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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 19


Book 7: Chapter 19 - The Arrival of the Demonic God

The lofty and majestic figure had greyish antlers and crimson-coloured skin. He wore an extravagant black robe.

’’Demonic God?’’ Xue Ying felt the terrifying pressure this lofty figure emitted. In his entire life, Xue Ying had never before felt such a powerful strength! That strength even surpassed that of all the Demigods in the Xia Clan.

Another enigmatic power, however, enveloped the lofty figure, easily suppressing his strength to a minimum.

’’Damnable Will of the World!’’ The lofty figure criticized beneath his breath. His gaze landed on Xue Ying, his amber eyes displaying a keen interest within. He smiled brilliantly, his body shrinking down thereafter to a size similar to Xue Ying's before he descended to the ground.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, right?’’ The Demonic God greeted Xue Ying jovially.

Xue Ying observed this Demonic God with curiosity.

A Deity.

This was his first time interacting directly with a Deity. From the Deity's appearances, Xue Ying knew that this should be a Demonic God originating from the Dark Abyss.

Having read through all the books in the Xia Clan regarding Deities and Demigods, Xue Ying was clear that the Deity in front of his eyes... was nothing but a projection down from the Deity World.

A Deity was, after all, forbidden from entering directly into the Material World.

Even Deities originating from the Xia Clan, such as the Dragon Mountain Emperor or Emperor Yun Hai, would be expelled out of the Material world as soon as they become a Deity reaching 10,000 years of age! As for Deities in external worlds, they would be completely forbidden from entering the World.

Therefore, there was only two methods for these Deities to project themselves down into this world.

The first and easiest method was to send down a projection! The Xia Clan had clearly gathered a great deal of information over the years regarding the method. This particular Material World had a Spatial Mark. The Deity would use their power to forcefully project themselves through the vast distance and spatial suppression into this world.

This method of projecting used up a terrifying amount of Deity Energy! Even maintaining their projection in the world required a constant consumption of Deity Energy.

The price of using the projection method was thus immense.

As a result, in the Xia Clan World, only during crucial moments would these Demon Gods project themselves down to the world.

Of course, new and ordinary Deities of the Dragon Mountain Manor would be unable to use spatial projection. Only powerful Deities who had cultivated to an extremely high realm could do a 'World Projection'. Of the Xia Clan's Deities, only ancestors like Emperor Yun Hai were able to do this.

As for the second method, it was even more difficult sending a clone!

As for the price of sending a clone, it was extremely terrifying!

Even high level existences like Emperor Yun Hai could not bear the price.

In the Xia Clan's World, only the Deities from the Temple of the Earth God and Demonic Faction were able to send clones! In the past, these two powers were extremely fervent in openly clashing against each other to win the beliefs of the people in the Xia Clan. The conflict escalated until a historic battle where each faith spent a terrifying price to send a Deity clone down to the material world to fight. That year, the huge battle between the Deity clones shattered the heavens and shook the earth, bringing about countless deaths. Finally, the Demonic Faction lost the battle. After that terrible loss, they hid themselves completely in the darkness and never directly clashed against the Temple of the Earth God again.

Thus, a Deity clone was seen as something extremely terrifying.

Even though they were restrained by the Material World and their combat power suppressed to the peak stage Demigod realm, they were still able to make use of the profound laws that surpassed that of ordinary Demigods, giving them a frightening fighting power.


’’I have not descended for over 30,000 years already.’’ The Demonic God laughed. ’’For me to be able to see a young human Transcendent with a bright future is something worth being happy for. Let us have a seat, drink some good wine, and chat. How about it?’’

Xue Ying laughed, ’’Drink some wine? All right. As a youth, I've often dreamt of being able to drink with a Deity. Never would I have thought my dream would come true today.’’

’’Please.’’ The Demonic God stretched his hands out in invitation to Xue Ying.

Xue Ying was not modest and went directly to the main hall of the inner castle.

On the balcony of the the inner castle, the silver-robed leader and various other elders kneeling on the floor. They were all stunned by the fact that a Demonic God descended only to share a drink with this Transcendent? Furthermore, the Transcendent was Dong Bo Xue Ying?

’’He was actually Dong Bo Xue Ying?’’ The silver-robed leader and the others finally understood that this Transcendent who killed all the way to their doors was none other than the rumoured youngest Transcendent in a thousand years Dong Bo Xue Ying!

’’Quickly bring some wine over!’’ A cold voice sounded into the ears of the silver-robed leader.


This silver-robed leader immediately acknowledged the order.


In the lavish hall.

Xue Ying took a seat before the Demonic God first. He was not modest at all. Even now, he still observed the surrounding 50 kilometers with his World Energy. After the descent of the Demonic God, he had become more guarded deep in his heart.

’’What is your relationship with the Great Demonic God of the Demonic Faction?’’ Xue Ying asked.

’’I'm merely an ordinary Demonic God amongst the many from the Dark Abyss. How can I compare myself with the Great Demonic God!’’ the Demon God replied. ’’You can call me Hu Yun Huo. In your Xia Clan's World ... I'm just one of the many Demonic Gods.’’

Xue Ying lightly nodded.

This Demonic God placed himself quite low amongst the pantheon of Demon Gods.

That felt very unnatural!

Based on what he knew, for Deities to forcefully project themselves down to the world through space and to maintain their projection in the world, a huge price was required. And yet, this Demonic Deity was willing to accompany Xue Ying in drinking leisurely? There must be some motive behind his actions.

’’How did you know that I am Dong Bo Xue Ying?’’ Xue Ying asked. He was more than willing to waste time.

’’In the entire Tranquil Sun Province, there are only two Saint realm Transcendents you and Peng Shan.’’ The Demon God Wu Yun Huo grinned, showing his sharp teeth. ’’Peng Shan is old, while you are still young with a fresh aura surrounding you. I guessed that you must be Dong Bo Xue Ying. Seeing your reaction, I must be right.’’

’’Great Demon God.’’

The silver-robed leader stood at the side and respectfully poured wine for both of them.


As Xue Ying drank the wine, he felt that the taste was quite ordinary. He had drunk much better wine in the Xia Capital. The person he drank with today, however, was actually a Demonic God! That was someone he would give face to.

’’I have a small matter that I wish my young friend Dong Bo Xue Ying will help me with.’’ The Demon God Wu Yun Huo smiled.

’’Speak,’’ Xue Ying replied.

’’Ai, I'm sure you know this well, but the Dark Abyss could never compare to the Deity World. It's way too cruel.’’ The Demon God Wu Yun Huo shook his head in dismay. ’’I had put in enormous effort r to leave a Spatial Mark here in the Xia Clan's World before spending a lengthy amount of time grooming a batch of underlings. So much effort was placed into competing with the other factions before finally being able to create some belief in your Xia Clan's World. That certainly was not easy. There are even other Demonic Gods who are trying to wrestle away the faith I've developed in this world, much less to say that big and powerful Demonic Faction and the Temple of the Earth God!’’

’’Us Demonic Gods do not have it easy here.’’ Demon God Wu Yun Huo sighed in sorrow.

Xue Ying continued listening.

Some Transcendents might sympathize. Xue Ying, however, had read through too many books and clearly knew that the beliefs of those in the Material Worlds were extremely precious! Those who were able to leave behind some mark in the Material World were all extremely powerful existences.

This Demon God Wu Yun Huo was currently extremely polite, but only because he could not kill his way to this location with his genuine Deity-self. If he could, with just a breath, he would exterminate Xue Ying! As for the World Projection, these projections would be suppressed by the Material World down to the combat power of a mere mortal. Even though he might be more formidable in terms of profound laws, his power was kept to that of a mortal. If Xue Ying were to allow the present Demon God to hit him without dodging, not a single strand of hair would be harmed!

World Projection was suppressed to the peak of mortal limits.

Deity clone was suppressed to the peak of Demigods.

With such a chasm in combat power, one could deduct... the price to send a Deity clone down was extremely terrifying.

Because this Demon God's current power was weak, he lowered his stance and became more polite!

’’In the nineteen provinces, I could only establish twelve altars.’’ Wu Yun Huo shook his head. ’’And this particular place that you are invading is one of my many altars. All of them are formed from my blood and sweat. Therefore, I ask this young friend Dong Bo Xue Ying to help me and be lenient and not exterminate my underlings.’’

’’If you are willing to help me out this time, I'll naturally help you out, young friend,’’ Wu Yun Huo said. ’’I'm willing to gift 2000 kilograms of Origin Stones. Young friend Dong Bo Xue Ying, how about it? Can you treat it as if nothing has happened this time around?’’


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