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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 5 - Chapter 27


Book 5: Chapter 27 - The Tenth Match


’’He won the ninth match as well?’’

In a small town belonging to the Dragon Mountain Empire, a sloppy old man was currently drinking to while away his boredom. This was a peak stage Saint realm Transcendent currently undergoing closed-door cultivation! As his lifespan neared its end, and he had yet to become a Demigod, his frustration grew deep in his heart, even though he knew that such an increasingly anxious state of mind would not help him in becoming a Demigod.

Thus, he decided to become an ascetic cultivator in order to temper his state of mind.

This time, he did not decide to watch Xue Ying's Transcendent Battle of Life and Death. After all, every new Transcendents would have such a battle, and they were all too common.

But now, he was currently regretting his decision!

’’The ninth match was against an Abyss Demon, and yet I didn't see it! As for the upcoming tenth match, it will be against a warrior from the Deity World!’’ This sloppy old man felt his heart itch with impatience, ’’I'm such a foolish pig. That Dong Bo Xue Ying is actually the youngest Transcendent in the past thousand years. With such an achievement, he is certainly someone extraordinary. If only I had gone earlier to watch the battles! But even if I couldn't watch the battle against the Abyss Demon, I still have the chance to watch the battle against the rarer and more precious 'Deity World warrior'!’’

’’The battle is going to start in an hour, yet I can't reach there in time.’’ This sloppy old man felt helpless.

He could not teleport.

He could only slowly fly there! First, he had to fly towards the Infernal World's Xia Capital World Door! And that would take him approximately three hours already!

’’It's a Deity World's warrior! A Deity World's warrior from the legends!’’ This old sloppy man felt regret and heartbreak.


At this moment, all those Transcendents who were not at the viewing platform but who were close enough rushed to the arena after receiving the news! As for those who were too far away, they could only feel regret!

Within the Hall of Life and Death in the Xia Capital.

’’The tenth match is going to start soon, and that's with a Deity's World warrior!’’ Qiu Chi Bai, Peng Shan, Zi Che Gu Feng, Cheng Ling Shu, Dong Yu and the rest were all feeling excited beyond measure.

The Transcendent Battle of Life and Death could be considered as a tradition of the Xia Clan.

The further one proceeded, the rarer and more precious one's opponent would be.

The ninth match was already an Abyss Demon. The tenth match would be something more mysterious, with the eleventh being something surpassing that of the tenth! As for the twelfth match, the opponent one would face was kept a secret that even amongst many Demigods, not a single one of them had seen who or what it was.

Of course, in the entire history of Xia Clan, the strongest, one with an immensely high talent and a deep comprehension of the Realms, the 'Purgatory Knight' Jie Li had won eleven matches. When he reached the twelfth match... that would mark the only time the precious opponent from the Zhen Clan was brought out! Of course, the combat power would be determined by the treasure of the Zhen Clan.

Let's not mention those exaggerated eleventh and twelfth matches.

Even the tenth's match opponent, a 'Deity World warrior', would be considered as a legend amongst the many Transcendents.

’’I've heard that the Deity World warriors descend from the Deity World.’’ Zi Che Gu Feng's eyes were filled with expectations, ’’Every single Deity World warrior is extremely mysterious. It's only after the ancestors of our Xia Clan investigated these Deity World warriors, and absorbed some of the simple Profound Mysteries of theirs before the 'Refiner Organisms', the 'Flesh Warriors', and many other techniques were formulated.’’

’’I've always dreamed of seeing a Deity World warrior.’’ Cheng Ling Shu was so excited that her voice trembled, ’’Finally, I'll be able to see one today.’’

’’It's a Deity World warrior.’’ Hai Ru Zhen touched his white beard, ’’Who would have thought that I could see one before I died.’’

These three people were Transcendent mages.

Every single Transcendent mage was a true scholar! They were scholars who investigated everything in the world! At the same time, they would also investigate into matters concerning the body and the soul. With their findings, they had crafted the 'Transcendent Refiner Organisms', the 'Flesh warriors', the 'protectors', and many other frightening treasures. The true origin of many of their treasures would be the 'Deity World warriors'. The number of these warriors within the entire Xia Clan could be counted on the fingers of a single hand.


Amongst the many Transcendents who watched the match, some of them had just arrived there in time - there were even Demigod existences and others who let their 'Qi avatar' rush over to this location! A Qi avatar of a Demigod was completely different from that belonging to a Saint. A Saint Qi avatar would still have some streams of light flowing on their skin. For Demigod avatars, one would not be able to discern them clearly with the naked eye.


Within the Hall of Life and Death, in one of the pavilion's gardens, Xue Ying was currently cultivating his spear techniques. He had long recovered his spent energy using the Origin Stones!

'Not enough time left.'

Xue Ying suddenly stopped.

'I don't expect myself to attain the second level for Realm of Myriad Existences in the Profound Mystery of Water within this hour.' Xue Ying lightly shook his head. Even though he could superimpose both the Profound Mysteries of Water and of Fire with few differences, and Xue Ying had some vague feelings of attaining the second level, the time period of one hour was too short for him.

'Winning the ninth match was so hard. I guess I don't have much hope of a triumph in the tenth.'Xue Ying laughed.

But that was enough.

He was quite pleased with himself already!

Within the past thousand years, even that 'Dan Qing Yan' expert had only won nine matches. Furthermore, Dan Qing Yan had an even more heaven-shaking primordial bloodline innate talent compared to his! Not only would his power, speed and many other areas increase greatly, even his body would attain an undying state. Compared to him, Xue Ying's own primordial bloodline was much weaker, yet he won nine matches. That should be something he was proud of.

'I'll just try my best for the tenth match and enjoy the battle. It's against a Deity World warrior, which I think even Demigods have a hard time of finding an opportunity of exchanging moves with.' Xue Ying was looking forward to it.

It was not that he had no confidence in himself.

Instead, he understood clearly that with his ability, he had a hard time winning the previous battle. Only because the demon Lavda's life force had been consumed to a stage where he could not sustain any himself any longer did Xue Ying win the match!


The side door in the corner of the pavilion opened.

Xue Ying turned around, and walked barefoot towards it.

The moment he entered... a huge battleground faced him. Countless mortals by the side cheered for him, just like a wave moving across the entire Hall of Life and Death. Even amongst the Transcendents, there were many discussions going on, showing how excited they were, and how much they looked forward to this battle.

Xue Ying stood on top of a stream, waiting for the upcoming opponent.


’’Haha, even all you old codgers came.’’

’’Great Uncle Palace Head, you actually came. Such a rare occasion.’’

The area around Mountain Lord He, Faction Head Si Kong Yang and City Lord Bu became extremely crowded. Demigod after Demigod came to watch the match. Even though many Demigods were too lazy to come, they still sent their Qi avatar to rush to this location! Much less the human Demigods, even Demigods belonging to the Transcendent natives came to view the match.

Even though many Transcendent natives were captured by humans, there were some amongst them who decided to seek refuge within the humankind! As such, they received the help of humans in terms of resources. Thus, relying on humans, some of these Transcendent natives became Demigods. Due to the fact that in their daily lives, these natives would hardly have the chance to interact with a 'Deity World warrior', thus, they came this time to watch the battle!

These Demigods were usually separated, as they remained as overlords of their respective locations. It was because of the rare case of this tenth match in the Life and Death Battle that they came together.


Dong! The drumbeat sounded in the Hall of Life and Death.

Silence filled the place.

Everyone watched nervously as the tenth Battle of Life and Death began! Even if it was the oldest Chao Qing, or Old Granny Ye, they had never ever before seen the tenth match of the Battle of Life and Death.

’’The tenth match in the Battle of Life and Death will pit Dong Bo Xue Ying against a Deity World warrior. Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you, you will be pleased at the sight of this battle. Deity World warriors are extremely precious, to the extent that the Infernal Palace will never bring them out during ordinary occasions.’’ The Infernal Palace emissary's voice resounded in the Hall of Life and Death, ’’I hope you guys are seeing it clearly. I've already brought the Deity World warrior into the battleground.’’


’’Where is it?’’

Many mortals swept their gazes across the battleground, desperately searching and seeking to view the warrior. Even amongst some Transcendents, there were a few who could not find it.

Within the battleground.

Xue Ying borrowed the strength of the World Energy in searching every corner of the battleground before realising where the warrior was.

Pa! A water droplet appeared in the air as it descended. When it reached the ground, this droplet of water rippled, suddenly transforming into a male of about 1.8 meters in height.


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