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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 6 - Chapter 10


Book 6: Chapter 10 - Dong Bo Xue Ying and Yu Jing Qiu

Night, In the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, Soaring Cloud Peak.

A black-robed Xue Ying was currently displaying his spear techniques. He loved practicing his spear here at the Soaring Cloud Peak. Looking at the boundless mountain ranges opened up his entire heart. Ever since he disregarded everything else, there would be no use in having anyone persuading him. Thus, the elders of Xia Clan did not suppress him any further. After all, he was currently last in the rankings. Should they want to suppress him any further... at the worst, he would just be chased out of the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

Since ancient times, very few Substitute Elders had been chased out of the list. At the very least, they had to respect old man Chao Qing. The resources provided to the person ranked first from the bottom... were comparably the most meager, thus the elders of Xia Capital would not have that huge of a heartache.

After all, when Chao Qing died, some of the huge amount of resources he had would be given to the sect he belonged to, some to the junior disciples, and some to the Infernal Palace.

Because of Chao Qing's potential to contribute to the Xia Clan in the future, they would not put too much pressure on Xue Ying as a result!

Thus, without these obstacles, Xue Ying passed his days carefree and leisurely. If he did not want to practice his spear, he would go to the Summer Pavilion to read or accompany some of his good friends in drinking. And when he had an enlightenment moment, he would rush to the Soaring Cloud Peak to continue his practice in spear. As a result... the improvement of his spear techniques were relatively fast!

’’Hong hong hong~~~’’

One could only see the blurred figure of Xue Ying, with fierce gales of wind setting off around him.

His spear led to waves of heavy pressurised air, causing the surrounding scenery to become blurred, like an unceasing rush of thunder.


Many illusions of Flood Dragons rushed upwards to the void.

Each newly formed illusion of a Flood Dragon was bigger than the previous one, until the very sixth illusion of a Flood Dragon that was about three meters long;these dragons flew across the void of many kilometers before bombarding a mountain peak. Boom. Many mountain rocks fell from it.

This power would amaze and stun any other Transcendent.

After all, this forceful impact was caused by mere air waves produced by the spear, yet its power was already so unimaginable. Even the weaker early stage Saint realm Transcendents would be unable to block such a frightening spear technique!


Xue Ying stopped. The surrounding area became quiet. The entire peak of the Soaring Cloud Peak became a place of silence.

Holding onto the spear with both his hands, Xue Ying's expression was full of joy. Two arms appeared from beneath his shoulders out of thin air, and they were similarly holding onto a black spear. Following that, another two arms appeared holding to yet another black spear.

Six arms! All of them wore the same robe and held the same black spear.

'Water and Fire forming the bones while the wind forming the shape.'

'Finally I've crafted this illusion. After half a year of working toward perfecting it, I might be able to use it for battle.' Xue Ying was proud of himself, 'Illusions and reality engendering each other. This is what I call a good spear technique.'

With the perfect fusion of Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire and Wind...

This led Xue Ying to realise even more functions for instance, illusions! He felt that this was of a great help to his spear techniques. Thus, he immediately pondered and perfected his technique to the current stage. This illusion of arms and spears was becoming more and more like reality.

'During the life and death battle, when I fought against the enemy, if I suddenly had six arms and three spears, I bet the enemy would have been so shocked by it.' Xue Ying was quite delighted. Even though the illusions were fake, he could use them to confuse his enemy, preventing them from knowing which spear to block. As such, the threat brought by his spear technique would greatly increase.

Illusions were actually extremely frightening.

When the enemies were unable to discern the truth from the fake, if they blocked the wrong attack, they would certainly lose their lives! Furthermore, wanting to block off three spears with just a single brain... would be ten times more difficult than blocking a single spear!

Furthermore, this was just his current status. Xue Ying's time spent in cultivation was still relatively short, 'Water, Fire and Wind' - these three big Profound Mysteries fused together perfectly would have even more frightening abilities as his comprehension towards them grew deeper...

'Mn.' Xue Ying looked up at the sky, 'The sky is brightening. Today is the day we receive Mage Yu Jing Qiu. Who would have thought that the Mage Yu Jing Qiu of that time... would become a Transcendent in such a short period of time.'

A mage becoming a Transcendent would originally be slower than a Knight becoming a Transcendent. Amongst the many mages, Yu Jing Qiu could be considered as quite formidable already.


Xue Ying turned into streamer as he broke through the skies.


The place where they received Mage Yu Jing Qiu was still the same old place within the Xia Capital - at Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai's mansion. Qiu Chi Bai was after all, the undisputable leader amongst the Tranquil Sun Province's Transcendents.

During that afternoon, Xue Ying arrived slightly ahead of time.

’’Xue Ying, you came?’’

’’Brother Xue Ying, please sit.’’

Ten years had passed. All of these Transcendents had become really close to each other. Xue Ying greeted them with a smile. Even though he was ranked the last in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, the business regarding Substitute Elders was something kept a secret. In the outer world, many Transcendents would still hold Xue Ying in admiration. His name was great, and he held the title of a Transcendent genius.

Xue Ying sat down cross-legged as he smiled towards a young, delicate-looking man beside him, ’’Yuan Qing, why did you come so early? I thought that you might cultivate first at your own mansion before rushing here at the last moment.’’

’’Big brother Xue Ying, victory or defeat doesn't matter during the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death as long as I've tried my best. Furthermore, I'm not rushing my cultivation on this particular day.’’ Yuan Qing shyly smiled.

’’Wa wa wa, looking at how shy this little brother Yuan Qing's smile is, my heart can't help but be moved by it,’’ Dong Yu shouted out.

’’Don't frighten this little brother,’’ Cheng Ling Shu added.

Xue Ying laughed.

Everyone had a favourable impression towards the new Transcendent Yuan Qing, himself included. This Yuan Qing had a rather shy personality. His outer appearance was quite handsome and pretty, and amongst all the young people he knew... his brother Qing Shi was the most dashing person he had ever seen. Maybe different people had different preferences, but honestly, he swore from the deepest recesses of his heart agreeing that his little brother was indeed the most dashing person ever.

That was what people who knew his brother said. Even Hai Ru Zhen, Zi Che Gu Feng agreed with him after seeing his little brother.

And Yuan Qing had an appearance that could be ranked as top ten amongst the youths he knew of! Furthermore, he was pretty and shy. Though because he had been a prodigy immersed in cultivation, this led him all the way to becoming a Transcendent at the young age of 30!

One must know that Xue Ying had only become a Transcendent at 28 years. Without Xue Ying, this Yuan Qing would be the youngest Transcendent in the past 1000 years.

’’Sister Jing Qiu came as well.’’ At the moment when everyone was chatting happily, Peng Shan suddenly announced.

Xue Ying and the rest turned towards her.

Only to see a beautiful green-robed female mage walk in under the lead of a guard.

Xue Ying could not help but brighten up as he saw her. Even Peng Shan, Yuan Qing, Qiu Chi Bai and the rest were startled.

So beautiful!

Seeing any beautiful things on earth, one could not help but praise them. Right now, Yu Jing Qiu was walking in towards them... making Xue Ying and the others feel awe. Even though Xue Ying had seen Yu Jing Qiu previously, he could not help but feel shock right now.

One must know, female mages were originally valued highly because of their character.

Legend ranking mages would have a lifespan of 200 years. When they were at 100 years of age, it would be equivalent to a mortal's 50 years of age! Regardless of how well female mages maintained themselves, they would still exude the image of a middle-aged woman. Even when they became a Transcendent... and underwent a physical rebirth, it would still be hard for them have the look of a young teenage girl.

But Yu Jing Qiu was different!

She became a Meteor ranker at a very young age, and then a Transcendent similarly at a young age. This kind of youth was enough to defeat many other female Transcendents. Furthermore, she underwent a physical rebirth when she became a Transcendent! If one was an absolute beauty before becoming a Transcendent, her base and fundamental look would be good. Thus, when she became a Transcendent... she would become a soul-moving beauty then! Even looking at her represented some sort of enjoyment! Right now, Yu Jing Qiu had the hopes of becoming the top beauty compared to all the other female Transcendents who were pretty and had good temperaments in the entire Xia Clan.

Yu Jing Qiu entered the hall, sweeping her gaze across the room, before landing it upon Xue Ying. There was a smile inherent at the edge of her mouth.

'Finally... I've become a Transcendent too. I can finally stand by your side.'


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