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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 4 - Chapter 9


Book 4: Chapter 9 - Lei Zhan, the Elder of the Sea Deity Palace

This silver-colored wristband contained a space of 2,700 cubic meters. It was definitely the storage space of a great Transcendent. Before this, Xue Ying had only obtained a 27 cubic meters storage ring, and its worth was valued closed to a million gold. How much more worth would this silver wristband be if compared to his ring?

’’I reckon that for Transcendents, gold pieces are meaningless. Such mundane gold pieces and statuses are something they can easily obtain.’’ Xue Ying sighed to himself before looking closely at the articles within the silver wristband. It was quite empty within, with only a few item present, yet each and every one of them gave Xue Ying a feeling of extraordinary value.

The most striking item was actually a black-coloured inner vest. This vest was suffused with sparkling starlight, emitting out some sort of fluctuation into the atmosphere that made Xue Ying catch his breath.

How powerful!

As for the other striking item, it was actually a crimson coloured staff. The fluctuation emitted by it was similarly as powerful as the vest.

There were also a large pile of ashen pebbles that piled up to the height of a human. Though these pebbles looked ordinary, they too, emitted out a dense energy from the world.

Other than these, the rest were considered to be just some miscellaneous items - books, gold notes and other things.


Only after walking to the side of the building did Xue Ying wave his hand, taking out the items within the silver wristband, and causing them to fall onto the ground within the Great Hall. He ignored the rest of the treasures and went ahead to the pile of books.

’’Heavenly Water Droplets.’’ Xue Ying sat down cross-legged, before randomly taking a book and opening it. Curiosity erupted out of him, ’’A Transcendent Qi cultivation method?’’

The Qi cultivation methods circulating around the mortal world, regardless of whether they were inferior goods or top graded ones, could only allow the user to cultivate up to Transcendent level.

As for anything after Transcendents, there were no clues regarding such methods.

’’Only after reaching the ranks of Transcendent does one truly step onto the path of cultivation.’’

’’This road is filled with many dangers and difficulties. Step by step... the final destination of a Transcendent is to transform into a deity!’’

This book about a Qi cultivation method only briefly touched on these points. As for what was recorded after the introduction, the book detailed the actual Qi cultivation method.

Yet these few simple introductory sentences startled Xue Ying.

Many memoirs described the ascensions of deities.

For example, the Dragon Mountain Emperor was actually a deity!

'So actually, the final destination of a Transcendent is to become a deity? No wonder the Dragon Mountain emperor was able to unite the entire world as one.' Xue Ying thought silently to himself. Simply flipping over the cultivation method, he could see that this method was water-attributed, and was not suited for him. However, this information allowed Xue Ying to more fully understand the various levels of the path of Transcendents.

After flipping through this cultivation method book, Xue Ying took up another thick book- The Diagrams of Myriad Items.

Xue Ying briefly looked through the book. It actually described various Transcendent-ranked treasures, with each of them being extremely profound.

However, he didn't presently need this information. He picked up another book.

’’Mn?’’ Xue Ying brightened up, ’’found it.’’

This book had no words written on its golden-cover.

Opening this book, Xue Ying read the first paragraph. Written within was - ’’I am Lei Zhen, elder of the Sea Deity Palace. To date, I'm already 1,500 years old and have reached the end of my lifespan. Right now, I'm going to enter closed door cultivation. Either I succeed and become a Demigod, or I'll just die here in this 'Black-Wind Deity Palace'.’’

Xue Ying stared blankly at it.

Sea Deity Palace?

Lei Zhen was some Transcendent who was able to live up to 1,500 years? Such a long lifespan.

’’He wished to become a Demigod?’’ Xue Ying thought to himself, ’’From the books of Qi cultivation method I saw previously, from low to high, a Transcendent's road is split into three great levels - Soaring, Saint and Demigod. It seems this elder from the Sea Deity Palace was already a Saint and was able to live a thousand and five hundred years? How long would one be able to live for if he broke through to Demigod?’’

Xue Ying had many doubts and an unclear understanding. After all, towards the world of Transcendents, he knew too little.

Following that introductory paragraph, Xue Ying continued reading the entire book.

The records written in the book thereafter were more trivial - it was the account of this Transcendent 'Lei Zhen' regarding the milestones in his life.

’’Infernal World? Demonic faction? Sorcerer's Palace? Entering the Small World?’’ Xue Ying read through the account of Lei Zhen while keeping a lookout for any information regarding the world of Transcendents.

Soon, he reached the very last page.

’’In my entire life, being able to obtain the 'Stone of Oceanic World' was truly a great stroke of fortune. Successor... I've entered closed-door cultivation. Any other treasures that I could sell, I sold, and any treasures I could trade, I traded for treasures to aid in my breakthrough. As such, I did not have many treasures left with me;I only had a life-saving Saint-Grade 'protective inner vest', and a low-level, Saint-Grade staff that was only used once. Should I fail to breakthrough, even if I had much stronger weapons, what use would they be?’’

’’Successor, if you are like me, entering this location by chance, I've left behind some treasures that might be of use for you.’’

’’If you are to openly defeat the many protectors and have already obtained the entire Black-Wind Deity Palace, then these treasures will not be worth a mentioning to you. It is only the Stone of Oceanic World that might be of some worth in your eyes. Oh yes, that Stone of Oceanic World is right there within the pool.’’

Xue Ying gazed at the octagonal pool.

Having read through the account written by this Transcendent 'Lei Zhen', he knew that the 'Stone of Oceanic World' was an extremely precious and exotic treasure. This was actually the most precious core bred from a small world, and was the most precious and exotic treasure obtained by this Saint-ranked Lei Zhen. Its use was actually not for battle. Rather, it was to aid in one's cultivation and would be quite helpful in breaking through one's bottleneck.

Such cultivation-aiding treasures were the lifeblood of Transcendents.

’’That pile of stones.’’

Xue Ying looked towards the side at the large pile of ashen pebbles, ’’So, they are called Origin Stones!’’

This Lei Zhen actually sold off most of his treasures, including the oft-used Saint-Grade weapon before he entered closed-door cultivation. In exchange, he had obtained quite a lot of cultivation treasures with these Origin Stones comprising the majority of his obtained treasures!

Each Origin Stone was actually a source stone coming from a big world. Within it stored the most primitive world energy that had no attributes, ensuring no burden would be brought about to one's physique, and thus, allowing one to cultivate at an extremely fast speed! Usually, ordinary Transcendents could not bear the expense of using such stones to cultivate. They could only afford to use them when they were about to breakthrough the important bottlenecks in their cultivation path. Lei Zhen went into a closed-door cultivation, all the way until his death, leaving behind a large pile of Origin Stones.

’’Successor, if you are to be like me and enter this location by chance, regardless of which route you take, I'm leaving behind a map of routes to ease your movement.’’

’’I've investigated thoroughly.’’

’’Following the walls of the valleys, climbing down or climbing up... will be the most straightforward path and also, the most difficult one - one has to avoid those protectors! Furthermore, one has to be quite a distance away from the cavern palace, because the security closer to it is tighter, with an impossibility for one to enter the palace through its front gates! If one has good luck and patience, one might even have a hope in climbing out from the valley. Previously, I had dispatched some small and weak refiner organisms in trying to find their way out of this place. A total of fifteen small and weak refiner organisms were dispatched, yet finally, only one was able to successfully reach the Black-Wind Cliff! I was able to obtain from the refiner organism on top of the Black-Wind Cliff a detailed account of what it experienced. The security below is extremely tight, with the latent difficulty in using this path being too high, too hard.’’

’’There is still another possible path which I took to reach this location. That year, I chased after an expert from the Sorcerer's palace, chasing all the way to the underground lava river before finally, successfully killing him. Beside this underground lava river, I discovered a crack within the rocks. Extending my senses, I realised that this crack was extremely deep and strange. Thus, I turned myself into fluid, flowing through the cracks that penetrated all the way for more than five hundred kilometers before reaching another crack by the Black-Wind Deity Palace and entering it.’’

’’Black-Wind Deity Palace was actually crafted by a powerful senior 'Ancestor Black Wind'. Ancestor Black Wind was a Demigod, and was the indisputable, strongest Demigod during his time! The Black-Wind Deity Palace that he left behind is unmatched, with no Transcendent having successfully killed his way in to obtain the treasures left behind. From this, one can see how powerful he was!’’

’’This area that I found was actually one of the underground Great Halls within the Black-Wind Deity Palace. My combat power was too weak and thus, I was unable to seize the entire Black-Wind Deity Palace. At the very most, I was only able to enter this small little area within the Black-Wind Deity Palace.’’

’’As for the map for the route out of here, and the map which I plotted of this Black-Wind Deity Palace, they are all recorded within the last page of this book.’’


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