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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 17


Book 7: Chapter 17 - A Great Disaster

Xue Ying was overlooking the castle from high up in the sky. Under the careful observation of his World Energy, every action - from the moment Nan Meng Xin entered the castle to his discussion with the Left Elder - had been heard clearly by him.

This is truly a big fish! Xue Ying's current mood was quite pleasant.

Actually, the combat power of mortals could not be recognised solely based on external appearances. After all, Qi was stored within the Dantian Qi Sea, and one could never examine it. Like the moment Xue Ying became a Legend ranker, if he did not say so, then nobody would have known.

Even if it was a powerful Transcendent, as long as they prevented their aura from leaking out, no one would be unable to discern the other party's combat power.

This was the same for demons as well. The moment they hid their auras so that no one could find them, even human Demigods would not be able to find a single one of them!


After observing with the World Energy, he had only discovered that this castle was a Refiner Mage's castle, with several refiner arrays in it. Other than a large amount of servants and bodyguards, he could not discover anything special about it.

However, the moment Nan Meng Xin spoke at the front gates of the castle, everything was revealed.

’’Who is it?’’ The guard of the castle asked.

’’B15, looking for Left Elder.’’ Nan Meng Xin respectfully replied.

Just this simple exchange of words made Xue Ying feel joy.

Who was Nan Meng Xin?

He was the President of the upright Sky Fire Trade Union! His own combat power was that of a Silver Moon Knight. This trade union controlled a financial power worth millions of gold coins, with many branches stationed in various places around the province. Its status was so high that it was comparable to that of Legend rankers.

Such a powerful character actually called himself 'B15'? And he even wanted to 'meet the Left Elder'? From his respectful attitude at the gates with the guards, he did not dare to be arrogant and presumptuous?

Maybe it is a branch of the Sorcerer Palace? Or a branch of the Demonic Faction? Or the General Altar of a Demonic God? Xue Ying was trying to analyse this situation.

In the mortal world, for an organisation to make Nan Meng Xin, the President of the Sky Fire Trade Union, be respectful to someone meant that this secretive organisation must have heaven-shattering status.

And most likely, it should be a Transcendent organisation.

The Sorcerer Palace, Demonic Faction or even the General Altar of the Demonic God! The latter two factions had been chased by the Temple of the Earth God for a long time.

All of them were hidden deep in the world. For one to be able to exterminate one of them, the Temple of the Earth God's reward... was not worse than killing a first or second rank demon!

Currently all Transcendents are searching for demons, and the demons have hidden themselves well. Until today, I've yet to find any traces of them. Xue Ying revealed a grin. But at least, there are finally some results now.

He had finally secured 100 to 200 contribution points.

According to how important this location was, there might even be more rewards!


Whilst guarding the gates of the castle, even though the guards were very bored, they were still standing ramrod straight, vigilantly watching their surroundings for any disturbances.


Suddenly, a gust of wind swept over them before a black-robed teenager appeared in front of the gates.

’’Who is it?’’ The guard of the castle was startled. It was too fast for them to follow.

’’B15, looking for Left Elder.’’ The black-robed teenager grinned.

At this moment, the guards of the castle had a huge change in expression!


The one who entered previously was B15!

’’Enemy!’’ Immediately, the guard yelled out, his voice reaching the inner castle and creating an uproar that could be heard throughout the castle. Everyone was panicking. This location was too important. Many of them had been guarding this location for a long time, with some even staying for decades without leaving! After all, the Clan who owned this territory was quite powerful, and nobody would dare to invade it.

But right now, someone was invading it?

If this base was exposed, then the consequences would be dire!

’’You are right. I am the enemy.’’ Xue Ying grinned at that guard, before kicking out twice.

Peng! Peng!

The two enormous doors of the castle, which were sealed shut and made up of materials weighing over 50,000 kilogram, were kicked wide open! Cracks could be seen propagating along the walls beside the entrance as the two heavy stone doors flew apart! Like an ordinary person kicking a stone, these two extremely hefty doors with a weight over 50,000 kilograms immediately flew across the distance and directly smashed against a construct. Hong long long. Everything was broken apart. Some guards that were rushing out had either been directly crushed to death or disabled. Sounds of wailing reverberated through the air.

The guards stationed at the entrance were all dumbfounded. No Legend rank expert could be this formidable.

Xue Ying casually walked inside.

Hong Immediately, a Legend rank expert started manipulating the World Energy to determine what just happened.

’’Hmph.’’ Previously Xue Ying had merely borrowed the World Energy as a feeler, but he was now using it as force! His powerful control over the World Energy brought immense, intangible pressure down on the region, preventing the Legend rank experts from utilizing World Energy.

’’Kill, kill him at all costs.’’ A higher-up commander within the castle had realised something was amiss, yet this location was extremely important and could not be lost. Even if he died, this location must not be taken away. Before the enemy was dead, they must move away all the important treasures!


’’The invader should be a Transcendent.’’ The highest ranked leader of the castle was someone garbed in a silver robe. He was pale with anxiety, his heart beating fiercely. ’’I hope we can kill this Transcendent. No, we must kill him. This location cannot be lost! Definitely not.’’

’’Master Bing, the outer corridors were captured.’’

’’The broken-stone trap doors have fallen.’’

’’Failure. He has no injuries whatsoever after walking out of the pile of collapsed stones.’’

’’Let out all the poisonous gas;poison him to death!’’ The silver-robed leader's voice was shaking.


It was futile.

Xue Ying was a Saint rank Transcendent, so he was able to easily push everything in his path away. With World Energy, he was distinctly aware of all disturbances happening in this castle along with the identity of the primary leader! Yet he was not in a rush and slowly walked towards his destination. He wanted to see... if the primary leader of this castle would be able to lure the bigger 'fish' out.

He was full of confidence.

What a joke, he could handle almost any Saint Transcendents, albeit the top ten Saint rankers on the Saint Ranking might give him a headache. But with his Extreme Piercing, he could always escape during a fierce battle.

So what was he afraid of?

Even if it was an enemy he could not defeat, he would just inform Faction Head Si Kong Yang or Eternal Wind Knight and ask them to rush over! Or maybe ask all the powerful Demigods in the Xia Clan to rush over.

Within this mortal world, the Xia Clan ruled everything!

No one would directly clash against them! They would not be able to win against the Xia Clan. Thus, these demons could only retreat.

Let me see if you have any other formidable means. Xue Ying destroyed all of the attacks coming towards him as if they were just some weak, rotten objects. At the same time, he observed the people within the castle to see what they were planning to do.

’’Faster, faster, faster!’’

’’Prepare everything!’’

’’Mobilize all the Bronze Emissaries, Silver Emissaries and Gold Emissaries.’’

’’Prepare the arrays!’’

Pandemonium was everywhere. They knew that the enemy this time was a Transcendent, which caused them to be very frantic. Even if they were to die in battle, they must protect this place! This truly was a location that could not be lost to the enemy.

The Left Elder was also one of the Elders with the highest position in the castle.

He hurried into the inner castle. Nan Meng Xin and the others rushed behind him.

Sou sou sou, their speeds were fast and soon, they reached the inner part of the castle.

Rising forward in one bound

They reached the highest corridor, which was barred by railings in the inner castle, and stood there as they looked ahead. They saw the majestic castle collapsing from the distance, as if there was a monster coming in their direction. Everything in its path was annihilated! Nothing could block its way.

’’So powerful!’’ The Left Elder looked clearly at that black-robed teenger who was leisurely walking forward and destroying everything coming his way. It was as if all methods stored in the castle meant to kill Transcendents had been a joke to him.

’’It's him?’’ Nan Meng Xin let out a gasp. He had long received from his spies a drawing of Xue Ying's post-transformation appearance.

’’You recognise him?’’ The Left Elder turned towards him. Several other people also looked towards him too.

Nan Meng Xin was extremely nervous. He nodded, ’’Yes. That is the black-robed teenager whom this subordinate reported of. Hew as the one who killed Vice President Yin!’’

’’Ah! So that's him?’’ Left Elder widened his eyes, his expression turning pale. ’’So it's you who led him over!’’

’’I, I...’’ Nan Meng Xin's expression also turned pale.

’’Because of that Vice President Yin, a small dog character, you actually invited such a disaster to our organisation, provoking such a frightening Transcendent.’’ The Left Elder was so angry that he pointed at Nan Meng Xin with shaking fingers. ’’You, you...’’

This sort of disaster was something that even the higher-up echelons above Nan Meng Xin could not dodge even with their death. Most likely, after they died, even their souls would be tortured immensely!

’’I, I really didn't know. I didn't know...’’ Nan Meng Xin understood that he had actually invited such a heaven-shattering disaster!


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