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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 5


Book 6: Chapter 5 - Fury

In mid-air...

A black-robed youthful looking man confronted another red-haired brawny man who had some flames revolving around him.

’’Master Hammer,’’ Xue Ying greeted respectfully.

’’Brat, be careful.’’ The red-haired brawny man carried a huge hammer in both his hands.

Beside them, at the halfway mark of up the bamboo house mountain, Si Kong Yang, Gong Yu and the other Transcendents were staring at them. Within their eyes, Xue Ying's rate of improvement could be considered as extreme. Having been in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World for just ten years, his combat power had reached the middle rank amongst them. And it was estimated that not long later, his Profound Mystery of Water and Fire would reach the third level. By then, his combat power would certainly be ranked at the top.

Comprehending the True Meaning of Water and Fire would occur soon.

Even though the 'True Meaning of Water and Fire' was just a grade four True Meaning, and was of a lower grade than the other's targeted third grade and second grade True Meaning, the chances of others comprehending the True Meaning was extremely low! At the most, only two or three would barely make it, but for Xue Ying, he would have close to hundred percent chance of comprehending it.

Having ten birds in the forest would not compare to having a bird present in one's hand. These eight Transcendents were certainly envious of Xue Ying.

Cultivating for only a hundred years or so, and he could control the True Meaning of Water and Fire.

He would most likely become a Demigod within a thousand years!

Likewise, the road he would travel as a Demigod had limitless opportunities! Even though the grade four True Meaning was weaker, comparing it with the other Demigods, only the Beast Clan's Great Elder Ao Lan had a stronger grade three True Meaning! If he could become a Demigod using the grade four True Meaning, he would certainly have the hopes of becoming a ranker in the Demigod rankings. Such a path on the Demigod road was extremely bright already.

Regarding disciple sister Zhuo Yi, she had always kept her distance from all other males. Due to her Extreme Yin Body, many men chased after her. Even those located in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain, Situ Hong, Zhang Peng also chased after her, yet she did not care about them.

She, however, kept a closer relationship with Xue Ying! Even though it was not something exaggerated like 'chasing after Xue Ying', this attitude of closeness was something the other male disciples had never encountered before. This made Situ Hong and the others feel jealous... but even if they were jealous, they could only bear with it! That was because they did not wish to make an enemy with someone who would certainly become a Transcendent with great combat power.

’’Disciple brother Wen, Disciple brother Dong Bo's spear techniques seems to have made a marked improvement.’’ Zhuo Yi quietly exchanged messages with Wen Yong An beside her.

’’Indeed, it seems difference as compared to the previous time.’’ Wen Yong An nodded slightly. His speciality was the Profound Mystery of Life, thus his attitude in treating others was extremely polite.


Xue Ying's spear danced as fast as a lightning bolt, stabbing out consecutively.

Just like a Flood Dragon flying out, it directly bombarded that red-haired brawny man! The red-haired brawny man held onto his big hammer, parrying against each of the consecutive attacks.

’’So unpredictable and fierce.’’ The red-haired brawny man was fully taxed dealing with those attacks. That was because as the spear rotated and plowed its way over, the next spear would be heavier than the first! Furthermore, every spear attack would be fleeting and erratic, just like how the wind moved. This kind of fleeting feeling made that red-haired brawny man feel great pressure. After all, Xue Ying's spear techniques were originally unpredictable and fierce. Right now, they became even more difficult to deal with.


The Qi secret technique revolving within Xue Ying's body was the 'Seven Stars Fire Calamity'. As the Qi revolved and integrated with his physical strength, his moves became fiercer and fiercer.

Within the past ten years, he had always depended on the Origin Stones in cultivating. Today, Xue Ying's Qi had reached the peak stage of the Sky realm! His body had long ago reached the peak stage of Sky realm... and today, it would be hard for his physique or Qi to breakthrough within a short period of time. Other than the comprehension of the Realms, for the Qi to breakthrough, he must also accumulating enough Transcendent Qi. For the body to reach the early stage of Saint realm, it would require a frightening 25,000 kilogrammes of Origin Stones! Xue Ying had only won over 5000 contribution points previously, and that amount was extremely lacking.

’’Hu hu hu!!!’’

Xue Ying's spear floated upwards and downwards as he wantonly and madly attacked.

Just like how a gale sweeps, or the tempestuous waves wash against the shoreline, one move was followed up by the next, and the power of one move would also be stacked onto the next, allowing Xue Ying's moves to be extremely coherent and of a great power. Unpredictability, fierceness and fleeting were all inherent within each strike.

’’Little brat, it seems that you are much stronger as compared to the previous time.’’ The red-haired brawny man awkwardly fought back. He could only depend on his much greater power, faster speed, and the huge surface area of the big hammer, that was akin to having two shields, in defending, before barely holding his ground. If he were to be using smaller weapons like that of the swords or sabers, he would certainly have been stabbed by Xue Ying's spear.

’’I'm still lacking by much as compared to you, Master Hammer.’’ Xue Ying fought heartily. After all, he had just made a breakthrough in his spear techniques.

’’Formidable, formidable.’’

Those who were viewing the battle - Wen Yong An, Du Rou Rou, Situ Hong, Zhang Peng, Yu Feng, Wu Cang and the others were all amazed.

’’His spear techniques became even more formidable.’’

’’It's much stronger as compared to the previous time! I'm afraid that only disciple sister Du amongst us can win him. The others would not have much certainty.’’

’’Right, his close combat power became even more frightening.’’

All of them had the knowledge of concluding that the current Xue Ying's combat power had increased greatly, even reaching that of Du Rou Rou with her second level in Profound Mystery of Time. Others had depended on their own tactics to prevent themselves from being defeated, but in a true close combat battle, even Situ Hong who was strong in this department, would only barely match up with him! One must know that Situ Hong was the oldest one amongst them and had cultivated for a long period of time.

Accompanied by a cross-attack, Xue Ying instantly retreated.

’’Master Hammer is formidable. It seems that I'll have to cultivate even longer if I want to win.’’ Xue Ying smiled as he stood in the air.

The red-haired brawny man nodded, ’’You are formidable. I'm afraid that after a period of time, I'll not be able to defend against your attacks.’’

’’Come back.’’ A voice that had some anger in it sounded.

Xue Ying turned around. He saw that the distant yellow-robed old man Master Gong Yu had an unpleasant expression. As for the Faction Head Si Kong Yang beside him, he had an expressionless face.

Something was awry!

The two Demigod masters seemed unhappy?

Xue Ying felt a knot in his heart as he immediately flew over as a streamer towards the halfway mark of the mountain.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying!’’ The yellow-robed old man Gong Yu was so angry that his entire face swelled red. Staring at Xue Ying, he shouted, ’’What made you so bold and presumptuous?’’

’’I, I...’’ Xue Ying was stunned.

The other Transcendents were similarly stunned.

Faction Head Si Kong Yang looked from the side with his usual cold expression.

’’I've told you before!’’ The yellow-robed old man Gong Yu shouted, ’’You should solely focus on the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire and put aside the Profound Mystery of Wind. Did I not tell you that?’’

’’You did,’’ Xue Ying answered.

Before now, Master Gong Yu persuaded him with good words that the worst thing to happen during the road of cultivation was to be distracted. After all, the mental strengths of Transcendents were limited, and that their lifespans were limited. Right now, Xue Ying was very young, thus seeing that he got distracted into cultivating the Profound Mystery of Wind, Master Gong Yu decided to simply reprimand him. After all, delaying a bit of time... was not a big deal for Xue Ying.

After all, he still had a long period of time to cultivate.

’’But you, you dare to be so presumptuous, so bold!’’ Master Gong Yu was so angry that he almost turned into a mad man. He roared, ’’You, you actually fused the Profound Mystery of Wind into the Profound Mystery of Water and Fire? Who suggested you do such a thing recklessly?’’

His roar caused the surrounding space to solidify and press down on Xue Ying.

Xue Ying could feel his fleshy body being pressed down by the unseen pressure, resulting in a vibration of his viscera. He felt an iron-like, metallic taste in his throat - fresh blood had reached his mouth.

This sort of injury was not something Xue Ying minded.

But he had some fear.

Because all these years... Master Gong Yu had been a good person. His attitude towards them was quite good, and never had he raged like that before!

Even if it was the lazy Pu Yang Bo, Master Gong Yu would only just say some words.


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