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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 6


LXY Book 6: Chapter 6

Book 6: Chapter 6 - Bitterness and Fury

’’What!’’ Du Rou Rou, Wen Yong An, Zhuo Yi, Yu Feng and the other Transcendents were startled as they stared at Xue Ying, ’’He actually dared to act so recklessly!’’

They had after all, cultivated in the areas of Profound Mysteries of Space, Life and others. Thus, they were not specialised towards the Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire and Wind! As a result, Xue Ying's fierce and unpredictable spear techniques were something they did not understand... Xue Ying had already fused the Profound Mystery of Wind into the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire, with the three completely fused as one, completing each other like a single entity!

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, tell me.’’ Faction Head Si Kong Yang opened his mouth, though his expression was cold and his voice was likewise, cold, ’’Why do you dare do such a thing? Unless you don't know about the basic knowledge of cultivation?’’

’’I know.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

’’The road of cultivation is paved with many difficulties, with most Transcendents unable to step past the Sky realm. Those who can become a Saint were few and far between! As for those who can become a Demigod, they were rarely seen.’’ Si Kong Yang looked at Xue Ying, before continuing coldly, ’’Your innate talent is extremely high, and you had fused the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire at such a young age. At the same time, you have easily reached the second level in the Profound Mystery of Water and Fire! If this continues, within a hundred years, you will have hope of grasping the True Meaning of Water and Fire. And if you were to be slower, you will surely succeed within the next two hundred years. Saint realm is something already in the bag.’’

’’Transcendent Saint expert has a lifespan of 1500 years and you can certainly control the True Meaning of Water and Fire within 200 years! Concentrating further in your cultivation, and allowing the True Meaning of Water and Fire to grow deeper, you will have hopes of becoming a Demigod within 1000 years.’’

’’Your future is so bright and far, and our Xia Clan will have a hope of getting another Demigod!’’

’’We hold such great expectations for you!’’ Faction Head Si Kong Yang's eyes were swimming with coldness, ’’But you, what exactly did you do? You are destroying your own future!’’

’’Unless, do you not know this? The moment you take the wrong step in the road of cultivation, the moment you go down another path, it'll be very hard to return.’’ Si Kong Yang growled. He was feeling furious, unbelieving and sad at the same time.

The other Transcendents all gazed on this scene from the side.

They, too, felt that Xue Ying was crazy.

’’As long as you cultivate onwards, the Profound Mystery of Water and Fire will lead to the 'True Meaning of Water and Fire',’’ Si Kong Yang shouted, ’’But right now, you've fused the Profound Mystery of Wind into it, becoming what? Water, Fire and Wind? What kind of plaything is this? Do you have confidence that this road will not lead to a dead-end? Even though you are still young, should you realise that you've veered off the wrong path in the future, do you think you can still turn back and comprehend the True Meaning of Water and Fire?’’

A sheet of blank white paper was excellent for drawing.

As for a piece of paper that was filled with colours, wanting to alter it was really tough.

This was the reason-

Profound Mystery of Water and Fire was originally something Xue Ying cultivated, and that was good.

But right now, he added the Profound Mystery of Wind into it! And it had been fused entirely into a single entity.

Even if Xue Ying were to give up the 'Profound Mystery of Wind' in the future, he would never forget this moment! Ever since his understanding of the world reach a new stage, it would be hard to return back to his original position. Towards the understanding of the world, wanting to forget was something easier said than done!

’’I know what you are talking about.’’ Xue Ying started, ’’It's just that during my cultivation, I find that the Profound Mystery of Water and Fire isn't that perfect!’’

’’Then you decided to turn towards cultivating the Profound Mystery of Wind? And even fuse it into the other mysteries?’’ Si Kong Yang rebuked, ’’What the hell do you think is going on?’’

He really did not understand.

Originally, Xue Ying was a genius, and yet, why would he commit such a grave mistake?

Basic cultivation knowledge should be something all Transcendents know as the Infernal Palace would send a book to them.

’’Unless you don't understand that the road of cultivation is already very difficult or that nature itself is something so deep that we cannot comprehend it fully! Choosing a single direction, and following it down to the end will lead to greater chances of success!’’ Si Kong Yang could not understand his logic, ’’And you? Originally, your path of Profound Mystery of Water and Fire is an excellent path, yet why would you want pick the Profound Mystery of Wind, and even fuse it into your techniques? Water, Fire and Wind? In the entire history of the Xia Clan, nobody who cultivated these three Profound Mysteries has ever become someone great!’’

History is like a mirror.

Following what one was good at and choosing the strongest expert in the Xia Clan's history who had already succeeded in comprehending a True Meaning, step by step, this path taken by others would increase the chances of success.

And if a Transcendent were to just bury his head into cultivating in everything, it would be so chaotic. Maybe, there would be some heaven-shaking Transcendent genius emerging from that. But out of a thousand Transcendents... nine-hundred-ninety-nine of them would definitely face failure in the end.

’’You tell me, what is your direction when you are cultivating?’’ Si Kong Yang stared at Xue Ying. ’’Our Xia Clan's history has had so many ancestors, and that they have comprehended so many True Meanings, which one of them did you choose as your target?’’

’’The Purgatory Knight Jie Li!’’ Xue Ying suddenly answered, ’’Heavenly Wind Emperor Yuan Shan! Purple Emperor Yao Qing Tian!’’

He rapidly spouted three people.

These were all amazing characters spoken in history.

Two of them became Deities while one of them was the strongest Demigod in the entire history of Xia Clan.

’’What nonsense are you spouting!’’ Si Kong Yang angrily shouted, ’’Purgatory Knight Jie Li controlled the True Meaning of Purgatory, it was something related to the True Meaning of Destruction Flame! As for the Heavenly Wind Emperor Yuan Shan, he initially comprehended the True Meaning of Heavenly Wind, a True Meaning formed by the integration of wind and space. The Purple Thunder Emperor had comprehended the True Meaning of Purple Thunder in the past, something formed by the fusion of True Meaning of Thunder and Life. These three were grade three True Meanings, and all of them were different from yours!’’

Destruction Flame, Wind and Space, Thunder and Life...

Xue Ying's was Water, Fire and Wind!

They were completely different.

’’Ancestor Purgatory Knight Ji Li,’’ Xue Ying replied. ’’He vowed to burn and destroy everything evil. He was chasing after the extremity of destruction... and finally comprehended the Destruction Flame. In other words, Ji Li finally ended up comprehending what is now known as the True Meaning of Purgatory. ’’Heavenly Wind Emperor walked on the path of carefreeness. He did not like battling and loved to travel to the four corners of the world. His wind feels carefree, and space is everywhere... thus, he ended up comprehending the True Meaning of Heavenly Wind. Purple Thunder Emperor saved the injured and was originally a doctor. After waking the Thunder primordial bloodline, he would still continue to use his thunder to save others... thus ultimately comprehending the secretive True Meaning of Purple Thunder.’’

Si Kong Yang stared at him. All of these were things he knew.

The books depicting those existences in Xia Clan's history who became Deities would usually be read by most Transcendents. Jie Li was the person who won the most matches in the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, and was also the supposed strongest Demigods. Thus, many people would read the books depicting his existence as well.

’’What do you want to say?’’ Si Kong Yang continued staring.

’’They did not deliberately chase after any sort of True Meaning!’’ Xue Ying gently replied, ’’Ancestor Ji Li originally did not know of the True Meaning of Destruction Flames! The Heavenly Wind Emperor is too, just living carefreely and that he did not deliberately cultivate. As for the Purple Thunder Emperor, he just wanted to save lives. Before him, there had been no one who could fuse thunder, that had much destruction inherent in it, with life. The True Meaning of Purple Thunder is something he crafted himself.’’

’’These three ancestors had never deliberately chase after some sort of True Meaning.’’

’’And I, I am the same!’’

Xue Ying's eyes were filled with light, ’’Ever since my youth, I have been chasing after the perfection of my spear techniques! When I feel that my spear techniques are too hard and easy to break, I've comprehended the Profound Mystery of Water, fusing both water and fire together! And now that I feel that my spear techniques lack flexibility, adaptability and layering, I decided to comprehend the Profound Mystery of Wind and integrate it into my techniques.’’

’’I've never ever deliberately chase after the True Meaning of Water and Fire! What I am chasing after... it's the perfection of my spear techniques!’’

’’As for a True Meaning?’’

’’Whatever True Meaning I'll comprehend will be my True Meaning!’’

’’The road of Transcendent is a very difficult road to walk on. But because of my fanatical love for spear techniques, I'll walk on fearlessly!’’ Xue Ying said, ’’If I set down the True Meaning of Water and Fire as my goal, what reason will it be for? To become stronger and more powerful? To cultivate and just cultivate? I find this kind of target is just a form of torture for me!’’

Xue Ying finished saying what was in his mind.




Si Kong Yang was truly furious. Under his fury, the pressure he released enveloped everyone, ’’You think you are so amazing? Just merely chasing after your dream and casually cultivating? Yes, the Heavenly Wind Emperor lived carefreely, and become a Deity after casually cultivating. The Purple Thunder Emperor became a Deity after saving others! But how many of such people are there? You only see those who succeeded, and not the many who failed! But for the majority of experts who became a Demigod and finally, a Deity all had a direction which they took, letting them achieve their goals with less effort!’’

’’Right now, seeing that you've fused the Profound Mystery of Wind into the Profound Mystery of Water and Fire, you've already destroyed your own path!’’ Si Kong Yang bitterly said.

Amongst the nine of them...

He favoured Xue Ying seeing that he had a great chance of becoming a Demigod! A Demigod with a grade four True Meaning was still very formidable. In the future, he honestly felt that Xue Ying had a hope of succeeding his own position in becoming the next Water Daoist Faction Head.

But right now, that smooth road towards the True Meaning of Water and Fire had been destroyed by Xue Ying himself.

So how could he not feel the bitterness and the anger?

He was even more angry than Gong Yu!

’’Brother Chao Qing did his best in pushing the elders so that you could enter the list of Substitute Elders, allowing you to enter this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World!’’ Si Kong Yang was bitter and furious, ’’And yet, you've let down brother Chao Qing's hope for you! If we knew of this beforehand, in how foolish and arrogant you are, we would have not let you enter the Scarlet Cloud Mountain!’’


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