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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 7 - Chapter 14


Book 7: Chapter 14 - A Few Coins

The two Meteor rank bodyguards behind her stared in confusion as Lady You Yue anxiously walked to the window area. They saw her approach the side of a black-clothed youngster who sat there.

’’Mn?’’ Lady You Yue said, slightly startled.

Not same.

This was a stranger's face.

The black-clothed youngster looked at her. ’’This Lady, what's wrong?’’

’’I mistook you for someone else,’’ answered Lady You Yue.

After she spoke, she walked towards the stairs. There were many people under heaven who had similar looks. Likewise, how could a dignified Transcendent existence be drinking wine alone in a restaurant? This time she had indeed misidentified someone!

She gestured for her two bodyguards to follow her and walked down the stairs.

’’She recognized me,’’ laughed Xue Ying. Going out this time, he had only changed his face. After all there were too many people who knew his face! In the first place, there was the Dragon Mountain Book. Big and powerful clans were able to get his basic information from that book, including his facial features. As for his back figure, unless that person was really familiar with him, no one would be able to figure it out.

’’Looks like the Kong Clan's days have been spent relatively well,’’ Xue Ying affirmed. No matter what Kong You Yue was still part of his childhood memories. It was a good thing that she could live well.


Suddenly, Xue Ying's expression changed and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.


Inside the private room on third floor.

Baron Yin sat inside, and his face unsightly.

’’Master.’’ The old man next to him said with low voice, ’’This Kong You Yue doesn't know how to appreciate your favor! She only relied on her relationship with Dong Bo Xue Ying. Perhaps Dong Bo Xue Ying already forgot about her. With that kind of vague relationship, she dared to be so presumptuous in front of you! In the past, we never took any regard towards this Kong Clan. That year, her Kong Clan had some luck and bought a big inn inside the province capital. Since she didn't give you any face, we could just secretly...’’ he used his hand to make a cutting gesture across his throat.

He could sense that his master was extremely furious.


Baron Yin shook his head.

In the past, the Kong Clan was not worth mentioning. They were not worth noticing in the past because, all of their clan's property barely reached one million gold coins. Even that wealth was all because of Kong You Yue working hard for more than twenty years. Currently, because the price of inns and residences in the province capital had significantly risen the Kong Clan's wealth now reached over five million gold coins! This evaluation was a big increase. Actually, thanks to the demon invasion, big clans rushed to settle inside province capitals. Powerful Transcendent clans that resided inside capital provinces were the ones who earned the biggest profits.

’’We cannot afford to provoke a Transcendent!’’ Said Baron Yin gloomily, ’’For an inn, it's not worth the danger!’’

’’Understood,’’ the old man replied respectfully.

Knock, knock, the sound came from the private room's door.

Zhi ya

The door opened as a waitress entered and asked, with beautiful smile, ’’My lord, may I serve the food?’’

’’Serve food?’’ Baron Yin already had belly full of anger. He glanced at the waitress who had just entered. Those who were chosen to serve the third floor private room guests were young and beautiful women with good figures. Their body parts that were suppose to be curved were curved and the parts that were suppose to perked up were perked up. Baron Yin ogled the waitress' body with a knife-like stare. His gaze made the waitress feel nervous and uneasy.

’’Close the door!’’ said Baron Yin calmly.

’’Understood.’’ The two guards outside immediately closed the private room's door.

’’My lord?’’ Probed the waitress nervously.

’’I want to paint!’’ Baron Yin said in a muffled voice.

The waitress was secretly relieved, Paint? Paint what?

’’Hurry up.’’ Urged the old man. The two Meteor rank bodyguards inside the room also took a step closer, surrounding the waitress.

’’What do you want!’’ said the shocked waitress.

’’Mfff’’ Her mouth was covered.

At the same time, one of the Meteor rank bodyguards took out a coil of rope and skillfully tied her while the other Meteor rank bodyguard ripped off her clothes to reveal her youthful white and fair skin. This harassment made the waitress panic, but she was unable to struggle since she was tied tightly with rope. She also wanted to scream but her mouth was sealed, so she could only let out a muffled sound.

Since knights have an acute sense of hearing, this private room was soundproof. If not, any talk or business inside the private room could be heard from the outside.

Moreover the soundproofing was a high quality one, so that even if the people inside shouted or screamed loudly, only a soft and faint voice would be heard from outside.


Baron Yin stood up with a wave of his hand, a plate appeared in his hand. Knives of various sizes were placed on the plate.

The knives were sharp and glinted with a cold light.

’’Kong You Yue, she really put me in a bad mood.’’ Baron Yin took one of the knives and looked at the terrified waitress. He sneered, ’’Don't be afraid. I just want to paint on your body!

’’Using your blood as paint and your fair skin as a canvas, you will surely be radiant. Do not struggle and obediently let me paint, so only you will die. If you struggle too much and make me unhappy while I'm painting, not only you, but your whole family will die too.’’

The old man and the two Meteor rank bodyguards on the side calmly looked at her.

They were already accustomed to this type of behavior.

Baron Yin was the vice president of a trade union. He would 'paint' when he was furious or overjoyed. When he was furious, he would paint to vent his anger. After all, as vice president, he held a lot of power. If he wasn't cool-headed, it would have spelled trouble.

Pa The private room's door suddenly opened from the outside.

’’Mn?’’ Baron Yin angrily looked outside. The old man and the two bodyguards also looked outside.

They only saw the two guards lying on the floor.

A black-clothed youngster walked in.

’’Mn.. mmm... mmm’’ The tied waitress tried her hardest to struggle.

’’Who are you?’’ Baron Yin gloomily asked, ’’You dare to kill people? Killing people is breaking the empire law!’’ With a glance, he knew that the two guards were already dead.

’’Oh, you also know the empire's law?’’ Xue Ying shook his head as he walked towards the tied waitress.

’’Hmph.’’ One of Meteor rank bodyguards beside the waitress angrily unsheathed his sword.


With just a sound, a hole appeared in the Meteor rank bodyguard's forehead. He widened his eyes, frighteningly looked at his body and limply fell to the ground. Fresh blood flowed on the private room's floor.

’’Not good.’’

Baron Yin, the old man and the other Meteor rank bodyguard's hearts sank.

To be able to instantly kill a Meteor rank expert with a secret weapon meant that this youngster was also able to kill the three of them very easily. Moreover, Baron Yin and the old man were a lot weaker as neither of them were even at the Star realm yet.

’’I am the Vice President of the Sky Fire Trade Union, Yin Dan,’’ Baron Yin evenly said, ’’This time's offence and shame, I will definitely use all my might to seek compensation.’’

The Sky Fire Trade Union was one of the top three Trade Unions in the Azure River County. They had businesses inside and outside of the Tranquil Sun Province.

Huala. The rope that bound the waitress broke apart. Xue Ying took off the clothes from the man nearby and gave them to her. After all, it was still spring and the weather in Azure River County was still cold, and her clothes were also completely ripped apart. The waitress would be able to use these clothes to cover herself.

’’Thank you my Lord,’’ The waitress still suffered from shock.

’’Compensation?’’ Xue Ying took out three copper coins. Baron Yin and his henchmen were completely terrified. The Baron said, ’’I'm a baron, a noble, and also the Vice President of Sky Fire Trade Union. You can't kill me.’’

Pu! Pu! Pu!

With a flash, each coin flew and made a hole in the Baron Yin, the old man, and the Meteor rank bodyguard's forehead. With terrified expressions, their bodies limply fell to the ground.

The waitress covered her mouth, terrified. The Vice President of Sky Fire Trade Union died just like that? Killed by a copper coin that even ordinary villagers would not care about?

’’Wasted several copper coins,’’ Xue Ying muttered. If he had been willing to expose his power, he could have instantly killed them by utilizing the World Energy, but he was still on his mission to search and find traces of demons. He needed to be restrained and did not want to reveal his Transcendent skills, so he used copper coins to killed these mortals.

’’The Sky Fire Trade Union will definitely investigate this matter. You should first enter another private room,’’ Xue Ying said warmly to the waitress, ’’If you go downstairs with this appearance, people will suspect you.’’

’’Okay,’’ nodded the waitress.

’’Go ahead, no need to worry too much,’’ said Xue Ying. There was no need to worry, because he planned on lingering around the Azure River County for a month. He would naturally clear up the mess and not implicate the waitress. She was only an ordinary person, how could she face Sky Fire Trade Union?

He looked at the waitress who exited and entered another smaller room nearby. That room was the waitress room, where some clothes were stored.

Xue Ying openly went out of the room and descended the stairs back to the second floor. He sat back at his original table near the window and continued to enjoy his wine slowly.


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