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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 24


Book 7: Chapter 24 - What is This?

Xue Ying and Chi Qiu Bai stood in the air. The ruins of the castle were heavy, and it was impossible for Xue Ying to move them using only his physical strength. By manipulating World Energy, however, Xue Ying could easily make those ruins float.

’’Big brother Eternal Wind, I think there's nothing special within this castle's ruins. Did you find anything?’’ By manipulating World Energy, Xue Ying carefully searched each and every piece of the ruins one by one.

’’Nothing.’’ Chi Qiu Bai also shook his head in confusion.


Xue Ying willed the ruins to move.

In an instant, numerous materials flew towards the distant wasteland. The broken stones and pillars were stacked together, forming a small mountain, while the corpses and remains were piled separately. There was also another stack for paper, books, plates, and other miscellaneous items.

’’Stacked separately? You've lightened the workload of the Dragon Mountain Manor's investigation people immensely.’’ Chi Qiu Bai smiled.

’’It was just a little effort. I also want to turn the underground and secret room upside down. There is still an array below,’’ Xue Ying said. This time, Xue Ying manipulated World Energy deeper into the ground and excavated any area that seemed to be man-made. He also dug out the array formation that had attacked him earlier.

Numerous materials flew out.

The treasures were retrieved by Xue Ying, while the useless items were all dropped to the distant wasteland.

’’That Wu Yun Huo had previously said he was willing to give me 50,000 kilograms of Origin Stones. This treasure is definitely worth more than 50,000 kilograms of Origin Stones.’’ Xue Ying continued, ’’It must be deeply hidden since we have been unable to find it even after all this searching. Perhaps it's concealed by a magic array! We will need to spend some time if we want to find it.’’

’’I have also concluded that it's concealed by an array,’’ Chi Qiu Bai replied.

A magic array had many different functions.

Killing array, maze array, imprisonment array, concealment array and a variety of other. There was also a type of array that couldn't be detected by World Energy.

’’Using a concealment array to hide it, ze ze, it is indeed a precious treasure.’’ Chi Qiu Bai smiled as he said, ’’Come, let us use the old method of using brute force to sweep these ruins.’’

’’Okay.’’ With a single thought from Xue Ying, majestic World Energy started to wantonly excavate the surrounding area.

No stone was left unturned!

Soil and rocks flew out and piled up on another part of the distant wasteland, forming another mountain. The hole that the previous castle occupied deepened while the soil mountain grew higher.

In a moment

The previously imposing castle had already turned into a giant hole over three hundred meters in depth.

’’Yi, we still cannot find it even after completely sweeping the area,’’ Chi Qiu Bai laughed. ’’Also, as far as I can see, there's nothing special here. Looks like the array is also able to distort light.’’

The naked eye uses light reflected by an object to see.

If the light was distorted, it could make the object seem invisible! The array concealing the treasure clearly had this function as well.

’’I will try a little harder and personally investigate,’’ Xue Ying said, immediately swooping down.


Xue Ying's speed soared as he flew around the three hundred meter hole, directly touching all parts of the soil!

Using one's body to investigate was the simplest and most taxing method.

It it was a maze array? Once they entered the maze, they would realize they were trapped inside! Similarly, for concealment arrays hidden from the naked eye or undetected by World Energy, they would have to touch it with their own body, even if they did not wish to.


After he flew around so quickly that his shadow was left behind in his wake, Xue Ying rammed into a spot with a peng!

’’It's here!’’ Xue Ying exclaimed happily. ’’I was afraid that the array would be more powerful, possibly even capable of twisting space and making me fly past it unknowingly.’’

Fortunately, his body had collided with the array.

To create a strategy that ensured outsiders would not bump into one was too difficult. A maze array could be sensed, and hence people would not bump into it. If the array could not be sensed or touched... then the array needed to be perfectly concealed. This kind of perfect array would need to be able to operate and control space! Furthermore, the control and operation would need to be constantly sustained. Human Demigods were unable to create this kind of array.

In the Infernal Palace, they use a kind of Spatial Deity Treasure to achieve perfect space concealment.

But for a Demonic God, sending even a few resources to the Xia Clan World was already tremendously difficult. As for sending Deity Treasures comparable to those of the Infernal Palace? The price was too high! For a little faith, it was not worth it. It was only thanks to the Xia Clan's Ancestor and his affections for his homeland that he was willing to bear the enormous price to send a Deity Treasure back.

Therefore, most of the Xia Clan's accumulated treasures such as the powerful clan protection treasures and the Deity World's Warrior and Deity Treasures contained the Xia Clan Ancestor's affections towards his homeland!

’’Long distance space distortion? Even a Demonic God would be reluctant to part with this kind of array.’’ Chi Qiu Bai also flew closer. He stretched his hand out to probe and touch the array's barrier.

’’A barrier?’’ Chi Qiu Bai smiled coldly.

A layer of Transcendent Qi covered his left hand. The outer layer contained the True Meaning of Void Cleavage. After years of cultivation, his understanding of the True Meaning of Void Cleavage had become more profound.

A single scratch!

His finger was incomparably sharp, directly tearing the array's barrier. In reality, the array's barrier wasn't that powerful, and even Xue Ying would be able to destroy it.


The array was broken.

The real scenery appeared before their eyes.

There was a large, ugly bath in front of them. It was 10 meters wide and pitch-black in color. A sizeable demon head sculpture was fixated on the bath's rim. The sculpture had red eyes, and its gaping mouth faintly exuded a wicked aura.

The bath was set on the ground, or it could be said that... it was fixed on a concealed dimension's space.

Numerous tentacles surrounded the bath, connecting it to the space. The tentacles undulated with the Xia Clan World's space fluctuation.

At the same time that the bath was exposed

There were 25 humans busily dismantling the tentacles from the demonic bath. A black-robed figure with red skin and grey horns was beside the pool That figure was precisely the Demonic God Wu Yun Huo. He was also hastily dismantling the tentacles, but because each tentacle was perfectly linked with the dimension's space and was continuously undulating, it was difficult to complete the job quickly.

’’Damn!’’ The Demonic God turned his head and looked at the black-clothed youngster and white-haired man with killing intent.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, just you wait it!’’ With a low growl, Wu Yun Huo's figure distorted and vanished.

’’He's really fast at escaping, looks like he's good at scuttling through space,’’ Chi Qiu Bai admired.

Xue Ying looked curiously at the huge bath in front of him. As for the 25 Meteor rank Knights, they were already bound and suppressed to the side.

’’What's this?’’ asked Xue Ying doubtfully. The demonic bath in front of him gave him an evil feeling.

’’This bath seemed connected to our Xia Clan's World. It's strange to use it within this dimension.’’ Chi Qiu Bai also shook his head. ’’I also do not recognize this thing.’’

Although Chi Qiu Bai was a Demigod, he had only cultivated for a little more than 300 years. He had also recently become a Demigod, so it was natural that his knowledge was limited.

’’How about we seek Vice Head Chao Qing?’’ Chi Qiu Bai suggested.

’’Okay,’’ agreed Xue Ying. Vice Head Chao Qing was the oldest among the Xia Clan's Demigods. Perhaps only he could identify this object.


In another distant place.

Down deep inside a volcano, a bizarre warship was hidden.

The warship not only functioned as a demonic general's ride to battle, but it also functioned as a passenger ship outside of the battlefield. It was undetectable by World Energy as well as other investigative methods.

Inside the warship, within a dark, cold hall.

A crystal ball floated in the air.

The crystal ball's surface was projecting an image. The image was of a black-clothed youngster furiously stabbing forward with a spear in hand.

’’Da Bi Xi has died at the hands of Dong Bo Xue Ying, a Xia Clan's Transcendent.’’

A demon with purple armor stood there. His body was covered by scales instead of hair or fur.

His beautiful armor seemingly merged with his body scales. His pupils were a bright gold, coldly looking at the crystal ball's projection.

He had a small build with a height of approximately 1.6 meters at most. He exuded a faint, blood-filled aura, however, that filled the three rank five demons with respect. When they were in the Dark Abyss, they were the General's subordinates, serving a Demonic God together! They traveled in many expeditions together, fighting many battles. From early on, the General's terror and wickedness had already earned their fear.

’’Spread my order,’’ the small, purple-scaled demon indifferently said. ’’All demon subordinates lower than rank five... if they ever meet Dong Bo Xue Ying, they're not to engage him in battle. Just hide or avoid him if possible, and if spotted, flee with all they have!’’


The three subordinates replied respectfully. They were absolutely loyal to their general.

Suddenly there was a movement from the crystal ball.

A new figure projected from the crystal ball the Demonic God Wu Yun Huo.

’’Oh, isn't it Lord Wu Yun Huo?’’ the small, purple-scaled demon commented with a smile.


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