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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 5 - Chapter 6


Book 5: Chapter 6 - Gathering

After seeing off Gong Liang Yuan, Xue Ying went back into his own mansion.

It was quite luxurious. There were many more maidservants as compared to his Snowrock Castle. One of the white-robed females respectfully asked, ’’Master, I am Xu Qin, your mansion's housekeeper! Please order us if you need anything, master.’’

’’A female housekeeper?’’ Xue Ying looked at her.

With elegant features and an entrancing figure, she could be considered a stunning beauty. Furthermore, by simply by observing her aura, this female housekeeper should be a Meteor mage! This kind of young female mage at the Meteor rank... would definitely be chased after by countless people in the mortal world. Yet here, she was just given merely the role of a housekeeper for a Transcendent.

A thought occurred to Xue Ying. Many maidservants inside the mansion did not cultivate Qi nor magic, yet just based solely on their figure and features, they would be considered as quite beautiful. Those few who were closer to the female housekeeper had features and expressions on a higher level than Kong You Yue. However, since they did not cultivate in Qi nor magic, their temperament was much worse off.

'So many beauties? The Infernal World sure is considerate to us Transcendents!' Xue Ying thought to himself. He ordered, ’’Xu Qin, tell me the layout of this entire mansion.’’

’’Yes.’’ Looking at Xue Ying, Xu Qin felt relatively satisfied deep in her heart.

Initially, after being given the role of becoming the female housekeeper of a Transcendent expert, she had felt uneasy.

After all, mortals could never revolt against a Transcendent. Usually, those female housekeepers of Transcendents would naturally become the women of the Transcendent himself! Xu Qin could not go against orders and could only accept her situation. Ever since she arrived in this mansion, however, she had heard that her house master was actually a young and highly intelligent genius. He had become becoming a Transcendent at the young age of 28 years.

Becoming a Transcendent at 28? At that moment, Xu Qin heaved a sigh of relief, at the very least, she would not get an old man.

The moment Xue Ying and Gong Liang Yuan flew down towards the mansion was when Xu Qin got her first careful look at her master.

Very young.

His temperament was extraordinary as well. Even though he was not extremely handsome,his face was still pleasing to the eyes. That made Xu Qin feel a sweetness in her heart.

’’Master, this are where the guards outside stay.’’ Xu Qin walked with Xue Ying around the mansion. There were two maidservants following behind him as well, ’’this house is where the maidservants live.’’

Walking to the middle of the mansion...

’’This is where master lives. There is a welcoming hall, a cultivating ground, and so on. The maidservants are all stationed around you. As for me, I'm staying at the hall diagonal to master's, thus you can send down any orders to me when you need.’’ Xu Qin thoroughly introduced the places. Her voice was gentle, showing clearly that she had undergone some fundamental training by the Infernal Palace.

Xue Ying silently praised her.

This female housekeeper and all the other female maidservants were well trained. Within the external mortal world, only those clans with a thousand years of history would be capable of grooming this many excellent maidservants. Even in his Dong Bo Clan's castle, the maidservants were more similar to rural women than truly trained attendants.

’’Alright, all of you can withdraw for now.’’ Xue Ying gave his orders, before going to take a break himself. He had long understood the layout of the mansion by sensing the World Energy permeating through it , he was just unfamiliar with the specific uses of each area. Now, he understood.


The female housekeeper Xu Qin and the maidservants respectfully acknowledged, before retreating.

As Xu Qin left, a smile hovered at the edge of her lips. Even though this Transcendent ignored her, being able to live together for days and nights would naturally give them a chance to foster a closer relationship. As for her first impression, she was quite content with her current Transcendent master.


Early the next day, Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai sent someone over with an invitation for a feast in the afternoon. By that time, the other Transcendents would be there as well.


Xue Ying walked out of his mansion. With another step, shua, his figure appeared at the entrance of Qiu Chi Bai's mansion. Yet those guards standing at the door were not startled to see a black-robed young man appear from nothingness. After all, being the door guards of Eternal Wind Knight's mansion, they had seen many Transcendents frequently travelling at such unimaginable speeds.

’’Sir Dong Bo, please.’’ A guard immediately led him in.

The guard led him until a certain point, before the escort task was passed on to a maidservant.

When Xue Ying reached the inner main hall, he was amazed by its grandeur. At this moment, there were six Transcendents sitting on the floor, and a table was placed individually in front of each of them. This was actually the practice of Xia Clan, in the past, whenever they had a meal. Within the mortal world, only a few big clans who paid attention to such a practice... would employ such a method of eating! For clans like Dong Bo Xue Ying's, ever since the dangerous situations faced by his parents from before, they did not care much about such customs any longer.

Thus, whenever they had a meal, they would sit around a table on chairs instead.

For Transcendents, due to their long lifespans, they would prefer the old system. After all, they would naturally be on guard against other Transcendents. Sitting together would be stressful and tax their hearts. Instead, sitting apart would make them feel more at ease.

’’Xue Ying is here!’’ The person sitting at the head table was precisely Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai.

With long flowing snowy-white hair, Qiu Chi Bai appeared carefree and uninhibited as he ate and drank. However, there always seemed to be some sort of inexplicable sadness attached to him.

’’Big brother Eternal Wind.’’ Xue Ying greeted him, before continuing to greet the other five Transcendents, ’’Greetings big brothers and big sister.’’

’’Big sister?’’ The only female Transcendent present laughed.

’’Xue Ying is a new Transcendent. Furthermore, his age is the youngest amongst us. Is there any problem with calling us big brothers and big sister? Qiu Chi Bai asked. A man on his left, carrying a sword on his back laughed, ’’That's right. However, this is the first time youngster sister Ling Shu is called as big sister.’’

Xue Ying mildly noted the man carrying a sword on his back.

All Transcendents carried a storage treasure with them, and usually, they would place their weapons inside. A single thought could summon any weapon in their hands at a much faster speed than drawing it from one's back! Thus, those who would carry their weapons on the back were rarely seen. As for the so-called reason of trying to get closer with their weapons... all Transcendents had reached Power Perfectly as One, and thus, did not need to carry a weapon with them at all times.

Those who would carry their weapons on their back would do so because of special habits, or for some special secretive reasons.

’’I am called Cheng Ling Shu. Next time, just call me sister Ling Shu. Calling me big sister feels weird for me.’’ That female Transcendent mage said. Her features were quite ordinary, and her personality was quite open.

’’Sister Ling Shu,’’ Xue Ying immediately shouted.

Cheng Ling Shu's expression broke out in a smile.

’’Xue Ying, you can sit first. I'll give you an introduction. There will be three more who belongs to our Tranquil Sun province coming later.’’ Qiu Chi Bai said, ’’Having originated from the same province, naturally we should help one another! If being from the same province is not reason enough to help each, then being from the same Transcendent organisation should suffice. Otherwise, who else would there be to help you?’’

’’Mn.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

He could felt the cordial atmosphere within the group, with Qiu Chi Bai the leader! Xue Ying also sensed the innate leadership disposition within Qiu Chi Bai that allowed everyone to stand with him willingly.

Soon, the other three Transcendents arrived.

The ten Transcendents of Tranquil Sun province gathered together were: Qiu Chi Bai, Peng Shan, Cheng Ling Shu, Dong Yu, Wu Kui, Zong Tu, Ba Ming, Zi Che Gu Feng, and Hai Ru Zhen.

Three of them were Transcendent mages.

There were eight men and two women, with differing ages. The oldest amongst them was Devil Blade Knight Peng Shan, with an age of 1100 years old.


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