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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 4 - Chapter 21


Book 4: Chapter 21 - Saint and Demigods

Yi Hong placed his stance quite lowly. Having been trapped in the Immortal Palace for six years, Xue Ying had been chatting with the Transcendent refiner organism Monkey and Little Bird and thus, he was quite clear about the circumstances amongst the many era. There would always be a unique organisation controlling the matters under the heaven like 'Dragon Mountain Manor'! Ever since the Dragon Mountain Emperor established his empire, this organisation had been called the 'Dragon Mountain Manor'.

Like before, the Xia Clan had an existence named 'Emperor Lie Xiong' who united the world and established an empire. That time, the organisation controlling the matters under the heaven was called 'Lie Xiong Establishment'.

Even though the naming was different, they were still fundamentally the same!

They monitored the whole world in the service of the residing Transcendents.

This 'Yi Hong' was able to become the head of intelligence in the Tranquil Sun province and thus, had quite a special position. If Xue Ying, a true Transcendent, had killed some pseudo-Transcendent, then it would simply be a small matter! However, should he kill the head of intelligence of a province, that would mean that he was smacking the Dragon Mountain Manor's face! Thus, endless trouble would come at him, with even the chance of him having to be escorted into the Infernal World for punishment!

’’Manor Lord Yi Hong came quite quickly,’’ Xue Ying laughed, ’’Let's go inside and have a chat.’’

’’I'm not in a hurry. Sir Dong Bo, maybe you should first accompany your parents?’’ Yi Hong replied.

’’Haha... I'll be at home for a few days and am not in a hurry for this period of time.’’ Xue Ying accompanied his parents during the flight from Bellfeather County of Eastfield province back home and had plenty of chances to chat along the way. Thus, it would be more appropriate for his parents to talk with his little brother.

Xue Ying and Yi Hong both began walking into the castle.

Soon, they reached a pavilion within the gallery. Nobody was near them.

’’Having first heard of the news that sir Dong Bo survived from the Black-Wind Abyss, I felt shocked. An existence of only 28 years of age had stepped into Transcendence;it was a really rare event even in the entire Dragon Mountain Empire. The person possessing a talent comparable to yours is the Eternal Wind Knight, Sir Qiu Chi Bai, of our Tranquil Sun province.’’ Yi Hong said, ’’However, Sir Qiu Chi Bai was 31 when he crossed over into Transcendent and was slower than you by three years. Today, Sir Qiu Chi Bai is actually the number one within the Transcendent Saint ranking. I believe that in the future, sir Dong Bo would also become a famous character within the Saint ranking.’’

’’Number one within the Saint ranking?’’ Xue Ying was startled.

’’Sir Dong Bo, you might not understand this but ever since the ancient times, there would always be two lists between Transcendents - the Saint ranking and the Demigod ranking.’’ Yi Hong explained, ’’The road of cultivation for a Transcendent is split amongst Sky, Saint and Demigod, these three big realms. Most of the Transcendents would remain at the Sky realm. If they are able to cross over to the Saint realm, they could be considered as the backbone of our Xia Clan. If one were to become a Demigod, then he would become a true peak existence amongst all.’’

’’There are thirty people within the Saint ranking including humans, beasts and native from the Transcendent worlds.’’

’’As for the Demigod ranking, there are ten of them.’’

With a wave of his hand, Yi Hong brought out two different scrolls, ’’These are the two lists, decided by the Infernal World.’’

Xue Ying received them.

He knew long ago about the Saint and Demigod rankings. These were there to encourage Transcendents to walk even further on their routes of cultivation! Yet Xue Ying did not think of the fact that... Qiu Chi Bai was actually the number one within the Saint ranking!

One must know that all the different races, human, beasts and aborigines from the Transcendent World would all be included into calculation of the ranking and that usually, a beast had inborn talent in their fleshy body. Following this line of thought, most of the time, the number one expert on the Saint rankings would be from the beast race!

Xue Ying looked through the rankings carefully.

’’Saint ranking number one: Eternal Wind Knight 'Qiu Chi Bai', Elder of the Water Taoist Faction. He started with the Wind of Myriad existences and comprehended the 'True Meaning behind Void Cleavage'. When he moves, it will be hard to capture his figure, with him being able to appear at anywhere suddenly. Even Saints could not defy the True Meaning of Void Cleavage'. The crucial recorded battle: Defeating the Demigod 'Ghost Deity Knight' Feng Dong, killing the Aboriginal Demigod 'Feng Hou Wang'.

’’Saint ranking number two: Lord Beirut, Beast race, starting from Water of Myriad existences and comprehended the 'True Meaning of Undying'. Has tyrannical fleshy body and is able to fully recover from heavy injuries instantly. Possesses terrifying close combat capabilities. Crucial recorded battle: Lasted for an hour of battle with Qiu Chi Bai before being defeated. He was saved by the Demigod from Sorcerer Palace.

’’Saint ranking number three: Blood Devil, the highest-ranking leader from a small Transcendent World. Within the World of Blood Devil, he was able to receive the blessing from the power of the world. Until today, he is undefeated.

’’Saint ranking number four...’’

Every single person was scrutinised carefully.

As he looked through, Xue Ying felt extremely amazed.

Within the top five of Saint ranking, only one was a human! And he was precisely Qiu Chi Bai! And the main reason was that a human's innate physique was too weak.

However, from rank six to rank ten, four of them were humans.

From number eleven all the way to number thirty, fifteen were humans.

’’Within the top thirty rankers on the Saint rankings, twenty were humans, with five being beasts and the other five being aboriginal beings from Transcendent Worlds.’’ Manor Lord Yi Hong said, ’’Those who had the capability to enter the Saint ranking were amazing experts with hopes of becoming a Demigods. That is especially so for Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai... he is the brightest talent within our generation having comprehended the extremely frightening True Meaning behind Void Cleavage. Furthermore, he is just over three hundred years old now, and has an ironclad chance of stepping into Demigod! There might even be a chance for him to become the strongest Demigod within the Demigod ranking.’’

Xue Ying looked towards the other scroll.

This was the Demigod ranking.

One must know that a deity could at most stay within the mortal world for ten thousand years. Ten thousand years later, he would be rejected out of the material world! As for Dragon Mountain Empire, it had been established for over nine thousand years. The Dragon Mountain Emperor became a deity when he was over a thousand years old. Having established the empire for so long, he had long been rejected out of the material world.

As of today, there were no deities under the heaven! Demigods would be considered as the strongest already.

’’Within this scroll were the top ten strongest existences under the heaven,’’ Yi Hong said from the side.

Xue Ying looked at the Demigod scroll.

’’Demigod ranking number one: The Mountain Lord of Black and White Mountain 'He Yuan', peak of Demigod realm, condensed the 'True Deity Heart'.’’

’’Demigod ranking number two: Infernal Emperor, the highest-ranking leader of Infernal World, condensed the 'True Deity Heart'.’’

’’Demigod ranking number three: Sorcerer Palace Great Elder Ao Lan, condensed the 'True Life Spirit'.’’

’’Demigod ranking number four...’’

Quickly, he was able to read through all of them.

On the Demigod ranking, there were a total of ten people, with four of them having condensed the 'True Deity Heart'.

Yi Hong continued from beside, ’’Mountain Lord He is the number one expert under the heavens - the strongest Demigod with a combat power that is so high that it is incomprehensible and is currently uncontested. As for the Infernal Emperor... he is usually in his own Infernal World. At the very most, he would just send his clone into the mortal world and is not of a concern. Instead, it is this Sorcerer Palace Great Elder that is humankind's most terrifying enemy.’’

’’The most terrifying?’’ Xue Ying was startled.

’’Yes. Even though he had not condensed a True Deity Heart, he had condensed a 'True Spirit'! And the one he grasped was the 'True Life Spirit', giving him the ability to transform into a human - a true human body that was indistinguishable from others!’’ Yi Hong sighed, ’’The reason why Sorcerer Palace had so many beasts hidden amongst our humankind all originated from this Great Elder.’’

’’His threat to us is too huge. We humans have always wanted to kill this Great Elder of Sorcerer Palace, yet his whereabouts are unpredictable. Coupled with him condensing the True Life Spirit,we could not kill him.’’ Within Yi Hong's eyes were a sense of frustration, though he covered it with a laugh, ’’Of course, this task of killing this Great Elder is too difficult for us right now. He is after all, one of the top three existences in the world under the heavens. Let's just leave that to the Demigods.’’


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