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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 4 - Chapter 7


Book 4: Chapter 7 - Father, Mother

The news about Xue Ying and Xiang Pang Yun fighting for hundreds mile and perishing together at Black-Wind Cliff began spreading.

This sensational news spread extremely fast.

Of course the fact about Xiang Pang Yun's real identity as a mutated magical beast remained absolutely confidential.

’’After so many years, there finally emerged such a strong individual from our Water Rites Town! Only 22 years old and already able to battle with the fabled Xiang Pang Yun, be locked in battle for hundreds of miles, and in the end, perish together.’’ Inside a tavern, an old man shook his head with grief, ’’This kind of hero, in the future, might have hope to become one of the fabled Transcendents... pity, what a pity. To fall like this, truly makes my heart ache.’’

’’Old Song, who is Xiang Pang Yun?’’ Someone suddenly shouted.

’’Really unknowledgeable!’’ the old man sneered, then lazily answered.

’’Xiang Pang Yun was the number one expert within our whole Azure River County. More formidable than that hundred years old ancestor from Si Clan, he was only a step away from becoming a Transcendent! Even if Dong Bo Xue Ying started cultivating when he was still in his mother's womb, it still only counted for 22 years. Yet he could battle into a deadlock with Xiang Pang Yan and then they perished together;you say, is Dong Bo Xue Ying formidable or not?’’

’’Aah, after tens of thousands of years, this kind of personage finally appeared from our small Water Rites Town’’


The news of the battle became a sensation within the Azure River County.

Even in other parts of Tranquil Sun Province and other provinces, people also talked about the fight between Xue Ying and Xiang Pang Yun. Although the news that was spread around didn't mention Xue Ying's grasp of the Realm of Myriad Existences, his youth and ability to fight Xiang Pang Yun into a deadlock and then perishing together... if you looked in the whole Dragon Mountain Empire, Xue Ying was quite a monster.


Eastfields Province, Thunder Tide Shore

’’Hong long long... ’’ Sea water was continuously pounding, producing numerous snow white ocean sprays.

There were several caves at Thunder Tide Shore, with each cave containing its own lock. Mo Yang clan's convicts were imprisoned here. Ordinarily, people with special status would be in long-term confinement.

’’Clang dong’’ A thick, heavy door opened and a maidservant went in to deliver food and drink. Thunder Tide Shore was a prohibited area and even had a spell array cast around it;there was no need to worry about prisoners escaping.

Inside the dark cave

A purple robed woman stood in front of a glossy stone wall with an engraving knife in her hand. A magic array was carved faintly on the stone wall. She slightly frowned in thought. Because she was imprisoned, she didn't have the required conditions for experiments and she didn't have enough paper and pens. The fact that she could get a engraving knife was thanks to her brother's help in getting her the necessary permission.

The magic pattern carved on the stone wall was only for reference, while most of the calculations were processed within her mind.

Although Mo Yang Yu was imprisoned, she was still able to immerse herself in the comprehension of magic and spell casting.

’’Madam.’’ the maidservant put down the food as a small voice called out.

’’Mn?’’ Mo Yang Yu looked at the maidservant, ’’Why are you still here, is there something?’’Usually after putting down the food, the maidservant would just silently leave.

’’There's a lord that asked me to tell you a few words,’’ said the maidservant

’’Lord?’’ Mo Yang Yu frowned, ’’Who?’’

’’Lord Mo Yang Chen Bai,’’ replied the maidservant.

’’Humph, what does he want to say, let me hear.’’ Mo Yang Yu coldly smiled.

The maidservant took a deep breath and said, ’’Lord Mo Yang Cheng Bai said... Mo Yang Yu, you birthed an extraordinary son. At only 22 years old, he fought to a deadlock with Xiang Pang Yun, the number one expert from Azure River County. Both of them contended with each other for hundreds of miles, and then both perished at Black-Wind Cliff! To have this kind of son, I congratulate you. Congratulations!’’

The maidservant nervously said, ’’Madam, I will withdraw’’

She was only an ordinary maidservant, so she didn't dare refuse Mo Yang Chen Bai's order.

Mo Yang Yu stood there without moving, only her tears flowed down.

’’Wait a minute!’’ Mo Yang Yu suddenly shouted.

The maidservant who was already walking out, stopped.

’’Tell me, is what he said true?’’ Mo Yang Yu couldn't help but ask.

The maidservant answered, ’’Madam, it is true. The battle between Dong Bo Xue Ying and Xiang Pang Yun has been discussed spiritedly within the whole Mo Yang Clan. Everyone has talked about this event. Some people even suggested that if prior to that time someone had brought back Dong Bo Xue Ying, our Mo Yang Clan would have become more powerful. This news has already circulated for three months.’’

Mo Yang Yu lightly waved her hand and the maidservant respectfully withdrew.

After she left, the thick, heavy door closed again. Mo Yang Yu's body helplessly slumped down, sitting on the ground. Hands clutching debris on the floor, her fingers became pale, and with a trembling voice she said, ’’Xue Ying, I let you down. I wronged you...... my son......’’

Mo Yang Yu's only envisioned the scene in the past when they separated.

Her oldest son, holding his little brother, Qing Shi's hand, standing at castle's gate.

’’Father, mother, I, Dong Bo Xue Ying...... will definitely save you! Our family will definitely be reunited! Definitely!’’

’’I promise!’’

’’I promise, I will definitely rescue you! No one will stop me!’’

Her son's tender voice at that time lingered at her ears.

Her face long since full of tears, her body trembled, ’’Xue Ying, my son, why did this happen to you, why... ... ’’


East Fragrant Lake Refinery, inside Mage Tower

’’Dong Bo Lie, quickly move this thing, ’’A young male mage shouted, pointing to a pile of soot inside an experiment room used as a laboratory.

’’I'm coming, I'm coming.’’

Dong Bo Lie wore a tattered plain cloth and skillfully started to tidy up the waste.

’’Dong Bo Lie, Mo Yang Chen Bai asked me to tell you some news,’’ the young male mage said, ’’It is about your son, Dong Bo Xue Ying’’

’’Xue Ying?’’ Dong Bo Lie asked, stunned.

’’Your son, Dong Bo Xue Ying was amazing. Against Xiang Pang Yun, the two of them fought from Snowrock Mountain all the way to Black-Wind Cliff for a distance of more than hundreds miles, and then both of them perished together.’’ The young male mage turned around to go out, ’’I really admire your son. He was really amazing. A pity he died so young. Right, remember to clean up this place.’’

Dong Bo Lie felt his vision lose any color from his surroundings, and the trash in his hands unconsciously fell to the ground.

He blankly stared, and his body trembled slightly.


Eternal Wind Academy

Yu Jing Qiu had secluded herself in her mage tower for more than a month. When she go out from her seclusion, breathing the outside air, a smile appear in her face. Every mage's breakthrough was a difficult process, so when someone made a breakthrough, there was a happy and accomplished feeling in their heart.

’’What a shame.’’

’’A shame indeed. The whole Eternal Wind Academy students and faculty were all reprimanded by the headmaster.’’ Two female mages walked side by side. The plump mage muttered, ’’No one inside our Eternal Wind Academy had talent like Dong Bo Xue Ying. But really, we should not be expected to be as talented as him. At only 22 years old, he was able to fight on par with Xiang Pang Yun until both of them perished together.’’

’’I have been enrolled at the Academy for so long, and this was my first time seeing the headmaster. Never had I thought I would only see him because Dong Bo Xue Ying's matter.’’

’’Each time the headmaster cultivates, he usually does so for eight to ten years. Most of the students, from their admission to graduation, have no chance of seeing the headmaster! It's a big stroke of luck for us to be able to see him once. I heard the headmaster really grieved about Dong Bo Xue Ying. I believe his speech, this time, was to motivate us.’’

’’True, Dong Bo Xue Ying didn't have a powerful teacher or master, but he gained such strength through only self practice. It's really a shame. What a pity for this kind of talent to have died like that.’’

The two female mages talked along the way.

Yu Jing Qiu was stunned.

The headmaster's appearance was a major event, but the other topic the two female mages talked about was more shocking to her.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, he....’’ Yu Jing Qiu was baffled, ’’He died?’’

She still remembered...

In her despair, the black clothed youth that moved like a mirage and suddenly appeared in front of her in the midst of explosion and countless fallen debris.

In the darkness, the black clothed youth, with a shield in his hand, warding off all the debris and stones, fully protecting her.

A seemingly ordinary man who was solid like a mountain.

’’Impossible, the news must be wrong, definitely... ’’ Yu Jing Qiu immediately ran to ask other people.


Xue Ying had no idea about the situation in the outside world.

Inside the majestic spacious dilapidated hall, Xue Ying sat crossed legged, practicing. Surges of World Energy continuously rushed into and were absorbed by his body. It's had been nearly five months since his fall into the Black-Wind Abyss. These days he was always practicing, trying to improving his strength to the utmost.

’’Hu’’ Xue Ying opened his bright eyes.

’’Finally, my body has reached its limit and is unable to improved further.’’ Xue Ying sensed his own power. No matter if it was his speed, strength or some other aspect, all had reached an astonishing level.

’’I will give it a try, there should be some hope to defeat those two Transcendent-rank refiner organisms.’’ Xue Ying looked at the distant golden ape and golden roc. In these five months, both of the Transcendent-rank refiner organisms had never taken a step outside the perimeter.


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