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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 20


Book 7: Chapter 20 - The Failure in Negotiation

2,000 kilograms of Origin Stones? That's a huge sum, Xue Ying lamented.

The Demonic God Wu Yun Huo continued, ’’You should already understand that if I wanted to send some treasures from our Dark Abyss to your Xia Clan's World, it would be extremely difficult. Hence, sending 2,000 kilograms of Origin Stones as a present is a huge sum already.’’

’’I know. Usually, one would have to send it through the Shrine of Time and Space.’’ Xue Ying laughed.

The Deity World and Dark Abyss were too far away from the Material World.

Descending to this world was difficult. Like how the demons invaded this world previously, it was only due to some good fortune that a path between their worlds was formed. As for Deities or Demonic Gods who wanted to send resources down to the Material World... 'failure in sending' would cause them to pay a price much greater than that of successfully sending it.

Deities were neither able to descend into this world nor bring any treasures with their World Projections.

As a result

They had to visit the Shrine of Time and Space. This was a legendary place that transported treasures back to the Xia Clan's World with the assistance of members of the shrine who visit countless other worlds... Of course, a huge cost would be incurred in this transaction.

’’Right, I would have to send it through the Shrine of Space and Time,’’ Wu Yun Huo said. ’’And so, you should be able to understand my sincerity from the price paid to send a present of 2,000 kilograms of Origin Stones.’’

’’I'm really puzzled.’’

Xue Ying held onto his cup of wine as he continued, ’’This altar has already been destroyed to this extent by me. The Emissaries that you groomed with much effort are also dead. As for the remaining Chief Altar Leader and Elders, you are actually willing to send 2,000 kilograms of Origin Stones just to save their lives? Is it worth it?’’

The silver-robed leader, who stood by the side carrying the flask of wine, furtively glanced at Xue Ying.

’’No, they are definitely not worth it,’’ Wu Yun Huo explained. ’’But the network which I formed over countless years in the underground world of Tranquil Sun Province is certainly worth the price! The moment this altar is completely destroyed, your Xia Clan's Dragon Mountain Manor will certainly investigate this main altar and hence find all the other altars, uprooting this underground network completely.’’

’’If these people die, then they die. It doesn't matter as long as the underground network remains intact,’’ Wu Yun Huo answered. ’’They are the actual main contribution to the belief in my religion.’’

’’Is that so?’’

Xue Ying exclaimed, ’’Your reasoning is truly beautiful, so much that I almost could not find any flaws in it.’’

Wu Yun Huo's expression had a slight change before he said with a grin, ’’You should already know that what I said is a fact. Having belief in my religion is most important! Why, do you think 2,000 kilograms of Origin Stones is too little? Aye, how about I send 3,000 kilograms of Origin Stones as a present then! If you were in the Dark Abyss, sending you 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones wouldn't be a problem. Yet you are in the Material World. If I want to send any treasures over, it is too difficult. After all, I am just an ordinary Demonic God, one of the many out there, so is there a need to make life difficult for me?’’

’’Trying to gain some pity points?’’ Xue Ying laughed. ’’Demonic God, you are really cunning.’’

’’Do you agree to this negotiation?’’ Wu Yun Huo began feeling nervous deep in his heart.

’’I apologise. I do not agree.’’ Xue Ying shook his head.

Wu Yun Huo's amber eyes were faintly filled with fury. He was truly angry now. Damn this human Transcendent! With his power... he could completely and easily stomp on this little bug! Yet currently, his True Deity body was in the Dark Abyss. This World Projection of his was being suppressed by the Xia Clan's Will of the World to the limits of mortal strength, preventing him from threatening the Transcendent in front of his eyes.

’’Why do you not agree?’’ Wu Yun Huo asked anxiously.

’’Because of your Chief Altar Leader.’’ Xue Ying smiled. ’’I must thank him.’’

’’Him?’’ Wu Yun Huo turned towards that silver-robed leader by his side.

The silver-robed leader was also astonished.


Xue Ying nodded. ’’Respectable Sir Demon God, it was only because of your arrival that I knew this was an altar of a Demonic God! According to my knowledge after reading many books, I know that under ordinary circumstances, when a Xia Clan Transcendent attacks the altar of a Demonic God, those protecting the altar would escape in all four different directions instead of defending it.’’

’’As for this Chief Altar Leader, instead of escaping, he actually set down the order to kill me at all costs!’’ Xue Ying exclaimed. ’’It's very puzzling then. I am a Transcendent of the Xia Clan and can request for any of the Demigods of the Xia Clan to come and aid me. The possibility of killing me is extremely low! Yet he still wanted to battle to the death.’’

’’Sir Demon God, say, is this puzzling or not?’’ Xue Ying looked towards Wu Yun Huo. ’’Furthermore, you even descended during the critical moment. Out of all of your altars within the 19 provinces, the extermination of a single altar ... is something you can definitely let go of. According to what I know, even if the main altar is being attacked, there are very few cases where Deities would send their World Projections down.’’

Xue Ying laughed mischievously. ’’But of course, these are not the main reasons.’’

’’The most important one of all... is that you are a Demon God. Yet you want to make a bargain with me, a Transcendent of the Xia Clan?’’ Xue Ying snorted. ’’Dream on!’’

Within the history of the Xia Clan, not a single Transcendent would give a second glance towards these Demonic Gods.

So what if they were powerful?

Their words would just be bluffs. They could never send their True Deity bodies into the Material World, and a majority of Transcendents of the Xia Clan would not have any hope of becoming a Deity and entering the Deity World! Even if they did, the Deity World is too vast... so vast that Demonic Gods themselves were just overlords in a small corner of the World. The chances of meeting them were as small as seeing a pie dropping down from the sky.

As for the Demonic Gods? Under ordinary circumstances, human Transcendents would enter the Deity World after their breakthrough. Thus, they need not heed these Demonic Gods from the Dark Abyss.

’’Human!’’ Wu Yun Huo was trying to suppress his fury. ’’I advise you not to make an enemy out of a Deity!’’

’’Respectable Sir Demon God, this is our Xia Clan's World. Stop being so ostentatious, alright?’’ Xue Ying smiled.

Wu Yun Huo's eyes ignited with fury. ’’5,000 kilograms of Origin Stones! I am willing to pay the highest price! You are happy, I am happy, is that not the case?’’

’’Absolutely not!’’ Xue Ying shook his head.


Wu Yun Huo abruptly stood, his body ablaze. A terrifying might enveloped the surroundings, as if the world would burn and be crushed under his fury. His amber eyes were full of killing intent as he looked towards Xue Ying. ’’Because I am unable to truly descend into this world, you are willing to infuriate me, and you will pay for that. Human, I have already given you much respect.’’

’’Are you trying to scare me by threatening me?’’ Xue Ying's fiery Transcendent Qi suddenly erupted from his body in all directions.

The table in front of him exploded. Wu Yun Huo was instantly knocked backwards by the Transcendent Qi. His body became blurry. Very quickly, power from the distant Dark Abyss transmitted energy to his body, allowing it to condense once more.

’’You, a mere Demonic God, dare to threaten me, a Transcendent of the Xia Clan?’’ Xue Ying sneered.

Wu Yun Huo was enraged.

In the Dark Abyss, he was a true overlord, in charge of a vast land with billions of lives serving him. Yet today, this Transcendent of the Xia Clan did not give him any respect. He currently did not have any means of solving this though.

He desperately wanted this negotiation to succeed because this location... was a place he was not willing to lose. The price of losing it was too big, too big.

If not for his worries about alerting Xue Ying's suspicions, he would rather send up to 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones to convince him to leave this place.

With just 5,000 kilograms of Origin Stones, Xue Ying was already feeling suspicious. If he were to state the price of 100,000 kilograms of Origin Stones... Xue Ying would surely be able to guess how unique this location was! And he would certainly be even more unwilling to accept his proposal.

’’You really will not agree to my proposal?’’ Wu Yun Huo stood there, his voice entirely calm.

Xue Ying also understood that this Demonic God was not willing to continue discussing any longer. He was currently setting down his final diplomatic note. If Xue Ying were to decline, then he would surely offend this Demonic God.

But offending him?

For Transcendents of the Xia Clan to fear a Demonic God was the actual joke!

’’I don't agree.’’ Xue Ying stood up.

’’Good, very good.’’ Wu Yun Huo coldly stared at Xue Ying. ’’Human, remember, you will certainly regret what you did today!’’

At the same time

Within the inner castle, other than the silver-robed leader, a group of elders and Nan Meng Xin, there were also other servants inside.

One of the servants was extremely fat. His appearance was that of an honest person, with two beards flowing down from his chin. He looked extremely ordinary. At that moment, however, a sound transmission entered his ears. ’’The negotiations have failed. This damnable human Dong Bo Xue Ying is not willing to compromise. I'm not willing to lose this place. It's up to you to kill Dong Bo Xue Ying!’’

’’Sir Demonic God, I have merely swallowed the 10,000 of the human souls you have provided, yet you are willing to make me take such a huge risk?’’ the servant replied mentally.


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