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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 24


Book 6: Chapter 24 - True Meaning Embryonic Form

’’You actually did not die!’’ The thin and small old man rebounded back onto the ground, before grinning, ’’Very good. Then you get to feel my strongest combat power next!’’

Saying that, his original thin and small form rapidly become bigger and sturdier, as if it was being filled with gas. His back muscles became huge and powerful, and during this process, two bloodied white palms with the connecting arms extended from his shoulder blades. In the blink of an eye, this thin and small old man turned into a strong and powerful, four-arms old man.

Xue Ying expression changed slightly. Apparently, he was shocked.

After all, his opponent, the Transcendent native, would certainly have some innate techniques. Right now, his opponent's aura had clearly become even more powerful, and he now had four arms. This change should be his innate technique.

Before this, he had heavily injured me. Right now, his combat power has increased, and he has four arms. I reckon blocking him will be very difficult. Xue Ying's internal organs recovered quickly. Swallowing some of the remaining blood in his mouth, he stood up, However, I still want to try. Only then will this battle become more interesting!

’’Receive this!’’

Xue Ying shouted out before taking the initiative to attack.

His figure flew across the space between them in an arc, charging forward to that four-armed old man.

’’Mn? You actually decided to take the initiative and attack me?’’ This four-armed old man sneered, before extending out his palms.

’’Hu la.’’

The spear was just like a python, fleeting and unpredictable when it attacked. The moment it reached the palms, the spear became extremely slippery, sliding pass those palms.

At times, the spear hacked downwards. At times, it was whipped outwards. And at times, it stabbed outwards.

After receiving the attack by his opponent once before, Xue Ying knew now that there would be an unseen impact hidden within his opponent's palms. As such, the way he battled was now different! Every move and every attack would be pulled back the moment it contacted. It was so unpredictable that Xue Ying was not giving his opponent any chance to exert his strength. Just like a poisonous snake trying to find an opportunity, and once it found one, it would kill!

Not even once can I exert my strength? The four-armed old man was shocked. He had an abundant experience in battling. His True Meaning of Water Waves was also not a hard against hard True Meaning. And now, he could not even find a single opportunity to take advantage of.

If he were to make a single mistake, Xue Ying would be heavily injured, and he would be defeated.

Under this sort of pressure, Xue Ying tried his best while squeezing himself to the extreme and allowing his spear techniques to be demonstrated to the best of his ability.

This sort of pressure felt euphoric.

He was enjoying it to his heart's content!

With the over 20 years of accumulated training at the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, Xue Ying was finally forced to perform almost every single techniques he had created to a perfection under this sort pressure. Every move and every attack was continuous. The fusion of the three Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind became even more perfect.

’’Little brat, you are really slippery. But it's useless. With the differences in our combat power, struggling against me is futile. I don't want to waste time with you any longer, just die!’’ The four-armed old man's expression turned savage. He did not want to waste any more time, thus, he started using a berserker style of fighting.

His four arms started madly hurling over at Xue Ying.

And he used his fastest speed to reduce the gap between him and Xue Ying.

Pai! Pai! Pai!

His speed had long surpassed that of Xue Ying's speed. If he wanted to force his way in, Xue Ying would not be able to throw him off! He madly hurled his four arms over, with every slap having a huge power inherent in it. Xue Ying was forced to defend against those attacks! After all, if he did not defend, those palms would reach his body. And even if Xue Ying defended with his spear, the hidden impact would be transmitted across the spear to cause grievous injuries on his body. The moment that impact force reach his flesh, he would instantly die!

This was a berserker style of fighting!

Previously, they had been testing out each other's fighting techniques. The four-armed old man felt that with his experience in battle, he should be able to win. However, after fighting a moment, he gave that up, and instead, chose this sort of berserker style of attacking.


That overwhelming palm attack came slapping over.

It was fast and fierce.

With his current speed, Xue Ying was not able to dodge it! He could only parry against it! Yet there were four arms madly hurling at him. With only a spear in his arsenal, how could he block? Furthermore, with the hidden impact force inherent in those palms, Xue Ying would definitely be unable to withstand against such power.

I can only attack!

Xue Ying's eyes filled with decisiveness. Attacking is the best defence!



The spear in his hands rotated and rush out just like a Flood Dragon. Three different coloured energies, water, fire and wind, revolved around and fused together as one around the body of the spear, before finally agglomerating at the tip of the spearhead.

’’Break for me!’’ Facing against those slaps that had some death aura enveloped in them, Xue Ying's heart only had one thought

Destroy the attack!

Break apart those palms!


Everything became quiet suddenly, as if space had congealed and time had slowed down.

At this moment, the three Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire and Wind, filled with three different colours, exquisitely fused at a single point on the spearhead. This fusion gave off a feeling as if the lightning was moving the earth fire, and as if the three Profound Mysteries fusing together produced some special reaction. At that juncture when they fused together onto a single point, Xue Ying could vaguely see a void space... and in that void , there was a huge planet slowly revolving in it...

The endless void. Whether it was time or space...

They were currently revolving around this huge planet. The Myriad Existences agglomerating on this single point.

This point marked the beginning of everything. It also marked the end of everything.

As the Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind fused together as one, they agglomerated into a vague single point before penetrating through everything!


The four-armed old man still madly hurled his palms at Xue Ying, overwhelmingly enveloping everything as he attack head-on. Facing against that fierce spear stabbing out, he grinned, having an immense confidence that this human Transcendent would definitely be unable to block his attack! With one palm, this human would be heavily injured. With three to four palms, he would certainly die.


Xue Ying who had stabbed out his spear, disappeared with his spear!

Disappearing into thin air.

After that, he appeared once again at about two to three meters of distance in front of that four-armed old man! And the spearhead? It appeared in front of his eyes, at about 30 centimeters of distance.

’’How is this possible?’’ The four-armed old man was horrified, and his entire body trembled.

How did this human suddenly disappear?

Did this human pass through space-time before appearing again?

The spearhead was so close to him. He had no time to defend himself against it!


Too fast.

The four-armed old man only had the single reaction of horror. Even though he was also a Transcendent, he would did have enough time to react against this spear attack. That spearhead had travelled through the void, penetrating through the eyebrows of that four-armed old man's head. Even though the old man had a layer of True Meaning protecting his head and Transcendent Qi protecting his body, this current spearhead brought with it a frightening penetrative force that even broke through space and time! Even time itself had slowed due to it.


Everywhere the spearhead passed through would leave behind a line of void, and it entered through the head of that four-armed old man.

Their bodies passed through one another.

Xue Ying was standing behind him.

That four-armed old man could only stand there foolishly. His head might seem to be injury-free, but in reality, that attack was too fast and had affected the layer of time and space. Thus, the naked eye would be unable to discern the injury.

’’Dying by this embryonic form of True Meaning is something I've nothing to say against,’’ The four-armed old man muttered. ’’Is this a grade two or a grade one embryonic form of True Meaning?’’

Too terrifying.

That was certainly not a completely formed True Meaning. After all, the Laws of Profound Mysteries had not even appeared substantially.

At the most, it would be an embryonic form of a True Meaning.

But just with an embryonic form of a True Meaning, it was so terrifying already! It was so much more powerful than this old man's completed grade seven True Meaning. Definitely, as a True Meaning spoken of only in the legends this one must be at the very least, an embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning. Or maybe, it might be the embryonic form of a grade one True Meaning which nobody had seen before since ancient times?

Dying under this embryonic form of such a powerful True Meaning had been a glory for him.’’Peng!’’ Following that, fresh blood started flowing down from around this old man's eyebrows. His body slumped, and fell down onto the ground.


In one of the study rooms at the Infernal Palace within a remote courtyard.

Si Kong Yang was sitting ramrod straight by his desk. There was a pile of scrolls placed in front of him. He looked at all that secret information indifferently. The scrolls contained news regarding the Beast Clan and Demonic Faction investigated by Xia Clan's six big Transcendent organisations, Bloodshed Tavern, and the Temple of the Earth God. The highest level of Xia Clan. The elders. were always on alert with regard to the Beast Clan and the Demonic Faction.

’’Mn?’’ Si Kong Yang frowned. His communication wristband suddenly received a message

’’Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, Substitute Elder, Dong Bo Xue Ying has completed the unique mission Mountain Road.’’


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