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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 32


Book 7: Chapter 32 - Conquer

’’High Priest,’’ the five Demon Generals greeted.

The fog-covered figure was none other than the High Priest of the Demonic Faction someone of the highest status!

Even though many Transcendents of the Xia Clan were willing to fight for the survival of mortals and the Xia Clan, there would always be a selfish minority who would rather back the Demonic Faction. The Demonic Faction, however, was weaker than the Xia Clan by an entire level in terms of their overall might, so they could only hide in the darkness. Every Transcendent who joined the Demonic Faction would keep their identity a secret, and even more so the High Priest, who held the highest status within the organization.

Even when communicating with his five other Demon Generals... he would still keep his identity hidden.

’’Congratulations, Generals, for signing the Dark Abyss Agreement,’’ said the figure enveloped in fog.

’’Hmph, congratulations? I think it should be us congratulating your Demonic Faction. From now on, our fate is truly tied with yours, and your Demonic Faction will certainly be rewarded with the beliefs of this Xia Clan's World. This will undoubtedly aid the Demonic Faction greatly,’’ replied the lofty demon with a snort.

’’Obtaining the belief of the entire Xia Clan's World isn't something we can achieve within a single generation,’’ replied the figure in the fog. ’’Unless, a Demonic God happens to emerge from you all.’’

The moment a Demonic God emerged...

He would truly be undefeatable within the Mortal World. A Demonic God would only have a maximum time period of 10,000 years before he had to return to the Dark Abyss. And of course, this newly-emerged Demonic God would have to abide by the Dark Abyss Agreement in helping the Demonic Faction obtain the beliefs of this entire Xia Clan's World. After all, even if the demons kept humans in captivity and bred them, the demons had difficulty reproducing quickly. In time, there would be fewer and fewer demons left, and finally, the control of this world would still be relegated back to the humans.

Thus, the Demonic Faction had entered a negotiation with the demons before finally signing the Dark Abyss Agreement.

’’Even though I look forward to one of you becoming a Demonic God, I'm sure all of you understand that the chances of that happening are quite low,’’ said the figure in the fog. ’’Thus, what I look forward to most is for you five to help my Demonic Faction in obtaining a large portion of beliefs in this world instead.’’

’’If you help scratch our backs, we'll certainly scratch yours,’’ said the red-scaled female demon in an alluring manner. ’’Right now, we are all on the same boat. In the future, we'll have to ask High Priest to look after us as well.’’

’’High Priest.’’

The tall, icy-blue Demon continued. ’’According to our agreement, you'll have to first provide all the records and maps of all Transcendent Worlds that are a part of the Xia Clan's World.’’

’’No problem.’’ The High Priest immediately passed them the maps through the crystal ball.

In fact, the negotiation between the two parties progressed smoothly.

After all, they knew what the other side needed, and there were no conflicting views! The reason why they only signed the agreement today was because the five Demon Generals were extremely prudent. They had been gathering information on the Xia Clan's World for many years through a great number of demons who had hidden their aura and mixed themselves amongst the humans.

In the Dark Abyss, these five Demon Generals experienced war time after time and certainly knew the importance of 'knowing thy enemies.'

Therefore, they were willing to spend a few years patiently understanding the situation behind the Xia Clan. Only after that did they decide to work with the Demonic Faction.

’’Eight major Transcendent Worlds and a hundred minor Transcendent Worlds?’’

’’Very good.’’

’’We have been enduring silently for so long. I hope the Transcendents of the Xia Clan do not think we are willing to let it continue like this.’’

’’It's time for us to make our moves.’’

The five Demon Generals all held great expectations.

This was the crux of their plan! They had to make use of the minor Transcendent Worlds in order to gain an advantage against the Xia Clan.

’’Then I wish you all success,’’ said the figure in the fog.

’’Your Demonic Faction should be careful as well. We're unable to recognise every, single Transcendent belonging to the Demonic Faction. Who knows, we might even kill one of you accidentally,’’ said the alluring, female demon. ’’I suggest they obediently hide themselves well. If not...should they reveal something, then killing them would be such a pity. Unless, of course, you are willing to divulge their identities.’’

’’I apologise. Their identities cannot be revealed,’’ said the figure in the fog. ’’Rest assured, my Demonic Faction's Transcendents will definitely be careful.’’


Evening, within the borders of the Tranquil Sun Province.

Garrisoned beside the official road were a group of people setting up their tents and having a bonfire.

Pu Chi. Chi.

Currently, a slaughter was taking place within the group as armed members assassinated their partners in the dark. This was a common caravan, with the strongest among them a Heaven Knight. Facing this ambush without any prior warning, the group being attacked was dead within moments. It seemed that this was an ordinary internal strife, and their killing methods were also nothing extraordinary.

’’Alright, those hindrances have been taken care of.’’

There were about a dozen people leftover standing beside the bonfire.

’’Let's go,’’ said one of the slender males. As he stretched his arms out, his fingers suddenly transformed into sharp, sinister claws, and the Demonic Energy from within was naturally released. If there were any Transcendents nearby scanning the area with the World Energy, they would immediately ascertain the presence of either a demon or a Transcendent of the Demonic Faction! Because the Transcendents of the Demonic Faction cultivated the path of Demonic Energy, there would naturally be Demonic Energy hidden within their bodies;it was only that they did not release it during normal occasions.

With just a swipe of his claws, si la

The space was torn open.

’’Let's go!’’ This slender male released his Demonic Energy, bringing with him the other eleven people.


After they entered the fissure, space began mending itself.

Hu hu hu~ Currently, the group of people was situated within the turbulent layer in between space.

’’Our General has already reached the outskirts of that minor Transcendent World! Help us protect it!’’ The slender man's body started to transform into a black-scaled demon with a crimson horn. The others also began their transformations into their true selves. They were all demons! This time, they gathered because of orders passed down from the higher-ups. After traveling cautiously in their human disguises, they were able to gather in one place.

Hong! Under the lead of that black-scaled, crimson-horned demon, the group of demons penetrated through space, and within a few breaths' time, they arrived at the other side of the space layer.

Looking ahead, they saw an oval-shaped world connected to the inner membrane of the Xia Clan's World.

’’We are here.’’ The purple-scaled, slender demon appeared in the sky. ’’There are no Demigods of the Xia Clan guarding this place. Let's go.’’

’’Yes, General.’’

The dozen of demons acknowledged his order.

Si la ~

The membrane protecting this oval-shaped world was penetrated by the demons as they entered through it.

General Yan Ze had great expectations as he observed the situation. To ensure no mistakes were made, he sent a demonic avatar to monitor for any unforeseen circumstances! He was concerned not only because there may be Demigods of the Xia Clan present here, but also because this team he dispatched was too important to him. It was the most elite team of demons under him, with three out of six of his rank five demon subordinates.

Thus, should anything bad happen, he would have to pay a considerable price.

His demonic avatar had rushed over to check and see if there were any Demigods of the Xia Clan guarding this place,but that was merely an overly cautious act on his part. After all, there were over a hundred minor Transcendent Worlds, but how many human Demigods were there in total?


Within the minor Transcendent World.

The dozen of demons flew across the sky with the black-scaled, crimson-horned demon leading. He coldly ordered, ’’This will be our future territory. I do not want to see any possible trouble that could appear. Kill every single, native Transcendent within this world! Leave none alive!’’


There were three, rank five demons amongst them, six rank four demons, and a group of other rank three demons alongside several talented, lower-ranked demons.

Even a rank three demon was still comparable to an expert of the peak stage Saint realm! Not to mention the strongest among this group of demons could even match the might of the number one ranker on the Saint's ranking a power that could fight against Demigods. Such a large team of powerful existences would be equivalent to having half of the Saint rankers coming together. Furthermore, all of them would either have an undying body or an extremely terrifying life energy. Thus, in a battle, even if the top thirty Saint rankers teamed up against them, they would still have a difficult time overwhelming this group of demons.

Also, the Saint's rankings were comprised of the top native Transcendents who were human or of the Beast Clan. Thus, if counting merely the top Saint experts from the human race, they would barely match up with this team of demons.

That was to say, they were matchless in this minor Transcendent World.


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