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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 27


Book 6: Chapter 27 - Gifts

Zhuo Yi looked repeatedly at the pillar, her current feelings complex. Actually, she had a favourable impression of her disciple brother Xue Ying because he was young, and his looks were quite good. However, due to his own intention of wanting to walk down another path, they started growing further apart.

In fact, if Xue Ying was number one, she would not be so shocked, but completing the Mountain Road life-death mission was something that could move her.

Because completing this mission represented...

He had already grasped hold of the embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning!

Although she did not dare to believe that Xue Ying had comprehended the embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning, but the moment he had grasped hold of the embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning, it would mean that in a short while, he would be perfecting a grade three True Meaning! In the future, he would be on the level of Qiu Chi Bai! However, that year, Qiu Chi Bai did not comprehend his grade three True Meaning in such a short period of time. Xue Ying was so young, who knows, he might actually condense a grade three True Meaning's True Deity Heart.

’’How could it be?’’ Zhuo Yi held complex feelings.

At this moment...

She felt the distance between them was greater than a single level. Instead, Xue Ying would be someone who would step on the highest peak in the entire Xia Clan.


’’Hahaha, it's just a small matter, I handled it with just a single move. It's not worth mentioning!’’ Within Xia Capital, in a restaurant booth, Situ Hong was drinking happily with two other Sky realm Transcendents.

’’To you, brother Situ, it's a small matter. However, to us, its is a life or death threat. Fortunately, brother Situ came with us to complete the mission. Otherwise... the two of us would be dead already,’’ A black-skinned, fat male, who was sitting next to him, laughed. ’’Come come, let's drink. I'll remember this life favor in my heart. Drink!’’


’’Brother Situ's combat power is really powerful and unpredictable. I bet no one is stronger than you amongst all the Sky realm Transcendents already.’’

’’From what I can see, even the usual middle stage Saint realm Transcendents would not be brother Situ's opponent!’’

’’Middle stage Saint realm? Hmph. I just want to hone myself and build a sturdier foundation as a Sky realm Transcendent. If I really wanted to breakthrough, I could breakthrough anytime!’’ Situ Hong boasted. He had remained as a Sky realm Transcendent for the sake of eating and drinking the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World's treasures and spiritual liquids. Indeed, with how long he had been cultivating, and having comprehending the third level Profound Mystery related to Space, he had the capabilities to breakthrough anytime.

But he was still enduring! So he could enjoy those precious resources!

’’Brother Situ is so amazing.’’

’’For the sake of a firmer foundation, he would l rather remain at the Sky realm for a longer period of time. I really admire you.’’

The other two Transcendents were flattering him. In this Transcendent World, Situ Hong's combat power was certainly one of the most powerful amongst the Sky realm Transcendents. Furthermore, he could become a Saint anytime, just as easily as nailing an iron nail - thus his boastful words.

Situ Hong was also exuberant. Being together with these weaker Transcendents outside made him happy! He enjoyed boasting to them.

’’Mn?’’ Situ Hong suddenly frowned. Wen Yong An, the person he was close to within Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, had sent a message over: ’’Ranking number one: Dong Bo Xue Ying, Profound Mystery of Water, Fire and Wind, third level, has completed the Mountain Road life-death mission.’’

’’Disciple brother Wen, are you sure you didn't make a mistake?’’ Situ Hong sat stunned for a moment, before he finally asked.

’’If you come to the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World and see the jade pillar, you'll know,’’ Wen Yong An did not explain anything else.

Mountain Road mission?

Situ Hong did not dare to believe it. This Dong Bo Xue Ying can complete it?

He had tried it before, but it was too difficult. With his soul under pressure during the second section of Mountain Road, it was unbearable. Furthermore, he would be facing two peak stage Saint realm Transcendent natives! Much less to say the more difficult Mountain Road third section.

His combat power is stronger than mine? Situ Hong was both furious and unwilling to believe it.

According to the rankings, Du Rou Rou had always been first.

But he was already at the third level of Profound Mystery related to Space. Thus, he thought that his combat power was first in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World! He had tried the Mountain Road mission and knew how frightening it was, thus he understood that Xue Ying really was stronger than him!

Even I have not grasped hold of the embryonic form of my True Meaning, and yet he has? Situ Hong gritted his teeth. He remembered the prediction given to him by Qiu Chi Bai. Wanting to grasp hold of his True Meaning, he would spend 10 times the time taken to reach the third level in Profound Mystery of the Myriad Existences!

Wait and see.

I'll definitely grasp hold of a True Meaning related to Space and stand side by side with Eternal Wind Knight, standing at the peak of the Xia Clan World! Dong Bo Xue Ying will be trampled under my feet.Situ Hong ground his teeth, his heart feeling like as though it was being bitten by many ants.


Let's not mention about the reaction of those young Transcendents in Scarlet Cloud Mountain World after obtaining the news.

After flying down from the peak of mountain, Xue Ying met the four Demigod existences.

’’Mn?’’ Xue Ying was so shocked, he immediately stopped in mid-air.


The four Demigods flew up.

’’Greetings seniors,’’ Xue Ying greeted respectfully.

’’You don't have to be so polite, Xue Ying. You have really shocked us old men.’’ Faction Head Si Kong Yang smiled. Hope filled his eyes.

Xue Ying suddenly feel very awkward.

How long was it?

It had already been close to 15 years, and this Faction Head had always looked at him unpleasantly. It was only during the beginning that his countenance was so happy.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, have you grasped hold of an embryonic form of a second grade True Meaning?’’ The Infernal Palace Palace Head asked.

At that point, Qiu Chi Bai, Si Kong Yang, and Gong Yu all stared at him.

Xue Ying stared back blankly.

His own combat power should certainly be known to the Infernal Palace treasure spirit! Thus, the Palace Head Chen must have known what had happened.

’’It's an embryonic form of a True Meaning the Xia Clan has no record of.’’ Xue Ying knew when to take on a high-profile or a low-profile outlook. Although putting in his best efforts during the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death did not net many results, this grade two True Meaning... it was the only one within the entire Xia Clan's history. Since he could grasp hold of an embryonic form of grade two True Meaning at such a young age, did that not mean the Beast Clans and Demonic Faction would target him?

’’I'm not sure which grade it is. I gave it the name True Meaning of Piercing,’’ introduced Xue Ying.

When he displayed the move, he understood the existence of an extremity point. Thus, he knew that this would be a branch of the True Meaning of Extremity, and hence gave it the name True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.

Just by looking from the surface, it was hard to judge it. After all, nobody had seen it before.

’’True Meaning of Piercing?’’ Qiu Chi Bai nodded in affirmative, ’’Mn, it is indeed some sort of penetrative and frightening embryonic form of True Meaning.’’

’’This name is appropriate,’’ Si Kong Yang agreed.

’’Can you show it to us one more time?’’ Palace Head Chen asked.

Xue Ying hesitated.

He wanted to be low-key. But with how special the status the Palace Head was, and how loyal he was towards the Xia Clan, he had actually asked that...

’’Just demonstrate it once. I believe all of the people here are trustworthy,’’ Qiu Chi Bai said. Furthermore, as long as it was confirmed to be an embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning, Palace Head Chen would give him some true treasures of the Xia Clan. By then, Xue Ying would be able to protect his life without question.


Xue Ying did not decline. Lifting his finger lightly, he stabbed, stabbing through the void in front of their eyes.

Hua hua hua~

Layers upon layers of space was penetrated. All the energy of the World, inclusive of time, moved away from it, as if they did not want to be pierced through. Even the flow of time had been obstructed.

Qiu Chi Bai, Palace Head Chen, Si Kong Yang, and Gong Yu felt an immense oppressive force from this simple display. They could feel the inherent Profound Mystery within suppressing them.

’’All energy would be penetrated through?’’ Qiu Chi Bai muttered, ’’It's like all Profound Mysteries that I know of are being pierced through. No wonder we didn't see any injuries. With this Law of Profound Mystery in piercing, even space itself become meaningless.’’

’’Embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning,’’ Si Kong Yang was excited. ’’This True Meaning of Piercing pierces through everything. It's even more overbearing than Eternal Wind's True Meaning of Void Cleavage!’’


Palace Head Chen had long been inclined towards it being a grade two True Meaning. The moment he saw the display, all confusion had been cleared. Even though they didn't have much knowledge about those grade one and two True Meanings ranked in the Deity World, they could still say something about a grade three True Meaning, and knew how formidable it was.

The True Meaning of Piercing's embryonic form was clearly more frightening than that, and thus, definitely have long surpassed grade three!

’’He has the qualifications to earn these,’’ Palace Head Chen did not have any doubts left after that.


He extended his hands, causing the space beside him to distort as two treasures appeared from the void.


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