of the battle.

’’Don't fight amongst each other. I'll be the one going this time around!’’ The crimson-horned demon grinned as he licked his mouth with a long, scarlet tongue.

’’Wu Lang, let me go this time around.’’

’’Wu Lang, you will still have more opportunities in the future. Let me go instead.’’ Two other rank five demons wanted to participate in the battle. The cruel instinct to fight was deep within the bones of these demons, giving them a great desire to battle and kill. Furthermore, by killing a Transcendent of the Xia Clan, they would have a chance to obtain the soul of a Transcendent! That would be absolutely more precious than ten thousands of mortal souls!

The crimson-horned demon sneered. ’’The two of you? Can the two of you even tear through space on your own?’’

’’We have underlings for that.’’ The two rank five demons were not willing to give up.

Amongst the rank four and three demons... some of them had innate talent related to space manipulation. This time, the majority of the rank three demons who came to this world had great talents in space-related Profound Mysteries.

’’This is our very first retaliation, so it must be done without any mistakes. The best bet would be for me to go. The two of you should wait for the next chance.’’ The crimson-horned demon grinned. ’’That's decided then.’’


Instantly, a large amount of Demonic Energy was emitted from his body, condensing into a Demonic Avatar.

Si la

The true body of that crimson-horned demon waved his hand, creating a tear in the space of the Transcendent World and allowing his Demonic Avatar to cross through it.


The body of a Demonic Avatar was fully comprised of Demonic Energy. Because of its inability to absorb World Energy from the surroundings, every second of its existence would consume the Demonic Energy it had. The moment the Demonic Energy was fully consumed, it would dissipate, and the strand of soul on the Demonic Avatar would be destroyed. Thus, before running out of energy, a Qi Avatar or Demonic Avatar would try to return back to their true body as soon as possible.


The crimson-horned demon's Demonic Avatar tore through the inner membrane separating the worlds and entered the Xia Clan's World once again!

Shua! His Demonic Avatar had long been told of the position and appearance of the Xia Clan's Transcendent. Thus, he immediately tore through space to rush to his position.


Cheng Ling Shu was currently standing within a mansion, fury depicted on her face.

The entire mansion had turned into a river of blood, and inside were many malnourished children wearing tattered clothes and trembling in fear.

’’These dregs of society do not even have a single shred of conscience! They are not worthy of being humans!’’ Cheng Ling Shu was absolutely furious. Even after becoming a Transcendent, her personality remained cheerful and straightforward. It was only when she saw such dark business that she would interfere!

’’Children, stay here for a moment. There will be some people coming in a moment to bring all of you away.’’ Cheng Ling Shu consoled these children. Borrowing the World Energy, she had long realised that a group of men from the Dragon Mountain Manor had arrived outside the mansion.

She immediately left the scene.


Even though she was a Transcendent Mage, she put on makeup to hide her appearance and battled using a sword to keep her identity a secret. With the body of a Transcendent and an extremely high understanding of the Realms... even with a sword, she would still be much stronger than many Legend Knight experts.

Casually, she left the mansion and walked around the outskirts of the building. She shook her head lightly.

Having lived for so many years, she had experienced many different situations, and thus, her mood began to recover.


A terrifying and wicked aura appeared mid-air just a few kilometers away from her position.

This is Cheng Ling Shu turned her head towards the wicked presence. With a single glance, she located the crimson-horned demon above the city. Without any sign of concealment, the demon wantonly emitted Demonic Energy, and the unseen pressure had long suppressed Cheng Ling Shu, creating terror within her. She immediately understood that her combat power was inferior to this demon's, and the difference was not by just a single level. Why is this demon taking the initiative to release his aura? Why is he not concealing it? she thought.

Cheng Ling Shu immediately sent a report to the Infernal Palace's higher-ups.

’’Transcendent of the Xia Clan!’’ The crimson-horned demon's figure moved. In a flash, he appeared beside Cheng Ling Shu and extended his hideous demonic claws over her head. ’’You are the very first Transcendent of the Xia Clan to be killed by us. You should feel honoured to die by my hands.’’

I'm exposed! Cheng Ling Shu was shocked.


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