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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 21


Book 6: Chapter 21 - Mountain Road

A certain road made from stone slabs was called the Mountain Road.

The Substitute Elders being groomed at the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World had opportunities to challenge special and unique life-death missions.

The easiest unique life-death mission was the Underground Magma River. Usually, all the talented Transcendents would be able to complete it after being groomed for a while. After successful completion of the Underground Magma River mission, they would be rewarded 500 contribution points.

As for the mission on the next level above the Underground Magma River, it was this unique Mountain Road life-death mission! This mission was absolutely difficult. Currently, none of the young Transcendents of Scarlet Cloud Mountain had been able to complete it! According to history, those Transcendents who had an embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning, with an abundance of fighting experience, along with additional powerful secret techniques and weapons, might be able to complete it! Once one completed it, they would get 10,000 contribution points as a reward! Such a great reward was given because completing this mission marked the close distance one would achieve towards grasping hold of his True Meaning.

Without enough combat power, no one would dare to try it out. After all, if one was not careful, they might just die! As of the current time, only Situ Hong had tried the mission from among the existing batch of Substitute Elders, and he lost terribly to the extent of almost losing his life.

The highest level mission was known as the Sky Dungeon, and this was an extremely terrifying mission. Within this dungeon, the strongest and most brutal organisms from other species had been kept imprisoned by the Xia Clan. Only when one grasped hold of a third grade True Meaning could they attempt it. Usually, they would succeed. This could be considered as a reward-type mission with the reward reaching 100,000 contribution points!

Without the True Meaning, one should never try it! After all, the moment they enter, they would just be annihilated.

Mountain Road. Xue Ying looked at this road made of stone slabs. He wanted to try this life-death mission. After all, wanting to find an appropriate mission with the threat of death was tough, and clearly, this Mountain Road mission had been the most appropriate one so far.

Da da da.

Standing on the first stone slab of the mountain road, Xue Ying felt an unseen force enveloping the surroundings.

Let me see how difficult this Mountain Road is. Xue Ying extended his right arm, causing a black spear to appear. This spear had a thick body, and the spearhead was so sharp that light glinted off the tip.

He walked, step by step.

Slowly, he headed upwards, hong long long~ There was a huge waterfall cascading down a cliff ahead. The water was akin to a huge curtain that fell into a stone pool below, causing water to spray. As the water sprayed around from the impact, a thick fog formed. This white-coloured fog spread out approximately 100-meters in diameter from the stone pool. At the same time, it enveloped some portion of the stone path.


The Mountain Road was split into three different portions. The further one went, the more dangerous it would get. Those who thought that their combat power was not enough would admit defeat early on in the mission! After all, life and death battles would not allow one to admit defeat. And if he was delayed in admitting defeat, he would just die.

But in this place, the moment he shouted that he conceded...

The Scarlet Cloud Mountain World's spatial Deity weapon spirit would teleport the person out of the Mountain Road! If he did not admit defeat, Xue Ying would be restricted by an array which would not allow him to escape from the area of road made from stone slabs.

’’Hu hu~~’’ The white fog pervaded the place.

Xue Ying walked on even more gingerly.

The white fog represented that he had entered the area of the first portion of Mountain Road, and that there would be a life and death threat incoming.

’’Damnable humans.’’ A thin little figurine with red skin and a huge saber on his back stared coldly at the distant Xue Ying.

Due to the restrictions of the array...

The Transcendent natives could see the humans, and humans, affected by the arrays, would not be able to see the surroundings. He could only depend on the World Energy while carefully probing the area of over ten meters around him.

Even though the environment was advantageous to the Transcendent natives, the native itself was not celebrating. After all, the moment this unique mission began... it would mean the time for it to die had arrived.

Only when it was killed could the human Transcendent pass through this round.

’’Why, why must I die? Damnable humans. Stealing the treasures of my territory, forcing me into hard labor, and now, compelling me to participate in a death battle.’’ The thin Transcendent native gritted its teeth. Regardless of whether it was his hatred towards all humans, or the huge rewards he would get from winning the battle, all these factors would make it put in its utmost effort to kill this human, black-robed man.

’’One saber! He will be dead!’’

The thin and small Transcendent native observed the situation as it waited for the best opportunity to attack.

It was chosen to be the enemy of the first part of Mountain Road by Xia Clan precisely because of its ability to assassinate!


Stepping on the stone slabs while walking, step by step, onwards.

The thick white fog pervaded the surrounding and prevented Xue Ying from seeing far with his naked eyes. Xue Ying was prudent in feeling the surrounding ten meters diameter around him. Any further and his World Energy was obstructed by the arrays.


Under the sensing of his World Energy, a thin and small figure suddenly appeared.

Too fast!

Transcendent natives were originally extremely fast. And now that the distance had been shortened to just within tens of meters... Xue Ying sensed a blurred figure suddenly appear in front of him. Following that, a huge red saber came arcing across the sky towards him! It was too fast and too sudden. Furthermore, this huge saber attack was extremely unpredictable.

’’Hong!’’ Xue Ying twisted the spear in his hand. This black spear was akin to a Flood Dragon rushing out,Dang, the spear clashed against that huge saber.

’’What!’’ This thin and small Transcendent native was shocked.

His saber was known for its unpredictability. How could it clash against his opponent's weapon so easily?

What he did not know was that Xue Ying's spear technique had been soft and unpredictable for a long time. Furthermore, now that Xue Ying had fused the Profound Mystery of Wind into his spear technique, it was even more erratic and unpredictable, much more than this saber! Thus, the spear could easily counter that saber. With the inherent huge rotational power imbued in the spear body, it immediately affected that saber, causing it to move to one side.


The spearhead was just like a poisonous snake spitting out its venom.

At the same time, wind, water, and fire, these three powers fused together and were released at once. It looked seemingly like an ordinary stab, yet it tore apart the space, with some slight black fissures appearing where the spearhead moved. These black fissures led to the unknown, and were cracks created in space. The spearhead that was stabbed out lightly touched the eyebrows of that Transcendent native before it was immediately pulled back!

This thin and small Transcendent native's eyebrow displayed a small cavity. His brain instantly became a paste, and he died to the point of extremity.

’’Dong.’’ That thin and small Transcendent native's body dropped to the stone slab floor.

Looking at this body, Xue Ying was extremely calm. Humans, Beast Clans, and the Transcendent natives were always fighting for space. As such, there was no need for mercy. The moment an opportunity was given to them, they would rapidly retaliate and slaughter humans. There were many such pitiful and sorrowful periods during the history of Xia Clan.

His saber is relatively unpredictable, though in this area, it's weaker than my spear techniques by a huge margin, Xue Ying thought. It seems that the threat this first section of Mountain Road is too low for me. I believe that the higher I go, the more explosive the threat will increase! Hopefully, I'll be able to refine and polish my spear techniques, allowing them to become more perfect.

That stab seemed extremely powerful with even cracks in space breaking out from it.

But regardless, that powerful effect did not make Xue Ying feel satisfied.

That was because he could feel that this sort of spear was clearly not perfect enough!

Da da da...

Xue Ying walked, step by step, following the stone slab road deeper into the mountains.


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