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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 25


Book 6: Chapter 25 - He Couldn't Understand It

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying? Mountain Road mission?’’ Si Kong Yang, a Demigod overlord standing on the peak of the world, was stunned, his mind a mess. It was only after the time taken for a single breath did he calm down.

One could not blame him for losing his state of mind. This news had been too shocking.

If it was any ordinary Transcendent, they would not know what this Mountain Road mission represented. However, being the person in charge of the current Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, he clearly understood what Mountain Road represented!

And the more he understood, the more he realised that Xue Ying, having reached this stage, was something unimaginable!

’’He, he completed the Mountain Road mission?’’

’’How, how is this possible?’’

Si Kong Yang could not stop himself from sending for a confirmation. Although the message was transmitted by the spatial Deity Weapon - the Infernal Palace, and according to reasoning, no mistakes would be made, this news was too important. He had to confirm it.

’’Faction Head Si Kong Yang, there is no mistake in the news! Substitute Elder Dong Bo Xue Ying had started this Mountain Road mission by himself. He has already killed the Transcendent native who grasps hold of the grade seven True Meaning, the True Meaning of Water Waves.'’’ The Infernal Palace treasure spirit replied.


’’He really completed it?’’ Si Kong Yang had a weird expression.

Unbelievable, excited, complicated, all expressed in his bitter smile.

’’This Dong Bo Xue Ying, has really slapped me hard in the face ,’’ Si Kong Yang did not know whether to cry or laugh.. ’’He had actually played me in such a way. However... this slap is worth it, it is a really good slap!’’

After all, Xue Ying was from his Water Daoist Faction. Previously he had been really disappointed, but right now, Xue Ying had walked on another, better, path than what he planned for. Of course, he must be praised.

This Mountain Road mission was an extremely difficult mission.

Under ordinary circumstances, one must have comprehended the embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning at minimum, chosen the best weapons, have an abundant experience in battling, and know powerful secret techniques... everything must be prepared well in advance before one might succeed.

And if he were to grasp hold of the embryonic form of a second grade True Meaning, it would be a lot easier to accomplish.

As for Dong Bo Xue Ying?

One should know that Xue Ying's weapon had been very ordinary. It was merely a low grade Saint rank spear. The boots and other pieces of equipment he wore were all very ordinary. The only high grade Saint rank item was the inner vest he was wearing, but that can only be used to protect his life! It could not be used for offence. Furthermore, his fighting experiences could be considered ordinary as well. After all, Xue Ying was still too young, and the life and death situations he had encountered were too few.

Secret techniques? It was also ordinary. Only Transcendents from the Bloodshed Tavern and the Temple of the Earth God could use Deity-grade secret techniques!

And yet, even though he did not have the best equipment, experience, and secret techniques, Xue Ying had still completed this Mountain Road mission. This was heaven-shaking news! Either the grade three True Meaning embryonic form which Xue Ying comprehended could control the Transcendent native, or the embryonic form of True Meaning Xue Ying had comprehended was grade two!

’’A grade two embryonic form of True Meaning!’’ The moment Si Kong Yang thought of that, his heart started trembling.

Since ancient times, the Xia Clan's most heaven-shaking True Meaning was of grade two! From the memoirs written of the Deity World, these True Meanings were spoken only in legends. They were extremely terrifying and powerful.

The reason why he paid so much attention to Du Rou Rou had been because of her comprehension of a grade two True Meaning, the Profound Mystery of Time. Right now, she was merely at the second level of Myriad Existences, and the chance of her grasping hold of a second grade True Meaning was not certain!

But this was different from having an embryonic form of a True Meaning.

The moment one grasped hold of an embryonic form, as long as they spent a little more time perfecting it, completing it should be easily done. Xue Ying was young, and according to his estimation, he would spend decades before being able to develop that embryonic form of True Meaning into a complete True Meaning!

’’I hope that it is a grade two True Meaning embryonic form. I really hope so,’’ Si Kong Yang was looking forward to it. His eyes were filled with hope and expectation. ’’Almost... I had almost destroyed him.’’

Si Kong Yang slightly rejoiced.

Fortunately, this brat Xue Ying stayed true to himself, otherwise, even if he grasped hold of the True Meaning of Water and Fire and become a Demigod, he would at most become someone with the same standards as Si Kong Yang himself. Towards the entire Xia Clan, he would only be the icing of a cake. After all, there were several Demigods in the Xia Clan at his level.

But if a Demigod with a second grade True Meaning emerges, then everything would be different!

Qiu Chi Bai was already recognised as someone who would become the number one Demigod under the heavens.

And if Xue Ying had a grade two True Meaning, then did it not represent that he would dominate an entire era?! When he reached his peak, the Beast Clan, the Demonic Faction, and the Transcendent natives could only shut up and retreat.

’’Hu.’’ Si Kong Yang stood up, before disappearing from the study room into the sky.


It was not only Si Kong Yang. Other than him, three other Demigods had received the news. They were none other than the teachers of the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World - Qiu Chi Bai and Gong Yu! the Palace Head, who was in charge of Infernal Place, was the final Demigod.

Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

Hu, hu, hu, hu.

At the foot of the Mountain Road, the space distorted as four figures appeared.

’’Everyone is here?’’ The black-haired old man revealed a smile.

’’Palace Head Chen,’’ Qiu Chi Bai asked. ’’Do you know what the embryonic form comprehended by brother Xue Ying is? Is it a grade three or a grade two?’’

’’That's right, Palace Head, what kind of True Meaning is his embryonic form?’’ Gong Yu was excited.

Even Si Kong Yang was looking at the black-haired old man.

The black-haired old man was the only person in the entire Infernal Palace who knew what had happened in the battle.

’’Don't be so anxious,’’ The black-haired old man laughed.

Those who became the Palace Head of the Infernal Palace were people who held absolute loyalty to the Xia Clan and were willing to sacrifice themselves for it. Learning about this particular piece of news heartened him with joy.

’’You old man, stop wasting words hurry up and tell us,’’ Si Kong Yang could not hold on any longer.

’’Hahaha, even you will have this kind of day, Si Kong Yang. You scolded Dong Bo Xue Ying previously, and weren't you the fiercest one in reprimanding him?’’ The black-haired old man teased.

’’You, the person with the surname Chen, didn't you also not disagree with me when I reprimanded him?’’ Si Kong Yang stared back, ’’If you know, then hurry up and tell, if you don't know, don't waste anymore words.’’

The black-haired old man helplessly laughed, ’’Alright, I truly don't know as well! Even though the Infernal Palace treasure spirit saw that match, it could not recognise it as well. Furthermore, that move by Dong Bo Xue Ying was so mystical that even it could not fully understand.’’

’’Could not recognise?’’ Qiu Chi Bai, Si Kong Yang and Gong Yu were all stunned.

How long had the treasure spirit lived? With such broad knowledge, it still could not recognise it?

’’This is what happened in the battle scene.’’ The black-haired old man waved his hand, causing illusions to appear mid-air. They saw a black-robed Xue Ying holding a spear, with the four-armed old man on the other side suppressing him. His four arms came hurling over.


The spear stabbed through space, causing him to disappear. Right after, he suddenly appeared in front of that four-armed old man the spearhead just 30 centimeters from his eyes.

He had penetrated through extremely quickly....

A black line was left behind. Although no injuries could be seen on that four-armed old man, before he died, he said: ’’Dying by this embryonic form of True Meaning is something I've nothing to say against... Is this a grade two or a grade one embryonic form of True Meaning?’’

’’This is what happened during the battle,’’ The black-haired old man said. ’’As for the combat proceeding this Law of Profound Mystery... even the treasure spirit could not re-enact it. I also am not able to recognise what True Meaning his embryonic form is just by watching the surface battle.’’

’’I don't understand too,’’ Qiu Chi Bai shook his head. ’’It looked like he penetrated through space? But why are there no injuries seen on the surface of that four-armed old man? It does not seem to be a True Meaning related to Space.’’

He was quite confident in the area of Space.

’’I don't understand either, .’’ Si Kong Yang frowned. ’’If it was a sword or some other thin weapon, then alright. If it was some sort of space-related attack, that's fine too. But he is clearly using a spear to stab through the four-armed old man. The spear is so thick, and yet, not even a single injury could be seen?’’

’’The four-armed old man who died under this move thought that it was either a grade two embryonic form of True Meaning... Or a grade one?’’ Gong Yu suddenly asked.


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