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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 23


Book 7: Chapter 23 - The Dust Has Settled

In the distance.

Demonic God Wu Yun Huo, who was floating in the air, looked upon the scenes of battle from afar. Moments ago, Xue Ying and demon Da Bi Xi's clashed, creating a terrifying shockwave akin to that of a battle between peak stage Saint realm Transcendents. With such a powerful shockwave having spread out from that battle location, how could he, a mere World Projection, with power only at the limits of mortals, withstand it? Knowing his vulnerability, he had ensured his safety by going far away from the location to avoid being affected by any shockwaves. Even now, he could hear a continuous booms coming from the direction he faced, and he knew the battle between Xue Ying and the demon had already engulfed the surroundings. Their clash had already caused the entire inner castle to crumble into ruins. More than half of the outer castle was completely demolished. Other areas, further out from the center of the combat, had cracks appearing in the ground.

’’I can't see the battle clearly.’’ Demonic God Wu Yun Huo was really anxious to know what was happening in the battle, yet he could not investigate the details himself.

At Xue Ying's level, their battle simply happened too quickly.

Not even half a breath's worth of time had passed before the battle and the increasingly terrifying shockwaves engulfing the area ended.

’’Mn?’’ Finally, Wu Yun Huo was able to clearly see the distant scene.

Amidst the ruins, within the cloud of dust...

The demon Da Bi Xi's physical body lay shattered in pieces. Xue Ying stood by the body's side, strands of his fiery-red Transcendent Qi suppressing every single piece of the Demon's body.

’’He lost?’’ Wu Yun Huo did not dare believe what he saw. The demon Da Bi Xi actually lost to such a young, early stage Saint realm Transcendent of the Xia Clan?

This moment was neither something wished to accept, nor did he want to believe what he saw.


He had to face the truth!

He was someone who had climbed to the peak in the Dark Abyss. Likewise, he was an entity that could spread his religion within the Material World. Therefore, as a big and powerful Demonic God, he still could accept the conclusion without too much hesitation, even if the outcome was something he was not willing to acknowledge.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying! As long as you help me just this once, I'll give you 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones! 100,000 kilograms!’’ Wu Yun Huo directly transmitted a message into Xue Yin's mind.

’’100,000 kilograms?’’ Xue Ying turned his head towards the distant Demonic God Wu Yun Huo.

He had previously suspected that something was amiss.

And right now, the Demonic God was actually willing to fork out 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones! Being an Abyss Demon, who did not have any capable underlings in the Xia Clan's World, wanting to hand over 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones was something extremely arduous. If he were to send this gift of 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones through the Shrine of Space and Time, the price he had to pay was extremely frightening.

Thus, Xue Yin could ascertain that

This main altar was definitely not ordinary;there must be an extremely important treasure being kept by the Demonic God Wu Yun Huo.

’’If you don't accept it, then I, Wu Yun Huo, will swear that my hatred will last for eternity! My enmity toward you will last ten thousand years no, a million years! I will completely exterminate your clan!’’ Demonic God Wu Yun Huo was holding out a carrot of 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones while threatening with a stick of vengeance in the other hand.

He also knew, of course, that the moment he stated he was willing to provide 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones, Xue Ying would certainly guess that this altar must have some huge secret hidden within.

Regardless of whether or not Dong Bo Xue Ying would report this incident, Demonic God Wu Yun Huo had already lost the battle, and the Xia Clan would certainly investigate the main altar and inevitably find out what was hidden within it! Thus, he decided to make one final struggle.

’’Threatening me? With so many Demonic Gods around, if you were to casually threaten me, a Transcendent of the Xia Clan, and I were to so easily lower my head, then how could my Xia Clan survive till today?’’ Xue Yin sent his mental reply back to the Demonic God Wu Yun Huo. ’’Hmph. You have to exert tremendous power to even send some resources of the Dark Abyss to the Xia Clan's World, and you are willing to spend even more just for the sake of revenge? Would you even be willing to pay such an enormous price?’’

Much less to say other Demonic Gods...

The price of sending a lower tier World Projection was something that most Demonic Gods would not be willing to pay, even when their main altar was being destroyed. The last time this happened was 30,000 years ago.

’’You don't accept?’’ Demonic God Wu Yun Huo was furious beyond words.

’’Scram!’’ Xue Ying snarled mentally. He could not completely pinpoint where Demonic God Wu Yun Huo was from his mental voice. Clearly, this Demonic God's understanding of the Profound Mysteries was too high.


’’Damn you to death! You just wait and see, Dong Bo Xue Ying! I'll definitely never forgive you. Even if you die, I'll still find a way of grabbing hold of your soul from the Dark Abyss, and I'll let you sink into oblivion and suffer for eternity!’’

’’Do you only know how to threaten? If you have the capabilities, come face the reality. Let me see what methods you have as a Demonic God,’’ Xue Ying snorted. He waved his hand and created an enormous palm-shaped construct using World Energy. With this palm, he smashed down onto the Demonic God Wu Yun Huo who was currently hovering in mid-air.

The Demonic God Wu Yun Huo looked at the enormous World Energy-formed palm and snorted.


His body immediately broke through space and disappeared into nothingness.

If someone was to compare this Demonic God's understanding of the Profound Mystery used to penetrate through space to the knowledge of the Xia Clan's Transcendents, this Demonic God's abilities clearly surpassed those of any other Xia Clan Transcendents. It was a pity, however, that his power had been suppressed to the limits of a mortal... his World Projection could never be the cause of any threat to Transcendents.

Their final moment of exchange had been via extremely quick mental transmissions through the soul. The Demonic God Wu Yun Huo clearly wanted to make use of this time to conclude negotiations before any Demigod arrived.

Fortunately, his final struggle ended completely in failure!

Si la~

Space tore apart.

A person walked through the rift in space. This new arrival was none other than the Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai.

’’Xue Ying?’’ Qiu Chi Bai's gaze swept across the surrounding area. He looked inside the ruins of the castle and discovered traces of a Demon Emissary's death. With a step, he arrived beside Xue Ying to find the pieces of the demon Da Bi Xi's body on the ground, being suppressed by Transcendent Qi.

’’An Undying Body?’’ Qiu Chi Bai laughed, ’’Who would have thought that you would meet a demon with an Undying Body the first time you clashed against them. Most likely, this demon was at the fourth rank. A rank four demon would usually have a combat power similar to a Transcendent between the tenth to thirtieth ranking in the Saint Rankings. Even those amongst the peak stage Saint realm Transcendents might face some difficulties against such a demon. Who would have thought that you could kill a demon of this rank.’’

He knew that Xue Ying had grasped hold of an embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning.

Facing an expert in the top thirty, excluding the first ten on the Saint Rankings... surviving the battle was certainly not an issue. Killing such an expert, however, would be much more difficult.

’’I also estimated that he was a rank four demon.’’ Xue Ying nodded and smiled. ’’He was really hard to deal with. With his howl, I believe that any ordinary peak stage Saint realm Transcendent would be injured heavily. Even the weaker ones amongst that group would probably die from that howl.’’

’’Alright. You can pass him to me. A living demon has its uses.’’ Qiu Chi Bai laughed.

If it was a Demigod realm Demon, the humans would not dare to capture it. After all, the moment a Demigod Demon broke through to the Demonic God Realm... that event would spell disaster. Of course, the chance of such a thing happening was extremely rare. The difficulty of a Demigod realm Demon entering the realm of Demonic God... was much higher than a human doing the same. Even though the possibility demon ascending was fairly low, the Xia Clan was not willing to risk it.

As for demons of the fourth to fifth rank, confining them was a small matter. At the very least, the moment they broke into the Demigod realm, they would be killed.

’’I've already reported this incident to the Infernal Palace,’’ Chi Qiu Bai said.

Every single battle with Demons must be reported upwards. Based on this battle report, the higher-ups would then decide what rewards would be given to the Transcendent!

’’10,000 contribution points?’’ Xue Ying smiled. His communication wristband had already received a message from the Infernal Palace stating that his contribution points had increased by 10,000. ’’The rewards for killing demons are really high.’’

’’It will be even higher when killing a fifth rank demon. Even Demigods are all chasing after them. As for Demigod demons? Every single one of them is extremely cunning. Even finding them is tough.’’ Qiu Chi Bai shook his head in dismay. At the same time, he took out a metal chain. With a shake, it flew out towards the demon Da Bi Xi, chaining his bodyparts.

’’Oh right, Big Brother Eternal Wind. I have another matter that I've yet to voice.’’ Xue Ying continued, ’’It's related to a Demonic God called Wu Yun Huo.’’

’’Oh?’’ Qiu Chi Bai was listening.

Xue Ying briefly described what had happened.

’’Hmph. These Demonic Gods even dare to threaten the Transcendents of Xia Clan?’’ Qiu Chi Bai snorted, before frowning, ’’According to what you said, there probably is some extremely important treasure belonging to that Demonic God hidden within this main altar.’’

’’Congratulations. It seems that you have earned greatly this time.’’ Qiu Chi Bai smiled.

Regarding Xue Ying's status, the Infernal Palace had even provided the Xia Clan's protection treasures for his safety. This was something no Demigod had ever achieved! Thus, nobody would dare to snatch the spoils of war earned by Xue Ying.

Furthermore, Qiu Chi Bai had pride ingrained deep into his bones. He would never lower himself to do such a thing.

’’I feel that this Demonic God Wu Yun Huo might not have given up. Thus, I hope that Big Brother Eternal Wind will stay by my side and look after me,’’ Xue Ying requested.

’’Go on. Don't hesitate. I'll stay here and guard you,’’ Qiu Chi Bai affirmed.


Xue Ying nodded. Immediately, he twisted the majestic World Energy and forcibly grabbed hold of the countless amounts of crumbled stones, causing his binding power on every single corner to reach a frightening stage. Simultaneously... all the debris flew upward. Some of the stone tiles and obelisks hiding underneath the ground also started to levitate.

The entire castle was dug up by 1.6 meters in depth.

Every single treasure starting floating.


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