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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 9


Book 6: Chapter 9 - Time

In the blink of an eye, another year passed.

On this particular day, Xue Ying was still reading through the books. The more he read, the more he came to love reading these books.

This was because every single Demigod was a legend. Some of their experiences were extremely mysterious, and were able to broaden Xue Ying's general knowledge. He understood more of the Deities and the Dark Abyss.

’’... On this day, as Palace Head He Wen was contemplating through the models of spells, a Deity World projection suddenly descended. This was the very first Deity who came from the Xia Clan - ancestor Emperor Yun Hai, and also an ancestor of the Sea Deity Palace.’’ Xue Ying read through the books about this Demigod.

’’Palace Head He Wen respectfully greeted! 'Being able to project down into the mortal world shows that Emperor Yun Hai's had reached an even more profound level of Deity.'’’

’’Emperor Yun Hai sent down three top grade secret techniques but Palace Head He Wen requested guidance from Emperor Yun Hai.’’

’’Emperor Yun Hai said... 'There is no helpful guidance if you want to become a Deity. That time, I shared my cultivational experiences with a good friend of mine who just became a Deity. Who would have thought that he would run amok, causing the True Deity Heart to shatter and die on the spot. I felt regret after that. Ever since, I have realised that cultivation is a private matter. During the beginning periods, there might be the possibility of giving some pointers. However, the further one goes, the less one should be given guidance. That was because every powerful Transcendent or Deity would have their own path to walk. If I were to purposefully point the way ahead, it would only make the cultivator feel at a loss in what to do.'’’

’’'The more you want my guidance, the more I can only say... ask your heart! The more determined your beliefs are, the more you persist in wanting to walk down this path, then just walk. Maybe this road of yours might not lead to a great accomplishment, but at the very least, if you were to become a Deity, as long as you walk down on your firm road, you will not run amok and cause your True Deity Heart to shatter.'’’

’’'As for the details of cultivation, I'll not say anything. The more I say, the more I might mislead you.'’’

As Xue Ying read through this passage of words, he was enlightened.

He finally found it!

The content he desired the most had been found by him!

'Emperor Yun Hai is an ancestor who became a Deity. Furthermore, he was able to project himself down to this world, showing that he must be a powerful Deity! I believe that the words he said must have some reasoning behind.' Xue Ying was extremely excited.

During this past year or so...

Xue Ying read through many of the books. From them, he understood more about the discussion on one's cultivation path by the Xia Clan's ancestors.

There were a few ancestors who thought that cultivation should be based on one's heart! Even if one met an obstacle, one should experience it themselves. Some of the heaven-shaking Demigods and Deities written about in history all walked down this path.

As for the majority of the ancestors, they thought that cultivation should be set down a certain direction. Every step one took, one would comprehend more and improve in one's combat ability. This would be more efficient. A huge amount of Demigods did it this way, and many Deities had tried this method as well.

The latter method was more efficient.

And it would allow the Xia Clan to have more Demigods! And that was what the elders of Xia Clan taught the other Transcendents.


The true heaven-shaking Transcendents would follow their own heart, for instance - 'Qiu Chi Bai'.

Qiu Chi Bai had cultivated the original Profound Mystery of Wind in Myriad Existences in the beginning, before grasping hold of the 'True Meaning of Void Cleavage'. In the future, he might become the number one Transcendent under the heavens! Thus, this kind of cultivation based on one's head... would see some famous heaven-shaking characters emerging out. For instance, the strongest Demigod in the recent history - the Demigod 'Purgatory Knight' jie Li was someone who cultivated based on his heart.

This kind of Demigod could fight against a group of Demigods all alone!


'What Emperor Yun Hai said is right. Cultivation should be something private.'

'It should not be forced nor guided.'

Xue Ying's heart became firm.

With the kind of combat power that Emperor Yun Hai had, he was not even willing to guide any Demigods in fear of misleading them. Even though Si Kong Yang might be very powerful, compared to the Emperor Yun Hai who could project himself downwards, Si Kong Yang was much weaker.

If Emperor Yun Hai was in front of him right now, he would certainly be encouraging him to continue down and follow his heart.


In the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

Recently, a huge matter occurred. The oldest Situ Hong had attained the third level in Myriad Existences! He was instantly promoted to the second position. Comparing his potential, he had an even greater hope of comprehending a True Meaning than Dou Ru Ru had!

Third level of Realms in Myriad Existences - as long as he had another breakthrough, he would be able to grasp hold of a True Meaning.

’’Hua hua.’’

Two distant figures flew across, side-by-side.

One figure was male, while the other was female. The male was relatively tall and handsome while the female was full of charm.

In the distant peak of a mountain...

Xue Ying, Yu Feng, Pu Yong Bo and Zhang Peng were eating and drinking together.

’’Looking at how delighted that Situ Hong is makes me feel unhappy.’’ Pu Yang Bo laughed, ’’Amongst the nine of us, he is the one filled with most hypocrisy and inferiority. Who would have thought that he actually became the first amongst us to reach the third level in Realms of Myriad Existences.’’

’’Combat power has no relation with the character of a person.’’ Yu Feng laughed.

’’Ai.’’ Zhang Peng sighed, ’’Why is Disciple Sister Zhuo attracted to him?’’

’’Disciple Brother Zhang Peng, are you also thinking about Disciple Sister Zhuo Yi?’’ Xue Ying laughed as he joked.

The four of them had close relations.

Actually, Pu Yang Bo and Yu Feng had some confrontation a long time ago with Situ Hong. Situ Hong looked down upon those with weaker combat power, and previously, he was looking down on Pu Yang Bo and the rest. Ever since Xue Ying destroyed his own path towards the True Meaning of Water and Fire, Situ Hong had long ago broke off his relationship with Xue Ying.

’’Yeah. But it's a pity that Disciple Sister Zhuo Yi was never attracted to me.’’ Zhang Peng felt helpless.

’’Who asked your combat power to be so weak. From what I see, as long as your Profound Mystery of Space reaches the third level in Myriad Existences, Disciple Sister Zhuo Yi would look at you differently.’’ Yu Feng laughed.

’’What good is that kind of woman.’’ Pu Yang Bo held some disdain, ’’I despise them!’’

’’I would still like them, but what a pity. She is tightly held by that Situ Hong.’’ Zhang Peng shook his head.

’’Relax,’’ Xue Ying said. ’’Disciple Sister Zhuo Yi's criteria are extremely high. Right now, she is closer with Situ Hong. But I dare say... if Situ Hong really wishes to succeed in chasing after her, he will have to grasp hold of a True Meaning.’’

In the past, after he was considered as someone destroying his own future, Disciple Sister Zhuo Yi immediately created a distance with him which was extremely straightforward! How can this kind of woman be easily chased after.

The distant Situ Hong and Zhuo Yi were chatting happily, and Situ Hong turned his head deliberately towards Xue Ying to ridicule him.

’’Little clown.’’ Xue Ying could not care less about him.

He had never liked Zhuo Yi before in the past. Right now, when Situ Hong and Zhuo Yi became closer, he of course did not mind.


The days of cultivation were extremely peaceful. Six years had passed ever since Xue Ying was dropped to the ninth position. Even though Xue Ying's combat power became deeper and more powerful, his position was still on the ninth.

This year, the Tranquil Sun Province had actually produced two new Transcendents.

One was a young man of 30 years, a Transcendent called 'Yuan Qing'.

And the other was actually Yu Jing Qiu!

What made the entire Xia Clan's Transcendents exclaimed was that... a single province produced two Transcendents within the same year! That was something really rare.


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