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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 18


Book 7: Chapter 18 - Demon Transformation

’’Come with me.’’ The Left Elder gritted his teeth and immediately rushed to the other side of the castle. Nan Meng Xin could only obediently follow him.

Soon after

On another spacious balcony within the castle, the silver-robed leader coldly watched as a black-clothed teenager continuously advanced through the castle whilst destroying everything in his way! At this moment, the whole castle had already mobilized its strongest forces for a final attempt to finish off this enemy! If this attack failed, they would have no other way to defend themselves.

’’We will report to the leader.’’ Left Elder took Nan Meng Xin to where the other elders resided.

’’Left Elder, why did you bring a junior here?’’ The other elders frowned. Their organization had a strict hierarchy. Because of the current critical situation, however, they didn't reprimand him for this violation of hierarchy.

’’What's the matter?’’ The silver-robed leader continued to watch Xue Ying's approach and didn't glance back at the newcomers.

’’My subordinate knows the Transcendent,’’ replied the Left Elder.


The silver-robed leader suddenly turned his head. Eyes blazing with fury, he glared at Nan Meng Xin who stood behind the Left Elder. The other elders also stared at Nan Meng Xin.

’’Speak!’’ shouted the silver-robed leader.

’’He killed one of my Sky Fire Trade Union's vice presidents. I sent the Trade Union's elite assassin unit to kill him, but instead, he easily took care of them. I had suspected he might be a powerful Legend rank who could cause major problems to the Sky Fire Trade Union. After a night of consideration, I immediately came here,’’ explained Nan Meng Xin. ’’Never would I have imagined that he is a Transcendent. I really never imagined it! Moreover, I was very careful and cautious travelling here.’’

The silver-robed leader sent Nan Meng Xin an icy stare that chilled his bones!

Being stared at like that, Nan Meng Xin quivered. His voice also trembled.

’’This whole crisis is all because of a measly small vice president?’’ The silver-robed leader felt incomparably frustrated. Only a damnable vice president! Someone who was just a tiny trash character! Even if the whole Sky Fire Trade Union was destroyed, it would still count as a minor matter, but now a disaster had fallen upon them!

In a moment of anger, he thought about many ways to torture Nan Meng Xin to death. He understood, however, that killing Nan Meng Xin now would serve no purpose. There was now no point in remaining angry.

Everything was already too late!

The silver-robed leader continued to coldly gaze at Nan Meng Xin. Realizing it wasn't worth the effort to say anything else, he turned his body and looked into the distance. He just hoped... the last counterattack would succeed! If it failed, he didn't dare to think about the consequences.

Cold sweat drenched Nan Meng Xin's body, making his clothes damp. He stood there with his thoughts in a mess.

How could events have turned out like this?

He regretted it.

If only he had known early on, he would not have been bothered over that damn Vice President Yin's death. He would have even been willing to offer the black-clothed young man an apology!

’’How.. how could he have followed me?’’ Nan Men Xin couldn't believe it.

A powerful Transcendent.

As a Transcendent, he would have only needed to use a little effort. If he used the Dragon Mountain Manor, for example, he would have been able to apply pressure on the entire Sky Fire Trade Union. Instead, he first killed a vice president and then eliminated an entire team of assassins. Was it really necessary to oppose a simple trade union in this fashion? This Transcendent even bothered to monitor them during this? Why would a majestic Transcendent be so bored?

Nan Meng Xin didn't know.

Whilst laying low and tracking demons, Xue Ying had felt furious over the Sky Fire Trade Union's actions and enjoyed feeling like a knight-in-shining-armour. Nevertheless, he had been unwilling to expose his Transcendent powers. Saving someone was only a minor consideration for him, and there was no need to make a fuss over his actions, but his chivalrous acts had now bore fruit and enabled him to catch a big fish!

’’Commence the final strike!’’ The silver-robed leader and other elders intently watched the battle. Legend rankers were not qualified to fight in this conflict;they would only be sacrificing their lives needlessly if they participated.



Xue Ying gazed at the 21 figures who surrounded him. They ranged from females and males of varying statures and ages. These people seemed ordinary, but based on their alarming speed when they came to surround him, these 21 combatants were anything but ordinary!

’’He~’’one of the old figures let out a ferocious growl.

Black fur appeared on his skin, and canine-like teeth protruded from his mouth. A layer of scales also appeared on his body. In an instant, he changed into a scaled beast. The scales' surface also had the strange black fur. His teeth and fingernails looked like daggers. His appearance was similar to that of the demons.

It was not only him;the other 20 people also transformed into monstrous appearances. Their auras also totally changed.

’’Demon transformation?’’ Xue Ying smiled. ’’I'm actually witnessing the demon transformation of 21 demon transformation experts. Looks like I found a really important place. Are you all part of the Demonic Faction, or are you all underlings of another demonic god?’’

Demon transformation.

This was a special method common among those from the Deep Abyss.

Whether one was an ordinary demon or a demonic god high above others, all demon-related entities were famous for their tyrannical bodies! During cultivation, the Dark Abyss demonic gods placed special emphasis on developing their physique.

As with those Transcendents associated with and dependent upon the Demonic Faction, they practiced the superior demonic bloodline cultivation manual techniques and were therefore able to cultivate body tempering techniques. When they activated these techniques, their bodies would be covered with scales along with other demonic characteristics. The Transcendents who joined the Demonic Faction... when they fully utilized their power, their bodies would likewise be covered with scales, giving them astounding defense and strength. Their bodies were nearly indestructible, and even those who were not Transcendents yet still extremely strong had nearly indestructible bodies.

The experts currently displaying their demon transformations before him were merely low level creatures.

After all, they were just mortals who were able to utilize demon transformations. Usually, only Meteor rank Knights or above could safely use this demon transformation technique. For mortals, it was tantamount to throwing away their lives, and rarely would they survive using it. If they were able to survive, however... their bodies would undergo an actual demon transformation, and they would gain powerful strength and a lifespan identical to a Transcedent's.

’’Kill!’’ shouted the 21 figures in unison.

Chi chi chi A magic array quietly activated. While the whole castle's refiner array was normally unobtrustive, the castle occupants could exponentially increase the array's magic power instantly in a life-death situation by withdrawing an important pairing array contraption. The rise in power made the array's force comparable to a Saint Transcendent's power. In truth, an array contraption that was capable of making the magic array this powerful was probably worth over five hundred contribution points!

Countless snake-like threads extended from the magic array. The threads came from all directions, wrapping around Xue Ying and binding him.

’’Interesting,’’ Xue Ying exposed a trace of happiness. He understood the value of that array contraption. If he could capture it for himself, he would make a large profit.

Xue Ying was earning a large gain from having followed Nan Meng Xin.


A flying dart appeared in Xue Ying's hand.

Extreme Piercing!

Extreme Piercing was able to use anything, even rustling leaves, as a medium. Shua! The flying dart instantly disappeared and reappeared more than a hundred meters underground. The dart then directly pierced a revolving crystal ball. This crystal ball was the array's kinetic core. Since the array contraption was priceless, Xue Ying was reluctant to destroy it. The crystal ball was a simple tool that was able to transform energy and was thus a common, low-priced item.

Pa, the crystal ball was destroyed.

The magic energy powering the array immediately stopped. The countless threads binding Xue Ying also dissipated.

Sou, sou, sou. With a swing of Xue Ying's hand, 21 strands of Transcendent Qi flew in all directions. Every strand of the Transcendent Qi spun, and with pu-pu-pu sounds, a strand penetrated the head of every transformed demon. Without exception, they all collapsed instantly to the floor, dead.

’’Not bad. The strongest among these transformed demon guys was a mid-Sky realm Transcendent,’’ said Xue Ying softly. Within those twenty-one transformed demons, fifteen were peak stage Legend rankers, five were initial stage Sky realm, and one was a middle stage Sky realm. Of course, in front of Xue Ying, there was no difference between them. He could easily reap their lives.

Xue Ying raised his head and looked at the distant balcony of the inner castle. The silver-robed leader precisely stood at that balcony.

’’This.. this array... how could it...’’ the silver-robed leader was devastated. Why did the powerful array suddenly collapse? Twenty-one powerful emissaries, perished in an instant?

Xue Ying continue to stride forward.

He walked towards the inner castle.

He breezily walked on with a smile hanging on his face. Xue Ying was happy because this time he really made a big harvest.

Come on.

Let me have a taste of what tricks you still have!


Suddenly the space in front of the castle began to distort. A frightening aura also began to exude from the space.

’’Mn?’’ Xue Ying's expression changed when he looked at the distortion. That distortion faintly echoed with a distant external world and started to resonate! A terrifying force, separated by billions of kilometers distance, pried its way through the material world barrier to enter there.

A towering figure began to condense.

The silver-robed leader on the balcony immediately kneeled, shouting, ’’The Demonic God is coming!’’

’’The Demonic God is coming!’’ The other elders and Nan Meng Xin also kneeled with pale faces.


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