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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 23


LXY Book 6: Chapter 23


Book 6: Chapter 23 - Laws of Profound Mystery

As the two Transcendent natives saw the three Xue Ying's, all of which had six arms and three spears, they panicked. Neither of them were able to recognise which of the three was real, and blocking all of them would be an arduous task.

’’Let's just try and find out which is the real body.’’ The two Transcendent natives had a shield each as they stood side by side ready to handle their opponent.

’’Depending on your shields? That'll be futile! My phantoms aren't that easy to be broken through.’’

The three incoming Xue Ying's stabbed out the spears on their hands at the same time.

Nine long spears as if they were nine Flood Dragons killing from different directions. They were aiming at the head, throat, and other vital points of these two Transcendent natives.

’’Block, faster block it!’’

Xue Ying's spear technique had originally been fleeting and unpredictable. Now that they were being surrounded by three spear phantoms, and these two Transcendent natives' comprehension of the Realms was weak, how could they depend solely on two shields to block all three spear phantoms? That was just a dream they had, and at the moment when the spears came, they panicked.


Three spears rotated like a Flood Dragon, bypassing through the sides of the shields. Pu, one of the Transcendent natives covered his throat, but there was already a huge cavity in it with fresh blood spurting out. He fell onto the ground. If it was a demon, their lifeforce might enable them to withstand this attack. However, as Transcendent natives... other than a few exceptions, the majority would not be able to survive this kind of serious injury.

’’No-’’ The remaining Transcendent native followed closely behind and fell to the ground.

Looking at the two bodies of these Transcendent natives...

Xue Ying shook his head.

Their comprehension of the Realms was too weak. It was merely their strength and speed that was huge, yet they had been as stupid as beasts. Since they could not break apart Xue Ying's illusions, they were just torn to death easily.


Following along the stone slab road, that suppressive feeling on his soul disappeared. He felt comfortable.

The third section, and also the last section. The previous two sections did not threaten me at all. I hope this third section will give me some pressure. Xue Ying was looking forward to it. After all, from the memoirs he had read, this Mountain Road mission was still an extremely difficult mission.

Thoroughly analysing it...

The first section was an assassin with a sneak attack which he easily handled.

The second section was clearly much more difficult. Those two Transcendent natives were able to control ice and flame, and his soul was being suppressed as well! Furthermore, the combat power of his opponents were at the peak stage Saint realm! It was fortunate he had his us of illusions. Otherwise, defeating them would be very difficult for him.

Certainly, the third section would have an even greater difficulty!

’’Da da da.’’

He walked onwards along the mountain road.

After walking for a period it took to brew a pot of tea, Xue Ying reached the end of the mountain road at the peak of this towering mountain.

Standing on top of the mountain peak, he could see a construct located amongst the clouds. And that was none other than the Sky Dungeon! It was the place where Xia Clan imprisoned the most powerful and brutal organisms of the other species.

This is my opponent? Xue Ying looked ahead at a thin and small old man sitting cross-legged on the mountain peak in front of him.

This thin and small old man wore only a piece of beast skin. His entire body was covered with long hairs, and the expression in his eyes was muddied. He sat there cross-legged, looking up at the sky in a silly manner, gazing up at the Sky Dungeon.

Suddenly, this thin and small old man had some awareness of Xue Ying, and he turned towards his direction.

’’There will be a day.’’

The muddied expression in his eyes turned hostile. Growling, ’’The Sky Dungeon will be invaded, and your human race Xia Clan will face extinction!’’

’’Extinction? Just based on you Transcendent natives?’’ Xue Ying sneered, ’’Stop dreaming!’’

’’The Xia Clan is still full of confidence.’’ This thin and small old man giggled, causing his chest to heave up and down. He laughed till his entire body was trembling, ’’I really, really hate the the mouth and face of you Xia Clan people! I really wish to slaughter and kill every single human belonging to the Xia Clan. Even though that isn't something I can do, today, your Xia Clan actually let me be the last boss for this section, and they even let me use my full strength. After killing you, I'll still have some reward... haha, such a great request, so why should I not do it?’’

’’Stop spouting nonsense. Just die!’’

Facing this maniac, Xue Ying's figure immediately blurred.


Immediately, three Xue Ying figures appeared, all of them having a total of six arms - nine spears in total.

’’You haven't even grasped hold of your True Meaning, and yet, you can create such an illusion. Your Xia Clan certainly has many geniuses.’’ The thin and small old man slowly looked up, ’’Killing a genius Transcendent... That's certainly interesting.’’


A mysterious wave appeared on this thin and small old man's body.

Following that, with him as the nucleus, that wave turned into fan-shape waves and flew outwards. The space contacted by the waves produced a ripple in space, Peng! Peng! Under this fluctuating waves, Xue Ying's two phantoms were clearly broken apart. Those clear phantoms of arms and spears had similarly started breaking apart.

What! Xue Ying was shocked, It has been broken apart?

His own phantoms had been created by the Laws of Profound Mysteries, with a strength greatly surpassing those of material treasures. Wanting to break apart such phantoms was not an easy task. Usually, there would be two choices. One would be to use an extremely powerful Transcendent force to directly destroy it! Another would be to use the Laws of Profound Mystery to destroy his images.

The waves emitting out from this small and thin old man had been that of a True Meaning!

What exactly is a True Meaning then?

A True Meaning actually represented a deep enough comprehension on the Profound Mysteries towards the World, with these Laws of Profound Mysteries being condensed together forming an actual substance! That is True Meaning, which by nature, had an extremely great power.

Usually, any ordinary True Meaning would not be able to break apart his phantoms easily.

His own phantoms... could be considered as an embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning called the True Meaning of Illusions. Xue Ying could feel that if he followed down this road, and perfected his techniques, he would be able to grasp hold of the True Meaning of Illusions. As for the True Meaning above it by one grade, that would be the legendary second grade True Meaning called the True Meaning of Mirage.

But all of these were just playing around with illusions and mirage-related things. To him, they could only be considered as a support and a side branch to his own techniques!

Relying on his true attacking power was more important when battling!

As such, he had never thought of following down this path of True Meaning of Images! Even still, this was an embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning and was not something that could be broken apart easily.

’’That is my True Meaning which is called the True Meaning of Water Waves!’’ That thin and small old man grinned, ’’I really do not understand what the experts of your Xia Clan think. You are just a little brat who did not have your own True Meaning, and yet you still dare to fight against me.’’

As he finished his words...


That thin and small old man leapt up from the ground, turning into a streamer and rushed charging forward at Xue Ying with a dragon-like imposing momentum.

’’Die.’’ That thin and small old man slapped out at Xue Ying with both his palms.


The opponent was too fast.

Xue Ying hurriedly used his spear to parry against the attack. The spearhead had been facing against the palms of his enemy, yet there was a layer of True Meaning protecting those palms. This layer of True Meaning was formed by a substantive amount of Laws of Profound Mysteries. Even with the spearhead imbued by the fusion of wind, water ,and fire, Xue Ying would still have a hard time penetrating through this obstacle made by that True Meaning. And even if it was successful in piercing through, the remaining amount of power would not be enough to pierce through the next layer of protective Qi formed by a peak stage Saint.


Both sides separated apart after clashing.

Under the force of those two palms, his spear had been bent. Xue Ying as a result flew back from the impact. Even though he tried his best in dissipating the force with his spear, the fact that there was a hidden force transmitted through the spear onto Xue Ying's body made it futile. It felt akin to falling into the middle of water waves, hong hong hong~~~ Continuous hidden energy impacted on his body, Pu, fresh blood spurted out from his mouth. Xue Ying fell onto the ground at that instance, supporting himself with his hands.

'Damn.' Xue Ying could feel his internal organs had been wounded. Supporting himself off the ground, blood spurt out from his mouth. Fortunately, he had awakened his primordial bloodline, allowing his restoration force to become powerful. Otherwise, just this hidden force from his enemy was enough to kill him.


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