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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 5 - Chapter 25


Book 5: Chapter 25 - Battle with the Demon

A figure slowly descended and innately emitted a frightening, black, turbulent aura. This kind of black aura represented the most negative aura. It contained all the darkness, violence, destruction, evil desire, and similar attributes within it. In his capacity as a powerful Transcendent, Xue Ying's willpower was also different from a mortal's, but facing this kind of aura, he felt a sliver of fear. This terror was a life instinct!

Dark Abyss were the darkness attributed ultimate destroyers. As a Dark Abyss Transcendent lifeform, a demon naturally had this kind of terrifying aura. Humans called this terrifying aura 'demonic' aura!

Xue Ying quickly calmed himself, suppressing his fear.

'This is a ?' Xue Ying carefully observe its appearance. In the center of dark aura, there was a two meters high, sturdy human shaped lifeform. It's whole body covered with a layer of deep purple scales and a pair of deep purple spiral-shaped horns on it's head. The most eye-catching trait were its four arms! Its thick arms were also covered in scales and had hands ending in fingers with sharp fingernails that were not inferior to a deity-rank weapon.

'Four arms?' pondered Xue Ying, 'it should have a good close combat ability!'

’’This is a demon?’’

’’This is an Abyss Demon?’’

The battleground magic array completely isolated the aura. Inside the battleground, the demon emitted a frightening aura, but outside the battleground, not a shred of the aura could be felt.

But numerous mortals that looked from afar, could feel an indescribable fear! Actually due to the far distance and the ordinary eyesight, in their eyes, that demon's figure was very small! But its constant oppressive fear aura... made their legs feel weak, their bodies trembled uncontrollably, and their hearts tightened.

’’Abyss Demons look like this?’’

’’I heard that all demons have scales, and their scales are really tough.’’

’’The rumors seem to be true! You see, that demon has a pair of horns! It's called a Horn Demon as most of the s are horned s.’’ Because of the magic array isolating the arena from the spectators, the Transcendents didn't feel any fear. They curiously looked and compared the demon's appearance with their existing knowledge. Everyone discussed the view excitedly. This was their first time seeing a real Abyss Demon!



Demon 'Lavda' looked at the barefoot, black-clothed youngster in front of him. He carefully observed the prey in front of him and quickly found it's weakness. He could kill it in one shot!

'This is the chance I have longed for. As long as I can win, I'm able to have leisure days for a thousand years,.' thought demon Lavda, full of longing. From his birth, he had been reared by the humans! Humans had captured a group of demons. A fraction of those demons had produced offspring. Since his birth until the current time, demon Lavda had spent his days being an experiment subject.

Those Transcendent Mages, again and again, had cut his flesh and done other experiment on him. He had been unable to break himself free from those torturous days.

He hated humans! Humans didn't have any mercy for demons. Perhaps those captive demon were the ones most anticipating a chance for freedom through the Transcendent Life and Death Battle. As long as a demon won, the humans would not harm or disturb that demon for a thousand years.

Lavda was a newborn demon, and his strength was comparably weak. Therefore, he was selected as Xue Ying's opponent. As for those older demons, even the demons from Dark Abyss, all of them had rich experiences and were likewise crafty and powerful. Such experienced demons were not suitable to be Xue Ying's opponent.

'Damn human, this is a rare chance! Even if I kill this human, I will not face punishment.' demon Lavda radiated resentment. His bloodline make him full of killing desire. Every demon was like this, living for slaughter since their childhood. His bloodline along with the torture he had experienced from humans made him have both a grievance and an extremely deep hatred.


Xue Ying and this demon, Lavda, stood face to face for several breath's time. Then Xue Ying made the first move.


Endless flame veiled down. After comprehending the second level of the Myriad Existences, the flame temperature was more frightening. The flame pressure reached five thousand kilograms, suppressing demon Lavda. The surrounding atmosphere was distorted. Those watching mortals and Transcendents saw the the distorted atmosphere.

’’Only this small flame?’’ demon Lavda swept a sharp nail across the flame, and his lips made a disdainful smile. His ice-cold eyes gazed at Xue Ying.


He suddenly made a direct move to kill Xue Ying.

Without any warning, he suddenly went to attack. At that moment, all the spectating Transcendents watched nervously. The majority of them had never before seen a Dark Abyss demon, let alone faced one as an opponent. All of them wanted to see how formidable the demon was.

’’Come on.’’ Xue Ying had been ready since the beginning. Now, he flared up. Facing his opponent, he activated his Power Bloodline without any hesitation, and in a flash he brandished his spear, ready to welcome his opponent.

The spear tip appeared like a terrifying fire, thrusting into the demon's face.


demon Lavda's four arms made layers of defense, with a palm slapped toward the spear's tip. The clash pushed Xue Ying back, but it barely affected demon Lavda.

'He's stronger than me, maybe about 50% stronger.' Assessed Xue Ying.

Shua Shua Shua....

Both exchanged moves quickly.

Xue Ying's spear flitted, attacking and defending without gaps, but demon Lavda's four arms also attacked. Lavda was really worthy of being called a natural-born slaughterer. Although he was not yet able to comprehend the Realm of Myriad Existences, he was skilled enough already to have reached perfection. Even the claws tipping the fingers on his four arms had a structure suitable for slaughtering. These claws could scratch and slash like a knife, hook, and grab weapons.

With Lavda's four arms attacking together... fortunately Xue Ying's spear revolved violently, unpredictable, keeping his opponent from catching the spear in its hooked claws.

After exchanging dozens of attacks...

Xue Ying and demon Lavda more or less knew each other's strength! Both of them became very cautious, as both wanted to see the other side move first and not immediately use their strongest ability. For a better result, their aim was for a one strike kill using their killing technique!

If either failed in their attempt at a killing technique strike, their opponent would then be able to raise their guard against a similar attack. The difficulty to kill the opponent would consequently increase.

'Hong!' Xue Ying's spear moved fast, like a flood dragon, straight to demon Lavda's head.

The demon immediately dodged to the side and pressed further in for close combat.

'Move!' Xue Ying's failed spear immediately burst with strength and furiously swept through, imbued with a violent flame. This one sweep arced in circular motion, encompassing a wide area, and forced demon Lavda retreat.

This spear strike hit an enormous stone surface besides demon Lavda.

The mountain range inside the battleground, along with the other scenery made from refiner material, was incomparably durable and though. Xue Ying and others fighting there were unable to damage it.

This spear sweep struck that enormous rock, rebounded back with an astonishing strength, and bent the spear.


Harnessing the astonishing rebound power from the enormous rock, Xue Ying advanced once more with a spear sweep aimed at demon Lavda.

This time, by harnessing the rebound power, the spear sweep was more abrupt and fast. This effect made demon Lavda unable to defend against it. With a 'bang', the spear struck the Demon's right side. This impact made the demon fly to the side with blood spewing from its nose.

Although this sweep attack was unable to inflict any harm to those scales, but it's impact force was too powerful.

With high speed flying, Xue Ying immediately caught up to the marred demon Lavda. Xue Ying seized this moment to raised his hands and strike the demon with all his might. This strike had the same ferociousness and might as the previous one.

Although demon Lavda had originally been sent flying back, spraying blood from the first sweeping attack, this time the demon was prepared to defend himself against the black-clothed youngster's killing attack. The demon lifted his four arms to defend against Xue Ying's ferocious spear strike.


The spear struck down.

demon Lavda's tyrannical body and four arms were practically impossible to injure. When hit by Xue Ying's ferocious strike, his body firmly fell to the mountain's stone surface. The demon's body hit the indestructible mountain stone, making his inner organs shake and his blood radiate out.

’’Die!’’ Xue Ying still chased, wanting to finished the demon.

After falling down, demon Lavda could only hurriedly crawl up and try to create some distance between himself and Xue Ying.

But since Xue Ying had the upper hand, he didn't want to miss this opportunity to grab and kill this demon with one strike.

'Weng!' Xue Ying used his spear to stab the crawling demon Lavda.

The spear's curve astonished the spectators with its extremely formidable rotation. The rotation formed layers upon layers of water streams that focused on the spear's tip. The moment when the rotational force of the spear converged together on the the spear's tip was when the rotational force reached it's peak. The violent rotational force made the spear become like a fire dragon that stabbed demon Lavda.

Killing technique - Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack!

’’So fast!’’ demon Lavda paled, the demon hurriedly resisted, his hand's barely catching the spear's tip.


That fearful rotational force made demon Lavda feel that the spear was very slippery, making the spear easily slip from his hand and directly stabbing into his chest! At this moment, the terrible penetrating power completely expressed itself like a drill, instantly piercing the demon's deep purple scales, penetrating its chest, all the way though and emerging out from his back. The Transcendent Qi that channeled through the spear instantly exploded in the demon Lavda's body. But the inner part of demon Lavda also had the same toughness as its exterior, so the Transcendent Qi only could destroy a part of his chest.

Demon Lavda grew furious. He didn't want to retreat but instead got closer. The demon wanted to use his claws to rip into Xue Ying.

'Sou.' Xue Ying instantly retreated. He wanted to create some distance, so his opponent couldn't retaliate.

'Gu gu.' demon Lavda stood there, purple blood spewing from his mouth, but the demon didn't care about it.

The left side of his chest had a big, bowl-sized hole. This huge wound was made by Xue Ying's spear's rotational force and had completely destroyed the demon's heart!

Chi chi chi...

But the big, bowl-size hole in his chest quickly regenerated. He laughed evilly at Xue Ying, ’’I still want to find a chance to kill you with one attack, but as it turns out, I never did find such an opportunity. Instead, you got the opportunity to injure me. But I'm a powerful Abyss Demon and can't be rivaled by you material-world humans. Since I didn't find the opportunity, I now don't need that opportunity.’’

demon Lavda body started to transform. His body and scales started to shrink.

The originally strong and sturdy body became completely smaller. His height changed around to about 1.8 meters tall. His scales shrank and became long and narrow. The hole in his chest, already completely healed,had layers of scales. His aura also became more berserk!

'A strong regeneration ability. His heart was destroyed, and he didn't care at all?' This regenerative ability surprised Xue Ying

The Transcendent's in the audience were also very surprised.

The heart was the source of life and blood.

When a Transcendent's heart was destroyed they would definitely die. Only someone with a nearly immortal body could survive such an event. Of course, people with a nearly immortal body were an heaven defying existence. But this Abyss Demon was only a Sky level Transcendent. His vitality and regeneration ability were frightening and more powerful than other Transcendents. He was even powerful more than Xue Ying with his awakened Power Bloodline. If Xue Ying received this kind of injury, he would be finished.


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