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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 20


Book 6: Chapter 20 - Listening to the Rain through the Night

Summer Palace.

In the quiet pavilion, it was already late at night, yet a black-robed Xue Ying still currently perused through the thick gold-leaf book on his lap. As a Transcendent, he was able to see well in the night.

Hua hua hua~

The rhythmic falling of rainwater could be heard from outside the pavilion. Cold wind blew in from the outside.

Xue Ying closed up the gold-leaf book in his hands, placing it solemnly back to the bottom compartment of the shelf. Only then did he stand up.

'Close to 15 years of reading. Today, I've finally finished reading all books on Demigods from the Xia Clan recorded since the primordial time.' Xue Ying walked to the outer railings of the pavilion, leaning on it as he watched the rain falling from the sky. He was feeling agitated within his chest.

Closing his eyes...

One hero after another appeared within his mind. They were of different personalities hailing from the different eras. What was common among them is that all were famous and proud characters.

'Time is ruthless. Today, all these ancestors of Xia Clan have returned back to becoming yellow soil.' Xue Ying grinned, 'And why is that so? As long as I live happily when I am alive, live life brilliantly, then that's enough!'

'Let's try to make a final conclusion.'

Xue Ying casually sat whilst leaning against the railings. Occasionally, some of the falling rain would land on his body.

Holding onto a flask of spiritual liquid formed by the Stone of Oceanic World, he drank a mouthful, allowing his spirit to feel refreshed. A huge number of stories started to appear within his mind as he consolidated and tidied them up.

Whenever one finished reading, one should know how to make a final conclusion after reading a story.

The vast amounts of books had been summarised and consolidated frequently by Xue Ying. He would frequently compare what he read in order to formulate the secret essence from it! As for tonight... it was the very first time that Xue Ying would consolidate on a big-scale, everything he had read. The computational power of a Transcendent's mind was extremely frightening, otherwise, Transcendent mages would never have the capability to dissect the World and investigate those Profound Mysteries directly.

However, even if one's brain worked very fast, the volume of books depicting those Xia Clan's Demigod was too much.

Just by thinking through this... half the night had passed.

The rain gradually stopped as a faint ray of light appeared over the horizon.

’’Mn?’’ Xue Ying who had been looking distantly with no focus in his eyes, suddenly had a change in his expression as his eyes brightened up.

After countless comparisons of what he had read, a complete sequence of thought had finally been fully formulated within his mind.

’’I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, recognize that the single greatest reward of coming to the Xia Capital is this vast amount of books,’’ Xue Ying murmured. ’’Reading and consolidating this information for close to 15 years has baptised my spirit in knowledge.’’

A complete rebirth...

There might not be any external changes - his combat power and comprehension of the Realms remained the same.

However, his thinking had a huge change, and that was the crux of this qualitative change as a Transcendent!

'The power of the spirit is actually extremely great.'

'The heart's desire will sweep everything before me!'

'Regardless of any failures or difficulties that I face, any reprimanding by the seniors, or even any mistakes I make during my cultivation, like walking down the wrong fork on a road, as long as my heart strongly persists, even a wrong turn might become interesting!' Xue Ying's eyes were filled with a burning passion. There was a saying which Transcendent mages loved to say

All Profound Mysteries belong entirely to the World!

Thus, looking from this perspective, any Profound Mysteries that might look totally different, contradictory, or strange would still be one that could be fused perfectly in the end!

Regardless of whether it was water, fire, or wind, or even thunder, light, life... or death, gravity...

Even though they might look incompatible, they could still be fused in the end.

After all, they were just part of the World!

Transcendents and even Deities had been walking on this road of comprehending the rules and laws for a long time.

'Differences in True Meaning represents how deep one's insight is towards the World,' Xue Ying thought. For instance, the third grade True Meanings: True Meaning of Gravity, True Meaning of Death, True Meaning of Extreme Yin, True Meaning of Extreme Yang, True Meaning of Destruction, True Meaning of Waves, all basically represented a high insight towards the World.

As for the legend amongst legends...

The undisputable grade one True Meanings that were spoken off in countless mortal worlds, the Deity world, the Dark Abyss: True Meaning of Extremity, True Meaning of Black Hole, True Meaning of Time, all belonged to the essence and core of the World. They leveraged the most frightening rules and laws of the World, and they would therefore be the most mysterious and powerful of all.


Cultivating Profound Mysteries would not lead to a dead-end.

However, if the fusion was too difficult, for instance, 'Gravity, Waves, and Destruction, these three fusing together as one, the difficulty was beyond what any ordinary Transcendent with a limited lifespan could achieve, and this kind of mixed fusion was therefore considered a dead-end pursuit.

'My water, fire, and wind are similarly difficult to fuse together. However, I'm already at the third level in Realms of Myriad Existences.'

'Right now, even though I'm facing some difficulties, preventing me from fusing them together perfectly, it is not enough to stop me!' Xue Ying thought. He saw of how many Xia Clan ancestors had seemingly walked out of a similar tunnel after falling into the same despondent situation.

Having read so many life stories, his confidence had become stronger.

He himself would definitely overcome and destroy all obstacles!

'Only when I am powerful enough can I respond to all sort of dangers in the future,' Xue Ying frowned.

That's right.

A danger was looming over the Xia Clan!

Looking at the countless ancestor biographies was just like seeing the secret histories of how the Xia Clan emerged from the beginning! Xue Ying understood, that there had been the big Demonic God within the Dark Abyss looking out at the World of Xia Clan. That big Demonic God had never been satiated. Behind the Temple of the Earth God, there was big support coming from the Deity world as well, and they had been resisting the Demonic God.

This was the clash of two superpowers!

Other than the most frightening big Demonic God, there were still some Demonic Gods all around, looking at the World of Xia Clan. These Demonic Gods were all capable of projecting themselves onto this world and had great combat powers. They might even descend from the Temporal Temple spoken about in legends, sending out some experts from other clans to start a war with the entire World of the Xia Clan.

'The Xia Clan has been too peaceful for far too long.'

'And the Demonic Faction has been low-key over the past 1000 years. This is not normal,' Xue Ying thought.'From the viewpoint of history, the longer the Demonic Faction stays low-key, the greater the threat it will become when the conflicht starts! Also, the Beast Clan has staying low-key during the past 1000 years as well. Other than the issue with that Great Elder Ao Lan, who had been stirring up trouble, there weren't any truly big-scale wars!'

The Demonic Faction had already set their roots deep within the Xia Clan, from the mortals all the way to the Demigods.

With just a single Demonic Faction, they could battle with the six big Transcendent organisations for such a long time!

And the Beast Clan had always been the arch-enemy of the humans.

'According to the history of Xia Clan since ancient times... the likelihood of a big-scale war happening within Xia Clan every 500 years is more than 70 percent! And the likelihood for it happening during a 1000 years period is more than 90 percent!'

After all, Demigods' lifespan was just 3000 years long.

Thus, the length of time that both the Demonic Faction and Beast Clan would stay dormant for was at most 3000 years. Dormancy for too long would serve them no purpose! A dormant period of 1000 years was something rarely seen.

Currently, the Demonic Faction and Beast Clan had been dormant for too long.

'If I can deduce this, then I bet the Xia Clan's Elders should also know of this matter,' Xue Ying thought. Due to this matter of the impending danger, Xue Ying did not dare to be lax in his own training and development as a Transcendent.

'Since I could not perfect my spear techniques...'

'Mn... It seems that I should use a life and death situation to test out my spear technique.'

Faced with death, Xue Ying expected some kind of transcendental development to occur.

Yet pushing himself in this was not something to be done frequently or taken lightly. If one danced by the doors of death for many times, they might just die! Such an intense type of experience must have the threat of death inherent within the process. Without the true element of danger, there would not be any positive effects.


Early in the morning.

He walked out of the Summer Pavilion, walking towards the Infernal Palace before entering the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

After flying for a moment, he soon reached the foot of a towering mountain.

'I'm here.'

After landing, Xue Ying looked forward. Below his feet, there was a mountainous road built from stone slabs, leading all the way upwards until the peak of the mountain.


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