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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 15


Book 7: Chapter 15 - Big Fish (I)

People came and went within the restaurant. Waiters would walk here and there, serving the customers. When Xue Ying had killed Baron Yin and his group, he had not cleaned up their bodies.

Thus in a short while, a waitress who was serving the higher floors discovered their bodies.

After screaming in shock, she rushed back down to tell her boss what she had witnessed.

’’What! Baron Yin died on the third floor?’’ The fat owner of the restaurant had an instant change in expression - he was shocked, and felt like the sky was going to collapse! It was only after a moment of time before his spirit returned. Wiping cold sweat off his head, he cleared his throat in an effort to calm himself down. For him to be able to open a restaurant within the county, he must have been an astute person. He knew how big and powerful the Sky Fire Trade Union was.

’’I'm doomed, doomed... If I cannot survive through this disaster, then I'm really doomed.’’ The fat boss immediately brought his bodyguards with him up to the third floor. He saw that there were two corpses outside of the private room, and four corpses within, with blood stains left on the ground.

’’Boss, what should we do?’’ asked one of the bodyguards, who felt uneasy.

The fat boss examined the entire room thoroughly. The pieces from the torn clothes and knives used for 'painting' had been destroyed by Xue Ying as he did not want to leave behind any evidence that could implicate the ordinary waitress.

’’Very formidable. Two Meteor bodyguards were immediately killed without any time to retaliate!’’ the fat boss mumbled. ’’The murderer must be, at the very least, a Silver Moon Knight! The windows of this room are locked from within, thus the murderer should not have escaped from the windows. Little Five, hurry downstairs and ask who came up earlier, especially if they were strangers with formidable combat power!’’

’’Yes, boss.’’ A bodyguard immediately rushed downwards. Very quickly, he returned, answering in a low voice, ’’Boss, I asked around. Other than our waitresses, there was a black-robed youngster who entered the room.’’

’’A black-robed youngster?’’ The fat boss' expression changed slightly. ’’Where is this person now?’’

’’He is currently sitting by himself at the table beside the window on the second floor, enjoying his meal and drinking!’’ The bodyguard replied softly.

This fat boss was shocked again.

’’Little Five, stay here and stand guard. Do not allow anyone to act presumptuously. Also, the entire third floor is now completely sealed, and no one is allowed to come up.’’ The fat boss ordered. ’’As for the rest of you, follow me.’’

The fat boss led a bodyguard down the third floor.

When he reached the second floor, the fat boss scanned through all the guests on the second floor with a single glance. Most of them were eating with their friends, with only Xue Ying sitting by himself! Furthermore, he was currently seated by the windows, and he was a youngster wearing a black robe... naturally, the fat boss knew he was the person whom he was looking for.

When the fat boss glanced in his direction, Xue Ying, who was currently holding onto his cup of wine, had a neutral expression. This jolted the heart of that fat boss. He squeezed out a smile and hurried all the way down.

Behind the restaurant...

’’He isn't scared at all, sitting there drinking his wine so calmly...? Maybe he has some grudges with the Sky Fire Trade Union?’’ The fat boss contemplated over it, before ordering, ’’Little Seven, pass on a message to the Sky Fire Trade Union, tell them that Baron Yin has died in the private room of the third floor of our restaurant. The murderer is currently still seated within the second floor drinking his wine!’’

’’Yes.’’ The bodyguard immediately acknowledged the order.

After watching the fleeting figure of his bodyguard disappear, the fat boss, who had some worry etched on his face, murmured to himself, ’’This is so sudden... Do you think maintaining this restaurant is such an easy task? Why must such a troublesome matter happen in my establishment?’’ Ai, he thought, shaking his head ’’I hope I can survive through this. It will be my fortune if the matter was closed without the Sky Fire Trade Union putting too much pressure on me. Otherwise, I can only report this matter to the Dragon Mountain Manor!’’

That was what he had thought, however, he understood that even if he struggled to stay alive, it would not merely lead to some small issues with the Sky Fire Trade Union. Thus, his best hope was for the Sky Fire Trade Union not to be too vicious!


Very quickly.

Within half an hour, the Sky Fire Trade Union dispatched someone from the higher-ups to the third floor of the restaurant in order to examine what had happened. When they passed by the second floor, they saw that Xue Ying was still drinking his wine there. Xue Ying had even given them a glance without a change in expression.


Within an extravagant pavilion in the headquarters of the Sky Fire Trade Union.

The President Nan Meng Xin was seated on the main seat. He was over ninety years of age, yet because he was a Silver Moon Knight, his external appearance was akin to that of a middle-aged man, someone of high prestige.

’’How did Vice President Yin die? Describe to me in detail what you saw.’’ Nan Meng Xin squinted his eyes, showing cold intent in them.

In the Sky Fire Trade Union, there were some sections that specialised in dealing with business, while other sections specialised in fighting.

As the President, Nan Meng Xin controlled the entire group in the palm of his hand.

As for Baron Yin... even though his personality might have been twisted, his business acuity was quite spectacular. The profits he brought to the Sky Fire Trade Union had allowed them to expand and grow stronger.

’’Vice President Yin and his underlings were all killed by hidden weapons, including his two Meteor rank bodyguards!’’ a thin and weak-looking old man immediately answered. ’’The hidden weapons were found - they were copper coins! Standard official copper coins.’’

’’Standard official copper coins?’’ Some of the other businessmen belonging to the highest echelon were startled.

’’That's right, standard official copper coins! From the positions they were standing at, Baron Yin and his bodyguards were all upright, and in the midst of taking out their weapons, implying that they were prepared to attack. However, in the blink of an eye, all of them died! Within the room, there were no signs of a battle occurring. This clearly indicates that the two Meteor Knights did not even have the power to retaliate! From my preliminary investigation, the murderer should be an extremely formidable Silver Moon Knight who specialises in hidden weapons. He might even be a Legend rank Knight.’’

’’An extremely formidable Silver Moon Knight or a Legend Knight?’’ Nan Meng Xin frowned.


Who killed him? Was it for vengeance? Or was it done to declare war against the Sky Fire Trade Union?

Even though the Sky Fire Trade Union was powerful, they did not have any Legend rankers. Thus, if they were to fight against a Legend ranker... it would be quite troublesome!

’’Right now, we can conclude with a large certainty that the murderer is the black-robed teenager.’’ The thin and weak-looking old man continued his explanation. ’’When we went down to the restaurant, that black-robed teenager was still there. He even grinned at us... and is most likely provoking us.’’

’’He even dared to provoke us?’’ Nan Meng Xin's expression changed. ’’Very good. Since he dared to fight his way to our door, our Sky Fire Trade Union will not lower our head. Blood Hand!’’

’’Here.’’ A powerful man with a face full of scars stood up.

Blood Hand was the strongest person in the entire Sky Fire Trade Union.

’’Bring some of your experts and three sets of Deity Exterminating Crossbows with you!’’ Nan Meng Xin had a ferocious expression. ’’He dared to anger our Sky Fire Trade Union. Our Sky Fire Trade Union isn't some random group that can be provoked so easily by a lone stranger without us retaliating back. After all, our group has been flourishing for over hundreds of years. Hmph. Even if you are a Legend expert, we'll just kill you directly!’’

’’Yes!’’ Blood Hand's eyes were full of tyrannical excitement.

The Deity Exterminating Crossbow was an extremely terrifying weapon refined by a Refiner mage, with enough power to threaten the lives of Legend rankers. Just a set of Deity Exterminating Crossbow would cost 600,000 gold pieces to refine! Furthermore, it was not something that could be bought so easily with gold. Instead, it was a weapon guarded by the military. Even though it was not sold to outsiders, some of the extremely powerful groups were still able to get their hands on them. Being able to bring out three sets for this matter showed how big and powerful the Sky Fire Trade Union really was.


The sky gradually darkened.

Xue Ying finally walked out of the restaurant. All actions carried out by the Sky Fire Trade Union had been under his observation. For instance, the woman selling flowers by the road, or the child beggar on the other side of the road, and even the couple within the crowd - they were all spies planted by the Sky Fire Trade Union! These spies were meant to stalk him.

’’He came out!’’

’’He entered the Fifth Alley.’’

The Fifth Alley was deserted. This move of his made those from Sky Fire Trade Union happy inwardly . After all, the laws of the empire was not something they could ignore. They did not dare to just kill him on the streets with so many people walking around.

’’He really is seeking his own death. Everyone, prepare yourselves. Legend rankers are able to utilise the World Energy, and that itself is a huge threat to us. Thus, the moment he enters the ambush area, immediately use the Deity Exterminating Crossbows to pressure him!’’ Blood Hand sent down the order. He was looking at the scene with a savage expression, and was looking forward to the result, ’’He dared to offend our Sky Fire Trade Union whilst also being so arrogant... Hmph, in a while, we will see who has the last laugh!’’


A black-robed teenager came walking down the dark alley.

’’He is here!’’ Blood Hand's eyes brightened.

Suddenly, the black-robed teenager looked in his direction, grinning at him with white teeth.


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