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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 22


Book 7: Chapter 22 - Close-Quarter Combat! Suppression!

The demon Da Bi Xi had to take two steps back before he could stabilise his footing. He could feel the force from the clash with Xue Ying's spear transmitting through his body. The sequence of events made him uncomfortable, as he thought, This terrifyingly piercing power is a trivial matter and can only cause my body to tremble slightly! But just now, he actually disappeared all of a sudden and teleported a little over three meters? He can even teleport and change positions during battle? This is too troublesome!

What! Similarly, Xue Ying was also shocked. The full strength of my strike actually forced him to only take two steps back?

His own body really was too weak.

After all, he only had the body of a peak stage Sky realm Transcendent, with initial stage Saint realm Transcendent Qi in his body.

During the battle, it was only by depending on the embryonic form of Extreme Piercing that he had such terrifying power. Ultimately, his current body and Qi were too weak. It was for this reason that Xue Ying had decided to exchange for a Demigod weapon, Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear. This Demigod weapon was the best match with his Extreme Piercing, causing his combat power to increase explosively. Only then could he exchange moves with a peak stage Saint realm Transcendent head-on!

But with his full power, he could only make his opponent take two steps back?

His body is too powerful, and his strength too great, Xue Ying concluded.


The demon Da Bi Xi opened his bloody mouth after being forced to take two steps back, revealing his teeth. Following that, he let out a terrifying howl that could cause even space itself to shudder.

Bo bo bo

The furious howl spread out in all directions, causing ripples in space that could be seen with the naked eye. This single howl had the viciousness of a volcano erupting. Under the power of that sound wave, Xue Ying's body would certainly be disintegrated. Seeing this sound wave approaching, Xue Ying had a drastic change in expression.

Sou sou sou!

Xue Ying instantly utilised Extreme Piercing to retreat backwards. If he flew with his normal speed, he would definitely be unable to escape from this terrifying howl! Even though Xue Ying's current speed was ten times faster than the speed of sound, this howl itself contained a profound law that would immediately pervade outwards. Within the blink of an eye, this howl had already spread as far as a kilometer away.

Fortunately, his Extreme Piercing was fast enough to allow him to escape the ruins of the castle. He immediately formed three different images, hiding 200 meters away from the castle.

The power of the howl dropped exponentially with distance. Once the howl reached his location, Xue Ying was able to suppress the rippling sound waves with a slash of his spear and the use of the Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind.

The demon Da Bi Xi stopped howling. Naturally, this single howl damaged his throat greatly. However, with his terrifying recovery rate, he recovered from the backlash quickly.

Shua shua.

Xue Ying soon appeared by the side of Demon Da Bi Xi.

’’Die!’’ The three Xue Ying illusions appeared simultaneously from different directions and pierced demon Da Bi Xi with their spears.

’’Mn?’’ Demon Da Bi Xi was startled, ’’Illusions? This, which is the real one?’’

A fiery-red glow appeared on his body. This fiery-red glow emitted waves formed from the profound laws, spreading out in all directions.

The two gigantic cowhorn axes in his hands resisted against the incoming attacks.

The moment the waves reached two of the images, Xue Ying's true body teleported horizontally by 30 centimeters. Just by teleporting this distance, the cowhorn axe was unable to block his spear attack.

’’Die!’’ Xue Ying's eyes were full of killing intent.

Pu Chi! The Stellar Firecloud Sear immediately stabbed towards the skull of the demon Da Bi Xi, but Xue Ying suddenly felt that something was amiss. With a rotation of his spearhead, the piercing strike aimed towards the face instead. Even though he felt some resistance, his spear forcefully penetrated through.

Completely piercing through his face.

Thereafter, a loud rumble resounded! Utilising the Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind, an explosive power rushed forth and blasted everything within the demon's skull to paste.

Xue Ying immediately retreated.

This demon' skull is very hard, Xue Ying grasped mentally. My Extreme Piercing could not even pierce through his skull. Fortunately, my spear technique has a fast rotation, allowing me to pierce through his face and kill him!

After all, it was merely an embryonic form of the True Meaning of Extremity Piercing. In addition, this Demon's body was too powerful and tyrannical.

Chi chi chi~

Demon Da Bi Xi continued to stand there, his internal head injuries and the huge hole in his head from the attack already healing rapidly.

What! Xue Ying was shocked, An undying body!

Transcendents had weaknesses too.

For instance, the heart and the throat were extremely common weaknesses. As for the skull, it was a vital point that would lead to certain death. As one's body strengthened, however, the weaknesses would lessen in severity before disappearing completely. Ultimately, when one attained the undying body... the body would not even have a single point of weakness. Even if the entire body was powderized, it would still be able to heal!

Compared to Primordial Beings, demons usually had an even more terrifying innate physical talent.

According to the Xia Clan's intelligence report on the various demons, one out of every five rank four demons possessed an undying body. As for the rank five demons, more than half had undying bodies! And Demigod demons all had undying bodies.

This powerful and large demon had clearly attained a high cultivation in his physical body, allowing him to achieve the realm of an undying body.

’’General, save me!’’ Demon Da Bi Xi transmitted via his communication treasure in a bid for help.

The Xia Clan had communication wristbands.

In the Dark Abyss, however, many Demonic Gods were more advanced than the Xia Clan in terms of refining equipment, Deity treasures, and other items. Even though these low rank demons could not attain a powerful weapon, they would still have a communication treasure.

’’Da Bi Xi? What's the matter?’’

’’There is a Transcendent from Xia Clan. I am not his match.’’ Demon Da Bi Xi was extremely anxious.

’’Who is he?’’

’’It's Dong Bo Xue Ying. He is called Dong Bo Xue Ying!’’ Demon Da Bi Xi kept asking for help. ’’General, save me!’’

Even though the injuries on his head were currently healing, he was still wielding his gigantic cowhorn axes and trying with all his might to block spear attacks.

Truthfully speaking, only his howl attack could threaten Xue Ying. Right now, however, his face had a huge cavity that prevented him from using it.

Hong hong hong. Xue Ying kept utilising his Extremity Piercing from all directions with his spear.

Da Bi Xi's face once again exploded apart.

His throat was penetrated and torn to shreds.

His two arms were pierced through with huge holes! Even though the skull and horns of the demon Da Bi Xi were hard, his other limbs were only covered by flesh and scales, making those parts of his body unable to resist against Xue Ying's spear. Within a short moment, large holes appeared all over his body, causing his two arms to drop to the floor.

’’General, save me!’’ Demon Da Bi Xi repeatedly requested for help through the communication treasure.

An undying body did not represent invulnerability.

Previously, hadn't other Demigod demons also been killed by Xia Clan's human Demigods?! Right now, the demon Da Bi Xi could not resist the incoming attacks and could only be ravaged to death.



Xue Ying stood there. The fiery-red Transcendent Qi from inside his body flew out in strands, covering the skull, arms, and legs of the demon! The demon's entire body was separated and suppressed by his Transcendent Qi, preventing it from ever combining together again.

Formidable. His body had already attained the state of undying, and his strength was tyrannical as well, Xue Ying thought. From beginning to end, he had remained unscathed by the demon's axe. I'm afraid that any ordinary Saint realm Transcendent would have lost to him. It's fortunate that I had my Extreme Piercing and that I'm able to pierce through space with my body quite proficiently. Together with my Stellar Firecloud Spear, I was able to gain control over the battle. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I would not have been able to even pierce through the scales on his body!

This demon's body was covered by a fiery-red glow formed by the profound laws. With the inclusion of the scales on his body...

If he did not own the Stellar Firecloud Spear... he would not be able to pierce directly through it.

Even with his Demigod weapon, he still could not pierce through the skull of that demon. From this, it could be seen that this demon's body was truly tyrannical.


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