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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 3


Book 7: Chapter 3 - One Year's Time

After knowing demons had invaded their world, many Transcendents including Xue Ying, felt very troubled. However, reuniting with their own loved ones brought them indisputable joy.

’’That mansion is my abode within the Xia Capital’’ Xue Ying brought his parents and the others from his group across the sky with his World Energy before pointing out to a huge mansion ahead.

’’It seems quite big, and much more exquisite than our Snowrock Castle. Xue Ying, don't you feel that it is very empty when you're living by yourself in such a huge mansion?’’ His mother, Mo Yang Qi, curiously asked after seeing it.


Qing Shi shouted out after her question, ’’From what I heard, the mansions of Transcendents in the Xia Capital contain a large groups of servants. Naturally, the mansion would will not feel too empty with so many servants living within it!’’ Even though that was what he said, Qing Shi was still looking curiously at this majestic city. After all, this was the true core and most important city of the entire Xia Clan.

It was not just Qing Shi, all the other family members curiously looked around as well.

This was their first time here in the Xia Capital. However, in view of an extraordinary status that the Dong Bo Clan had, they knew that the Xia Capital was special - more than half of the entire Xia Clan's Transcendents were gathered in this location! That included a large number of Legend rankers.

’’We are going down.’’

Descending upon the front gate, Xue Ying brought his family members towards the mansion.

The front gate was wide open with many guards standing by the gate's sides. The female housekeeper, Xu Qin, had already brought a group of maidservants over to await orders.

’’Greetings, master,’’ Xu Qin greeted. Following that, the other maidservants greeted in an orderly manner.

’’So many... I think there might be more than a thousand.’’ This greeting broadened Qing Shi's awareness of the world.

’’All the maidservants are female.’’ The young female beside Qing Shi laughed. The other pair of friends were similarly shocked at the sight.

Without speaking about the others in their party, even Dong Bo Li and Mo Yang Yu were startled at what they saw.

That was because, with a single glance, they could see that the female housekeeper Xu Qin and other maidservants appearances fit a certain criteria. Not only were they all extremely beautiful, but obedient as well. This situation was a stark contrast to the maidservants of Snowrock Castle who were quite clumsy.

’’The housing and the servants were all arranged by the Infernal Palace,’’ Xue Ying laughed. ’’Please come in. Xu Qin, arrange a feast tonight.’’

’’Yes, master,’’ the female housekeeper Xu Qin acknowledged respectfully.

Initially, she thought that her master would certain things to her. Yet twenty years down the road, she was clearly mistaken. Regardless of this, she enjoyed her peaceful life.


Within the great hall of the mansion, everyone was seated cross-legged on the floor with a table in front of them. The seating arrangement was quite casual, without regard to anyone's status.

’’Brother, your days here are truly comfortable. So many beauties serving you, and so much delicious food for you to eat. Wa, I've eaten so much that even my tongue is about to enter my stomach. It has been quite a while since I've eaten so much good food.’’ Although his young female friend beside him acted in a more controlled manner, Qing Shi ate and drank voraciously. The other pair of friends of his were similarly eating in a more decent manner.

After all, it was because of Qing Shi that they were allowed to enter the Xia Capital. Being in front of a Transcendent made them feel quite nervous.

’’What Qing Shi said is not wrong,’’ The lion-man, Tong San, laughed. ’’These dishes are indeed delicious.’’

’’Since more than half of the Transcendents are gathered here in the Xia Capital, all the various precious food ingredients would be sent over to this location,’’ Xue Ying laughed as he explained. This was the first time his family members had visited. Furthermore, the ingredients used to cook this particular feast cost one kilogram of Origin Stone, so how could it not be excellent? However, seeing that his family members would be staying here for a period of time, such an extravagant meal would only be prepared occasionally. Even Demigods themselves would not spend so much to eat such a meal every single day.

Everyone feasted to the point that their stomachs were bloated.

Dong Bo Lie had long eaten his fill. Sipping a mouthful of wine, he asked, ’’Xue Ying, do you know how many demons invaded our Xia Clan's World this time?’’

Suddenly, the whole place quieted down.

’’Ths situation is quite serious,’’ Xue Ying frowned. ’’Most likely it will not be solved within a short period of time.’’

He had read many scrolls within the Summer Pavilion.

This allowed him to make an analysis and make a deduction from his extensive knowledge.

’’Short period of time? How long is this period of time then?’’ Dong Bo Lie continued with his questions.

’’Possibly a hundred years.’’ The moment Xue Ying said that, the whole atmosphere became heavy and serious. The looming threat brought by the demons... couldn't be solved even in a hundred years of time?

’’All of you, please be reassured. Even though the start of the invasion involved such a huge movement, all of you didn't have any contact with them, isn't that right?’’ Xue Ying laughed. ’’And as time passes, the demons will start to lay low to such an extent that even if you want to meet one... it would still be an extremely rare event! Solving this matter will ultimately be dependent on the Transcendents.’’

The clash between Transcendents and demon would occasionally affect several mortals. However, compared to how vast the Xia Clan's World was, this was not worth mentioning.

The overall situation regarding to the mortals could be controlled. What was more crucial to this matter would be the Transcendents! They had to withstand the attacks. After all, if they did not, then who would?


The passing days saw many Transcendents within Xia Capital receiving news via various channels describing how the Demigod overlords were battling fiercely with the Abyss Demons.

There were many huge battles.

Because those who participated in the battles on the human's side were all Demigods and most had Deity Weapons, few were sacrificed in the battles with demons. At the most, they would be injured. These human Demigods could also help each other in times of need.

Of course...

There were still a few who died!

Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9662, March. One of the human Demigods, Gray Sword Knight Pang Bai, died in battle! The moment that this news was released, all the Transcendents within the Xia Capital fell into shock and grief. Gray Sword Knight Pang Bai could not even last breath of time before the other Demigods could arrive to save him. He was immediately killed by a demon called Tu Lu Wu.

Of course, two months later, demon Tu Lu Wu, was chased by Mountain Lord He to the Red Moon Lake. During the battle, the entire Red Moon Lake had been annihilated. Mountain Lord He suppressed this demon with his power, and with the aid of old granny Ye, they killed this demon Tu Lu Wu.

Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9662, October. Another human Demigod, Violent Blood Knight Liang Fang, died in battle! Liang Fang's combat power was much stronger than the previous Gray Sword Knight, and he was close to the top ten existences in Demigod rankings. His True Meaning, the True Meaning of Violent Blood, was actually a grade four True Meaning! That True Meaning was definitely something extremely bold and violent! And yet he was still killed by one of the strongest invading demons - Ice Demon Sa Ka! Even though Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai and Thunder God Chao Qing reached the scene moments later, this Ice Demon Sa Ka did not continue fighting and instead escaped from the scene. His ability in escaping was really formidable.

Time passed.

The news being passed to the Transcendents staying in Xia Capital gradually became less frequent. Still, the provided information regarding the peak Demigod demon existences became more detailed.

Even though two human Demigods had died, this was still ultimately the territory of the humans. Furthermore, many of them had powerful Deity weapons, and some of these weapons were even clan protection treasures! Thus resulting in the death of even more demons.

September of Year 9662.

A total of nine Demigod demons had been killed by the humans! The information network provided by the Xia Clan was unmistakably detailed. However, the remaining Demigod demons had learned their lessons. These Demigod demons who survived even after being rounded up or falling into traps were either extremely powerful in terms of their combat ability or had especially unique techniques. Either that, or they were more cunning than the other Demigod demons.

Thus, after September of Year 9662, the Xia Clan faced difficulties in finding traces of any Demigod demons.


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