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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 5 - Chapter 19


LXY Book 5: Chapter 19

Book 5: Chapter 19 - Evaluation

At the moment he descended onto the ground, turbulent water waves formed in the battleground and slowly transformed into an enormous maelstrom that surrounded the green, long-haired male.

’’Water? You actually want to use water to play with me?’’ That green-haired male sneered. At the same time, a frightening chill immediately spread out around him, freezing the previously turbulent waves of water with a 'kakaka' sound. Even the maelstrom ripples froze in-place as the temperature of the entire battleground rapidly dropped.

’’So cold.’’ Xue Ying could feel the biting chill as frost slowly covered him.

With just a thought, the Transcendent Qi around his body immediately moved, shattering the frost that formed on his body. Even still, however, the surrounding chill coagulated once again... Xue Ying could only depend on his Transcendent Qi to constantly expel and shatter the frost. The moment he stopped would be the moment he became an ice sculpture. He was even unable to of borrow strength from the fire of the world. Such an act would be futile as the frost was pervasive enough that the moment the power of fire start forming, it would be banished immediately.

'This is really so cold despite me having Transcendent Qi protecting my body! Furthermore, with the primordial bloodline awakening, my fleshly body has been strengthened, and yet, I can still feel the chill penetrating through my bones.' Xue Ying was surprised. This sort of chill would instantly freeze ordinary Legend knights to death! And even an ordinary new Transcendent with a weaker body would shiver from the chill. It was mainly due to the fact that Xue Ying's body was already at the Sky Realm middle stage when he broke through that led to him being able to deal with such a powerful opponent during the sixth battle.

Other than the feeling of coldness pervading into his bones, the endless chill even produced a powerful suppressive and binding force, as if it were a 5000 kilogram weight pressing on his body.

Chill, suppression...

All these factors reduced his own combat power to only about 60 to 70 percent of his usual abilities. This green-haired male in front of him could indeed be categorised as a 'middle ranking native Transcendent'.

’’Human, come. Let me see how many ways you have to try and take me down.’’ The green-haired man mocked. His body was surrounded by a silvery-white layer of ice, as if he had become an iceman.

’’Hmph.’’ Xue Ying's Transcendent Qi constantly revolved around his body, breaking the forming frost. With a blur of movement, he stepped on top of the frozen water waves and then appeared in front of the green-haired male.


The movement of the spear became shadows - as unpredictable as ever.

The green-haired male wore a pair of silver gloves on his hands. He tried to grab onto Xue Ying's spear, but every time his fingers clashed against the spear, he felt how slippery and difficult it was to grasp. The spearhead utilised a rotational force before immediately stabbing out towards his body, chi chi chi ~ The black spear stabbed respectively onto the male's body, chest, and throat. However, the attacks only left white scars on top of that green-haired male's layer of ice covering his body. Furthermore, the layer of ice on his body even had some streams of light revolving around it. As soon as several of the white scars were stabbed, they were immediately restored back to their original condition!

’’Such an unpredictable spear technique that even I could not grab hold of it. I was so frightened by how powerful I thought it could be.’’ The green-haired male laughed.


Xue Ying's spear technique started transforming - mutating into a state of fierceness as his spear technique brought flames with it. This caused his attacks to skyrocket in both speed and power.

Peng peng peng...

The green-haired male easily blocked Xue Ying's attacks with his palms. Despite the layer of ice coating his palms, the protection still cracked apart. Even still, the silvery-white gloves he wore could not be broken through. At the same time, he utilised this chance to rush inwards as he wanted to kill Xue Ying in a close combat match!

Xue Ying immediately retreated furiously.

'Damn.' Xue Ying's expression changed, 'This native Transcendent's comprehension has reached the Realm of Myriad Existences!'

Having comprehended the Realm of Myriad Existences, this native Transcendent's' fighting techniques would become formidable as well..

As for him?

If he depended on his understanding of the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences, the unpredictability would allow him to stab his opponent's body, but the his opponent's protective layer of ice could not be broken through.

And if he depended on the Fire of Myriad Existences, he could break through the layer of protective ice. However, such an attack was too direct. The green-haired male could easily defend against it.

Both approaches had their pros and cons.

Unless he displayed his 'Water and Fire Twin Dragon Attack'! This move was created by him after integrating both the Profound Mysteries behind Fire and Water of Myriad Existences, allowing the technique to gain both the advantages of fire and water, even to the extent of their power stacking and multiplying to give an even greater increase. However, this one move... was the final technique he had kept as a secret. This Transcendent Battle of Life and Death was a very precious opportunity for him to train and refine himself in a relatively safe environment.

Thus, he would certainly make use of every single opportunity. Only when absolutely necessary would he be willing to use the 'Water and Fire Twin Dragon Attack'.

Right now, he could temper himself in both the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire if he used his usual techniques. As long as his understanding of both the Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire increased, his 'Water and Fire Twin Dragon Attack' would have an even greater power.

’’Hahaha, human, you will definitely lose.’’ The green-haired male crazily advanced. Under the endless chill's suppression, Xue Ying's speed decreased to the extent that he could not escape.

He could only depend on his spear to parry against the attacks.

The green-haired male tried time after time to get close to Xue Ying.

As for Xue Ying, he could only use his spear technique's sweep, stab, burst, wrap, and cut, alternating between the Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire, to block the incoming attacks.


Everyone else could see that Xue Ying was absolutely on the losing end. He could not even threaten that green-haired native Transcendent, and was being entirely suppressed!

In the corner of the eastern viewing platform...

The hunchback old granny finally revealed a smile, ’’As I've said before. With how young this brat is, it's already amazing that he can win six matches!’’

’’Beautiful Ye, you previously said that this brat could not even win six matches.’’ The bald and bony old man Chao Qing instead said in a proud manner, ’’Right now, even though Dong Bo Xue Ying is on the losing end, he hasn't released his primordial bloodline. I believe that the moment he releases it, winning this sixth match will not be a problem.’’

’’Hmph. It's because he depends on the primordial bloodline! If he did not have it, I'm sure he could never win six matches.’’ Old Granny Ye coldly snorted.

Chao Qing's smile became extremely crooked as he could not hold back his delight, ’’Hehehe... Beautiful, don't forget that our wager previously was only on whether Dong Bo Xue Ying could win six matches or not. You said he wouldn't, and I said he would! As long as he wins the sixth match, regardless of whether it's because of his primordial bloodline or not, I win this wager of ours. Your 5000 kilograms of Origin Stones are mine!’’

’’If it's yours, then so be it. I say, you old codger, you are already dying and yet, what use will these 5000 kilograms of Origin Stones have?’’ That Old Granny Ye unhappily said.

Such a big wager was rare, even amongst Demigods.

It was only these two old people who were nearing their end of lifespan who dared to have such huge gamble, as after all, treasures had lost meaning to them! Once they died, their treasures would still be left behind for their descendents.

’’Of course, they are of great use for me. I can always give them to the talented disciples of my Water Daoist Faction, can't I? For instance, I can give some to this Dong Bo Xue Ying. Ze ze ze,this is the 5000 kilograms of Origin Stones won over from Bloodshed Tavern's number one assassin Beautiful Ye! Just casually giving them to my juniors will still make me happy.’’ Chao Qing was extremely joyful.

’’Hmph hmph, count yourself lucky. It's just that I've calculated wrongly only.’’ Old Granny Ye looked downwards, ’’This Dong Bo Xue Ying brat's primordial bloodline is merely a Power Outbreak and is something very common. It might not be of great help in the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death. At the most, he will win one or two more matches! Initially, I'd thought that this brat was too young, and has just stepped into Transcendence with just the first stage of understanding in the Realm of Myriad Existences. Who would have thought that he could combine both the Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire to such a degree of perfection, allowing him to kill his way to the sixth match!’’

The vision of Old Granny Ye was sinister, and her original estimations were not wrong.

It was just that Xue YIng's understanding of the Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire was constantly on the rise. Even though he was still at the first stage of comprehension, it was on the higher end of understanding within the Realm of Myriad Existences. Furthermore, his integration of both Profound Mysteries was done in such a perfect manner.

That was why he could kill his way through to the sixth match without depending on his Power Outbreak!

’’Losing means losing.’’ Chao Qing teased.

’’It was just me being careless.’’ Old Granny Ye was still trying to justify herself.

’’Losing means losing,’’ old Chao Qing continuously struck back.

’’You shut your mouth!’’ Old Granny Ye stared back.

’’Losing means losing.’’ Chao Qing was smiling to the extent that his lips were crooked.

’’You, you old codger. Do you still dare to have another wager!’’ Old Granny Ye gritted her teeth.

Chao Qing was startled.

’’I bet that this brat will not win the eighth match! At the most, he will stop at the seventh!’’ Old Granny Ye stared at him, ’’Do you dare? The bet will still be 5000 kilograms of Origin Stone!’’

Chao Qing became silent.

Under his estimation, Xue Ying would need to release his Power Bloodline to win the sixth match, and even the outcome of the seventh match would be uncertain! Winning the eight match would be entirely hopeless by then!

But... having lived for a lifetime, he was nearing the end of his lifespan. Sometimes, being wilful was just that - being wilful!

’’I dare!’’ Chao Qing said.

’’You really dare to wager?’’ Old Granny Ye was startled.

’’Haha, I've already won 5000 kilograms from you. At the most, I'll just return them to you!’’ Chao Qing laughed out loud.

’’You are sure wilful.’’ Old Granny Ye was full of smiles as if she had bloomed into a flower.

’’Too many Origin Stones have made me wilful.’’ Chao Qing delightfully said.


Mountain Lord He, Faction Head Si Kong Yang, and City Lord Bu were the true overlords of today's human race. They were more peaceful than the rest.

The City Lord Bu was still in her reclining position as she casually watched the match while drinking wine, ’’Not bad. He could even make it to the sixth match. However, from these circumstances... he will have to depend on his primordial bloodline - Power Bloodline to win this match! At the very most, he will win the seventh match before being defeated in his eighth.’’

’’What City Lord Bu said is true.’’ Mountain Lord He and Faction Head Si Kong Yang agreed smilingly.


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