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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 4 - Chapter 19


Book 4: Chapter 18 - Fear and Horror!

The East Fragrant Lake refiner workshop looked like a humongous fortress. Among them, were outlaws and ordinary men wanting to earn some money.

Within the Mage Tower, in the middle of the workshop, Great Mage Xu Guang Qing had the highest position. Superseding him in the hierarchy were his pupils and then the servants. Dong Bo Lie, who was one of them, was currently doing some strength-related work for survival.


The defensive alertness of this refiner workshop was even higher than the Thunder Tide Shore. Other than Great Mage Xu Guang Qing, there were also two other Silver Moon mages operating the arrays. There were even several Silver Moon knights, one of them wearing a unique refiner armour... that was able to display Legend ranking combat power! Under the coordination of the arrays and the many arrangements of the Mage Tower, even if a Legend expert who comprehended One with the World intruded, he could only escape awkwardly thereafter.

’’Hu.’’ Xue Ying held onto his mother's hand, flying above the refiner workshop. He did not put those protectors in his eyes.

Hua hua hua...

Many knights had already rushed to the enormous roof of the refiner workshop. Looking at the two figures in mid-air, they felt nervousness and their hearts quiver.

The two of them were flying?

’’Hmph.’’ Xue Ying's swept across the area coldly with his gaze.

A wave-like substance of spirit undulation rushed outwards toward the group of knights and swept across them! Under the undulation, these knights' heard a booming sound in their ears, and their eyes became blurry. They felt terror deep inside their hearts, causing them to lose control of their body as all of them fell onto the ground, including that Silver Moon Knight who was wearing the unique refiner armour.

’’Mother, father is right there.’’ Xue Ying brought her along to the Mage Tower. One of the windows immediately melted suddenly and soundlessly, forming into a door that Xue Ying and Mo Yang Yu walked into.

’’This, this is...’’

’’A Transcendent?’’

Regardless of whether it was the two Silver Moon mages controlling the arrays or the Great Mage Xu Guang Qing in that Mage Tower, with the heavy security of the Refiner workshop, they were able to see the open intrusion of Dong Bo Xue Ying and an incredible occurrence... just a simple gaze and everyone, including that Silver Moon Knight, had fallen onto the ground?

Even if it were a Legend mage who specialized in the soul, it would still require some time in order to display such a spell. Furthermore, surrounding the two of the intruders was a layer of protective Qi. That Transcendent Qi was like the rays from the sun, it was too bright and eye-catching.

’’That white-haired woman, if I'm not wrong, should be Mo Yang Yu?’’ A mage opened his mouth among the many who were too nervous to dare make any movements.


Dong Bo Lie was wearing a tattered commoner clothing and sat in his little house resting. His entire body was covered in sweat. With his Heaven-grade Knight physique and Qi, it was enough to allow him to keep a strong and powerful body. However, these twenty years of labour had been very taxing, especially for the past six years. First, he heard of Xue Ying's death, followed by his wife's, Mo Yang Yu, sudden magic power surge that turned her into a crazed wreck...

Yet he still persisted. Dong Bo Lie did not know of how he was able to do so, how he could continue for so long. Maybe it was because he believed that surviving gave him that hope of a miracle.

’’Ka.’’ The door suddenly opened.

’’Come, come. We've come.’’ Dong Bo Lie was so startled that he jumped out. Suddenly, he became stumped by what he saw outside the door.

There stood a snow-white haired, purple-robed woman and a black-robed teenager.

’’Ah, Ah Yu...’’ Dong Bo Lie did not dare believe that in front of his eyes, this purple-robed woman was still as beautiful as before, just that her hair was white. She did not turn out to be like the rumors said - a 'crazed' wreck.

’’Dong Bo.’’ Mo Yang Yu looked at the person in front, the one who fought on despite the many life and death situations, and a brave hero that had transformed into such a spiritless and awkward person. Her eyes became red as she walked up to grab hold of her husband's hands.

Xue Ying stood by the side, watching them silently.

He watched as his father and mother talked, he watched as they hugged each other and cried together.

’’Dong Bo, I've not tell you this. Look who came. That is our son, Xue Ying.’’ Mo Yang Yun pulled Xue Ying over.

’’Xue Ying?’’ Dong Bo Lie had long felt that the black-robed teenager in front felt familiar, with an unspoken closeness to him. After hearing what his wife had said, he still had some doubts, ’’But I thought Xue Ying had already...?’’

’’Xue Ying survived after falling into the Black-Wind Abyss. He had crossed over to Transcendence now, allowing him to escape from that place.’’ Mo Yang Yu said, ’’Our son is already a Transcendent.’’

Dong Bo Lie looked at his son.

His eyes, his nose, his ears... he could still remember how his son looked when he was eight. Thus, he was convinced that this person in front of him was really his son, Dong Bo Xue Ying. Even if there was someone who looked similar to him, it was only an overall similarity. The minute differences would still be there, unlike the uncanny resemblance of this black teenager to his son.

’’Father, mother, from today onwards, you will not have to endure any more hardship.’’ Xue YIng said, ’’Nobody will ever have the right to make you bear it any longer.’’

Dong Bo Lie suddenly felt proud.

’’I, Dong Bo Lie, have a Transcendent for a son. Hahaha...’’ Dong Bo Lie was so excited as he laughed, ’’I knew this day would eventually come! Hahaha...’’

’’Good brat.’’ Dong Bo Lie smiled while nodding, ’’I knew that you will definitely be much more formidable than your old man. From what I see, you are much more formidable than me by a lot! Not bad, not bad.’’

Xue Ying's control of his feelings was extraordinary. Yet listening to the praises of his father, he could not help but feel satisfied and delighted.

’’The past has passed.’’ Xue Ying's voice became cold, ’’But for those who made him bear such hardships, none of them must be let go. That damnable Mo Yang Clan caused father and mother to endure such bitterness for twenty years. That fool of a clan... has no need for survival! For those who played the blackhand, every single one of them will have to pay.’’

Twenty years.

His parents suffered terribly.

Separating both children and parents.

’’Xue Ying.’’ Mo Yang Yu added, ’’There's no need. No need to bring so much trouble. Within the entire Mo Yang Clan, only a few has grievances with me. The majority of them has no enmity and resentment with us! The Matriarch herself has all along followed the rules of the clan and could not be considered to have completely wronged me.’’

Mo Yang Clan was after all, the place she grew up in. Many people within were familiar to her.

’’Just killing Mo Yang Chen Bai and a few others, then forget this matter?’’ Xue Ying stared at her, ’’Impossible!’’

When he was eight.

That cold-blooded decree brought away his parents!

Xue Ying wanted to kill Mo Yang Chen Bai for the first bout of revenge. However, towards the Matriarch who sent down the decree and the entire foolish higher levels of the entire Clan, he, too, felt should suffer his vengeance.

’’Xue Ying.’’ Dong Bo Lie looked at his wife, before continuing, ’’This is after all your mother's birth place and the Clan she grew up with. Many of them were close to your mother, so there is no need to make too big of a mess.’’’’Father, mother, don't you two feel hatred?’’ Xue Ying hurriedly asked.

’’At least we are still alive.’’ Mo Yang Yu said, ’’No need to implicate too many of them!’’

Still, Xue Ying gritted his teeth.


He disappeared from within the house. Mo Yang Yu, Dong Bo Lie hurried out of the house towards the window. They saw that high up in the skies, Xue Ying was bathed in Transcendent Flame Qi as if he was a deity looking down at the mortal world. A terrifying coercion was felt emanating out from him. Xue Ying's cold gaze swept through those beneath him. Everyone within the refiner workshop, those who secretly looked at what was happening, the mages and knights, all felt uneasy and frightened.

’’I am Dong Bo Xue Ying! Amongst you, I'm sure that many have heard of my name before.’’

’’I've escaped from the Black-Wind Abyss alive and thus, the people who should be feeling terror should be your Mo Yang Clan!’’ Xue Ying's voice was cold and emotionless as it resounded throughout the refiner workshop. ’’Initially, I wanted to exterminate your entire Mo Yang Clan! Those who deserved death will all die! Including the person who send out the decree in the past, your Matriarch.’’

’’But my mother decided to plead for you all. Your Mo Yang Clan sure is lucky.’’

’’However, even though you have escaped from death, punishment must still be meted out!’’

’’Tell your Matriarch Mo Yang Qi that I am waiting for her apologies.’’

Xue Ying, who was high up in the skies, created fear and unease amongst the many mages and knights of Mo Yang Clan, ’’If I'm not appeased... Hmph hmph...’’

The final sneer brought a chill down everyone.

If he was not appeased? What would Dong Bo Xue Ying do thereafter? Nobody knew.

’’Father, mother.’’ Xue Ying flew to their sides, holding onto their hands, ’’Let's go home.’’

’’Mn.’’ Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu nodded. Even though Mo Yang Yu felt that her son's threat would create terror and unease within the Mo Yang Clan, and that many people would die, she still felt that it was much better than his previous solution. Furthermore, she did not have any remaining friendly relations with the Mo Yang Clan. So many years down the road made her feel resentment deep inside her heart. But there were people like her brother that made it awkward.


With his parents, he formed into a stream of flame and rapidly disappeared across the skies.

The entire Refiner workshop was silent.

Very quickly, the various Silver Moon mages and knights gathered together to where Xu Guang Qing was.

’’Great Mage Xu, what should we do?’’ Everyone felt panicky.

’’What can we do? If we cannot cross this threshold, the entire Mo Yang Clan would be exterminated.’’ Great Mage Xu Guang Qing shook his head, ’’The only thing we can do is to convey what the Transcendent expert said word by word to Matriarch and let her decide. Ai, how hard would it be for the fury of a Transcendent to be appeased?’’


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