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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 4


LXY Book 6: Chapter 4

Book 6: Chapter 4 - Pointers

Hong, hong.

The two figures descended from the skies, touching the ground extremely easily and softly. Only that powerful aura emitted by the Demigods made Xue Ying and the other eight Transcendents feel suppressed. Gong Yu's aura was still fine as his aura was more restrained. However, Faction Head Si Kong was just like a great sun - so bright that made the others unable to look him in the eyes. He was just like a Deity, overbearing and transcendental.

But of course, he was a frightening existence who condensed the True Deity Heart!

Once the Deity Heart was formed, it meant a half-step into the levels of Deity. In the entire world under the heavens, including Transcendent natives and those from the Beast Clan, the total number of people who condensed the True Deity Heart was only four! Si Kong Yang was one of them!

’’I have not seen you all in a year. Today, I've come to see the cultivation results.’’ Si Kong Yang coldly swept with his eyes at the nine Sky realm Transcendents, ’’It's still the old rules. One by one. Pu Yang Bo, step forward.’’

’’Yes,’’ Pu Yang Bo respectfully answered.

Si Kong Yang was extremely busy, so his visits were very rare.

After coming, he would give pointers based on individual combat power according to their rankings and starting from the last. Pu Yang Bo was constantly at the last position, and Si Kong Yang was obviously not pleased with him.

’’Your understanding is quite good. It is just that you are too lazy and not diligent enough, frequently going to the restaurants and tavern to spend your time.’’ Si Kong Yang coldly said, ’’I hope you will pleasantly surprise me this time.’’

Pu Yang Bo felt the unseen pressure.

He honestly had the talents, just that he was this undisciplined since his youth. Spending his time drinking and having fun would actually improve his speed of cultivation. Should he bury himself in cultivation, he would certainly go crazy! Constantly being ranked last did make him feel unwilling and shameful, after all, he was also an absolute talent in the past, and had ranked in the top ten of the Dragon Mountain Book. He had become so used to it over time! So what if he was last, he would just enjoy himself. In the worst case, he would just be kicked out of the list of 'Substitute Elders'.

In reality, if there were not some special circumstances, he would not be kicked out of the list. He would only be ranked last and obtain the least amount of resources.

’’Yes.’’ Pu Yang Bo took a deep breath.

’’Master Saber,’’ Si Kong Yang suddenly said, his voice resounding in the heaven and earth.


Suddenly, a golden ray of light shot out from the mountain behind the bamboo house mountain. He appeared in mid-air by the mountainside. It was a golden-haired male with two sabers on his back. His forehead alongside his exposed left was filled with some mysterious lines.

’’Faction Head,’’ The golden-haired male greeted respectfully.

’’Exchange some moves with Pu Yang Bo,’’ Si Kong Yang ordered.

Other than the people from the Beast Clan, there was rarely anyone from the Xia Clan who had golden hair! This golden-haired male was actually not a true human, and was instead, a Flesh Warrior formed after the ancestors from Xia Clan comprehended some parts of the 'Deity World Warrior'! The Flesh Warrior was formed by flesh and blood embryo. After being brought up, a soul would naturally be birthed within it! Just that each had a body that was a Transcendent body by birth. As long as they got used to it, they would reach their most perfect form - being able to exert a Sky realm or Saint realm combat power.

As for the soul? Their soul was broken. Thus, it was really hard for them to walk far in the road of cultivation. But because of the fact that they had an eternal life, usually they would reach Perfect as One in terms of their techniques, and become a Grandmaster in terms of Realms! Few of them would reach the level of Myriad Existences, and as for 'True Meaning'... despite their eternal life, the number of Flesh Warriors comprehending it in the entire history of Xia Clan could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

This group of Substitute Elder Transcendents, inclusive of Xue Ying, had a group of 13 Flesh Warriors training alongside them. They were all peak stage Saint realm and had achieved the level of comprehension in Realms of Myriad Existences;they could be considered as the strongest Flesh Warriors of the Xia Clan. All of them used different kinds of weapons, and according to the weapons they use, Xue Ying and the rest would call these Flesh Warriors as 'Master Saber', 'Master Sword', 'Master Spear', 'Master Assassin', and so forth.

’’Yes, Faction Head,’’ The golden-haired male replied, before taking out the two sabers from his back sheath with a 'Qiang Qiang'.

Each of his hands held onto a saber as he stood in mid-air, looking at the distant Pu Yang Bo. Smiling, he said, ’’Come, brat.’’

’’Master Saber, be careful.’’ Pu Yang Bo took a step.


His figure disappeared before appearing behind the golden-haired male. Holding a saber with his right hand, he hacked at that golden-haired male, forming a ray of saber just like a fleeting ghost from the back.

’’Dang.’’ The golden-haired male casually use one of the sabers in his hand to block the attack from the back - blocking this sinister saber from Pu Yang Bo. This parry of his rebounded against Pu Yang Bo as he flew backwards. Following that, he disappeared from the sky once again.

Shua shua shua!!!

Pu Yang Bo's figure keep disappearing and appearing from place to place, attacking again and again.

’’Center!’’ Pu Yang Bo's eyes were filled with delight. Stabbing out his saber, the sharp part of the saber arced through the skies, generating a ripple in space. That golden-haired male wanted to defend against the attack, before his expression changed! That was because Pu Yang Bo's saber disappeared in the ripple of space, like how a saber might enter into water.

The golden-haired male retreated fiercely!

Following the ripples of space, the saber appeared at the forehead of that golden-haired male.

’’Dang.’’ The golden-haired male had prepared beforehand, blocking this saber attack by Pu Yang Bo.

’’Mn.’’ The distant Si Kong Yang nodded his head slightly.

Pu Yang Bo's figure kept teleporting here and there. His saber could at the same time, penetrating through the space.

Xue Ying was shocked as he watched the battle.

The Profound Mystery of Space was indeed terrifying. If Pu Yang Bo wanted to escape, Xue Ying would never be able to catch up to him! And that ray of saber imbued with the Profound Mystery of Space had an immense power. When people like Xiang Pang Yun matched up against Pu Yang Bo... even if it was a hundred or a thousand, they would be cut open easily, like beancurd, within the time of a breath! And this was merely the first step towards grasping hold of the Profound Mystery of Space.

No wonder it was given a grade three despite being a side branch of the True Meaning of Space.


Pu Yang Bo disappeared before returning to the side of Xue Ying and the others.

’’Your saber techniques have improved,’’ Si Kong Yang said indifferently, ’’I had thought that you only knew how to teleport! At least, the Profound Mystery of Space has been used in your saber techniques.’’

Pu Yang Bo was ashamed.

In the past, he would only know how to evade and teleport to escape. He should be one of the most formidable amongst the nine of them, though he was now the weakest during battle. Recently, ever since he comprehended the second level of Realms of Myriad Existences, he had gradually started applying the Profound Mystery of Space into his saber techniques.

’’You should try your best in applying the Profound Mystery of Space into your saber techniques. After all, you have comprehended the second level in Realms of Myriad Existences. Quickly complete the Underground Magma River mission. Dong Bo Xue Ying is just 39, and he has completed it. That way, you will no longer feel any shame,’’ Si Kong Yang said.

’’Yes,’’ Pu Yang Bo obediently answered.

’’Next, Yu Feng,’’ Si Kong Yang ordered.

Another Flesh Warrior was called over. Yu Feng was ranked eighth, though he held a much greater threat than Pu Yang Bo.

His Profound Mystery of Space, to be exact, the 'Profound Mystery of Shadow Space', allowed his entire self to assimilates into shadows... Whenever he fought with the others, he would absolutely disappear from sight. His weapons would suddenly and unexpectedly appear in attacks on his enemies. If the attacks did not succeed, the weapon would instantly retreat back into the shadow space. After that, there would be more unpredictable attacks.

To tell the truth...

Even though his combat power was not that impressive, Xue Ying and the others would not want to fight against Yu Feng! That was because when he was hiding in the shadow space, every time he stabbed out with his sabre, it would be a very sinister move. It was fortunate that his current combat power was still weak. Thus the time he could remain within the shadow space was not that long.


Ranked number seven was Zhang Peng. Even though he comprehended the Profound Mystery of Space as well, the choice he made was that of a head-on fight.

The weapons he used were axes - with the two axes he held moving just like the cicada's wings. Whenever he hacked out with his weapons, they moved extremely fast. Furthermore, each axe would bring with it the sharpness formed by spatial fluctuations! This sharpness was the extremely terrifying - 'Space Edge'. If one were to say Qiu Chi Bai's 'True Meaning of Void Cleavage' was fused from the Profound Mystery of Wind and of Space, then the latter would be formed purely from the aggressiveness of Void Cleavage.

That Zhang Peng's 'Space Edge' was made purely by spatial fluctuations! Thus, its power was extremely great.


One by one, they showed their moves. Wu Cang's Profound Mystery of Death made others shudder. The moment he began fighting, his entire person would be bathed in a death Qi. This sort of death Qi... was something Xue Ying and the rest did not dare touch. The moment your finger touched this Qi, it would rapidly rot, and it must be amputated immediately. Otherwise, when the death Qi would spread through your body, you would die.

All of these Profound Mysteries that had the hopes of becoming a 'Third Grade True Meaning' were indeed extremely terrifying even today.

Of course, the most frightening one was still Du Rou Rou's Profound Mystery of Time... though she was ranked one today and would be the last to battle.

Right now, it was only the fourth-place ranked Situ Hong's turn to battle. Situ Hong's battle was extremely overbearing and aggressive. Every single attack he had was akin to destroying space itself.

’’Situ Hong,’’ Si Kong Yang coldly said, ’’You are the oldest, and yet, you've yet to reach the third level in Realm of Myriad Existences. I am extremely disappointed. You've been stuck at this bottleneck for close to a hundred years already right?’’

’’I'll definitely try my best,’’ Situ Hong answered.


Si Kong Yang did not say much. Those whom he liked better, he would give more tips to.. As for some other people, he would be too lazy to even say anything. Initially, he held great hopes for Situ Hong. After all, amongst the four people who controlled the Profound Mystery of Space, Situ Hong had the highest talent. It was only that Situ Hong had been stuck at this bottleneck for far too long. If he were to be stuck for a long period of time, Si Kong Yang would certainly move downwards in position. Even though Zhang Peng, someone with similar age as Situ Hong, had a much poorer talent and was more dull, today, Zhang Peng was reaching the peak of the second level in Realms of Myriad Existences.

'I'll move Zhang Peng, this brat's position later,' Si Kong Yang thought.

’’Next...’’ Si Kong Yang's eyes landed on Xue Ying, his expression showed some delight, ’’Dong Bo Xue Ying!’’

He favored Xue Ying.

First, Xue Ying's improvement was extremely fast. Within a hundred years period, he would have the hope of comprehending the True Meaning of Water and Fire! Second, he was a Transcendent belonging to the Water Daoist Faction. That time, it was due to Chao Qing's push, and his help, that Xue Ying finally was enlisted as a Substitute Elder.


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