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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 4 - Chapter 12


Book 4: Chapter 12 - Water of Myriad Existences

Hong hong hong, Xue Ying and his Flying Snow Spear God were just like an erupting volcano, powerful and fierce. He struck at the golden ape continuously, causing it to hurriedly parry each thrust and, at times, use its own body to defend against the attack.

’’With an explosive first strike, following that strike a decline, and an exhaustion at the third.’’ Xue Ying shook his head, ’’Fire of Myriad Existences... shouldn't be like this!’’

Six years ago, he first comprehended the realm of Myriad Existences, killing Xiang Pang Yun with it. At that time, there was violent aggressiveness within Xue Ying's spear technique as the overbearing and arrogance of the flame was born within it. That time, when he displayed it, he felt particularly joyful. Yet after the six years of lonely cultivation... Xue Ying gradually began to realise there existed some problems with his spear techniques. His first strike would have an immense explosive power, and following that, it was really just repetitions.

Continuously attacking explosively, as long as his enemies was able to adapt to it, then his set of techniques would become useless.

’’The true spear technique shouldn't be like this!’’

Xue Ying suddenly fiercely retreated.

The golden ape felt some apprehension as he looked at his master, who had retreated back 100 meters. Xue Ying actually started practising his spear technique.

’’A mortal's spear technique is required to be hard and soft at the same time! Yin and Yang united as one! How could I pursue just fierceness ever since I've comprehended the realm of Myriad Existences?’’ Xue Ying started displaying the most popular fundamental in the world - Soul Spear Technique. Every single move and attack was simple and natural, bringing with it some mysterious softness conception.

’’Only after kneeling can I jump higher.’’

’’Withdrawing my fist is for the sake of the next attack.’’

’’I've always wanted my spear technique to be stronger and fiercer, and to do that, I need to become more my power must become more reserved. Only when softness and hardness unites as one could the hardness become even harder!’’ Xue Ying exuberantly displayed his spear technique. All these years, he had been chasing after the hard and fierce profoundness of flame. Right now in turn, he started chasing after the other side - the soft side of strength.

As he displayed his techniques...

He brought forth the accumulated doubts he had towards his own spear technique for the past six years, bringing his heart out in joyfully displaying his techniques. The more he trained in his spear technique this way... the faster he actually became!

This single bout of training lasted for a little more than five full days.


Xue Ying's Flying Snow God Spear rotated as if it enveloped the entire heaven and earth, withstanding every single existence. Surrounding the shadow of the rotating spear, streams of water could be seen rotating along the spear, forming a maelstrom. With the sound of 'hua hua hua', this was truly a natural forming stream of water from the heaven and earth.

The Water of Myriad Existences!

’’Yes, it is this feeling.’’

’’Truly beautiful.’’

’’Softness is endless within water. My spear technique is lacking this kind of softness and this kind of Yin!’’ Xue Ying's eyes were filled with delight. The moment he looked towards the maelstrom of water formed by his spear's rotation... Xue Ying understood that he had comprehended the profoundness of 'water' within the Myriad Existences.

’’Monkey, Little Bird, the two of you attack me together!’’

Under his excitement, Xue Ying flashed ahead, charging towards them.

Both the golden ape and roc glanced at each other, before emitting out weird sounds and jointly attacked!

’’Hong!’’ The golden ape slapped with his big palm.

The spear in Xue Ying's hand began stabbing out with a rotation. He had already deviated from several techniques within the Dark Ice Spear Technique. As the spear stabbed outwards, it brought with it a rotating stream of water. The moment the golden ape's big palm touched Xue Ying's spearhead, it could feel as if it hit an endlessly rotating gyro. The rotating spearhead easily slid past its palm, stabbing directly at the chest of the golden ape.


That single stab hit right at its chest, bringing a strange rotating penetrative force that made the golden ape feel uncomfortable. It was fortunate that it was a Transcendent's refiner organism crafted from extremely sturdy materials.

The Stab of Soul Spear Technique!

Currently, Xue Ying had started on his own path, leaving behind the manacles binding him to the Dark Ice Spear Technique. After all, his path of spear technique would be fundamentally different from Ancestor Gu Yuan Han. At the very most, he had only gleaned from Ancestor Gu Yuan Han some of his extremely good pointers like the superimposition of rotating forces. As for Xue Ying, he had actually refined this sort of rotating force together with the 'Water of Myriad Existences', combining them to greatly increase its power.

’’What kind of move was that?’’ The golden roc beside the golden ape felt apprehension towards the spear. Instantly, it began flapping its wings and moving over towards Xue Ying.

With a rotation from the spear...

As if a gigantic maelstrom appeared within the heaven and earth, the approaching golden roc could feel its strength being directed to the sides.

’’Hahaha...’’ Xue Ying felt extremely pleased, ’’Little Bird, Monkey, now you two should be a little more careful.’’

One could see Xue Ying's spear dancing about, interlacing with the two of them as they began exchanging moves.

In the past, if Xue Ying was said to be extremely aggressive, right now, he was like a slippery loach. With his defensive spear technique, his enemies would be unable to utilise their entire strength! When he attacked, even though it was not very powerful, it was still filled with strange irregularity that caused his enemies to be unable to predict his changing attacks. In addition, that sort of rotating penetrative force was quite ruthless.

’’Peng.’’ At times, Xue Ying's spear would explode aggressively, causing his spear to be bathed in flames, severely attacking the bodies of his enemies.

One soft, one hard, causing his enemies to feel like vomiting blood.

’’That's right. This is exactly what I wanted!’’ At the same time, while Xue Ying was battling, the Soul Spear Technique gradually transformed. Every move and attack followed endlessly, inevitably increasing the threat brought by the Fire of Myriad Existences.

Furthermore, even the 'Profound Mystery of Fire' was slowly transforming.

The original flame was just aggressive and fierce, with only violence in its incineration! As for now, there appeared to be an extra strand of a hidden blade, allowing this fierce and hard strength to endlessly last.

’’Within fire and water, there exists some fundamental similarities.’’ Xue Ying's comprehension of the Fire of Myriad Existences was increasing, allowing his comprehension of the Water of Myriad Existences to improve by learning from the essence of profoundness behind the flame. It was not purely soft but instead, there was some faint penetrating hardness hidden within.

Fundamentally soft with hardness stringing through it that could explode at any time, this was the current Xue Ying's Water of Myriad Existences.

Fundamentally hard with softness penetrating through it endlessly, this was his current Fire of Myriad Existences.

’’How joyful.’’ Xue Ying felt joy in displaying his spear techniques.

Previously, there was always some sort of 'With an explosive first strike, following that a decline, and an exhaustion at the third' feeling. After all, being so fierce throughout was extremely tiring.

Right now, he did not even feel tired at all, and his spear techniques could be chained endlessly.


Even after comprehending the profoundness behind Water of Myriad Existences, his Qi would still be required to be slowly polished and cultivated unhurriedly.

Within the Great Hall.

Xue Ying sat down cross-legged, absorbing the Universe Flame from the heaven and earth in aid for polishing and cultivating that lump of True Dan. Even after cultivating it for six years, he was still unable to breakthrough.

But as of today, as Xue Ying was leading the Flame Qi in his body, he actually utilised the somewhat newly comprehended profound meaning behind the 'Fire of Myriad Existences'. As the Qi was used to cultivate and polish his True Dan, hidden within was some sort of soft strength... at times it was a hard polish;at times it was a soft polish. Half an hour, an hour... that lump of True Dan gradually transform.

For six years, he had been drinking the spiritual liquid transformed by the Stone of Oceanic World. This spiritual liquid had cultivated his fleshy body and Dantian Qi sea's Dou Qi True Dan, endlessly cultivating and polishing it.

And right now, the cultivating Qi brought with it a refined version of the profound meaning behind 'Fire of Myriad Existences' ... showing an instant and distinct transformation in its aid for cultivating and polishing his True Dan.

’’Weng ’’

The surface of the lump of the True Dan began glowing, as if it was being reborn.

On the surface of this True Dan a brilliance gradually appeared that slowly agglomerated together. Slowly, it turned into a sort of mist with a faint red flame hidden within. This sort of mist actually had an inconceivable Transcendent power within. Even though it seemed lacking, this one single strand could easily cut apart any stone sword, with the weaker Refiner Weapon being unable to withstand its cutting edge.

’’Transcendent Qi?’’ Immense delight suddenly overwhelmed Xue Ying.


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