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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 15


Book 6: Chapter 15 - Side by Side

The two of them walked together as they spoke a few words, causing most of the Transcendents looking on to feel heartbroken!

’’No hope, there's no hope anymore,’’ Pu Yang Bo whispered as he watched them, ’’Hear that, you guys just hear that... such a coincidence? Really a coincidence? I can't bear with this any longer, ai, why must all the girls that I like, not like me back!’’

’’That's because your vision is too high up, while your legs are too short.’’ Zhang Peng laughed standing next to him, ’’Didn't you want to find a wife? How many mortal beauties are there for you?’’

’’I want someone to spend all my life with, you understand?’’ Pu Yang Bo stared back.

There were simply too few female Transcendents around.

As for beautiful female Transcendents, they were even harder to chase successfully.

’’I don't know about that. But what I do know... is that if you were to continue on like this, I'm afraid that even if your hair is white, you will still be alone.’’ Zhang Peng teased.

’’I'm too lazy to argue with you. Right now, the person I admire the most is disciple brother Dong Bo. Disciple brother, congratulations. You are so formidable. When can you pass me some of your moves so that I can successfully chase after some female Transcendents as well?’’ Pu Yang Bo shouted.

Xue Ying was stunned.

’’No no, I simply knew disciple brother Xue Ying when we were mortals,’’ Yu Jing Qiu hurriedly added.

’’Wu, so they knew each other when they were mortals. Such an extraordinary relationship. It seems all the other Transcendents will have no hope any longer,’’ Yu Feng said.

’’Of course no hope.’’ Pu Yang Bo mocked, ’’Many Transcendents had married before. It's just that their wives died long before they did! But never mind. Losing to disciple brother Dong Bo is something I'm all right with. Disciple brother Dong bo's character is good, and he is young... Oh, calculating it carefully, disciple brother Dong Bo is younger than disciple sister Yu by three years.’’

’’Right.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

’’But at that moment when disciple brother Xue Ying became famous in Azure River County, when he killed Xiang Pang Yun, I was just a Silver Moon mage.’’ Yu Jing Qiu looked towards Xue Ying as she said that. Her eyes sparkled with colour.

Her relationship with Xue Ying was quite complicated.

That year, during her moment of despair, he saved her, and thus, he had been deeply imprinted in her heart and mind! After that, when she heard the news that had Xue Ying died, she had been sad for a long period of time.

Later on, within the Xia Capital, she saw that Xue Ying had become a Transcendent! She also saw how bright he was during the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death.

A genius!

So formidable!

The person she admired the most was none other than Dong Bo Xue Ying, even though there were many other more powerful existences like Demigods! But because she had seen how Xue Ying rose up above the difficulties, a sort of adoration in her heart had formed. When she saw Xue Ying flying with the other Transcendents, laughing and chatting together, that vision especially made her feel left out.

And all that was due to the fact that she had no qualifications to fly side by side with him. That feeling existed because she had not been a Transcendent!

During that time, she did not seek after him. Instead, she buried her head into her studies, before finally, 16 years after his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, she finally became a Transcendent!

That day, in Qiu Chi Bai's mansion, the moment their eyes met, she experienced euphoria spreading throughout her body.

That was because... she was able to finally stand side by side with him.

’’Disciple brother Dong Bo might have been bright when he was young, but right now, he has walked down the wrong path on his road of cultivation.’’ Situ Hong suddenly opened his mouth, showing a heart-aching expression.

’’Walking down the wrong path?’’ Yu Jing Qiu was stunned.

’’Right, he has destroyed his own future, and he is destined to be one of the unremarkable masses in the future. At the most, he will just become a weaker Saint Transcendent. That made all the Demigods furious, and right now, he is ranked first from the bottom in our Scarlet Cloud Mountain World. Now that disciple sister Jing Qiu is here, he is currently ranked eleventh.’’ Situ Hong said, ’’Such a pity, originally, a bright future, and yet now...’’

Yu Jing Qiu did not dare to believe it. The Xue Ying whom she adored had made Demigods furious beyond their normal selves, and that he destroyed his own future?

’’It's just a difference in philosophies. The Demigods are indeed furious.’’ Xue Ying nodded and gave Situ Hong a glance, before coldly continuing, ’’Situ Hong, didn't you say before... that I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, am not worthy to be your disciple brother? And that my being your disciple brother is just throwing your reputation away?’’

Yu Jing Qiu was stunned.

But she was not stupid. She immediately knew that there was something wrong in the relationship between the two of them.

’’Ai.’’ Situ Hong shook his head,’’ Disciple brother Dong Bo, you are after all part of my Scarlet Cloud Mountain, and are of course, my disciple brother. Why I said that before... is that I had hoped to urge you to follow what Faction Head Si Kong reprimanded you about, and hoped that you would repent and become a prodigy again. Ai, it's just that right now, you seem to have no chance of returning. Thus, I decided not to be an evil person any longer.’’

’’So fictitious. Continue on with your fictitious self.’’ Pu Yang Bo sneered, ’’Realising that disciple brother Dong Bo and disciple sister Yu's relationship is close, you start to act nice again?’’

’’Disciple brother Pu Yang, I'm not acting! All these years, Dong Bo was first from the bottom, and you, second from the bottom... And yet, you guys are indifferent. Being the oldest senior here, I'm just worried for you all!’’ Situ Hong acted in a heart-pained manner.

Seeing how Xue Ying and Yu Jing Qiu chatted together, Situ Hong understood that their relationship was not ordinary.

Thus, in order to chase after Yu Jing Qiu... he had to change his plans.

The mind of Transcendents were extremely quick, and he had changed his plans immediately.

'Hmph hmph, Dong Bo Xue Ying, this foolish and arrogant brat. Right now, I'll flatter you... until the moment I've chased after disciple sister Jing Qiu, until the moment when disciple sister Jing Qiu is by my side, I'll toss you away even further.' Situ Hong thought to himself.

’’So interesting.’’

Xue Ying suddenly laughed.

The others all looked at Xue Ying.

’’Judging based on hypocrisy!’’ Xue Ying looked at Situ Hong, ’’Even when all of us people from the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World add up, we can't match you!’’

Situ Hong's heart was filled with fury, yet he still smiled, ’’Forget it, you can continue thinking that I'm looking down on you! You are so dissolute, and so slack on your cultivation, causing the Demigods to feel heartache - all these reasons are present, so how can I even look up to you? If you want me not to look down on you, then you can just repeat all over again! By then, I'm sure Faction Head Si Kong Yang will give you another chance!’’

’’Disciple brother Xue Ying, come with me. I am still not too familiar with the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.’’ Yu Jing Qiu said. She could feel that the atmosphere was not right. After all, this was her first time here, and that she was more familiar with Yuan Qing and Xue Ying. As for the other disciple brothers and sisters, she was not that close with them.

’’Right.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

Sou sou.

The two of them flew up the skies side by side.

Situ Hong's expression became pale.

’’Hmph.’’ Zhuo Yi indifferently snorted, before flying back to her own bamboo house.

’’Somebody could not even see how old he is already, and yet, he still wants to fight with disciple brother Dong Bo! And furthermore, his skin is really extraordinary thick.’’ Pu Yang Bo mocked, before flying away with Yu Feng, Zhang Peng and the rest.

'You wait. Today is just the first day meeting with disciple sister Jing Qiu, and thus, she isn't that familiar with me... The time we will be spending together in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World is still long.' Situ Hong thought to himself. He was full of confidence in himself, and that no other guys in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World would be able to compare with him. As for Xue Ying? From what he saw, Xue Ying was just the first from the bottom, and thus, did not even have the qualifications to fight with him!


Xue Ying flew side by side with Jing Qiu around the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World. The ranges of undulating mountains, the fog surrounding the place, all painted a dream-like scenery.

’’So beautiful,’’ Yu Jing Qiu exclaimed.

’’Who would have thought.’’ Xue Ying laughed, ’’That year when we first met during the Black Iron mission, and now, we are flying together side by side in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.’’

Jing Qiu nodded.

Everything felt like a dream.

That year, she was a weak little mage hiding beneath Xue Ying's body in the crumbling pavilions. Right now, she was also a powerful Transcendent, but of course, Xue Ying had clearly walked even further already.

’’Disciple brother Xue Ying, can you tell me? What did you do to make the Demigods angry?’’ Jing Qiu asked.


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