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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 26


Book 7: Chapter 26 - The Devil's Well

’’Xue Ying found it. He was lucky enough to discover the main altar of a Demonic God and even used this opportunity to kill a rank four demon. After that, he found this demonic bath.’’ Chi Qiu Bai laughed. ’’I'm very envious of him.’’

’’This is not just some bath.’’ The old man Chao Qing grinned. Some of his teeth had already fallen out, leaving behind empty spots. Clearly, he was reaching the end of his life, becoming weaker and older as time passed. That did not mean one could belittle him, however, as his Transcendent Qi did not deteriorate with age. Furthermore, his understanding of the Realms only grew deeper.

’’Vice Faction Head, what exactly is this?’’ Xue Ying had misgivings regarding the bath.

Old man Chao Qing immediately sat down beside the bath before touching it. ’’Did that Demonic God send down his World Projection? Did he try his utmost to keep this baby?’’

’’That's right. Actually, I did not discover that demon. Instead, he revealed himself in an attempt to sneakily assassinate me. Furthermore, the Demonic God tried to both entice me with rewards and threaten me,’’ Xue Ying answered.

’’Of course he would exhaust all methods to keep this!’’ Old man Chao Qing remarked. ’’Without this plaything, that Demonic God... can only watch as the difficulty of spreading his religion in our Xia Clan's World rise by more than a hundredfold, possibly a thousandfold! Perhaps within a few hundreds of years, the belief in his religion would shrink by at least 90 percent!’’


Xue Ying and Chi Qiu Bai were shocked.

’’Could it be that this bath is...?’’ Xue Ying and Chi Qiu Bai had their suspicions.

’’That's right. This is the so-called Devil's Well spoken about in legends!’’ Old man Chao Qing affirmed.

’’No wonder that Demonic God Wu Yun Huo went crazy after realising someone discovered his Devil's Well.’’ Chi Qiu Bai laughed, ’’He is really unlucky. Not only did you discover his main altar, you also found this hidden well.’’

Deity's Well, Devil's Well;both were extremely important to their respective Deity and Demonic God.

Although the majority of Demonic Gods trying to spread their religion did not have their own Devil's Well, the moment they built it, their power would only increase without end. Amongst all the Demonic Gods known to the Xia Clan... a Demonic God with a well would surely be ranked among the top ten superpowers!

What exactly was a Deity's Well or Devil's Well?

To elaborate...

It was a passage!

This well allowed a Deity to transmit his own Deity Energy into the Mortal World at a low cost. A Well built by a human Deity was called a 'Deity's Well,' whereas one built by a Demonic God was called a 'Devil's Well.'

Due to the vast chasm of space that separates the two realms, transmitting Deity Energy through the realms was an arduous task. An example would be sending a World Projection into the Material World! Its difficulty did not need to be elaborated on. On the other hand, transmitting Deity Energy or Demonic Energy through a Deity's Well or Devil's Well would be easier as the dissipation percentage would decrease drastically to a tolerable level.

Deity's Energy and Demonic Energy were all different in unique and mystical ways.

For instance, Demonic Energy could easily allow a mortal to 'demonify,' or in other words, to transform into a demon. This transformation was the origin of Demonic Emissaries.

Likewise, this transmitted Demonic Energy could strengthen a physical body, increase their cultivation, and even nourish an extremely fast recovery rate. This boosted recovery rate would enable one to even survive a supposedly fatal injury... without a doubt, having a Devil's Well allowed these Demonic Gods to have many means of enhancing mortals. All of these methods would require Demonic Energy to work.

Similarly, one could become a pseudo-Transcendent by borrowing Deity Energy to cleanse the physical body and imbue it with strength.

In conclusion

Only with the Deity's Well or the Devil's Well could mortals achieve these miraculous events, such as elevating their powers to become Legend ranking experts. This caused countless individuals, including those at the Star realm, to vow their loyalty to these Deities! With the ability to demonify mortals into Demonic Emissaries, these Demonic Gods' powers and influences in the Mortal World would definitely increase.

As for those powers who did not own a Deity's Well or a Devil's Well, they simply could not hope to compare.

’’The Devil's Well could only be refined by a Demonic God after spending endless effort.’’ Old man Chao Qing shook his head and sighed. ’’So pitiful, so pitiful. Even after refining the Devil's Well, he would still have had to pay ten, or possibly a hundred times the price of refining a well to thrust it into the Xia Clan's World! This is the root of his religion! And you have destroyed his lifeblood in just a single move. This loss will drive him insane.’’

’’A weaker Demonic God could never be compared to a Deity from the Temple of the Earth God or the Bloodshed Tavern. These Deities are able to spread their religion throughout countless worlds. For him to be able to build a foundation in a single Mortal World is already considered not bad.’’ Chao Qing shook his head. ’’It's possible that he has lived for many years, but he still only has a few Devil's Wells in the Mortal Worlds. It is also not impossible that he only has Devil's Wells in this Mortal World. Was it easy for him to gather believers? And yet, you destroyed it all in an instant.’’Xue Ying and Chi Qiu Bai started to laugh.

Chi Qiu Bai continued. ’’Vice Faction Head Chao, let's not talk about these things anymore. Have a look;how much is this worth? How many contribution points will the Infernal Palace give?’’

’’Why are you so anxious? Isn't this Dong Bo Xue Ying's discovery?’’ Old man Chao Qing answered, widening his eyes.

’’Xue Ying is, after all, my good brother. Can't I be happy for him?’’ Chi Qiu Bai rebuked.

Chao Qing glanced at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying was actually quite excited and anxious.

Earning more contribution points was certainly a good thing for him.

When cultivating in different aspects, one required resources. Thus, the more contribution points one had, the higher one could raise their own combat power. In the future, the contribution points he would need to improve his own strength would certainly reach a frightening stage.

’’This Devil's Well, compared to the other wells our Xia Clan had obtained in the past, could be considered as middle grade. According to my analysis, it will be worth 300,000 contribution points,’’ Old man Chao Qing said. ’’This plaything is actually really precious to a Demonic Gods. To us Transcendents of the Xia Clan, however... we will only tear it down and take those precious materials used for our own use. As for how much the Infernal Palace will actually give you, that will solely depend on the value of the materials this well is built with.’’

’’I understand.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

This Devil's Well had been sent by the Demonic God Wu Yun Huo after refining it himself. Thus, only he could use it.

As for the Transcendents of Xia Clan... they were not even Deities. At the most, they would just tear it down and use the materials for other means. Despite that, the Infernal Palace was providing him with 300,000 contribution points.

I have earned 300,000 contribution points? Xue Ying was startled. Indeed, as the saying goes, 'a horse will not get fat without extra feed.' His combat power had already increased greatly after obtaining the 100,000 contribution points from the Hundred-Battle Chamber. Now, by just finding the Demonic God's blood and sweat, Xue Ying had earned yet another 300,000 contribution points.

But that was natural.

The reward from the Hundred-Battle Chambers was purely to groom geniuses.

As for giving the Devil's Well to the Xia Clan, it was a form of fair trade.

’’Wait. The price I just quoted isn't entirely accurate. I'll ask Palace Head Chen to come over,’’ Old man Chao Qing said.


Palace Head Chen's true body was permanently stationed within the Infernal World. The being that broke through space to rush over was, in fact, his Qi Avatar. Thoroughly inspecting the situation, he understood what had happened and immediately congratulated Xue Ying, giving him 300,000 contribution points as a reward.

Actually, exchanging any precious treasures with the Xia Clan for contribution points was purely based on past examples. Palace Head Chen had to adhere to the rules. As the inspector of the item, no matter how much Palace Head Chen wished to inflate the value of the gift and grant more contribution points, he could not do so randomly. The law and order of the Xia Clan community had to be followed strictly

’’Xue Ying.’’ Old man Chao Qing entrusted a task to him before leaving. ’’After destroying this Demonic God's lifeblood, I believe he is certainly very frustrated right now. We know his combat power in this world is very limited, but you must not be too arrogant. Stay alert.’’

’’I understand.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

His parents and family members were all situated in his castle, and his little brother had not yet left for the Eternal Wind Academy. There was nothing to fear in regards to the safety of his loved ones.

At the most, when his little brother planned on returning to the Eternal Wind Academy... Xue Ying himself would escort him.

Furthermore, the Demonic God's World Projection into the Mortal World would continuously consume vast amounts of energy the longer he stayed. Therefore, the Demonic God would certainly not stay in this world for too long. Within a day, the World Projection of the Demonic God Wu Yun Huo would certainly dissipate away from this world. What of any future attacks? The World Projection had a strength limit at the peak of a mortal's. As a result, there would be no real value for him in descending again into this world. The Demonic God himself would have to determine and see if it was worth the price as well. If there was no gain from coming into this world, then would he still pay the price for that? No Demonic God was that foolish.


Several Star realm experts from the Dragon Mountain Manor came over on a flying ship. This was the main altar of a Demonic God. Even though it had been decimated, they would still come over to inspect it once again.

Chao Qing, Chi Qiu Bai and the others proceeded to leave and return to their respective locations.

’’Let's go.’’ Xue Ying watched as the people from the Dragon Mountain Manor inspected piles and piles of countless mortal articles. There was a huge amount of gold and precious treasures. Xue Ying and Chi Qiu Bai did not care about the mortal goods. After all, the Dong Bo Clan and Eternal Wind Academy were Transcendent Clans;both owned more than enough mortal treasures.

In the blink of an eye, Xue Ying shot up into the sky. At the same time, he manipulated the World Energy within 50 kilometers of him, creating the sound of an explosion.

All the clouds within the area cracked apart, causing a shockwave to disperse in all directions.


The Demonic God Wu Yun Huo had been hiding to observe them with a ferocious gleam in his eyes. He had been able to clearly see the distant Xue Ying, but his expression suddenly changed upon seeing the shock wave within that 50 kilometer area. His vision was obstructed, and by the time the shock wave dissipated, he could no longer see Xue Ying.


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