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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 5 - Chapter 10


Book 5: Chapter 10 - Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack

Time flew by quickly as Xue Ying completely consumed himself in his study of spear techniques.

The atmosphere of cultivation in Xia Capital was relatively excellent in view of the large amounts of Transcendents gathering there. Whenever Xue Ying wanted a respite from training, he would go to the taverns to drink with several of his good friends, or eat some rarely seen delicacies in the restaurants! Other than the few Transcendents from his Tranquil Sun province whom he was closer to, Xue Ying had acquainted himself with many other Transcendents. Over the course of several conversations, he gradually obtained more and more information.

Even though the Infernal Palace had dispatched people to send some books back containing general knowledge of the Infernal Realm, there was still much that that the book did not mention.


Within the blink of an eye, five months had passed.

Hu hu hu~

The snowflakes fluttered down from the sky.

Within Xue Ying's mansion at the martial arts field, a thick layer of accumulated snow could be seen. Standing in the midst of the snow, Xue Ying was just like a swimming dragon, displaying his spear techniques with the Black Dragon spear in his hand.

His current mood was quite pleasant due to the snow.

Snow was a frequent occurrence when he was back home in Water Rites Town, since it was located in the north. However, within the Infernal World, the weather here was much more suitable for people to live in, and heavy snow was a rarity. Meeting such an occasion... was difficult.

Suddenly, Xue Ying halted. A blazing passion could be seen within his eyes.

’’Water and fire must have a way to coexist together!’’

’’This move will definitely be conceived by me!’’

Having gained some inspiration from the Magic Dragon divine Seals, Xue Ying learned to more subtly use the Profound Mystery of Fire and Water. With repeated contemplation, Xue Ying's proficiency in his spear technique increased by twenty percent. However, one day as he was practising, he suddenly had a feeling 'When the spear was stabbed outwards, it behaved just like a Water Flood Dragon, unpredictable and strange in its rotational force. But with the Profound Mystery of Fire of Myriad Existences, the spear could have an explosive outbreak! If I could possibly merge this rotational force as the leading force with the explosive outbreak of the Profound Mystery of Fire, then the power behind this move... will far surpass any other moves I have!'

A single move that first utilised the Water of Myriad Existences, followed by the Fire of Myriad Existences.

And they could be used interchangeably at any time!

This was something difficult to achieve. Still, Xue Ying had a feeling that he would succeed. That was because the Fire of Myriad Existences and the Water of Myriad Existences had many points of similarity! When he was at the palace beneath the Black-Wind Abyss before he became a Transcendent, his own Water and Fire of Myriad Existences already had many points of similarity.

Three months passed as he continued experimenting. Each time he practiced, he felt himself improving, giving him a heart full of confidence.

Winning or losing one more match in the 'Transcendent Battle of Life and Death' was not a big matter. What was more important and fundamental is his own combat power. Hence, even though it was getting closer and closer to the day of his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, he remained calm and humble.



The body of the Black Dragon Spear was just like an enormous dragon. Both of Xue Ying's hands guiding its power, the spear followed an arc, rotating into a forward stab! As the spear rotated, a turbulent stream of water weaved itself around it, until the very last moment. When the thrust was fully extended, water became fire! The rotational force of water converged together as one before the explosive outbreak!

At the very last moment when the spear was stabbed forward, flames began appearing ferociously all of a sudden.

’’The transformation between water and fire isn't natural enough.’’

’’The rotational force of water did not translate perfectly into the explosive outbreak of flames.’’ Xue Ying shook his head.

Snow swirled around him, as the snowflakes continued falling downwards heavily.

Xue Ying remained at the martial arts field, continuously polishing his spear techniques.


Unlike the previous violent outbreak, the most recent sound was extremely low-pitched instead.

The spear was just like a swimming dragon transforming naturally into an explosive attack. This was akin to having the swimming dragon breach the surface of the water - soaring high into the skies with a single stroke! The rotating spearhead had a penetrative force that generated a rotating wave that could be seen with the naked eyes! A finger-thick rotating airwave flew right into the surrounding World Energy which Xue Ying was enveloped with.

’’It actually couldn't hold back the attack!’’ Xue Ying immediately controlled the World Energy, causing streams of water to form out of thin air to block off the attack.

This was merely the airwave produced by a single stab!

Furthermore, this was merely just a practice thrust where Xue Ying did not put in much power. Usually, the layers of World Energy would be able to hold back the airwaves, causing them to dissipate in power as it hit against the wall of the courtyard. But this time, the strange rotating airwave... actually had such formidable power that its penetrative force was shocking. Xue Ying had to use the power from streams of water converted from World Energy to hold it back! Even still, the airwaves continued flying for more than a hundred meters before they could finally be intercepted completely.

’’Good fellow.’’ Xue Ying was amazed, ’’The power is so formidable.’’

’’Whatever weapons or secret techniques one has does not influence one's combat power as much as his comprehension towards the Realms of Myriad Existences.’’ Xue Ying was excited.

He finally succeeded.

After months of bitter and painful contemplation, he had finally succeeded in completing this move of his.

Even though having a good weapon was important, having a good secret technique would produce a greater impact! But what marked the true skill of a Transcendent? It was definitely one's comprehension of the Realms of Myriad Existences!

In order to understand the secret technique deeply, one must have a high comprehension of the Realms of Myriad Existences!

In order to cultivate further ahead in terms of Qi, one's comprehension towards the Realms of Myriad Existences must be high as well! For instance, the prerequisite towards stepping into the realm of Demigod was to comprehend and condense a True Meaning themselves!

At the same time

By nature, the Realms of Myriad Existences would have an even greater influence in one's combat power!

For instance, Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai had an ordinary physique and Qi cultivation. His secret techniques could not hold against the Bloodshed Tavern, Temple of Earth God or the Demonic Faction. Yet regardless of that, he was still the undisputed champion within the Saint rankings. He had killed Native Demigods from the Transcendent worlds and had even defeated a famous Demigod within the human race in a direct match! All of these achievements were because of his high comprehension towards the Realms of Myriad Existences! He actually wielded the True meaning of Void Cleavage.

At that time when Xue Ying killed Xiang Pang Yun, his comprehension of the Myriad Existences was considered as the most simple and shallowest level!

After that, during the six years underground, through the imprinting of both water and fire, his comprehension of Fire of Myriad Existences had risen! At the same time, he had comprehended the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences.

And right now

His insights towards the integration of Fire and Water of Myriad Existences had become to the extent that he was able to create such a killing move.

’’Let's go test it out in the cultivation chamber.’’ Xue Ying immediately went where he could fully utilise his entire strength without holding back.


Within the cultivation chamber, there were ten Fire Crystal lamps alight.

Xue Ying held onto the Black Dragon Spear. With a 'hong', a faint red stream of Qi appeared on his body - eruption of his Power Bloodline!

’’Kill.’’ Xue Ying displayed his full strength.


The resounding sound was still low-pitched as before. As he stabbed his spear outwards, it was akin to a Water Flood Dragon. The rotational force of the spear was able to accelerate the speed of the thrust! Naturally, all the forces behind the rotation traversed and gathered at the tip of the spearhead. At the moment when it was perfectly converged as one, the extreme Yin power turned into extreme Yang. Within the blink of an eye, the spear changed into a Flame Flood Dragon with frightening power. The spearhead that stabbed outwards produced an airwave the thickness of an arm.

Clearly, as the power of the attack increased, the vibration on the air would be much heavier.

This arm-thick airwave had a frightening power, rapidly passing through the air to directly bombard the walls of the cultivation chamber. The walls rippled as the array redirected the impact.

’’Judging based on how violent this move is, it is at the very least, thirty to forty percent stronger than my most violent spear technique using just the Profound Mystery behind Fire of Myriad Existences! As for the strange rotational force, I'm afraid it is actually stronger than my previous spear technique that utilises the Water of Myriad Existences by thirty to forty percent.’’ Xue Ying estimated.

His spear technique in the past...

Water of Myriad Existences contained the strange softness of the Yin domain, yet its power was not enough.

Fire of Myriad Existences had an extremely powerful attack, yet it was just fierce and awkward.

Today, this single move of his... contained the advantages of both Myriad Existences, and at the same time, the heightened the overall advantages from both individual Myriad Existences as well! This single move made Xue Ying's entire combat power increase by a factor of two.

’’I'll call this technique...’’ As Xue Ying thought of the moment when he displayed the technique it was akin to a transformation from a Water Flood Dragon to a Flame Flood Dragon, ’’Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack!’’

Having comprehended part of the Profound Mystery of the World...

His very first killing technique was crafted during the first day of snow he experienced after coming to the Infernal World! Even though compared to the 'Magic Dragon divine Seal', it was relatively simple, it operated on an ingenious use of the Profound Mysteries and was even an integration between two Profound Mysteries. This could be considered as quite extraordinary.

’’Mn, I could still improve on this technique of mine.’’ After crafting the technique, Xue Ying realised this, ’’And that is through integrating both Fire and Water to perfection!’’

The Profound Mystery of the World fundamentally contained everything.

All these Profound Mysteries belonged to the laws of the world!

As a result, even though the Profound Mystery might seem different, they could still be able to integrate together perfectly. Naturally, Water and Fire could integrate together perfectly, even to the extent of becoming a single entity! Right now, Xue Ying could only combine both Mysteries in a simple manner.


In the Xia Capital, within the many restaurants and taverns, most places had a similar discussion going on the upcoming Transcendent Battle of Life and Death!

’’Geng Qing, you've actually come to the Infernal World? I reckon it has been close to a little more than a hundred years since you've come.’’

’’Haha, I've heard that the youngest Transcendent in the past thousand years is going to have his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death soon. How can I ever miss such an event?’’

’’I knew it! Even still, Geng Qing, how many rounds do you think this Dong Bo Xue Ying brat will pass through in this Transcendent Battle of Life and Death?’’

’’This is something very difficult to estimate. He is too young, but he should be able to get through three rounds. Maybe he might even reach round four or five. Round six will be too dangerous for him.’’

Today, within the Xia Capital...

Many Transcendents whom would never meet each other, have come to the Infernal World. Most of them would talk about Xue Ying!

The youngest Transcendent in the past thousand years was going to start his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death shortly! This was something extremely alluring. Actually, even it was the normal 'Transcendent Battle of Life and Death', many people would still come. After all, even if they were Transcendents... they would still like to gather together and enjoy the liveliness of the crowd.



At the back gardens.

Xue Ying was drinking wine by himself while looking at the bright moon hanging in the sky. Currently, there were countless people in the Xia Capital looking forward to the event tomorrow - Xue Ying's Transcendent Battle of Life and Death. At that time, many mortals like the female housekeeper Xu Qin would partake in the event as the audience.

’’Tomorrow.’’ Xue Ying said softly to himself, before smiling, ’’I hope I'll not embarrass myself.’’


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