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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 28


Book 7: Chapter 28 - Northern Land

Demon General Yan Ze stood on that field looking at the distant Snowrock Castle.

He used his mental perception....

He perceived the flow of particles everywhere!

All things were composed of particles. The fast-moving light contained particles. The floating wind was also composed of particles. The entire area of Snowrock Mountain was also composed of countless particles.

’’Snowrock Castle.’’ General Yan Ze said to himself as each particle of Snowrock Castle conveyed a variety of information through his mental perception.

’’There are 1,899 humans there.’’

’’An alarm array envelops the area and will activate upon the discovery of an intruder.’’

’’Likewise, there is an extraordinarily powerful killing array that is combined with a trapping array and maze array. I suspect even a Demon General would be trapped within this array for sometime.’’ General Yan Ze inwardly nodded. ’’I doubt it is possible to invade Snowrock Castle and kill Xue Ying's true body.’’

He only came this time to scout and asses the situation here.

Xue Ying's true body was travelling to many places, searching for demons. Xue Ying could change his appearance, so it was extremely difficult to discover his true body. Since the demons were hiding, they suppressed their auras and camouflaged their bodies to avoid being found. Under these conditions, it was also extremely hard for them to find Xue Ying!

But there would be a time....

When Xue Ying's true body returned to Snowrock Castle, then that would be the perfect time to kill Xue Ying.

’’What a pity;there's no way to invade his Snowrock Castle. The risk is too high!’’ General Yan Ze gave up on that idea. ’’I need to be patient to ensure his death I need to wait for an opportunity and behead him in one move.’’

He took one step forward.


General Yan Ze directly penetrated into the void and vanished.

General Yan Ze was extremely cautious. He had scouted through his Demonic Avatar! Just like how human Saint Transcendents were able to use Qi Avatars, powerful demons were also able to use their demonic energy to make an avatar. Because they were trying their hardest to conceal themselves while they're in Xia Clan's World, however, it was rare for the demons to make one.

A Demonic Avatar was made from condensed Demonic energy, and there was no way to conceal it! No matter where it was, it would expose the demon and become detectable by a human Transcendent using World Energy.

If a Demonic Avatar was killed, the demon's soul would also suffer.

Demons would only use Demonic Avatars when absolutely necessary.

Even General Yan Ze only used it because he wanted to scout Snowrock Castle by himself and quickly leave. He would not dare to strut around or stay for a long time.


’’Gone?’’ When Xue Ying had just finished making a report to the Infernal Palace when the purple-scaled, small, skinny demon had already penetrated space and left.

’’He already left,’’ Xue Ying immediately reported to Infernal Palace.

Almost immediately, Palace Head Chen replied to Xue Ying. ’’Xue Ying, the Demigod demon you described must be Yan Ze. Based on our investigations, he's a terrifying existence. His strength is unfathomable. He's really cautious and has had no prior clashes with us. We don't know much more about him, but we know that all demons from the five northern provinces are under his command.’’

’’Mn?’’ Xue Ying was surprised. ’’The whole five northern provinces?’’

’’Yes, he can be considered as the king of demons from the five northern provinces. The highest leader!’’ explained Palace Head Chen. ’’He's also your Water Daoist Faction's biggest enemy! This is all know about him. Now is a crucial time to collect detailed information. In short, be sure not fight with him, and if possible, avoid him.’’

’’Understood,’’ Xue Ying replied.

From his simple contact with General Yan Ze just now.

With the World Energy he had sensed the outrageous and abnormally powerful Demonic aura. Xue Ying knew that the aura of a being with average power wouldn't vanish instantly. Likewise, the aura wouldn't surge violently up to this level. The demon had either purposefully released his aura for provocation, or he was really cautious and only sent his Demonic Avatar.

’’That feeling.’’ Xue Ying frowned.

It was really uncomfortable.

He felt that the demon Demigod Yan Ze had been able to see through him completely. This sort of feeling made Xue Ying extremely alert. Xue Ying knew that his senses were not giving him a false alarm;there was a good reason for him to feel the way he felt. He knew some kind of energy had permeated the area and spied on him. Unfortunately, he couldn't resist this energy since his level was still too low.

It is said that Demon Demigods are on par with our Xia Clan's top Demigods armed with deity weapons, pondered Xue Ying. There's still gap with our Xia Clan's Transcendents' individual might.

Most demons were spawned by the Dark Abyss, and only a handful were the offspring of other demons.

Compared with mortals, demons had stronger innate primordial bloodlines. Just like how rank five demons had immortal bodies, the demon Demigods were even more threatening. They had tyrannical bodies that were unparalleled, and their Demonic powers were more overbearing than Transcendent Qi. It could be said that their foundation, innate skill, and other aspects could completely suppress Xia Clan's men. Moreover, the population of Dark Abyss demons were unmeasurable. As for individual prowess? They had more battle experience, and their understanding of the Profound Mysteries were closely related to combat fighting.

Conversely, Xia Clan's Transcendents cultivated in a peaceful environment. They also had weaker close combat prowess.

’’Our Water Daoist Faction's biggest enemy?’’ Xue Ying's eyes sparkled. ’’General Yan Ze?’’


After General Yan Ze's appearance at Snowrock Castle, the Five Northern Provinces highest leader vanished without any trace.

Although Si Kong Yang, Chao Qing and Chi Qiu Bai personally searched for him, they still couldn't find him.

Xue Ying's true body continued to look for traces of demons throughout the Tranquil Sun Province. As he did so, he headed to the north.

Previously, he had kept his guard up and waited at the Water Rites town. Having no results searching in that fashion, he gave up that tactic and started to travel.

He went to mountain villages.

Walked on major roads.

Visited cities.

Every places he went, Xue Ying would always maintain his control of the World Energy to envelop and examine the hundred kilometers area around him. It seemed, however, as if all the demons in the Tranquil Sun Province had vanished. He couldn't find any trace of demons.

Xue Ying would sometimes even act chivalrously in the hopes of catching another big fish. Previously, he had killed a rank four demon and discovered a Devil's Well, exchanging it for 300,000 contribution points.

What a pity -

Not to mention a demon, he couldn't even find any main altars of a Demonic God. Instead, he had killed a fair amount of corrupted nobles, robbers, and other similar trash.


Hu ~

Cold wind whistled by.

The weather became colder and the population sparser as he neared the northern parts of Tranquil Sun province.

In a boundless snow-covered plain, the population was so sparse that people could only see a small village occasionally after they had traveled for five to fifty kilometers. The commoners there used sleighs as a mean of transportation. The struggled to survive in this bitterly cold place.

People were barely able to survived on this land. To the north was the Absolute Northernmost Great Snow Plains. The entire 50,000 kilometers area was forbidden land for mortals!

’’The world become a vast expanse of whiteness, really clean.’’ Xue Ying walked on the snow, leaving behind a long string of footprints.

Several months later.

Because he had voluntarily 'become a knight in shining armor,' he had seen too much viciousness, so much that it affected his mood. Now that he had arrived at the northernmost part of Tranquil Sun Province, there was no sign of human habitation. As he walked on the desolate snow, his heart gradually calmed, as if his soul had been cleansed.

’’This world is naturally vast and without boundary.’’ Xue Ying stood on the top of a snow mountain. He looked at the distant expanse of whiteness with several frozen lakes, trees and other things. The feeling of vastness was really matchless.

Xue Ying sat cross-legged at the mountain top. He took out a bottle of wine, drinking it leisurely while watching the scenery.

He felt pleasure whenever he was on a snow mountain, gazing at the world. It seemed to be without boundary as even with his superior eyesight, he still could not see an end.

’’The vast Earth, able to sustain everything,’’ Xue Ying softly whispered.

It seemed that something moved in his mind.

’’The Earth...’’

Xue Ying's eyes sparkled. His sole completely fused together with the World.

The World Myriad Existences Energy fused with him and rushed forth.

There was the flexible Wind, the violent and blazing Fire, the gentle and unpredictable Water...

And the Earth, it contained endless and heavy earth power. Boundless, limitless, able to bear and support the Myriad Existences.


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