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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 11


Book 6: Chapter 11 - True Meaning of Light and Darkness

How keen was a Transcendent's senses? As a result, everyone could immediately affirm that right now, the mage Jing Qiu was looking directly at Xue Ying!

Xue Ying had a similar feeling when their eyes met.

Those memories...

Xue Ying felt his own heart beat faster.

’’Sister Jing Qiu is staring at brother Xue Ying, wa, they are both from the Azure River County. Ze ze ze... it seems like there's some story behind their relationship.’’ Peng Shan laughed as he teased.

’’I also think that there's some story. Looking at the expression in sister Jing Qiu's eyes as she looks at little brother Xue Ying, wu wu... I was so moved that my tears are going to drop.’’ Cheng Ling Shu added.

Xue Ying was teased to the point where he felt ashamed.

Yu Jing Qiu smiled, ’’Dong Bo Xue Ying saved me in the past.’’

’’Hero saving the damsel in distress?’’ Peng Shan's eyes widened.

’’There actually is some story behind them.’’ Qiu Chi Bai shook his head.

’’Jing Qiu, please take a seat first.’’ Hai Ru Zhen said.

’’Yes, teacher.’’ Yu Jing Qiu replied as she obediently sat by the side.

Peng Shan shouted, ’’Brother Xue Ying, why aren't you speaking? Quickly tell us, what happened in the past, and how did the hero save the damsel in distress?’’

’’I once coincidentally picked up the same Black Iron mission as mage Yu Jing Qiu,’’ Xue Ying said. ’’During the mission, we met some danger and trouble. In the end, only mage Yu Jing Qiu and I survived. It's only luck that I was able to save mage Jing Qiu. Actually, since we were comrades taking the same mission, helping each other should be naturally something done. That's all.’’

’’Only the two of you survived?’’ Light could be seen emitting from Cheng Ling Shu's eyes, ’’That sounds so romantic. Then what happened next? The hero saving the damsel in distress? Did the damsel repay the debt with her body?’’

’’What nonsense are you saying.’’ Peng Shan stared, ’’Sister Jing Qiu isn't that sort of girl, right? It should be that they made a promise in their heart and waited until the moment is ripe, isn't that right, sister Jing Qiu, brother Xue Ying?’’

The other Transcendents were fanning the flames.

’’Alright, alright, don't tease my student anymore,’’ Hai Ru Zhen said. ’’Ever since that mission, Jing Qiu has been at my Eternal Wind Academy. Later on, she heard that brother Xue Ying fell into the Black-Wind Abyss.’’

Everyone was just joking around.

After having some fun, the topic changed.

They ate and drank while chatting casually and soon the topic reached the upcoming Transcendent Battle of Life and Death. After all, regardless of whether it was Yuan Qing or Yu Jing Qiu, they would be having their Transcendent Battle of Life and Death soon.

’’Little brother Yuan Qing, you stepped into the realm of Transcendent at such a young age, though you must set Xue Ying as your target. He has, after all, won nine matches.’’ Cheng Ling Shu said, ’’I don't expect too much, just win at least six matches.’’

’’Sister Ling Shu, it seems that ever since you've won a huge amount of money when wagering on brother Xue Ying during his battle of Life and Death, you want to continue winning again.’’ Peng Shan laughed, ’’But Yuan Qing does not have any primordial bloodline, and winning six rounds will not be an easy task.’’

’’Precisely because it isn't easy, the payout will be greater,’’ Cheng Ling Shu replied.

’’I knew it. The more you gamble, the more you will get lost into it.’’ Zi Che Gu Feng shook his head.

’’You are just being envious and jealous of me. I'll not wager too much this time, just 50 kilogrammes of Origin Stones. That time during little brother Xue Ying's match, I actually won enough... for me to gamble a few times.’’ Cheng Ling Shu was delightedly boasting, ’’And if I win again, ze ze ze.’’ Cheng Ling Shu was a female mage, thus she was extremely intelligent. Even if she was to gamble, she would still have great control of herself.

Usually, it was the Transcendent knights who lost the most in the gambling house of Xia Capital.

’’Little sister Jing Qiu, how many matches do you feel you can win?’’ Cheng Ling Shu asked.

Jing Qiu shook her head before smiling, ’’I don't have any confidence. Who knows, I might not even win a single match.’’

’’You still have another year of time to prepare.’’ Qiu Chi Bai said, ’’During this year of time, you might even make some breakthrough. Thus, winning five or six matches might be possible. Like Xue Ying, he was able to have a breakthrough during the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, achieving the second level of comprehension in the Realms of Myriad Existences. Oh yes, Xue Ying, that time, you were at the second level in Realms of Myriad Existences, you should already be at the third level right now.’’

’’Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire are both at the third level.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

’’I've estimated as much. You had just become a Transcendent and yet, you comprehended the second level in Realms of Myriad Existences. According to your talents, that should be as such.’’ Qiu Chi Bai nodded, ’’Water and Fire, these two Profound Mysteries are able to complement and build on each other. Using these two Profound Mysteries in assimilating your Transcendent Qi, I guess you will be able to step into the realm of Saint soon.’’

’’Don't say that, all right! There's still a huge group of us currently at the Sky realm!’’ Dong Yu helplessly replied.

’’Really makes the others feel hopeless. For the sake of comprehending the second level in Myriad Existences, I've spent 160 years. Even today, I have not been able to step into the third level of Myriad Existences.’’ Zong Tu sighed.

’’A genius is indeed a genius.’’

They were all sighing.

Indeed, usually, those who recently had become a Transcendent might only have a comprehension of being One with the World and not even reach the first level in Realms of Myriad Existences. Though there were a portion of them who reached the first level in Realms of Myriad Existences!

Wanting to reach the second level... was quite difficult. Some might spend up to 100 years.

As for the third level, it was even more difficult, and spending up to 600 years was considered ordinary.

During that period of time, their Transcendent Qi would have a hope of breakthrough after it had been assimilated. However, if it was just an ordinary third level of Profound Mystery, the time taken to assimilate the Transcendent Qi would be extremely long, with some dying before even breaking through. As for Xue Ying, he had water and fire, these two Profound Mysteries complementing each other in assimilating his Transcendent Qi, allowing the efficiency to increase by ten times. At the very least, he would become a Saint in 20-30 years.

However, everyone could not really compare themselves with him! After all, Xue Ying had already reached the second level in Realms of Myriad Existences during the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, so how could they compare?

’’Saint realm?’’ Xue Ying was extremely calm.

After spending a long period of time at the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, and having been preached at by Gong Yu and Si Kong Yang, these two Demigods, he had long felt that becoming a Saint realm meant nothing at all.


Two months later.

At the Infernal Palace, Hall of Life and Death.

An extremely bustling Transcendent Battle of Life and Death was currently being held here. The main character was a young and new Transcendent called Yuan Qing. He was currently too young, and was of similar age with Xue Ying during that previous battle. Thus, many Transcendents had been attracted to watch, with even Demigods attending! As for the mortals of Xia Capital, there were mountains and seas of them, filling the entire Hall of Life and Death.


Qiu Chi Bai, Peng Shan, Xue Ying, Yu Jing Qiu, Hai Ru Zhen and the other Tranquil Sun Province Transcendents were seated together. They viewed the match from the eastern side.

Yuan Qing's combat power was indeed amazing!

’’Terrific.’’ Qiu Chi Bai praised.

As Xue Ying looked downwards, he had an understanding in his heart, 'It seems like the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World is going to have another disciple.'

Yuan Qing actually fused the Profound Mysteries of Light and Darkness Together. Even though it was rusty and was not so perfect as what he did that year with his 'Water and Fire Twin Dragon Attack', it was without question that he had indeed started fusing them together.

'The True Meaning of Light and Darkness is a grade three True Meaning, and of a higher grade as compared to my True Meaning of Water and Fire.' Xue Ying smiled, 'But it's definitely a good thing that the Scarlet Cloud Mountain has another disciple like Yuan Qing.'


Xue Ying suddenly recognised a problem.

If Yuan Qing entered the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, did that not mean that he would be ranked tenth?

'Whatever. I'm still the first from the bottom.' Xue Ying mocked at himself, and watched Yuan Qing's battle below with a smile.


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